2010-10-21: This Scene Brought To You By Hostess


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Summary: Some super villains are not super or real villains, just strange.

Date: October 21, 2010

Log Title: This Scene Brought To You By Hostess

Rating: PG

NYC - City Hall Park

In front of the large white building with pillars, American Flags, and bell tower on top, is City Hall Park with its extravagant fountain. Four sets of black iron gas lamps sit on the four corners of the fountain, there the only gas lamps left in the city. Four spouts of water shoot in the center tier of the fountain and shower down into the water below. Four smaller pools sit on each side of the fountain where water pours into them from the main part. Benches sit all around the fountain with trees and flowers covering the grass behind.

It is a bright sunny day, but a bit crispy in New York City, making their way into the new park at City Hall, are two Barnes men. One the older cowboy, dressed in a demin jeans and denim jacket, though his boots and large white cowboy hat, make it clear he isn not from New York. Escorting Jeremy into the park he speaks to his young student, "So, Jeremy, I brought you out here, so we could try to learn some stuff outside the classroom. See what we can get you to do out here." He smiles making his way towards a trough where there are horse carriages and some horses.

Jeremy has been quite most of the walk and nodding to most of what Tex has said. He's spoken a few times and asked if it'd be okay if he smoked. There's a certain comfort level he has in the streets of New York and it shows he knows them well. He even knows this park as he's been here often. With his gloved hands now shoved into the pockets of his jacket. "What is it you want me to do out here? There are some things I'd rather not see which have gone on around here." He knows the horrors that can lurk while looking at New York City's past.

July is just relaxing at the Central Park, the girl resting against the trunk of a tree, seated on the grass as she reads a Harry Potter book, the girl wearing a white shirt and faded denim jeans, enjoying the breeze and the shade of the tree, just happy to have a quiet day.

Tex pulls out a cigarette himself as does the student, "I'm ok with your smoking, if you don't tell Angelo." He does not need another lecture on the hazardous health options of smoking. A horse carriage rider nods and makes his way to Tex and Jeremy, "Howdy, Drew." Tex nods back, "Jeremy, this is my friend Peter….Peter Falconer. We used to work the rodeo circuit together down in Amarillo." The two look between each other and nod. "Peter is letting us, use his horse for the day." Tex goes to undo the horse's reigns. "How old is the colt, Peter?" Peter responds, "Not more than a few months….perdy, ain't she?"

Camera flashes can be seen intermittently throughout the park as people freeze in poses for a photographer near July. She may notice though that once their picture is done being taken the people who were posing remain in that same pose. Almost frozen, the photographer laughs to himself as he moves on another group of people.

Jeremy nods to Peter and offers a gloved hand as he's introduced. He listens to the two and it shows he doesn't know much about horses at all. "I..I guess." He says to answer if the colt is perdy. At first he doesn't pay attention to the camera flashes as a photographer in a New York City park is fairly common, it's not until he notices people frozen in place does he speak up. "Sir…I think there's something going on over there that isn't just a photo shoot."

July looks up from her book, as the constant flashes kinda bother her, and she arches one eyebrow at the cackling photographer. She watches him move on, before looking at his previous… targets. "Ok, how long will they keep that pose?" she arches an eyebrow again, before looking at the photographer again, just as he moves on from another 'shot'. She frowns and stands up, closing her book and pocketing it in her bag, and she approaches one of the man's victims, "Hey, is everything ok?" she asks, approaching a couple that is frozen in a hugged position.

The couple that July is questioning makes no move. If she looks closer, they have silly idiotic cheesy grins that people usually pose with. It is as if they themselves are pictures. Human pictures, frozen in the same pose that they were. The Photoman turns to July as he notes her speaking to the couple, "Miss, would you like to be in a picture?" He holds his camera up ready to take another picture of her.

Drew petting the colt turns when Jeremy gets his attention and he watches, "Ok, so you note something may be occurring, but aren't sure. How should you proceed?" He acts teacher like as he is not sure this may be an incident just yet. He takes a few steps forward when a stronger than usual breeze can be felt above Jeremy and Tex. Surprised as it is not his own creation, Tex looks up to see what can basically be described as giant fly, or man dressed as a giant fly buzzing above them.

Jeremy has been watching the photoman while listening to Tex but he doesn't have time to reply as he notices July, a girl he recognizies from somewhere, about to get her picture taken. He rushes forward and dives at July yelling "Watch out!" trying to knock her out of the way so the camera won't take her picture. The fly goes ignored for the time being as he's more focused on what's going on with the Photoman.

July frowns at the photographer. She figures whatever happens to the victims only happen if they look at the camera, so she avoids looking directly at the lens or the flash. Jeremy's warning are heard, but she can't afford to pay attention to him. "Mm… Thank you, but I'll have to decline." she says as she promply jumps out of the way, while at the same time stretching her torso away to the side, and quickly stretching an arm toward the photographer to try to snatch the camera off his hands.

Tex watches as Jeremy runs towards July to push her out of the way of the Photoman. Tex shaking his head though witnesses wouldn't know if it is affirmative or negative. He begins to slowly make his way towards the Photoman, July, and Jeremy. But what of the Human Fly above. He shouts, "Run away… Fear Me for I am the F…." Tex snaps his finger not even looking at the fly as he is more concerned for his student, "Buzz off!" Before the fly finishes his sentence, a hurricane like wind whips around the fly and launches him farther, farther, farther away and out of sight.

July and Jeremy both jumping bounce into each other, then the light flashes, but what did the camera get, nothing. Though when the Photoman looks over to see two mutants suddenly near and Tex making his way towards them all.

Lucky for Jeremy he's not really easily identifiable as a mutant, but unlucky for him as he bumps into July he does his best to avoid all skin contact. Lucky for him it's fall and that means long sleeves. "You okay?" He asks her as he goes to sit up pushing his hair out of his face. He's not a combative guy, his powers are useful for this but he tries to help out anyway he can. "Can you get the camera away from him?" He asks July.

The camera flashes, but July isn't affected. She ends up being ran into by Jeremy, and she ends up tangling around him as if the guy ran into a loose net. She mentally curses at that, but at least she wasn't hit by the flash. She makes a second attempt for the camera, stretching her arm again toward it, while her other arm also stretches, intending to punch the guy on his jaw.

Having done as Jeremy asked, July is able to do a 1-2 move reaching for the camera and hitting the Photoman. He falls over and looks at the two entangled mutants, not knowing of course that if they are or not. He goes to quickly pull out a smaller camera from his vest pocket when suddenly, Tex appears, "If you stop taking pictures, I'll give you this." He reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a Hostess Twinkie. The Photoman drops his second camera on the floor and rushes towards Tex who throws the twinkie into the air a breeze, controlled by the Texas Twister leads the Photoman onto a chase who follows the wind carried Twinkie out of the park and into the waiting arm of SHIELD agents discreetly taking him out. Once he is placed into a car next to the Human Fly.

Drew looks over the two tangled, "Sorry, miss. What are ye supposed to be? Like Reed or something?"

<OOC> Tex says, "Photoman: http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix3/photomanhost.htm"
<OOC> Tex says, "Fly Guy: http://www.seanbaby.com/hostess/v2spiderman01.htm"

Jeremy looks up at Tex as he pushes himself off the ground moves any hair out of his face. "A Twinkee sir?" That's all it took to stop him, a twinkee. "Is he like that guy in that Zombieland movie?" He then looks at July and is glad he didn't actually touch her so he didn't have to see her past. "Sorry for slamming into you, I didn't want you to end up like one of them…are they going to be okay sir?"

July quickly disentangles herself. Looks like she has experience being tangled. "Yeah, I'll be fine, thanks." she says, looking at the camera she's holding, then to the other victims as Drew speaks to her, "A little bit of both." she chuckles in reply to the older man, before looking at him. "I'll take the camera to a few friends that can examine this thing." she doesn't mention the X-mansion. "I'm sure they can revert whatever happened here." she says, while at the same time dialing on her cellphone with her other hand to speak with the Mansion.

Tex smiles and tips his hat to July and then answers Jeremy, "Yeah. The Photoman is his name. He's done this before. Spider-Man stopped him using Twinkies and what a coincidence I just happened to have one." He looks to the victims, "They will be fine and the effect should wear off in a few seconds." He looks to July and Jeremy, "I better go help out with any report." He looks to Jeremy, "Good job trying to save this young, lass. I'll be sure to mention it." With that, he again tips his hat to the two of them and quickly goes to exit the park, once outside the park and of view, a circle of air surrounds the Texas Twister and flies off and back to Barnes.

Jeremy nods his head to Tex and bids his teacher farewell before taking out a cigarette and lighting it up. Sometimes it's the feeling of being outside which causes the instant need to smoke. "Don't worry, Tex is pretty good at this kind of stuff. I think he used to be a super hero." Or he might still be, Jeremy isn't really sure except for the bit he knows about him from his school.

July nods softly to the explanation of Tex's knowledge. "Yeah, I figured." she says, nodding softly, before looking at the camera in her hand. She shakes her head and puts it away inside her bag, "And how about you?" she asks softly.

Jeremy looks around at all the frozen people not really sure what to do about them. "You think it'll wear off or are they stuck like that?" He doesn't think shaking or kicking them will help. "What about me. I'm not a super hero or anything."

July turns her head to look at the people who got hit by the flash, "I'm not sure." she says softly, slowly shaking her head, "Your friend said they should be coming out of it in a few seconds." she shrugs. And, just like Drew said, the victims are starting to move again, feeling very confused about what happened.

Jeremy puts the cigarette between his lips and makes sure his gloves are tight on his hands as people start coming out of it. The less conspiquious he can be, the better. "He's more my teacher." He says as he finally takes the cigarette out from between his lips. "You were the one trying to get me to go to some weird school a long while back, weren't you?"

July blinks softly at that, and then she thinks a bit, rubbing her chin, "mmm… I think I did. It's been a long time ago, though." She then shrugs softly, smiling a bit, "So you took my advice and got enrolled?"

Jeremy shakes his head. "Not really…I got enrolled in another school cause of a half way house I was in. It's worked out so far." He doesn't give a school name or much details though but then Jeremy is very secretive about himself. "I don't go wandering the streets as much anymore, too much homework."

July chuckles softly. She doesn't ask about the school, too. She just shrugs, "That's homework for ya. It's designed to keep us at home, instead of out in the streets." she grins softly at that.

Jeremy finishes his cigarette and tosses it to the ground before blowing out a stream of smoke. "I thought it was just designed to do at home." And if he's joking around with her by contradicting, it's hard to say. "So you've been doing okay over the last year?"

July shakes her head softly as apparently her companion doesn't get the joke. "Well, I've been doing fine. Graduating, going to college…" she shrugs again, and picks up her bag and puts it on her back, "Trying to keep a low profile, as hard as that can be…"

Jeremy shrugs. "I don't know, I find it pretty easy but then I mostly keep to my school work." Ever since a recent incident he's been staying out of the limelight and public so to speak. Being hounded was enough of a traumatizing experience for him. "Well it was nice running into you but I gotta head back to school now."

July nods softly at that, and then she checks her watch, "Same to you." she smiles, "I gotta hang here for now waiting for my friends to come pick me up." she says, nodding gently, "Have fun and good luck in your new school."

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