2010-04-28: Those Of A Musical Mind


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Summary: Connor, Jono and Kenta all have the same thing in mind…..music.

Date: April 28, 2010

Log Title Those Of A Musical Mind

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Music Room

The music room has four levels of tiers that each sit one row in a semi circle. On the floor in the semi circle is grand piano. There is a large closet on either side of the room, one filled with string instruments and the other filled with various wind and brass instruments. There are a few guitars in the back of the room next to a large variety of percussion instruments. All the instruments here are for the students to use provided they take care of them and clean any necessary parts after they use it. The room is sound proof, so once the door is closed, the music being played will not interrupt the other classrooms.

With some of the afternoon classes over for the day, and the room open for use… there is a loud enough blare of music to be heard in the hallway… someone singing to the tune of soft piano chords… then comes a ramp up of guitar and a march-like drumbeat. Under that loudness, the more musically inclined can hear a second drummer following along with the inexactness of one who has not practiced a certain piece often. Regardless, in the spirit of the song being played… Connor is sitting in the back at the drum kit, his computer sitting off to the side showing the drum-line to be played… and he is attempting to follow along. The tone of the song changes from a melodic march into something more contemporary and punk or metal… his voice unheard under it as his eyes are glued to his laptop screen… Now… normally this wouldn't even be a problem… but it seems in his practice… the student forgot to close the door all the way…

Classes over and not having to pick up Armande till later this evening, Kenta figures it's the perfect time to get some practice in. He just likes to rock out at least one day on his own, just to keep his skills up. He may already be extremely talented at the guitar and his vocals but there is /always/ room for improvement. His beloved red stratocaster, Motoko, is already in there. Once the door is opened, and the blast of sound hits him, he just walks in and watches Connor for a bit, a slight smile on his face.

Trying once more to meet Kenta in the music room with his guitar, Jonothon isn't too far behind the teacher. Wrinkles his nose at the loudness, but hey, he's done his fair share of blasting so who's he to say anything? If Kenta notices, the Brit smiles and nods, guitar case in hand, «You could have at least been polite enough to close the door.» One nice thing about telepathy.. it doesn't require sound to work. Jono is amused at it though, and not truly angry.

Unsurprisingly… he's extremely focused on things at the moment… surprisingly, when Jono makes that statement that penetrates his focus like that, Connor startles to the point that you both see him vanish… reappearing in the exact geometric center of the room, falling on his rear right in front of both of the teachers with a look on his face mixing shock and embarrassment over it. His eyes glowing with aqua energy that seems to rage uncontrollably to the point that it eclipses his whites and pupils… he stands up… and walks over to pause the music, "Sorry… I… I didn't know anyone was there… I didn't realize I'd forgotten to close the door. It must have unlatched after I cleaned the window…"

If either teacher looks around, they might note the place looks rather professionally cleaned and organized for a change… though Kenta's prize guitar only looks to have been moved and replaced.

Solid black eyes look down at Connor and nod. "Impressive." If that's to the fall or to his musical talent, it's not clear. "No worries, at least one of the teachers isn't breathing down your neck to yell at you to shut the door. It happens." And has happened to Kenta. Though a part of him likes messing with that one teacher who always seems to have a bug up her rear. "I was just gonna practice in here a bit but I can wait till your done….and who the hell keeps messing with my guitar? I swear, I'm gonna start keeping her in my room." He's gonna have to watch the video.

Jonothon merely grins at the teleporting. Yeah, the jerk did that on purpose. «I'm pulling your leg, mate.» To Connor as the teen apologizes. «Doesn't really bother me. Good teleport.» Like Kenta he's amused that it bothers someone else. Since they've already disturbed Connor, the Brit puts his guitar case down as he sinks into a seat. «You should never keep it here in the first place.» Said of Kenta's guitar. «Someone's going to mess with it just because it's yours.» Even though this time it was likely just a small move in order to clean.

Connor winces at the statement, and then looks at Jono, "Sorry, Sir… I… had to move it to clean the floor. I didn't want to hang it on the rack with the others because it had it's own stand. But I did wipe it down when I was done." Looking around the room, "Yeah… umm… right…" He stops, and unplugs his phone from the speaker system, having using it as an adhoc MP3 player at the moment, "I wanted to practice a little… but I learn better by listening than by just reading sheets. But if you both wanted the room… I could go." The edge of worry still there as he goes back to the drums, and picks up the sticks that feel to the floor in his response-reaction.

Kenta puts up a hand at Connor and shakes his head. "Nah, it's okay. Just someone's been playing it a bit cause I keep noticing the strap is messed up. I'm sort so I know it's someone taller than me." Which is about 99% of the male student body and 80% of the female. "Yeah, this here is my baby, Motoko, I've had her for years." Kenta says with a grin. "I know, I just keep it in here to Armande doesn't mess with it, gotta find somewhere where little hands won't screw around." Kenta says as he goes over and slips the red guitar over his shoulder and starts to tune it before plugging it in. He tunes by ear.

«You're fine, Connor. So long as you don't mind some company.» No deafening music for the moment, eh? Jonothon uses both hands and drags fingers back through his hair as Kenta talks. Seems very content to be in the background with that one. At least until the other speaks of a place. «You can use my room if you want. Not like I'm going to do anything to it.» Not when he totally understands where Kenta is coming from. And speaking of his own guitar, he finally pulls that out of its case. It's acoustic as opposed to Kenta's electric, but that doesn't mean he doesn't tune it just the same.

Connor sits there for a moment, looking back and forth, his head tilted as he listens… and considering whether or not to say he knows at least one other person who's been using the prized instrument. Instead he takes a breath and puts the sticks up for a moment, and shoves his hands into his pockets, "Thanks. Ummm…" he then squeezes his hands into fists in his pockets, before straightening them and pulling them back out, "Mister Gilpatrick… I sent you an email a couple days ago and never heard back. I was hoping to get into one of your music classes." Touching the drum set a moment, "I learned to play a little in junior high, self-taught with some guys from the jazz band. Then a little in high school… but I never really got anything formal."

Kenta winces at something Connor says. "Please…it's Kenta. I have the Mr. thing. Mr. Gilpatrick is my father." He doesn't want to be the 'mr' around here, he doesn't like it. "And no problem Connor, and yeah, sorry about the email, just been busy I haven't checked it recently. I'm horrible about that. But not a problem in the least with joining one of my classes." Kenta says with a smile before looking at Jono. "So you wanna do some covers or do you wanna just jam and see what happens? Work off eachother, and I should have brought my accousitc."

Connor pages, "Robyn does. but I think that's why they both get along so well… because they've finally met someone like themselves, but different enough to be interesting!" to you.

The only two who call him Mr are Hank and Magnus, so Jonothon gets off easy. «Then you shouldn't be a teacher, Mr Gilpatrick.» So obviously teasing that the grin isn't even necessary. «I don't really care.» As to what to do. Settling the strap over his head, the Brit then idly plays a little. «Is your acoustic at home?» Jono will never be one of the great guitar players, but he is good. Doesn't play enough to be more then that. Far too busy. «Want to join in, Connor? Not like I'm in practice. You'll be in good company.» He smirks for that.

Connor picks up the sticks once more, and then subtly readjusts himself so that he can begin listening… and then gently starts to run the tip along the symbol to add a little sound accompaniment to Jono's strumming, "Thanks… So… I knew there were other people who played music here more than just in classes. With a group like this… it tends to gather those who have a lot of artist expression." Like Jono… Connor may not ever become famous, but there enough raw talent there to give him a solid base to at least enjoy playing.

"I'm a music Teacher Jono, I don't need to follow the rules." Kenta says stubbornly but joking too. Kenta listens for a bit and then starts to play along, leaving the volume on the amp low as to not block out any other sounds. He starts to play something that just comes to him, like he usually does, and it's natural. Kenta could have gotten somewhere with his talent but unfortunately he never got the chance. "Yeah, there's a bunch of people who play but so many seem to be afraid that it might ruin an image or something." He continues to play a bit, and if JOno is still playing, he tries to match what he plays, fitting in his chords with Jono's.

Taking the beat from Connor, his foot tapping, Jonothon works off that and begins a more complicated score. The player sucks at remembering names, but it's just something commonly known. «That's funny. Where have I heard that before?» Teasing Kenta right back. As for why he hasn't done this before? There's an uncomfortable look, but he doesn't stop his playing, «I haven't had time.» Which totally isn't the reason for most of it, but it's certainly true lately. «It's not like I'll go anywhere with it anyway, but I do enjoy playing.» So he'll just noodle around like now and not worry about more.

Connor listens as he keeps a basic beat for the pair to work from, but once he gets some of the undertones of what Jono is playing, he starts changing up his playing to something more along the lines of a classical blues line, plenty of stops and taps along the edge of the snare, slow and lazy. "I wouldn't call it image mis-… Kenta… I would actually say… it's because with everything that's happened, a lot of the students I've talked to… they don't like to expose themselves… and music is something from the heart. There's a lot of wounded hearts around." Speaking frankly, his mouth seeming to just hit automatic as his focus seems to be much more on the music itself.

"That it does Connor, personally, I always found it helps, with getting the emotions out in music." Kenta says as he continues to play and if he knows it or not, is picking up a bit of a lead guitar kind of role against what Jono is playing. Habbits. "I know I'm not going anywhere with music anymore, but it's not going to stop me from doing what I love." Which is why he's probably the music teacher. Then though, interupting his play is his phone. "Give me a second." He says as he sees it's his Dad calling. "Yeah…is everything okay…um…yeah…I'll be right over there." There's a look of frustration and worry on his face as he puts the guitar down. "Sorry guys, I gotta jet, my Dad just told me my son had an accident but that he's okay. I'll talk to you later." He says as he rushes out of the room, and is probably gonna fly to New York City as fast as he can.

A hand stills strings as that call as Kenta rising to his feet. «Don't worry about it, mate. Go.» For the boy is more important. Jonothon doesn't resume playing though. Just drapes an arm over the instrument as he watches his friend head off. It's only after Kenta is gone that the Brit shakes his head. Mostly at himself. What does he love? Jono has no idea anymore. That's part of the problem. Dark eyes lift to Connor and he asks, «How you fitting in, mate?» Fingers form up patterns on the bridge of the guitar and he strums a cord.

Connor exhales once as Kenta departs, and then tilts his head to look at Jono for a long moment, "Me? Pretty well… I've settled most of my problems… except Theo… but hopefully he'll sort himself before his attitude gets him in more trouble." Tapping the toms a couple times before picking back up with you, "I think my neatness compulsion is getting a little worse though. I caught myself cleaning the kitchen yesterday… and in here. I know it got worse when my manifestation happened around Christmas time… new years… I was hoping you might be able to use that mental trick to look around and see when or how it's affecting me…"

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