2010-05-30: Threats & Promises


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Summary: Eris confronts July about their previous meeting.

Log Title: Threats and Promises

Rating: PG (V)

NYC - Central Park Lake

Bethesda fountain sits at the edge of the lake with a large terrace for people to hang out and relax. Benches sit under the trees creating a peaceful atmosphere. A dock stretches out into the lake for people to rent row boats to enjoy the entire lake. In the distance Bow Bridge can be scene crossing the man make lake.


This section of the park is a bit crowded today. Many people are taking advantage of the nice weather and the long weekend to be outside and enjoy the park. There are several people picnicing near the lake and several children playing around the fountain. A few people are playing frisbee with their dogs.

There is a woman in a green sundress with long black boots standing near the edge of the clearing. She is leaning against a tree and talking on a cell phone right now, not paying too much attention to the people around her. Eris was supposed to meet someone here last night, but they never showed. Having not heard from him at all she decided to investigate. Unfortunaltely she forgot that it was Memorial Day Weekend and wasn't counting on it being so crowded here.

July is one of the many people at the park enjoying the Memorial Day weekend, the girl in a light white shirt and denim shorts, walking around while licking at her ice cream, a small brochure from a college in England on her other hand as she studies it. She apparently isn't paying much attention to the crowd, only enough to not bump into anyone.

Eris snaps her phone shut and huffs. She puts the phone away and begins cutting through the crowd to get to the other side of the park, intending to go to Nowhere and try and investigate the shooting that took place there a few days ago. She stops mid step as she sees July. Why does that girl look familiar? As the girl is about to walk past her, Eris reaches out and tries to grab the girl's wrist. Eris has the feeling that she has seen this girl before, and she has the feeling that their last encounter was not a good one.

July was just walking by when one of her wrists are grabbed, making her stop suddenly and blink, her head turning to look at whoever grabbed her wrist. "Excuse me?" she asks, a bit confused and tilting her head softly. She doesn't immediately recognize the girl holding her arm. Bad memory's a bitch. "Are you alright?" The lack of killing intent and a crystal sword also don't help jog her memory.

Eris leans in uncomfortably close to the other girl and narrows her eyes. "Why do I know you? I've seen you before, haven't I?" Her eyes snap open suddenly as she recognizes the girl. A faint smirk appears on her lips, "Oh right, you're the one that didn't die in that alley." She releases the girl's wrist. "Had I known you were one of the chosen I wouldn't have thrown that star at you, but you really shouldn't have interfered."

July blinks gently, "One of the chosen?" she tilts her head softly, her memory still not jogged, "Are you alright, miss? I could point you to the closest shrink if you need one?" she asks, sincerely confused about the woman before her. "Chosen? That sounds something that came out from a bad shoujo manga." she blinks again.

Eris looks at July closely again. This is that girl, it has to be. "I am not the one in need of help, my dear. And yes, one of the chosen. A person who has evolved above the level of human? How else yould you have survived having one of my diamond shurikens lodged in your chest?" She looks at the girl sardonically. "Do I have to refresh your memory?" She glances around the park. "I think doing so would not fare well for the mundanes."

July shrugs softly, "I wouldn't say 'above mankind', but more like 'gone off a different tangent'." she says, arching one eyebrow at that, but then her eyes widen at the mention of the shuriken, and everything falls into place. She quickly shakes her wrist to wrestle free from the grasp before taking a few steps back, frowning at Eris.

Eris chuckles at the girl as she backs off a bit. "Oh come now, if I wanted you dead I would have killed you when you weren't paying attention." Maybe. This girl does seem to be unaffected by Eris's powers. "So tell me, how were you able to survive that attack with no wound? And why did you find it necessary to interrupt me while I was working?" Apparently it is Eris's job to shake people down in the alleyways and threaten to kill them.

July arches one eyebrow at that, and shakes her head, "You honestly don't know?" she asks, looking at the woman intently, and then she lifts four fingers, "One, you were attacking someone, and being quite rude. Two, it's my job and responsibility to protect people. Three, you weren't defending yourself, you were attacking." she says, lowering a finger for each item, with her last finger still outstretched, her index finger. "And last, how I survived, that…" she then brings her fingers to her lips as she smirks, "Is a secret."

Eris shrugs nonchallantly. "I wasn't attacking someone I was collecting on a loan. If anything I was stopping a crook, is that so bad?" She crosses her arms and smirks, "And as for being rude, well that's a point of vew sort of thing. To me you were being rude to interfear. To think it's actually your job to go out and keep the peace. The police would have to be pretty desperate to rely on children to do such things, even if those children are of the superior race." She keeps her arms crossed but holds up a hand to look at her findernails. "I don't like secrets. If you'd prefer I can try and figure out your ability on my own, but there are so many lesser beings in the park. A few of them are certain to get in the way."

July chuckles, "I was only looking to protect someone. You were out to kill, as that shuriken to my belly could prove. Anyone else besides me would be seven palms below ground right now." she smirks at that. "And if you think we're 'superior' to the others, again, I know a good shrink around." she arches one eyebrow at that. "We're no better or worse than everyone else." she shakes her head. "As for threatening everyone around me, that is NOT a good way to convince me to tell you about my powers." she frowns at that.

Eris laughs. "So in other words you both ARE and ARE NOT superior to the humans? They are the same as you? Yet you said yourself that anyone other than yourself would be killed by my attack. Thus, you are superior to a human to whom my ability may prove fatal." She shrugs and motions to the people milling around them unawares. "I did not directly threaten them. I merely stated that if I attempted to figure out your power a few of them may become collateral damage."

July shrugs lightly at that, "If that 'anybody other than me' was someone that practiced martial arts for some time now, they'd have the reflexes to dodge that missile. Does that make him better than me?" she arches one eyebrow at that, and then shakes her head at that. "To answer your question, we're all on the same level."

Eris shakes her head, "No. He would be genetically inferior to you because given time you could train yourself to his level. His practiced skill may be better than yours, but his genetic makeup is weaker." Eris steps forward slightly, closing the distance between the two of them. She maintains very intense eye contact with July as she speaks. "I am highly trained in martial arts, so I could probably hit him. And if I am able to hit both of you and one of you is able to come out of it completely unharmed, then that person is stronger."

July shakes her head softly, sighing softly, "You're messed up if you think someone is stronger just because genetics. Your philosophy isn't any better than Hitler's." she says softly, obviously pitying the woman before her. "Anyone can reach that level of martial arts. No matter of the genetics, and someone of 'lower genetics' like you said can beat you too."

Eris laughs. "The only way someone of lower genetics could defeat me is if they were to use an outside source to augment their abilities. A weapon of some sort, tear gas, a gun, whatever they may find useful. That wouldn't be a natural advantage based on genetics, it would be an artificial advantage. I do not need weapons, I can make my own." She smirks, "You have not seen the extent of my ability. No human, no matter the skill, could ever defeat me in a natural fight. I can create my own weapons, armor, I can alter the terrain. They would be powerless."
Eris shakes her head. "And you are of course incorrect about Hitler. His beliefs on genetics were constrained to the human race. I am simply stating that mutants are superior to humans. Much like a human is superior to a chimpanzee." One person nearby looks up at Eris and gives her an odd look. He collects up his family and they move away from the two women.

July crosses her arms in front of her chest as she arches one eyebrow, "So you're on a crusade to kill and destroy everyone you consider 'lower' than you?" she frowns at that, not liking where the conversation is going.

Eris frowns at the other girl. "What? That's insane. I told you, that man owed me money. That is the reason I went after him. I wouldn't randomly attack people in a crowd for no reason, though I wouldn't stay my hand for their sakes." She shakes her head, "I would actively hunt down a human who did something to specifically piss me off, attacked one of our people, or was a threat to our species."

July chuckles softly, "Well, if you don't stay your hand for their sake, I hope you don't mind I stay your hand in case you decide to get nasty with innocents." she arches one eyebrow, smirking a bit. "I am going to do my one hundred ten percent best to stop anyone trying to harm the civilians."

Eris looks confused. "Why? Why would a mutant risk their life to protect the very humans that oppress her? What kind of misplaced altruism is that?" She shakes her head. "Well if you should ever decide to try and hinder my actions again, I will not hesitate to find out exactly what it takes to hurt you. Our kind is superior to the humans, but I can't have mutants running around doing things in opposition to the advancement of our species."

July frowns again, not budging her ground at all. "Because not all humans oppress us." she says simply. "Only the ignorant ones. They can be taught better. As for people that dislike us, there will always be people that oppose whatever are different from them. The Skinheads and the old Ku Klux Klan are just two examples." she shakes her head. "And if I do find you threatening people. I'll make sure you'll go behind bars."

Eris shakes her head. "My my. What a naive little girl you are. How old are you, fifteen?" She smirks, "Someday you will see. Someday soon perhaps. Just hang around Mutant Town long enough, you're bound to get shot sooner or later." She waves a hand dismissively at the girl. Not that it matters. Do what you want. Just consider yourself warned to stay out of my way."

July smirks at that, "The more you tell me to stay out of your way… the more I WANT to stay IN your way." she says, shaking her head softly after that hand was waved at her direction, "And you say I don't know the extent of your powers, you're wrong." she smirks again, shaking her head one more time as she steps back, "I do know the exact extent of your powers. Unlike you, I do my research." she winks. "I should be off now, but I'll catch you next time. A simple wall of crystals won't stop me. Not by a long shot."

Eris laughs at the girl. "Oh you read about me in the newspaper? I'm affraid that's not even the extent of my abilities. If you ever want to find out though, come find me." She turns now as well, preparing to head in the direction she was before she was distracted. She says nothing more as she heads off toward the bar. Annoying children.

July smiles at the girl as she turns around to leave, "Mind Reading is a powerful power to have." she grins at her, no matter if Eris turns her head toward July or not. "Food for thought." she nods again before starting to walk away.

Eris turns to the girl and smirks. Mind reading? Doubtful. The woman didn't think about her abilities much during the conversation. This is likely a bluff. She'll test her theory later on however, she needs to get to that bar before it gets too dark.

~ Fin ~

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