2010-01-02: Three Girls And A Guy


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Summary: Kenta meets a couple of the female students.

Date: January 2, 2010

Log Title Three Guys and a Girl

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

It's a weekend which means no classes that Kenta has to each. Actually with the holidays, he's been off from teaching for the last week since the students haven't had classes since shortly before Christmas. He's lying on one of the couches with his accoustic guitar in his lap, playing some spontanious tune. He's just playing which comes to his mind and it sounds pretty good. After all Kenta's been playing the guitar and writing music for over ten years. He's dressed in a black tshirt over a pair of jeans, his black eyes and the black markings on his arms fully visible.

Rashmi slips into the living room, tucking a tablet and a small box under her arm as she closes the door behind her. Turning, the redheaded new student smiles at Kenta, nodding a greeting and skirting around the couches to one of the window seats. Clearly unwilling to interrupt the music, she simply arranges her things next to her and listens for the moment.

July comes in not too long after Rashmi arrives, the brunette carrying a rather thick book under her arm as she struts into the living room, softly whistling, stopping only when she hears the music. She smiles, and waves to Kenta, noticing the musician in the room, and then she notices the redhead, who gets a grin from July and another wave.

Kenta smiles at the two girls and shifts so that's he's not sprawled out on the couch. "Hey girls, how are you two doing tonight?" He asks as stops playing for the time being. He's very casual for a teacher here, and doesn't look that old either even though he's in his 30's, it must be the Asian genes. "Anything planned for the weekend or just lazing around the school to avoid the cold?"

Rashmi chuckles, removing a blue glass pen from the box and nodding a greeting to July, balancing a small inkwell on one leg. "Maybe another weekend… I still haven't learned my way around this place very well, and…" Gesturing around at the couches, the fireplace, the decorations, she grins, shrugging a shoulder. "It's already like a vacation, with such a huge house. I may as well enjoy it while I can, right?"

July chuckles gently at Rashmi gently, "Wait until the classes start." she says with a soft grin, before turning to look at Kenta now. "Oh, staying inside. My powers don't let me go outside for too long unless I'm constantly moving, or else I threaten to freeze outside." she giggles lightly.

"I guess I'm lucky I don't feel the cold." Kenta says with a chuckle. "I've been here too long to feel like this place is a vacation. I was a student here a few years back and now I'm a teacher here. I'm Kenta by the way." He says introducing himself, no Mister's for him. "I'm the music teacher here."

Rashmi bobs her head. "I'm Rashmi… I've only been here a few days, so It'll probably be a bit… even after classes start," she says, chuckling at July. "It's good to meet you, um… Kenta. So you were a student too?"

July smiles and waves to Kenta again as she sits down on the couch, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Kenta." she uses the honorific anyways. "I'm July. July Lanford. And I'm a student here still." she giggles softly.

Kenta waves his hand. "Please, no Mr, it makes me feel old." He still has a sort of young rocker complex. "If either of you take music classes, you'll definately be in my class. No boring tests, no stupid lectures…well sometimes there are music theory lessons but I actually find them interesting. So you just started here Rashmi, whatdoya think so far?"

"Well…" Rashmi tucks a lock of hair behind her ear, looking out the window. "…I only found out about my, um… powers… this summer… So I'm still freaking out a little, now and again. You know," she says, smiling wryly. "But I've managed to keep from making hash of the whole thing so far… I just—I don't know, wish I could tell my parents more about this place. I understand why I can't… but I wish I could."

July smiles and nods to Rashmi, "It's for our own, and their safety, too." she says softly, wrapping one arm around Rashmi's shoulders to give her a gentle squeeze, "Hey, at least you weren't confined to your bed for a few days when your mutation activated, like I had to." she says with a soft grin, before looking at KEnta, "And music's fine. I enjoy music, but I don't know if I am apt for any instrument…"

Kenta gives both of them a confused look. "What do you mean can't tell your parents, my parents knew where I went to school and they know what I am, they always have. If you want to tell your parents that you go to school for mutants, they have a right to know. In fact that you're hiding the truth from them isn't that great, unless they don't know about your power. We try to communicate with parents before they come here." Kenta just runs a hand through his hair and smiles. "Lisen, your family is just as much involved as you are and you can tell them what you think they need to know but there is no rule that says you can't tell you parents about, or what goes on here."

Rashmi tilts her head, brow furrowing. "But… don't the rules say that we shouldn't talk about the school too much? I mean… I love my parents, and it's been like a dream for them to have me go to school in a place like this… but, I know they'd want to tell everyone how I'm doing, you know…?"

July smiles, "What we do here can't be exactly totally disclosed to people. I mean, how do you think our parents would feel if they knew we do combat situation training every week?" she giggles a bit and shrugs softly.

"My parents knew about that." Kenta says giving July a confused look. "July, sorry to sound like a dick but I'm a teacher here, I think I know what can and cannot be disclosed to parents. It's perfectly fine to tell your parents what goes on, just, use your best judgement. The rules say we shouldn't but that's mostly to strangers on the street, maybe friends back home but parents, that's family. They have the right to know what they're underaged daughter is doing. If you want to tell them about your powers training, you can. Just your parents have to realize what is said stays between the three of you and if you have siblings, them too. Just be smart about it is all."

Rashmi nods quietly. "I'll remember, then… Thank you," she says with a small smile. "I just felt bad, because except for… well.. the whole powers thing… this is pretty much everything they ever wanted for me."

July smiles to KEnta, "I know, I know. My parents are just worrywarts." she giggles softly, "I'm their precious little China porcelain figurine, y'know?" She then shrugs lightly, and then stretches a bit and lets out a soft yawn.

"Just be smart about it if you know you're parents might fly off the rocker if you tell them something crazy, don't. If you want to tell them that you met a freaky music teacher with all black eyes and black dark force markings all over his arms, that's fine." Kenta says with a friendly smile as he refers to himself, of course. "So where are the two of you from?"

Rashmi chuckles, ducking her head. "I don't think I'll go into *too* much detail about the people… We're from the City, a few blocks north of Hell's Kitchen? But my parents, they grew up in West Bengal. Saved up everything they had to come to America. They never had a lot of money… But they were more worried about being happy, than rich."

July smiles softly, "I'm from D.C." the brunette says, "Father owns a big industry corporation, so we're keeping the fact his daughter is a mutant under wraps." she says softly, nodding gently. "Knowing their kid is a mutant would severely cripple my father's charity events he sets up."

"I'm from the city too, east side around the 30's." Kenta says as he is quite the city boy. "Ah D.C. I went their a few times with my old high school on a field trips but not much. And that's kind of messed up but then that's my opinion. I guess it's good to have parents who are average joes." But then growing up Kenta was a bit of a spoiled kid. "My parents have been in the US for a long time, I think my great grandmother came over from Ireland?"

Rashmi bobs her head. "I didn't ever go very far away from our borough, myself. Honestly…? This is probably the farthest I've ever gone, before…" With a mild shrug, she uncorks the inkwell, beginning her writing. "Mama would feel bad about it, sometimes, when we couldn't afford a field trip. But, I didn't mind too much. Now maybe I'll get to take them out here, sometime?"

"I've heard rumour that a parents day is being planned come the spring." Kenta says with a smile. "And if you ever want to go home for a weekend your parents can come here and pick you up, it's not against the rules." The Japanese teacher says. "I guess I was lucky where my parents had money, they spoil my son rotten though." He says with a chuckle. "We didn't travel a lot as there is so much to do in the city. Occasionally we'd go to Atlantic City when I was a kid, or some where on the Jersey shore."

Rashmi shakes her head, smiling. "No… I had to take the bus into town. It's the City, there's hardly any need for a car most days, right? But… I think I'd like to have them come up in the spring." She looks down at her letter, chuckling to herself, then back up to July, her smile fading some. "I'm sorry, July… but I think that's not right, either. You deserve a lot better than that—oh. Um… Sorry, I'll be quiet now…"

Kenta nods and chuckles. "True, I'm in my thirties and I don't even have my drivers licence." But there is a bit of a reason for that. "There is nothing wrong with wanting your parents in your life, remember that." He looks at Rashmi and nods, agreeing. "All kids deserve better than that but you'll learn that not everyones parents are always as accepting as yours or mine. There are some kids here with some pretty messed up lives but they tend to adjust fairly well here."

Rashmi nods. "I know, Mr… ehn, Kenta. It's like that for a lot of people… and… well," she says, tugging her braid over her shoulder, "it's what made want to go to law school… maybe get into politics. Remember… it was the most poorly-treated of my parents' country, that Gandhi fought hardest for. My papa told me many stories of his home, when I grew up…" Tugging on the end of her braid, she shrugs a bit. "Honestly…? What most of these people have to deal with, isn't that much different, you know?"

July smiles, "Oh, I call them almsot every day." the brunette says, nodding softly at the mention of parents. "But, Kenta… if I can ask, what are your powers? I admit I'm a little bit curious about them?"

"Dark Force." Kenta answers aand it's as simple as that. "Kinda like what Owen has but a lot different. I don't need life force to survive like him but I can drain it." As Rashmi remembers the no 'Mr.' he winks and does a snap, gun finger point at her. "Ah law and politics, two things I honestly don't understand. I always was about the rock star thing. But it's good that you believe in that so strongly and your roots. We deal with some pretty crazy stuff, I'll just say that."

Rashmi chuckles, bobbing her head. "I'm starting to see that… I mean, there's a boy who said he was turned into a frog?" Shaking her head, the girl lets out a breath. "It's a little unnerving I'll admit, hearing about this stuff."

July chuckles softly, and she smiles, "And he was. Some weird thing happened in this school that made some of the students turn into characters from fairy tales. Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland… you name it." he shrugs lightly and giggles.

"Yeah I heard about that, glad I wasn't involved. You couldn't miss the dude who got turned into a rabbit." Kenta says shaking his head. "The frog kid, Robyn, he's in my music class. Well he hasn't been in almost a month but now that he's back to normal I suspect he will be." He looks to Rashmi and pushes some of his hair back with a sigh. "I won't lie, there are some pretty crazy things that happen here. I think putting a ton of mutants in a building is just a ticking timebomb for crazy."

Rashmi shrugs quietly. "Well, it's like you said… Not all of us had it really easy, right? And, well… I guess it's just what happens around people with powers… Even the Kitchen had to deal with what would happen around Daredevil—wait, fairy tales?" A more than mildly puzzled look crawls across the redhead's face. "…Okay that's just a *little* more crazy than I'd hope for…"

July can't help but laugh softly at Rashmi's reaction, "Oh, stick around, and you'll see craziness that will make you think you're a character of a fic written by dozens of insane minds." she grins softly at her friend.

"I mean stuff does happen but not everyone was effect by the fairy tale thing, only a few. I wasn't." But Kenta will not go through what he's been through. It's very intense for a new student, for any student for that matter. "Nah, it's really not that bad Rashmi. I had some great times here."

Rashmi chuckles quietly. "Oh, I'm sure… Honestly, I think it'll eventually end up like my old school. Just… well, with aliens and Atlanteans and probably mole men instead of gangs and shootings and everything like that."

July can't help but giggle a gain, and pats Rashni's shoulder gently, "Don't worry, no one here ever causes harm to someone else just out of spite. You're safe."

"We don't have a ton of problems here. I think a lot of the kids look at this place as their second home and some even a first home. We're one big dysfunctional family here." Kenta says as he picks up his guitar and starts idly strumming again. "We haven't had any real problems here for a while."

Rashmi nods. "Well, that's good to hear," she says, smirking faintly. "Maybe I'll have my powers under control then, before the next major blowup happens?"

July nods gently to Kenta, and then looks back to Rashni, "Maybe. We will all master our powers in time. I can keep myself solid easily now, but I still have a long way to go to master my own powers."

Annalisa enters into the living room with a smile, looking around at the group. She waves to Rashmi with a smile, doesn't recognize Kenta, and suddenly freaks out at July! She pounces onto July and hugs her way way too tight. "Hiiiii everyone!" She exclaims happily. P.S. She is dressed in a pair of tight jeans, a pink tank top with an indigo over jacket, and pink flip flops.

Kenta raises an eyebrow at Annalisa and shakes his head at her excitemnt. "No it's January, even though you're kinda dressed for July, apparently it's freakin' cold out there." He says continuing to play. "And hello to you too. You should be able to get some decent practive with your powers Rashmi. I didn't know sh…spit about mind before I came here."

Rashmi nods a bit, arching an eyebrow and chuckling at Annalisa's exuberance. "That's what I'm hoping for… Right now I have trouble managing to keep a handle on them for more than a few moments. The chips in the benches over by the pool? That, um… that was me," she admits, ducking her head.

July gah's as she's attacked by Annalisa! The brunette giggles and hugs Annalisa back and kisses the girl's cheek, "Hey there, dear? How are you doing?" she asks, smiling and leaning a bit onto Anna.

Annalisa glances over at Kenta and states, as if she was the one he was talking to. "I do dress for July!" She says, nudging July in the side. "I'm good, just feeling clingy."

Kenta rolls his eyes, but it's not really noticable since they're solid black, and shakes his head. "Don't worry about it Rashmi, accidents happen here. Just as long as noone gets hurt and you make an effort to learn control, it's fine. I wish I took that advice, I broke several things before making an effort." Kenta grins as he was quite the slacker in his day, still is at times.

Rashmi nods quietly. "I'm trying… It'll probably be a while, but I'm trying." Looking up at July and Annalisa, the redhead chuckles again. "At least she's honest, isn't she?"

July chuckles and pat-pats Annalisa's head, "And you call ME sticky." she giggles softly, holding the girl in her arms as she looks at Kenta, "Maybe it'll take a while. Maybe it'll take a couple of days. Who knows?" she shrugs, "Just try to have fun while doing so." she winks.s

Annalisa glances around a bit, and leans into July's arms. "Talkng about powers again? Breaking stuff is pretty easy to do, depending on your power."

"Any energy based power can be pretty dangerous. I have Dark Force it took a while to control it but that was years ago when I was a student here." The music teacher says for Annalisa since she wasn't hear earlier when he mentioned it. "We all have accidents when learning and it does take a while Rashmi, so don't worry about it."

Rashmi bobs her head, taking Kenta's words to heart. "I'll remember that… Thanks. And I'll try, July. Just… when things start to settle down, at least to me."

July nods softly to Rashmi, "Soon this will feel like home, Rashmi. Trust me." she nods gently, and then she kisses Anna's cheek softly, and she squeezes the girl gently before looking at Kenta, "So, Kenta? You like music, hm? Which instrument is the one you like the most? The guitar?"

Annalisa nods at Rashmi, and giggles. "Don't worry, I've had my share of accidents too. Like almost burning down the quad." She glances over at Kenta with a smile. "Instrument? I play the piano some."

Kenta shakes his head at July. "No, I'm just the music teacher here, I hate music." He says noding and looking serious before breaking out into a smile. "Nah, I do, I really love music. And favourite, either guitar or my voice." After all to a musican the voice is an instrument. "And I do play some piano as well Annalisa, though right now kids, I gotta get going. I am suffering a horrible nicotine fit and I need to head into New York to pick up my Son. Take care girls." He says picking up his guitar and heads outside.

Rashmi looks up, raising a hand in Kenta's wake. "Good-bye then, Kenta. You too!" Smiling at Annalisa and July, she bobs her head in acknowledgment. "I'll remember that… How are you two doing, by the way?"

July oh's softly, "I like the electric guitar… though I never played one before." she says, smiling and nodding, but then blinking as KEnta announcing his leave, and she scoffs a bit, "BAH! Cigarettes are just a quick trip to bad lungs." but then she giggles softly, "Well, nice meeting you, Mr. Kenta." Yes, there's the honorific. "I'll see if I can enroll to one of your classes."

Annalisa waves farewell to Kenta with a smile, snuggling in closer to July. She nods at Rashmi. "I'm just fine now that I found her." She exclaims, almost like she was addicted to rubber!

Rashmi shakes her head slightly, bending back to her writing. "So I see," she says with a chuckle.

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