2010-04-30:Three Students and a Teacher


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Summary: Three students were practicing sparring until Logan gives a better demonstration with Connor.

Date: April 30, 2010

Three Students and a Teacher

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Gymnasium

This big room with wooden floors is build with powered students in mind; the entire room is power proof. Blast the walls all you like, they are not breaking. The gym can either be one large room and it also has dividers to make it two smaller gyms. This large Gym has basketball nets, equipment to set up equipment badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, and everyone's favorite, dodge ball.

Connor looks between the two, "Systema is what the Russian's call it… or the System. Its roots go back into the history of the nation, its people, even its religion. It's not so much a martial art, as a training method to teach you how to listen and respond with your body. Here…" He turns to face Chloe, and then stands up a bit straighter, his shoulders relaxed, body calm as he breaths in and out, "Chloe and I will demo, you can watch… there's a lot I think you'd benefit from." And with that he says to the girl, "Okay… throw a punch… just try and keep it close to normal speed so Robyn can watch. Allright?"
Chloe grins, then slipping into a Savate guard in no time at all she nimbly moves into punching range. "I'll avoid the new left. No give on the knucles," she says sportingly. "Ready?" She waits a good few moments before throwing a direct bras avant (also known as a jab with her lead hand) at Connor. She's pulling her speed a lot, but even then it's still pushing the top end a normal human might reach.
Logan after hearing the events going on in the gym, and nothing else to do, barges into the room, slamming the doors open, to see what going on. He looks around and sees that room would be empty, except for the group of three people. Curious as to what is going on he walks over, “Hey what going on?”
Robyn takes a step back as he just watches Chloe and Connor start to spar. He just watches as he's not really a fighter. If anything he should learn to fight with his psychic weapons better. Or how to form more than just a psi-blade. "The new left?" Is that a term the kid in the Alpha Squadron uniform doesn't know? "Maybe I should learn…oh…we're just working out sir." Robyn responds to Logan with a slight jump.
Connor's movement seems almost lazy as his right comes up and he catches the punch with his open palm on the wrist, and as his arm swings out, he circles his left back, so if the punch had comes full-force for Chloe, her body would have been right off. He continues the movement into a low but angled strike with his leg to hook her knee with his own, having made a complete lazy 360, before he stops himself and looks up at the newcomer, "Hello, Sir… sorry… I was just demonstrating form to a friend… I thought he might appreciate it." Patting Chloe's shoulders gently, he moves back to his original position.
Chloe springs back, keeping her balance thanks to a combination of training and superspeed reflexes. "Hand," she explains, sticking her tongue out at Robyn. "So the idea there was to spin the attacker then strike the back of the knee while they're off balance? Sound in theory."
Logan says “Well I can help you with combat training if you need it?” He smirks at the eye idea of seeing of what these can do. He enters into a combat stance ready for any possible attack from the before him. “If you feel up to of course,” he grins.
Robyn puts his hands up as Logan offers. "Sorry, all my powers are mental base; I'm not really a fighter." Excuse to not fighting Logan, but at the same time it's the truth. Though Robyn really should learn hand to hand combat. "That's right Chloe, I keep forgetting about the hand. Even though having a hand with an mp3 player built in must be beyond cool." He does admit before looking to Connor. "How long have you been doing this System stuff?"
Connor looks over at the short but obviously muscular man, and then looks back at Chloe, before he motions with his head, "Actually… no… see… I could have done anything there… reverse punch to the solar plex, elbow strike… there's no set attack-response. You just do what feels right. I've actually been in training since I was eight… which makes just working with a dummy hard. So… should I let him hand me my butt?" Grinning at the girl as he turns to face Logan, nodding once, "Sir."
Chloe giggles. "A late start huh? I was in my dad’s gym before I could walk. Although he did hold off on training until I was a bit older," she adds with a grin. "And yeah it's /so/ amazing. I can fit most of my music collection on here without even reducing the quality." She gives Logan an appraising look. "I'd offer to join in, but without having trained together I'd say that would be a disadvantage to us both. But sure go knock yourself out." She winks. "Normally I prefer to avoid getting into punching range, Savate is a kicking style at heart and with my speed it more than makes up for the lack of reach someone of my height suffers."
Logan looks to Robyn, “A mental-based hey, well that would be fun, but if I can’t tempt you fair enough.” He then turns to Chloe, “In the real world, the world beyond these walls you could be fighting people who you don’t even know their name. There is normally a lot more risk than what you would find in here, and it’s never as fun in her.” He nods and turns to Connor, “So do you want to try?”
Robyn nods and then looks at the time, "Actually I have Alpha Squadron Danger Room practice now, I'll see you later Connor, Chloe, Sir." Robyn says as he goes over to pick up his stuff and hurry out of the room before the sparing begins.
Connor watches as Robyn departs, and says, "Anytime you want, I'll give you some pointers… it'll be fun, I promise!" Chuckling a bit as the other young man takes off. Moving closer to Logan, he takes a couple breaths, and then drops himself into a straight-bodied but relaxed stance… his hands up at the mid-section, but not showing any signs of aggressive posturing, "Always happy to learn something new, Sir…"
Chloe begins circling the pair at a distance, more to watch forms than to actively involve herself. "Cya around Robyn!" She taps at her mp3 player, then shrugs. "I've been in real fights before. Only in self defense, but those tend to be the most 'real' types. And one lesson I've learnt is that a couple of people who individually fight well grouped up can suck major league ass. Which was lucky for me really or I'd have been down my cellphone."
Logan calls after Robyn, “See yah kiddo.” He looks to Chloe, “At least you’ve got some experience. But I must admit you’re right, I’m not much of team player, especially I when I get a little out of control.” He feints at right arm punch to Connor, “OK I’ll go easy on yah; I’ll even let you strike first.” He nods. “Take a swing.”
Connor drops back from the feinted punch, but then straightens up a bit more, rolling his neck back and forth, "If you say so, Sir…" And after taking a couple breaths, and remaining still, he comes in with an overhand punch, not even waiting for him to land it as he swings back from the first, into a second meant for the solar plex, and a third as a palm-strike to the face. Every time he swings, his arms remain slightly crooked, his body moving with a seeming laziness from blow to blow as the combination is tossed at Logan.
Chloe moves back in the direction of her water bottle, keeping her eyes on the fight at all times. "Are those actually hitting hard?" she wonders. "They don't look very forceful… Although I've seen Wing Chun which doesn't seem very forceful and that's kinda brutal. I kinda wish I knew someone to teach me that too, but superspeed teachers are hard to find."
Logan blocks the first swing with a sweeping arm, which knocks Connor’s arm away from him. The second blow hits home, and Logan gives a low grunt. With the third strike he sidesteps and brings Connor into an arm lock, but makes every effort to hurt the fellow. “Decent punch you’ve got there, but what if I did this-“ with that Logan sweeps an arm around to the left of Connor’s head, and then a sweeping kick to Connor’s right leg in hopes of tripping him up.
Connor's reply is to attempt to bind the arm that strikes at his head, so that when the sweep comes… he rolls back and kicks up with to try and cushion his blow and clear himself of the larger man, saying at the same time, "I dunno… this work?" To Chloe, again the block looks lazy, and an afterthought, and the fall back a stumble…
For someone with superspeed the entire affair looks rather lazy, but that doesn't stop Chloe from looking interested at the exchange of blows. "I guess it must have hurt if it's a decent punch," she muses to herself. "I'll put some suitable battle music on for you!" The other headphone removed and the volume cranked she begins to play 'Souljacker by The Eels'.
Logan is clearly pleased by the escape, “Very nice.” He strikes a punch to Connor’s chest, followed by a double punch to the chest.
The first is blocked with another open handed slap as Connor comes up, the second slips in, and the third knocks him back and once more on the ground, clutching his front for a moment and wheezing before he says, "Wow.. felt like getting… heh… hit by concrete…" Standing up once more and getting his breath back, he shakes it off with a one-two punch combination, coming in high then low like before, but both are feints, as he attempts to slide by Logan and do a knee-to-knee sweep and takedown.
"What exactly is your power Sir?" Chloe wonders, sipping at her bottle of water and wincing as Connor gets a solid thumping. "Something durability based maybe? You don't seem especially worried about blocking after all."
Logan is taken down but he quickly rolls back up on to his feet. “You’re doing well kid, keep it up.” He begins to circle Connor, as he calls to Chloe, “Well I’m pretty superhuman, mostly due to my regenerative abilities. Then there’s my adamantium skeleton which comes with these –“he quick unsheathes and then sheathes his metal claws, “- these are pretty useful in a fight. All of these pretty much keep me fighting.”
Connor is still catching his breath a little bit, "Thanks… my mentor would be pretty impressed, Sir… so… you've got powers… that mean it's okay to use mine?" Smiling a bit as he looks back at Chloe and then gives her a thumbs-up, "Got anything with a little more drum…" He instead of moving to follow as Logan begins to circle once more, resuming his relaxed pose, his hands down by his sides, palm open and relaxed…
sighs. "What is it with this place and people with knife hands?" she wonders. "Slice and dice has then, teachers have them. It makes my theory about the nature of mutant-ness especially scary. But that's a conversation for another day. As much as people have tied philosophy with fighting I don't think they work very well at the same time." At the request for more drum she hmmms, before putting on 'Papillon by the Editors'
Logan continues to circle “You mentor any one I would know?” He thinks back to all of the people who trained him over the many years. “If you want we could kick up to power play. However, be forewarned these claws are leatheal. What powers to do you posses anyway?”
Connor shakes his head, chuckling a bit, "No thank you Sir… I was just asking… and he was a part of Spetznaz until the economic collapse of the USSR… and a good friend of my father's." Speaking as he remains in place like that, then suddenly he turns and steps close, going for another feint and takedown sweep.
Chloe winces slightly at the idea of a teacher considering a potentially lethal training match. "I guess the trouble with fighting someone who regenerates is they don't even have to be good. You could punch yourself unconscious and they'd just get back up and that's the end of you. I wonder if I could make some of that burny stuff from that spy show…. ther-something? Thermote?"
Logan, this time, dodges Connor’s takedown. “Maybe not then, I have been to Russia however.” He then responds to Chloe, “Yeah that’d be true, but I have plenty of training. I’ve been trained as a spy, the X-men of course, and even as a samurai.” He then goes in towards Connor with a feint takedown, then an elbow strike to the arm.
Connor doesn't fall for the feint, and gets out of the takedown, but that elbow catches him on the bicep, making him fall back once more, his hand coming up to his arm, and rubbing there, a bruise already starting to form. He then straightens, and says, "Allright… I think I'm outclassed here… every time you hit me, I feel like I'm being hit with re-bar…" Wincing a bit as he continues to rub the spot, "No offense Sir, but I think that's enough for now." Sweating a bit from the concentration from that bare half-minute of combat.
"Swordfighting would be kinda cool to learn, although I think perhaps I'd rather learn the quarterstaff first. Maybe a meteor hammer or butterfly swords second," Chloe muses, lost in a world of possibilities. "I suppose it's lucky you're striking for muscle rather than bone. Because at least then you're only getting hurt on the defence rather than while attacking too."
Logan “OK fair enough, you’ll probably be a bit bruised in tomorrow though. You’ve taken a couple of falls.” He pats Connor on the shoulder, “Your rather a decent fighter, don’t let my lack of injury put you down.” He them turns to look at both, “And if either of you ever come face to face with Sabretooth, you be sure to get me.”
Connor can't help but say, "Why doesn't anyone have normal names… seriously… a guy named Sabretooth? What… is a pro wrestler or something?" Chuckling a bit as he digs out a water bottle for himself, pressing it against his arm for a moment, and then cracking it to drink, before saying, "Chloe, you're thinking out loud again… be careful before your stream of consciousness hits some rapids."
"I'm enlightening all who hear it," Chloe points out with a total lack of modesty. "And to refer back to a prior point what if he's one of the nameless people we fight? How will we know to come find you? Not that I intend on chasing down supervillians, it seems like a dumb life choice."
Logan responds, “Firstly, Victor Creed is his real name. Secondly, he will most likely be looking for me when he turns up, and he likes to show up on what he calls my “birthday”. However, you will probably be able to guess by his physical appearance who he is, but if you want a physical description he has elongated canines, and he has claws at the tips of his fingers.”
Connor nods once as he takes a drink, and then seals the bottle up once more, "I'll look him up in the computer database next time we're in a Danger Room session, Sir… I'm sure it has a lot to tell." Smiling over at Chloe a moment, he then nods, "I have a physics paper to turn in for class I need to clean up and print off… Thank you for the practice Sir. It was nice to be able to spar against someone else. The dummy doesn't do much for me." Motioning to the fighting dummy that he then unmounts and hauls back into storage.
Chloe flutter-blinks, her eyes moving too fast for most people to even see. "I.. uhm… kinda guessed on the tooth front. I mean calling yourself Sabretooth and having tiny teeth would just be odd. But if I see any guys with claws demanding to see one of my teachers I'll hit the panic button asap." She beams innocently. "We should spar sometime Connor, I think I could work some of those techniques into my routines. Maybe teach you a few Savate kicks in return, providing you can stomach fighting against a girl? And yeah I best get my work out the way. Squad practise with old one eye tomorrow morning, waste of a perfectly good Saturday!"
Logan says, “Well I guess I’ll see you both around, and if you do look him up on the danger room files, and then go to mine I do not say “I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn't very nice.” Nearly as much as it says I do.”
Connor blinks a few times as he takes off his gloves and puts them in his bag, followed by his water, and then he zips it up and slings it over his shoulder, "Will do Sir… have a nice evening…" As he heads for the door…
Chloe waves. "Cya around," she offers, moving doorwards herself. Her walking pace quick enough to make a sprinter green with envy. "Just don't tell Cyclops I called him Old one eye!" She grins, then with a conspiratorial wink she slips out the door herself.

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