2010-11-07: Three Teachers And A Russian


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Summary: Dashenka gets to meet three of her strange teachers.

Date: November 7, 2010

Log Title: Three Teachers and A Russian

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Library

There are only a few thousand volumes on display here, mostly for decorative purposes, though of course they can be checked out. The actual 'Library' is almost entirely electronic, with secure link to the entire contents of the Library of Congress online as well as hook-ups to the best universities and research facilities in the free world. Students can browse the Internet or do work projects from the stations here or download materials to the next generation pad computers/e-readers that are stanadard issue to all students and staff.

The original intent of Quetzal coming to the library was so that he could read about some of the students he'll be starting to teach on Monday but he was interrupted by a phone call. His animal companion, Verde, sits by the computer he was using, lounging as a sugar glider, by the keyboard. Quetzal is a few feet away in a quite area talking in Japanese to his sister that has called him. He's trying not to be that loud but then sounds always seem to travel in the quite book room.

There is serious business going on as Index is once again searching for what he wants to do for his class. Well, actually, he's kind of taking a break and is looking at pictures of kittens, but he still has his serious face on so that it kind of looks like he's working. Besides, he has his classes prepared for the next two weeks. It's just the end of year play he has to figure out, and there's plenty of time yet for that, right? At least enough to look at this cute widdle month old tabby kitten. This level of cute should be illegal, surely this kitten has been shooting up some kind of illegal adorableness enhancers. But nobody would ever convict. Just too cute. The sound of Quetzal's voice interrupts Index's train of thought, and he presses alt + tab and spins his chair in that usual smooth way that he seems to do everything, rising to his feet easily to check out what's happening.

Dashenka hasn't been here long enough to really recognize any of the staff on hand, or students for that matter. In fact, she's been here for less than a week, and the whirlwind of an adventure that lead her here has still left her with something of a bewildered expression. This is the library. This wasn't the place she was looking for, but this will do. She's wearing the standard jumpsuit that college age students wear, having left the majority of her own clothing back in Russia.

Quetzal is dressed in just a pair of jeans with a blue, loose fitting, button down shirt. He finishes up his phone conversation and shakes his head, closing his phone with a click. As he goes back to where he was doing his thing, he notices Index sitting there and gives a wave. "Good evening Index. Sorry, I was just getting some news from my sister." He says going back to the computer he was working on and beginning to shut down programs. Verde crawls onto Quetzal's shoulder and gives a wave to Index. "So how are you doing this weekend?"

Index gives a slight wave and says, "Don't worry about it, Quetzal. Was just checking out what the sound was. I was a little engrossed in my work. Heya, Verde." He scratches under his chin lightly, narrowing his eyes for a moment, before he looks over towards Dashenka. "Well, hello there. I, oh, I should know this. Ms. Ivanov?"

"Da," says the teen nodding at mention of her name, before correcting herself. "Yes." Dashenka gives a curious glance at the small animal that is receiving the chin scratching before asking in very broken and heavily accented English, "I have not seen that animal before?"

Since Index was the first person that Quetzal talked to, it's his accent that Quetzal is using at the moment. "I know I shouldn't be on the phone in the library but apparently my younger sister is gonna to be having another baby." He then turns towards Dashenka and smiles. "Hello Ms. Ivanov, I'm Quetzal, the language teacher here." He says introducing himself to the Russian girl. "And this is Verde." He says introducing the Sugar Gilder who then speaks from his perch on Quetzal. "I'm a sugar glider right now."

Making his way into the library, Drew dressed in standard issue SHIELD uniform with a couple of Western accoutrements. He seems distracted as he pops up hoping to speak to a Library staffer, but he stops short when he spots his fellow agents and the young Russian student, "Oh hello Agents Index and Quetzal." He tips his hat to Dashenka, "Ms. Ivanov. I'm a powers and special abilities teacher with the student. Looking at Verde, "And I couldn't forget you, Verde."

"Sugar glider? Nice." He gives a greeting to Drew in the form of a wave, and gives his own specifications, "I'm the drama teacher. You probably won't be seeing much of me unless you have a bit of a flair for the arts. Which is expectedly uncommon in a sort of military school." He crosses his arms and leans slightly back against his computer desk.

"Sugar… glider…" says Dashenka, trying out the words, and then proceeds to look a little overwhelmed at everybody talking to her. "Please," she says holding up her hands and smiling apologetically. "My English… not so good."

Quetzal smiles at Dashenka and nods. "Don't worry about it, I'm not any good at English either." Even though one really can't tell with his power of linguistics. "And yes, Sugar Glider." Quetzal says as the small animal jumps off his shoulder and lands as a penguin before speaking. "I can shift into many different animals." Says Verde as he he looks over to Index. "I did mean what I said the other day, if you ever need a pianist, let me know. And Drew." He say with a nod. "How are you this evening?"

"No need to worry, Dashenka. Some people say they can barely understand my English with my accent." Drew says in a thick Texan twang, "Not too worry, Quetzal will be able to teach you English better." He nods to everyone and smiles at the penguin, "I needed to see if I could do some research." Then addressing everyone, "How are all of you this fine Saturday?" Drew ohhhs for a moment, "Congrats on being an uncle, Quetzal. Hopefully all is well with your sister."

Index smiles at Quetzal and says, "That would be excellent, if you ever want to help with my on-stage examples from musicals." He glances at the others and then says, "I love musical theatre. And I'm okay with that." He nods very confidently at this fact and then looks down at Verde. He tilts his head curiously and asks, "Do you get the added benefit of mysteriously understanding and speaking languages, too?"

Out of all of the chatter that goes on around her, Dashenka does actually pick up on Drew's question, despite his accent. "I am, uh, sovershenno ne moya stihiya. Lost. New York is big city. Very strange." She look rather embarrassed, though whether or not it's because of her struggle with the language or that she's admitting to being totally out of her element is unclear.

Quetzal nods to Dashenka. "You're not the only one out of your element." He says understanding her Russian. He doesn't speak it though since Tex and Index probably wouldn't understand so he makes sure to speak English. "Yes." Verde responds to Index. "When Quetzal and I merged and I became a part of him, I took over his ability to understand. I think it's the mental link." Quetzal nods to Index. "Him and I are literally a part of one another, it's a strong bond we share." He shrugs to Tex and smiles. "It'll be my fourth time being an uncle."

"Sometimes I feel the same way, " Drew offers sympathetically to Dashenka, "I felt the same way my first time in New York City." Though he was not certain about the Russian part of what she said. He turns to Quetzal, "Four times the charm." And then to Index, "What musical are you planning for this semester?"

"That's the problem, Agent Tex, I'm trying to figure out which one I want to do. At first, I was wondering if maybe a musical would be too hard, but no, it shouldn't be. It will be /fantastic/ no matter what I pick. I have to choose soon so we can get rehearsing, though," says Index, nodding decisively at that. He glances towards Dashenka and says, "If you ever need help getting anyhwere, I'm a New York native, so feel free to ask."

Dashenka gives Index an apologetic shrug. "I do not know where to go," she explains. "So much in New York." She looks thoughtful for a moment. "I have question. Uh… not about New York. Now that I am here, what do I do?"

"I still have to get you, Index, to show me around the city, I don't really know it well myself either. I know how to get to Ellis Island when I need a cigarette." Quetzal says as he still wishes it was an easier walk than what it is to get out there. "I would offer to help you with a musical but I don't really know any. What are typical high school dramas?" He asks before looking to Dashenka. "What do you do, well, there will be training along with your regular studies."

"Have you ever thought about directing, 'Best Little Whorehouse in Texas?' I could give you some input." Drew then looks to Dashenka, "You should try the Russian Tea Room. And yes, a curricula will be set up for you to take classes on your powers and regular classes as well. What are you abilities, anyway?" Looking to Quetzal, "We can all go together on a field trip or something."

"Err, maybe something a little less racy for the kids, but thanks for the suggestion. Maybe a classic, like Singin' in the Rain?" He puts his hand under his chin and contemplates this, before sighing, "But they'll probably want something a little edgier than that. Oy! Well, I'll figure something out," decides Index. He then nods at Quetzal and says, "Well, pick a time this weekend, or well, tomorrow. I can show you around then, if you're free."

"I am bear," Dashenka says, explaining her power. "But that is not what I mean. This is American university, yes?" She doesn't wait for an answer, though. "In Russia, I was to finish, uh, technikum. I learn how to fix cars."

If Quetzal had been drinking something it'd be one of those moments where liquid would have been spit everywhere. "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas? You want teenagers to do a show about…prostitutes?" Though he's happy to hear Index say something lace racy. "What is Singing in the Rain?" He asks since he's never heard of it or seen the movie. "Tomorrow might be good since I don't have to start teaching till Monday." Verde responds to Dashenka before Quetzal can. "But you don't look like a bear, in what way are you a bear?" The spirit animal is curious by the bear-girl. "I believe there are some classes like that here. I'm still new myself and I'm not really a student counselor so I can't say for certain."

If Quetzal had been drinking something it'd be one of those moments where liquid would have been spit everywhere. "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas? You want teenagers to do a show about…prostitutes?" Though he's happy to hear Index say something lace racy. "What is Singing in the Rain?" He asks since he's never heard of it or seen the movie. "Tomorrow might be good since I don't have to start teaching till Monday." Verde responds to Dashenka before Quetzal can. "But you don't look like a bear, in what way are you a bear?" The spirit animal is curious by the bear-girl. "I believe there are some classes like that here. I'm still new myself and I'm not really a student counselor so I can't say for certain."

"It is actually a rather wholesome show. Pretty innocent. You should see the movie. I think it was Oscar nominated and has Burt Reynolds and the BEAUTIFUL Dolly Parton." He laughs a bit at Quetzal's expression, "See the movie first. But either way, I'll handle whichever." He looks to Verde, "I think she can transform into a bear." Looking to Dashenka, "Any relation to Ursa Major?" Drew hmmmmns, "I met him during the Contest of Champions."

"You know," says Index to Quetzal, singing the next bit, "I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain. What a glorious feeling, I'm happy again!" His singing voice sounds like it's professional quality. He drops off there and decides, "Though I imagine you haven't really paid much attention to any musicals." The drama teacher tilts his head and says, "Well, I dunno, I kind of shy away anything involving prostitutes in high school. College, everything's game."

Dashenka nods slightly, at the mention of her own personal savior, Ursa Major. "I am bear inside," she explains. "If I let bear out, I become naked," which would explain why she doesn't just demonstrate in front of everybody. She shakes her head to Tex. "No relation. Major Ursus took me from, uh, issledovaniya ob"ekta. Sent me here to be safe."

Quetzal sheepishly shakes his head. "I don't that song though you're singing is quite amazing." He says before looking to Drew and shrugging. "Who are Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton?" He's not really up on pop culture, especially American pop culture. "I can become a bear too!" Verde says to Dashenka. "It's too small to show off in here." Quetzal leans down and pats the Penguins head. "And who is this Major Ursus? I'm beginning to think I need to learn about more American culture."

Nodding his head, "Index, you have a beautiful voice. Better suited to Singing in the Rain than I Will Always Love You." Drew grins, "Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton are the actors from the film version of the musical that, I suppose is too provocative for Barnes….and you should know Major Ursus…catch up on the file. He is a member of the Russian superhero group. He, like Dashenka, can transform into a bear. He is one of Russia's premier heroes." He smiles to Dashenko, "I met him very briefly, but his reputation precedes him. Please send him my regards when you next speak to him and my condolences over Darkstar."

Index rubs the back of his neck and gives an embarrassed smile to the compliments on his voice, maybe even blushing, but only a little bit, "Aw, thanks. I used to want to be on Broadway. But that was a long time ago, before becoming an agent. And I'm sure too old to break into it now!" He looks toward Dashenka and makes a soft 'ah' sound in comprehension at her explanation.

Dashenka nods, looking a little flushed at the mention of the man who had saved her from that research facility out in Siberia. "I, ah, Bozhe, pomogi mne," she sighs a little exasperated at herself. "I should go back to room. Have yet to meet other girl living there." She gives the men there a little wave, "do svidaniya," and disappears back out the door.

"Well I will have to make sure to study on some of the super hero teams now that I am here." Quetzal may have been a SHIELD agent but he didn't know much more than the big names as that's all he really needed to know. "And Index, besides showing me New York City I think you need to show me this SInging in the Rain?" HE says making sure he got the answer right. "Have a good night Ms. Ivanov, I shall be seeing you in class." He says as he looks to Verde who shifts into a German Shepard. "I have to be getting to my room as well, I have to call my younger sister to congratulate her. Have a good night Index, Drew." He says with a nod as he picks up his cane and slowly walks out of the library.

Tex noting everyone else leaving, "Well, I had best be going to." He tips his hat and makes a quick exit.

Index nods at Quetzal and says, "For sure, and yeah, I'll totally show you Singing in the Rain." He sits himself down on his chair and slides himself back, "Have a good night, y'all, I've got some more researching to do." He waits until everyone is gone before once again hitting alt + tab. Goddamn, these kittens are cute.

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