2009-12-06: Through The Looking Glass


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Summary: Robin discusses weird things in a mirror.

Date: December 6, 2009

Log Title Through the Looking Glass

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

Jared nods at Robin and does not say anything about the voice and stuff in the mirror since he really has no idea what else to say. At his question he turns to John, "Kael has wind control powers, so does Miss Monroe. Why do you ask?"

July returns carrying a glass with water and some sugar to help Robin relax some. "Here, Robin. Some water and sugar for you." she offers, smiling softly at her friend, "So, if I heard right, you saw something calling for help in the mirror?" she asks, frowning some. "I think we should tell the headmasters…"

Robin shakes her head, "I just saw fog and a picture of the words…" She takes the cup of water and smiles at July, "Thank you for this." She takes a sip and then nods, "Yeah, I mean, we probably should tell someone. I feel like I should be doing something. I just don't know what."

Dressed in his usual Japanese Punkish attire, a button down blue plaid shirt, a pokadot tie and a pair of ripped dark blue jeans, is Daisuke. A pair if drumsticks is in his backpocket and he's holding a mug of tea as he walks into the Living Room. "Jared there you are." He says smiling as he walks over to sit next to him. "Doing something about what?" He asks Robin, as he's just entered the conversation.

John tries lighting the candel again. He says to Jared "Never mind i just had a thought but it was stupid" says to Robin "Yea you should tell an teacher". He waves a the new person coming into the room.

Jared is dressed ins a simploe white t-shirt and jeans, not the best thing to wear when one has to go outside to get to the dorms, but between the fur he has grown and his powers its not like he has any problems with the cold. Forgotten the still muted TV shows the ESPN coverage of a Men's Gymnastics competition. "Yes Dai, here I am. Came to watch someone I knew compeat and hope he falls flat on his face, and I got caught up in more strange goings on. Robin saw some smoke and letters in her mirror asking for help." As Diasuke sits Jare puts an arm around the other boy's shoulders.

July nods softly, "I bed my elastic ass that whichever asked for help is, if not responsible, is directly related to all this fairy tale coming true thing." she says, frowning softly. "But we have no idea how to find it. We can't just walk through a mirror like Alice in Wonderland did. Or was it some other fairy tale?"

"Through the Looking Glass. It was still Alice who went through…" says Robin. She pauses contemplatively and furrows her brow. "Do we know anyone who is Alice? Things have manifested themselves physically for the fairy tale thing. Robyn's a frog, Jared's a rabbit… maybe Alice can really cross through? Help whoever is on the other side? "

Daisuke cuddles against Jared in return and nods. "You can put on you're own special gymnastic routine for me in the gym later?" He says teasing Jared before looking at John and waving back. "Hello. I'm Daisuke, or just Dai. I'm a teachers aid and tutour here, so any school work you need help with, you can ask me." Says the Japanese teen with a wince. "Don't sit on drumsticks, it's not comfortable." He reaches back and pulls the pair of sticks from his pocket and puts them on the table. He listens to July and nods. "I'd like to see my boyfriend here back to normal, for once I'm free from the chaos, I'm surpised I'm somehow not traped in a tower or something."

John manages to set himself on fire again, he puts it out and takes off whats little thats left of his t-shirt. He says "Hey Daisuke my name is John".

Jared stops and looks at July and hmms, "That was Alice that did that." he says agreeing with Robin. "And since I am the white rabbit I am kinda surprised I have yet to be chased through the school by a blond in a blue sun dress. Not sure if finding a way into Wonderland would be a good idea. As far as I can remember nothing there is what you call helpful." Jared laughs a little at Daisuke sitting on his drum sticks and gives him a little hug. "I am glad your not, hard enough getting the urge to run around like a maniac without having to play white knight as well."

July smiles, "Hey, Daisuke." she says, smiling and waving to her friend, "And, I didn't say going into Wonderland. I'm just saying that walking into mirrors isn't something too far-fetched wehn we talk about fairy tales. And whoever sent that SOS message DID appear to be on the other side of a mirror." she says, before looking at Robin, "Which mirror did you se that, Robin?"

"It was in the nearest washroom. Like I said, I was just fixing my hair and makeup when I saw it," says Robin, shrugging. She shakes her head and then shrugs. "I dunno. The fairy tale thing is weird enough, but the mirror… I don't even know."

"I still don't know much about Alice in Wonderland. I grew up with Japanese Fairy tales more than American or European ones." Daisuke says running a hand through his hair. "Nice to meet you John, when did you get here?" He asks before turning back to Jared, July and Robin. "Have any of you tried walking into any mirrors?"

July shakes her head, "No, I haven't, Daisuke. Never even thought about it, up to now, when Robin mentioned the message in teh mirror." she says, and then she crosses her arm, "Shall we try?" she asks, smiling a bit.

Jared shakes his head, "No have not tried going through a mirror yet. Have ended up spending a day trying to climb in holes in the ground since this whole thing started." Jared grins at Dai and shrugs a little. "Its really so much a fairy tail as it is a bad opium dream."

July shakes her head, "No, I haven't, Daisuke. Never even thought about it, up to now, when Robin mentioned the message in teh mirror." she says, and then she crosses her arm, "Shall we try?" she asks, smiling a bit. "Who knows? It might work." she shrugs lightly.

Robin nods her head slowly and says, "Yeah, we may as well try it. Worst thing that could happen is looking like a crazy person, and I think it's too late for some of us."

Daisuke reaches over and strokes Jared's hair a bit. "I don't know about opium dreams, drugs don't work on me." He says as he looks at July wearily. "You can try walking through a mirror, but if I did, it'd probably be bad. I do not have good luck and I am usually a magnet to trouble."

Jared looses all control of his right leg as his hair gets stroked, as it starts to bounce up and down at high speed. "You and me both Dai, but I at least kow a bit about them and what they do." After a second or two Jared realizes what his leg is doing and reaches down to hold it still with both his hands. "Damn leg. I would be the best to try, if something happens I heal."

July can't help but snerk softly at Jared's leg, and then she smiles, "Well, why don't we go try, then?" She asks, before looking at Robin and hugging her gently, "Also, I'm glad you're back to normal, Robin. Can you take us to where you saw it?"

Robin scratches her head and says to July, "Well, I dunno, sometimes I'm back to normal, sometimes I'm not." She nods, then, and says, "If you want, I can send Blank through. I can go through myself, too. I… I just wonder if there's a reason it might need my help." She gets up from the couch and heads towards the door.

Daisuke stops stroking Jared's hair immedately once his leg starts shaking. "Okay, I guess we'll go try this mirror thing." Daisuke says nervously as he has a bad feeling since he thinks he's chased by bad luck. He even carries a Japanese good luck charm with him. Just then his phone starts ringing. "Oh, it's my Grandmother, I gotta take this. I'll see you later Jared, and good luck with the mirror." He says giving Jared a quick kiss before going to leave the living room, answering the phone in Japanese.

Jared grins at Dai until he hears the nervouse tone. "Hey, no need to worry. Your luck has been on a up swing since you met me hasn't it? And now if you keep me around you have two rabbit feet, and everyone knows those are lucky." Jared kisses Dai back before he goes and talks to his grandmother on the phone. "Sure, we can do the whole mirror thing. Just point me too it."

July nods as she stands up, stretching a bit, "Nnngh… alright." she says, and offers her hand to Robin to help her up, "Come on, Robin. Let's go take a look at that mirror of yours. Let's see if we can get that thing to happen again, or if we can cross it." she nods.

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