2011-02-22: Throwing Punches


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Summary: Three very different men seek to release stress in the Avenger Training Room.

Date: February 22. 2011

Log Title: Throwing Punches

Rating: PG

Avenger Mansion - NYC

There isn't many places for Kaji to go where there is peace and quiet for a good long time. But with the mansion being semi empty, and the Towers being a bustling beehive of activity, mainly since he wanted a place where he could do more than a few things at the same time. Currently in the training room, the anthro isn't training; instead he's leaned up against the wall. His eyes closed, ears lightly flicking every so often as he's rather still. Meditating to keep that balance between human and beast. As much as he can really. Occupying the auditory space in the room is white noise, the sounds of choice is wind rustling through a forest.

The weekend has surely been one event after another given that there are crooked cops out on patrol, and a very angry mutant population is making their voices known in various legal and not so legal ways. After the event at the Towers Tony has been diverting most of his time to trying to assist those that are seeking the kidnapped woman to hopefully save her as well as diffuse a volatile situation that could go off at any moment. At a dead end Stark is coming down from the second floor room that he uses sparingly, dressed in typical workout gear, finding his way down to the training room. Upon entering while strapping on his MMA gloves he hears the mood music and frowns seeking out who decided to play a peaceful forest instead of pulse pounding beats.

Of course, the moment someone wants to take advantage of the peaceful tranquility, someone else wants to do things that are, well, not particularly tranquil. Keld Jonahl has been on a prolonged duty assignment at the SWORD deep-space facility; it's just under six hours at light-speed to Persephone Station. It takes longer, of course, when one doesn't have a lightspeed cruising-drive, but SWORD has a classified number of craft which do have such a device, and it's MUCH easier to deal diplomatically with aliens when you can greet them at a safe-ish distance from where you keep your stuff.
But after four months of such duty, he's returned to the welcome embrace of the blue marble. And, while his body is engineered so that he won't go soft from enforced inactivity, there wasn't that much to DO on Persephone Station. So he wants to DO something, preferably something involving smashing things. You can't SMASH things when you're being diplomatic. So, in his hand is a small data stick with a "training exercise" on it.

With the meditation in effect and the white noise clouding his senses as he occupies himself in his own mind's realm, Kaji doesn't notice Tony nor Keld as they come into the room. His ears flick once more, the tip of his tail twitching as his legs shift; bending in closer as he lets out a huff of air.

Tony finishes pulling a strap over his wrist locking down the glove tight. With red fingertip-less gloves encasing his hands protectively he notices the wolf meditating in of all places the training room and Keld happens to enter the room at that moment. "Keld? When did you manage to get back?" It must not have been too long ago as Jarvis hadn't been around to relay the message that the Avenger had returned to the mansion. "How'd it go out there?" Throwing the hood of his shirt up over his head the peaceful background noise suddenly turns to an acceptably loud rock track.

"Greetings, earthlings. I arrived an hour ago. And, to the best of my knowlege, we won't be overtly invaded for another year or so, at least by the usual suspects. This is not to say that they aren't lying, but, you know, diplomacy."
Keld slots the memory stick into one of the solid-light holo-emitters, and it obligingly creates a "punching cylinder" per the instructions on the stick. The alien smiles without humor and launches four kicks and a slamming punch into the thing.
"Ambassador K'ztu of the Cota," he says, then spinning-back-fists into the top of the thing, causing a bit of de-rezzing for a moment.

When the white noise turns into actual music, the anthro takes in a deep breath as his eyes snap open; looking rather dark red for a moment before they quickly settle down into their more normal amber color. His eyes move to glare at Tony before he clicks his tongue quietly. He moves to stand up, leaning against the wall as he watches Keld move to essentially decimate the rezzed training dummy. He glances over at Tony before he mutters, "And here I though I could get peace and quiet really."

"No invasion for a year? Small blessings indeed." Tony watches as a holographic representation of a figure appears in front of Keld to take quite a beating. "Not a friend of yours I take it?" With a chuckle the be-gloved Avenger turns to find that Kaji has been effectively kicked out of his meditation. With a shrug, "Then don't come into a training room." That certainly explains everything doesn't it? A moment is taken to watch Keld slam the holo-image about. "Nice shot there!" Not that Keld needed a compliment but it was given before Stark walks over toward Kaji. "There's a small room off the back that is soundproof." Ever helpful even if he sort of invaded Kaji's space.

"I apologize, Kaji, I didn't realize you were doing a peace-focus. I can do this later," Keld says. After a pause he says, "Or I can give you a copy of a white-room protocol. We used something like these holo-mitters in our living space, and sometimes we needed minimal sensory stimulus. I think it could work."
He glances at the re-consolidated punching dummy and says, "Shi'ar High Dignitary Renezzle Tang," and snaps a side-kick into it that causes a similar de-rezz.
"And his trading party." SNAP PUNCH. And he explains this time; "High Dignitary Tang believed that this world was a Shi'ar common protectorate, because the Empress once took her consort from here. Fortunately, she said otherwise. Or their back taxes would have been inconvenient."

Kaji quirks a brow before he chuckles at the man invading his territory, "For once, he thanks you for that bit of information." He looks over at the alien before he just watches, flexing his hands as they're clothed similar to how Tony's are. "At least I was close to being done there anyway." He moves to stretch his arms above his head before he just quirks his muzzle into a smile. "That would be lovely, Keld. Maybe I can finally find a place where Tony can't go." He shoots a smirk over at the man before he slips his thumbs into his pockets.

It would appear that Keld has had quite a journey given the various holo-people he's pounding upon. "I may need one of those programs to emit various people we all know. Sad thing is someone will find that and you know…" Tony waves a hand casually back and forth in front of his cheset. "ANYWAYS, I'm here to level the bags in the back. Hit a bit of a dead end with finding the kidnapped girl so I'm going to pound the sand for a bit." As he's striding off to pick a poor bag to destroy Kaji makes a comment about the white room and Tony laughs. "There's nowhere that I can't get into. Trust me on that."

"He might be right about that, Kaji. The problem is getting OUT of some of them."
Keld smiles. The punching dummies don't actually LOOK like the people whose names he calls out, of course. It's understandable for a warrior-type to take out frustration on inanimate objects, but if they're made to look too much like the original, then it's troublesome again. For that reason, when Keld says, "High Captain 15.5 of Orbis Theta Five" the solid-light punching dummy changes to look like a generic humanoid. The spinning kick that launches it into the air is not as horrifying as the front-kick that lifts it further. "The High Captain is a cylinder," Keld explains, as he waits for the cylinder to reconstitute. "And his shell is osmium steel, so that would have hurt me a lot more than him, but still. Satisfying. They wanted to negotiate a right of way for a hyperspace bypass. They thought nobody would know about the effects of the bypass engine on nearby stars and planets. Fortunately," and this gets a grim smile, "I didn't have to explain it; Dr. Richards' reply from Earth was effective."

Kaji shrugs with a mock sigh before he laughs. "Well, I tried." He turns his head back to see Keld speaking and then knocking that changed dummy up into the air and then further up into the air and his jaw goes a bit slack from that. "Well now… Remind me to never get on your bad side there, Keld." He rubs at his arm before he hms and rubs his chin a bit before he says, "So, all these guys you're beating up at the moment, you've actually met them in person?"

"Negotiations and the like are always stressful." Tony has moved back to one of the hanging bags and starts throwing punches at it in a boxing style for now. After all the recent goings on have kept him shackled to a desk dealing with business matters, defense contracts, and searching for the missing girl. "You've missed a few things!" Jabs the bag a few times before calling out to the room again, "Crazy women downtown and there's a dire situation going on with the NYPD at the moment." The others can choose to ignore that if they wish since they're technically in this room to relax and not deal with work.

Keld nods,"I was told by my commander that I should try this 'stress relief' thing that some of you humans use to distract your minds from thinking about how certain beings deserve to meet death sooner rather than later. I'm not convinced it's working. Those were the main troublemakers for the last three or four months, and they've all gone away for now. Having imagined how I would provide them with suitable pain in fair trade, I do not feel more tolerant of them."
The alien looks over to Tony, "Crazy women? And what kind of situation?" This is better than nursing his anger towards diplomats!

Kaji chuckles, "I can think of a few people that I'd love to do that too." Then his ears perk up as he looks over at Tony with a quirk of a brow. "Crazy lady being the one we both know and care about, and by caring I mean that we want to put her up on spikes for our own personal amusement caring."

"Such violence," Tony tsks before smacking the bag with forearm shots. "I can't condone such things but should you use her own spikes to do so there's poetic irony in that. Hmm? Did that makes sense at all?" Shrugs then slams a front kick into the bag before catching the shaking bag to still it so that he may speak with the others. "Yes, I mean Envy. Not much the Avengers should concern themselves with over that as it is apparently between her and myself BUT this situation is different." The bag is released to sway on its own for a moment before Tony takes to dancing back and forth on the balls of his feet striking the bag here and there. "Keld not knowing I can understand but Kaji it's been all over the news for a week. A young woman was shot by police officers down in Mutant Town and the more that is revealed the more things look badly upon the precinct responsible for policing Mutant Town."

Kaji rolls his eyes, "I knew it was her. Was just trying to make a small little joke." Granted, he didn't spend much time listening to the news as he was out trying to better himself. He rubs at the back of his head before he lets out a sigh and moves to a punching bag himself. "Honestly, I didn't listen to much about the police. Guess maybe I should've." He laughs a bit nervously.

Tony extends an arm outward so a fist keeps the bag from knocking into him as he needs a moment. "I know you were joking. This other thing," he shrugs watching you take up a nearby bag. "In this case you should. What started out as Dingo rampaging the city has turned into staggering evidence that there are corrupt officers patrolling the streets arresting innocent mutants or out right injuring/killing others. If this has been going on for ages…" Tony lets you mull that over as he takes to punishing the swaying bag in front of him with repeated shots.

Kaji puts a hand on a punching bag, letting that mull over in his head for a few seconds before that resting hand slowly balls itself into a fist. He slams the side of his wrist into the material before he says, "Any ideas on how to stop it? Or're we going to have to make our own little task force to police the police?" Part of him thinks that it'd be fun to track the police, the other part doesn't think that it'd be that much fun.

"The Chief of Police is already working towards solving the problem." At least as best as the man could do by going over the entire corrupt precinct to root out which officers are disgracing the Shield. "I've faith in the Commissioner but the situation is escalating to a point where talk will not keep the masses calm. Not when a young woman has been kidnapped as well." The punching bag is slowed again allowing Stark to shove the hood off his head and to wander off to a fridge to pull out a bottle of water that he drains in one go. "For now I'm assisting others in tracking down the missing bartender and if need be the Avengers will have to step in if fighting breaks out between the police department and anyone who is beyond furious with them." For it wouldn't be just mutants showing up to pick a fight there would also be humans who would join them in the cause to eradicate those that have abused power to further their bigotry.

Kaji looks back at Tony and nods. "There isn't much that we can do about that section as it's out of our power." He goes back to punching his own back, even going so far as to raking his claws across the fabric in a few swings as he speaks during the assault. "Any leads on finding the bartender? Or's it now a matter of finding Envy."

Tony tosses the empty water bottle into a recycling bin nearby before flipping his hood back up to cover his head. "I've hit a dead end with finding the bartender but I'm continuing to look for her as well as assist in sorting out what to do about the crooked cops in the Mutant Town district." The bag starts to sway as Tony bounces on his feet for a moment. "Envy's not a part of this. They're two separate issues unless she gets involved. I wouldn't put it past her considering this all really does scream of being a hate crime."

Kaji nods absently as his fists find new homes against the punching bag, he leaps up and rakes the claws on his feet against the bag before he lands with a grunt and looks over at Stark. "Let me know what I can do and I'll do it to the best of my ability." Whether it's sniffing out a corrupt cop, or helping finding the bartender. He catches the bag against his hand before he pivots on his back leg and snaps his foot against the bag causing it to swing greatly away from him.

Tony peers around his bag to see Kaji work the other bag over with a few new moves that are executed well. "Nice…" Clearly a tone of approval before he gets back to his mixed martial arts pummeling of his own bag. Some time passes before Tony flips the hood off the top of his head again with sweat matting down his normally wild hair. "Keep your eye out when you're out and about. If you see something make note of it and if it's in the wrong feel free to get involved. As for the other I will put out a call if something occurs." Pressing his lips together a moment he then nods to Kaji before heading over to the fridge to grab another water.

Kaji smirks a bit. "Thanks. Goes to show I haven't just been lazing about." He snickers a bit before he catches the bag as it slams into his hands, grunting a bit from the weight of it. "I'll keep my eyes and ears out, don't worry about that. And I'll try and keep the bodily harm to a minimal. Though a few bite marks might happen." Sometimes they just deserve it. When he spots Tony heading for the fridge, the anthro pipes up, "Can ya snag me a water as well?"

Tony turns about to fish another water out of the fridge then nudges the door shut with his hip. Approaching Kaji he tosses a water to the man then sits down on the floor crossing his feet out in front of him. "How've you been doing with the training since you've been back? I'd have asked but we've been busy lately." That certainly was an understatement given the attacks on the Towers, the fights out in Mutant Town and now this.

Kaji catches the bottle of water with a smirk. "It's been… hectic at best really. But, I've been making good progress." The anthro does look a good bit more toned than several months ago. He opens the bottle up and takes a long swig of it before he looks down at Tony. "Even started to get a bit into weaponry. Starting with my swords. And he's still a dick that cheats I swear it."

So there has been a progression in the training from conditioning and close combat to weaponry. "You ought to watch yourself in this phase. Taskmaster is not cheating persay. He's the most skilled person you're going to run into. If he can get into your guard then you're in trouble. Fend him off and well, you're doing well." Still Tony chuckles for the trouble you're having with Masters and really ought to pop in some time in the near future to watch a session. Bottle of water has wound up ignored as he looks up at his friend. "How are you doing mentally?" Of course that's not spoken overly loud even though the music is blaring still.

Kaji scoots back to lean against the wall as he smirks slightly, "Much better. Least I think so. We've come to an accord a while back and we've been honoring it. Though, he still has his moments of flaring up and he feels I should do something as someone is stepping along the line of my territory." He shrugs with a laugh before he takes another drink of his water. "And fending him off like holding a red hot coal without getting burned. It takes some practice."

"I'm glad that things are better for you in that regard." A sip of water and Stark seems to be recovering quickly from the physical exertion. "Once you are confident in your abilities, and how to mesh your personalities you'll know when you can tell the other side to shut-it with good reason."

The anthro looks down at his hand, the arm flexing as he lets out a soft laugh. "Maybe. Still curious as to how I fully mesh myself. We seem to be a good bit contrasting in personality." Kaji looks over at Tony with a shrug before he says, "I think I still need practice in that. Maybe sometime in the future I can fully mesh it like I'm supposed to."

Tony nods, "You've a lot to learn and not all of it is in a gym or in watching hours of combat footage from the archives." After draining the rest of his water bottle Tony recaps it then stretches out his legs glancing over to see Keld still firing shots at his program. "Have you contacted Emma again? If you're going to learn about how to mesh your personalities that's a department Task and I can't help with."

Kaji shakes his head. "I haven't contacted her again. I haven't really had the need to do so. Figured I'd go to her if he decided to have another romp around in my body." Not the right choice of words for that statement, and he rubs at his forehead. "I mean, it seems to be fine at the moment. So, why should I go see her again?"

Tony rolls his eyes to the heavens before pushing himself up off the floor to come over to stand close to Kaji. "It's not about Big foot stomping around in the paddock. It's more that you can't really unite the two without knowing how. Emma would know or know how to figure it out. If not her find a telepath or a shaman that you trust. Hell, find another furry that may have some experience. Just ideas, Kaji. Oh, speaking of help…" This is where Kaji should be concerned for his well being. "I'm orchestrating a training exercise for you that should be functional soon. Bring your A game and you should be fine."

Kaji quirks a brow at the mentions and then he gnaws on his lower lip a bit for a moment before he lets out a sigh. "I should go see her before that then. But, I really don't for what I'd go to her for. We seem to be getting along fine, but you are right." He dumps the last bit of water atop of his head and shakes himself dry after a second or so before he looks over at Tony. "I'll do my best to get an appointment with her. But, don't blame me if I can't."

"Eugh!" Covered in wolf sweat. Tony has actually taken several steps back and is looking himself over as if you've shaken acid upon him. When he's done patting his chest down he glares at you for that. "Just what I needed, thanks." Empty water bottles are picked up then discarded before Tony offers up a comment about making an appointment with Emma. "All you can do is try. Think about it for a bit. If you're end goal is to be whole then ask how you can go about making that transition easier." Pinched fingers pull a sweat soaked shirt away from his body and he casts a glance towards the room that houses the showers. "I'm going to go wash off eau-de-hero smell and you're …whatever…"

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