2010-12-26: Tickle Fight

Players: Jordan Mayfair, Shifter, and Zoya

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Summary: Jordan watches as Zoya and Shifter spar and end up in a tickle fight.

Date: December 26, 2010

Log Title: Tickle Fight

Rating: PG

Westchester - Jordan Mayfair's House (Living Room)

A doctor passes back and forth in the living room awaiting the arrival of Jordan Mayfair. He had been summoned by the driver as a limo screeches into the driveway. Edward, the manservant rushes to the door and opens it as Jordan Mayfair dressed in a long black trenchcoat covering a new designer grey suit makes his way inside assisting the young Russian female mutant, Zoya. She appears to be badly injured as if she was in some kind of mutant fight. Jordan looks about, “Dr. Harris. Thank you for coming so quickly.”

Zoya looks roughed up, alright. In that 'I just got run over by a city bus' sort of way. Even so she stumbles in with an over-stuffed pack over her shoulder, eyes half-lidded in a way that makes her look rather drugged. "Welcome home," she mutters to herself while looking around the room. ..Yep, he called in a doctor. An almost defiant look is cast over to the man dressed in white, she's not anxious to have someone poking and prodding at her wounds. Really though, she doesn't look like she's in any shape to keep it from happening.

Shifter has been acquainting himself with the video game systems that Mayfair had gotten him, he's quickly established his favorites, when he hears Mayfair's voice he hits the pause button and heads out of the room to see what’s up, he's wearing some of the new clothing giving to him the day before, he chose something more casual this time, jeans, purple and black striped shirt and almost neon green socks, 'Jordan are you ok?, isn't that the woman from before?'

“I’m Fine and yes. She is the woman from before.” Jordan responds to Shifter as Dr. Harris comes over to look at Zoya. Jordan places her gently on a rather expensive sofa and thinks to himself how there will be blood on it, but he will simply buy a new one. As Dr. Harris goes to examine Zoya, his eyes and hands begin to glow, “He is a mutant healer.” He says aloud before anyone freaks. “He is on pay roll. Speaking of which, Edward have the limo junked and order me a new one to come as soon as possible.” Edward nods and goes into the kitchen to order the limo and get some food for the new arrivals.

Zoya remains resistant at first, up until the point when she discovers that this doctor is one of them. It's enough to settle her down fairly quickly, though she's still not one to accept help unless completely necessary. She hasn't quite reached that point, but she did get a lot closer than she had planned on. With Shifter in sight she passes a slight wave back in his direction, only extending her first two fingers as though attempting an absolutely horrible, lackluster salute. Figures that she'd wind up bunking with that guy, of all the mutants in the city. This ought to prove interesting.

Shifter is uncomfortable with Zoya's presence, it's rare that someone is able to make him openly hostile after just meeting them, 'Do you want help?', he may not like her, but Mayfair wants her here so he'll help if he can.

Smiling as Jordan watches Shifter and nodding his head in approval, “Zoya got caught in a nasty fight against Wonder-Woman, Hawk-Girl and Black Canary.” He looks over as Edward returns with a tray of food places on a coffee table near Zoya and hands Jordan rum and coke drink. “It was quite the fight. Though she did really well.”

Zoya gives a wry looking smirk. "Not good enough, as can see." The part about her failing to drill Bookworm's head full of bullets she keeps to herself, for once attempting to relax while everything is righted with her. Since Shifter hasn't actually said anything yet she motions towards the guy with her head. "Is not one for small talk, no? Can use voice, am not goink to bite. Looks like will have to get used to one another." Especially if she's to hold up her end of the current arrangement with Jordan.
'Not to sound stupid but aren't they fictional?', Shifter doesn't know of Bookworm so has no idea how Zoya would be fighting made up characters, he walks further into the room, he raises an eyebrow at Zoya and shakes his head at her meaning he isn't going to speak.

Mentally responding to Shifter, ‘Yes, they are fictional. She actually fought a mutate called Bookworm who can create things from books. He was reading a comic today. Be nice to Zoya. She will be staying here for awhile and she and I have come to an understanding.’ Dr. Harris begins to places his glowing hands over Zoya’s wounds and they begin to disappear and seem healed as a good as new. Jordan smiles, “It’s as if it never happened.”

Zoya closes her eyes with a gentle sigh. Can't even get the guy to talk. And Jordan wants her to help this creature? The fast lane has no place for the timid. At least the doctor knows his work and takes care of things with a minimal amount of fuss. All that's left to do in the end is shop for some new duds and recharge her internal batteries, still frazzled from earlier. "Spasibo," she mutters to the doc as he finishes his work, pulling herself up enough to sit properly on the couch. Oh, hey, there's stuff to drink! Things are getting better all the time. With a cup in hand her pale violet eyes shift back to the two, only getting about half of the conversation. That only seems to make her gaze that much more intent.

Shifter nods, a little weirded out by the comic coming to life thing but weirder things have happened, 'I will be nice to her', and in the interests of being nice he'll try and say something, "Hello, Z..Zoya", damn had real trouble with the name there.

Jordan smiles and signals for Dr. Harris to come over, “You two get to know each other.” Jordan walks off to the side with Dr. Harris to discuss payment. Edward returns with a variety of drinks for the guests. Some are alcoholic and some are not. He places the tray at the table, “Mistress Zoya, Master Mayfair has stated you will be staying here. I am Edward and will be at your beck and call.” He bows and heads back to the kitchen to get some food for the mutants.

Zoya's expression perks slightly. It -does- speak! She has to give Shifter a light smile for that, encouraging the attempt. Things get even more surprising when a complete stranger refers to her as -mistress- Zoya. Already it's getting to her head, giving the guy in question a peculiar look that already leans towards the 'I'm more capable than you' category. It's close enough to recognition for her. Folding one leg over the other she breathes out a long breath and just sits there, the lack of energy affecting her ability to stay focused with things. "So you teleport?" she finally asks Shifter without the benefit of eye contact this time.

Shifter sighs, conversation the one thing he has the most trouble with, he's really not good with words in any shape or form, when asked if he teleports he shakes his head wondering what made her assume that he could teleport.

Dr. Harris nods and leaves without ever having said a word to Jordan. He nods and then walks over to the younger mutants, “No, he is not a teleporter.” He smiles and pats Shifter’s shoulder, “He is not much of a conversationalist. And admittedly your first introduction was *pause* abrasive.” Jordan takes a seat and grabs a drink from the tray. Another rum and coke.

Zoya lightly rolls her shoulders, now that it doesn't hurt to do so anymore. "Then move quickly. Will give you credit, not many can catch me off guard when comes to speed." With the part about an abrasive introduction she scowls at the guy, "Is not like came up to him and insulted mother. Told him to be proud and not to hide, what is wrong with that? At least does not stay shifted to look like one of them," she states while swiveling her attention back to Shifter. Looking thoughtful for a moment she rises off of the couch and approaches the guy, slowly. "Show me?" For once it's a genuine question, not an instruction.

Shifter smiles, he's proud of his speed it's proven to be just as useful as having an extra limb, not overly comfortable showing Zoya his power, he hesitates but Mayfair did say to be nice so he obliges, he holds up a hand and shifts his fingers into blade-like claws, his hand turns black to a uneven stop on his wrist.

Jordan sips his drink and then looks out the window and spots the nasty snowfall, “It looks like we came home just in time. Looks like a blizzard outside.” He shivers a bit and summons Edwards, “Start a fire and get blankets for everyone.” He looks around, “Wow this will be the first time there is a blizzard here and I am not alone.” He hmphs and watches the demonstration and nods, “Zoya, if you are feeling up to it, you two should spar.”

Zoya would have figured that he would have copied her to make it easy. Oh, no, what she got was much more interesting, and much more impressive. For a moment one of his arms looks downright demonic in appearance, it's more than enough for her to reach out and try to touch the wicked looking claws now lining those digits. "Now dis…" she starts in. "Dis is impressive." When Mayfair leaves her with the suggestion she glances back his way, looking ..troubled. "Will need recharge before it." Right now she might not put up much of a fight, and that would just be embarrassing.

Shifter can't help but get distracted by the blizzard outside, he likes the snow it's one of the things that always cheered him up when he was growing up, he's shocked that Zoya finds his shifting so impressive, he didn't expect that reaction, 'I can if Zoya is able too'.

Jordan sighs disappointedly, “Well, she had a rough and impressive fight today. Let her rest.” Jordan passes a strong drink to her and then passes a non alcoholic beverage to Shifter, but then looks, “It’s holiday, so if you want something stronger, I suppose it is ok.” He smiles as Edward start the fire which warms up the house dramatically.

Zoya actually frowns a little more, shaking her head. "Not that kind of recharge." Glancing back to Shifter with one brow held slightly higher than the other she flat-out asks "How hard can you hit?" If he can change his shape then perhaps he can increase his own muscle density and give her the boost that she needs without having to sneak out the back door and go play with traffic when they're unable to stop as quickly.

Shifter shakes his head, 'I'll stick with non-alcoholic for now thank you, there must be a reason you're supposed to be twenty one, don't wanna start acting stupid cos of it', he shrugs at Zoya, 'Can you translate please Jordan?, i won't be able to say this properly, when i was seventeen i was able to hit with a force of about 7 tons, but I’m not sure how strong i an now'.

Jordan blinks when he hears the amount, “Wow.” He looks to Zoya, “As I said, he is not much of a conversationalist and as such, he has difficulty with some word. To answer your question, when he was 17 he could hit with the force of 7 tons. He is not sure how strong he is now though.” He passes Shifter a non alcoholic drink.

Zoya finds herself once again surprised. "Seven?" she repeats, giving the guy a critical look. She really can't judge what her own limits are in numbers, it's always a by feel sort of thing. So, after a few seconds of consideration she settles on a range. "Hit me with half of that." That level of power would boost her well above her normal level of operation without overdoing it. Should be perfect for sparring.

Shifter takes the drink and takes a sip, huh? she wants him to hit her, with 3.5 tons of force?, 'Should i do it?, i might hurt her', the woman annoyed him before but he's not overly comfortable with hurting her for no reason.

Jordan nods to Shifter’s thoughts. “She can take it. She fought Wonder-Woman. If she can take a hit from her. Then she can take a hit from you.” He sits down and sipping from the drink, “This should prove interesting.”

Zoya can see the hesitation, getting an idea of the exchange that's going on between the two. With a deliberate slowness she cracks her knuckles by rolling her fists together, back to front. "Will not hurt me. Will actually help, if can wrap head around it." She goes back to standing normally, not in any sort of fighting stance. "Let us see who is faster dis time, no?"

Shifter isn't 100% at gauging his powers but gives it his best shot, he takes a few seconds to concentrate and shift the muscles in his right arm to increase his strength, moving forwards he pulls his arm back and strikes.

Jordan sits up and is excited to see the outcome of this fight, but he says aloud, “This is simply sparring. Should either or of you get out of hand, you will have to deal with me.” While he may not have super strength or be able to shift. He can back up his own threats.

Zoya takes a half step back, her arms darting up to latch onto the front of Shifter's fist. It's like punching a thin, dense layer of foam padding, sucking the momentum right out of that swing. An instant later she straightens out her back with what appears to be a masked flinch, fingers briefly digging into Shifter's fist. When she opens her eyes their color is a bit more lucid than they were a moment ago, the woman looking more lively all around. "Is perfect, spasibo." Releasing his fist she draws in a long breath and holds it. "Am ready now."

Shifter huhs when he feels the odd sensation of hitting Zoya, when she releases his hand and declares she's ready to fight him he jumps backwards, 'I won't try and hurt her', ok this fight is going to be challenging, are all blunt attacks ineffective, he'll have to find out, but for now he's gonna be on the defensive, "Ok".

Jordan takes some grapes from the tray of food Edward brought before and chomps on some as the fight is about to start and then he ponders if he should just jump in too and see how they will react to a third unknown factor, but for now, he sits, eats, drinks, and enjoys the fight.

Zoya has plenty of experience fighting people that, frankly, do not know how to fight. Before today they were minor speedbumps in her forward motion. Experienced or not Shifter doesn't seem confident with the idea of sparring, she's not used to toning things down with the intention of not steamrolling through another. The kinetics she keeps held in check, no need to throw anyone through the walls of Mayfair's home. She tries to judge how the other mutant would react best, going for a direct approach. Open palm, straight for his sternum. She could move faster but what would be the point, to show off? She wants this guy to know how to stand up for himself, as well!

The good thing about being on the defensive is that you have enough time to react to the opponent’s attack, when the attack comes Shifter's way he moves his left arm in front of him and shifts it into a dense bone shield, while reaching out to grab Zoya's arm with his tail.

Jordan continues to watch the fight silently and nods as Shifter dodges the attack and uses his tail. He does not cheer for one over the other. He just watches and enjoys his drink.

Zoya is, pleasantly, surprised when Shifter takes the initiative and blocks her on two fronts at once. He gets a wicked little grin from her in response, "Have done dis before." Let's speed things up a bit. With the tail around her arm she makes a grab for his appendage, quickly spinning about in place while pulling on that tail to try and off-balance the guy and sweep his feet out from beneath him at once. Still no power used, but she is getting faster.

Shifter groans as his tail is pulled, that hurts alot, as he's knocked off balance he aims a head-butt at Zoya to try and get her to let him go, his first thought was to shift blades to jut out of his tail but Mayfair won't be two happy if Zoya loses a finger.

Jordan laughs as he picks up the surface thought from Shifter about spikes on the tail, but shifter is right and he would not like it if Zoya lost a finger. It would affect her ability to shoot, which Mayfair will soon have her doing.

Zoya wouldn't be too pleased about that, either. Fortunately the alternative, getting head-butted, does disappointingly little to her. Her hold on his tail lets up at least, so long as its hold on her relents. "That's it, come on," she encourages the other mutant. "Have spent most of life learnink to stop attacks, how many times have you fought back? Return it, give me sometink to tink about!"

There are two clear thoughts in Shifter's head, one is that physical attacks seem to have little to no effect on Zoya, the other is how little he cares, formulation a plan he aims a series of predictable and easily blocked punches and kicks while he waits for his chance.

Nodding his head, “Very good. Both of you. Neither of gives up, but does not pointlessly attack. You are getting each others’ measure.” Jordan smiles.

Zoya can't keep herself from grinning as Shifter proves that he does have some skill with this. She lets him press the attack, putting her on the defensive with moves that don't follow any training in particular so much as a smattering of just about all of them. She's guessing that there's going to be something unexpected along the way. Simply put, she wants to see it. If Shifter has a trick up his sleeve she's dying to learn what it is. And, worst case scenario, there's a doctor on hand.

Shifter has no ingenuous plan, his plan is to just do his best to stop Zoya from hitting him, during on of the simple attacks he will try to grab her leg with his tail and pull to unbalance her, then will try and pin her arms down with a bear hug, this plan is all dependent on Zoya being taken by surprise so is likely to fail.

Jordan feels like an emperor watching two gladiators fight before he. He recline son the chair as if he really is an emperor, “Good job, both of you.”

Zoya starts to see a trend, already. It's all in the tail. The ace in the sleeve, as it were, an extra limb that can be brought out of nowhere to catch her off guard. As soon as she sees him putting that tail to use she allows it all to unfold, soon finding Shifter latched around her torso. Sometimes a little boost is necessary for everyone involved to improve their skills, she's not used to being in such a situation. Not many get the chance to pin her with arms, alone. "Very good," she offers before turning herself into a dead weight in his grasp. He'll either have to hold her upright or let go. If he chooses the former she's planning to jump backward and try to unbalance him in return.

Shifter did not see Zoya becoming a dead weight, worried he's accidently help her too tight or something, he loosens his grip and crouches down to check if she's ok.

Jordan gets Zoya’s thoughts and ponders if her strategy will work.

Zoya's main attempt didn't work, but she still got free of his hold! Slumping down to the ground she suddenly kicks away from the floor with a sharp grunt, rolling onto the backs of her shoulders while trying to sweep her legs back and lock her ankles around the back of Shifter's neck. At the same time her arms hook around his ankles, both to brace herself and to see if she can't bring the fellow mutie down to the floor in the makeshift headlock.

Taken by surprise, the only way Shifter can think of getting loose is a plan he ruled out earlier in the fight, so at this point his only choice is to let her taking him down.

Zoya tumbles to her side with Shifter in tow, yet keeping her hold intact. She wants to see whether he can find a way out of it on his own or if he instead chooses to tap out, as it were. "Is not over yet..!"
Shifter tries to think then a grin crosses his face, there’s an option he doesn't think Zoya will see coming, she's left his arms loose, so hoping she's ticklish…

Edward, the manservant, walks. “It is time to feed the lion, master.” Jordan looks over, “Get some raw meat from the meat locker in the basement.” He continues to watch the fight intrigued now.

Zoya has her mind in the fight. She's focused on pushing Shifter, seeing what he can do. What she is completely -not- focused on is getting tickled. It's so sudden and out of the blue that she suddenly barks out an abrupt laugh then bites her tongue, twisting about with a strained little sound in the back of her throat as she tries to get Shifter to ease off on her. Ultimately she has to release her hold, diving into a roll across the ground and spinning around in a low crouch to face the guy, glaring. Growling. Turns out she is indeed ticklish.

Jordan does not laugh. He stands and looks at the two, “Well, I suppose it is effective.” He gets various images of X-Men or Avengers defeating their enemies by tickling!

Zoya's pride won't allow her to leave it on that note. That's just cruel. So long as she's crouched low to the ground she can easily build up momentum to charge forward at Shifter, doing nothing fancy this time around. She wants to drop him to the floor and keep him there. Turns out she can pounce, too.
Shifter is laughing enough that he doesn't react quickly enough when Zoya charges at him, knocked off his feet he continues laughing in his head, he tries to roll with the momentum to land on top and try and pin Zoya's arms down.

“Like two cats attacking each other.” Jordan now laughs.

Zoya doesn't like being held against her will, even if it's a matter of being pinned to the floor. When Shifter grabs her arms she reflexively 'pushes' back at him with a bit of her power, not trying to send him through the ceiling so much as shove him away from her before she can be immobilized. No chance that she's going to be defeated again by this guy, never so soon! Determination not to fail means she's starting to get a bit more rough.

Shifter grins as he's thrown backwards, she's getting rougher which means he must really be beginning to annoy her, he beginning to enjoy this sparring match, getting to his feet he waves, "Having fun?"

Zoya stops, thinks, and slowly grins back at the guy. Y'know… This is kinda fun. It's not the same thing as demolishing half a city block and having people running away in terror but it's still proving to be surprisingly entertaining. She's never had a sparring partner before, and this guy seems to have a good grasp of what he's doing. For the first time ever she doesn't legitimately mean it when she says "You are so dead." Run, Zoya, run. This time she wants to back Shifter up against the wall with a forearm held to his throat. She'll need an arm free to exact her revenge.

Shifter lets Zoya pin him against the wall, she may have an arm free but he has two arms and a tail, lets see her do her worst, grinning he positions a leg behind him and prepares a counter attack.
Edward bring the lion out and it roars at the two sparring partners. Jordan ignored the fighting for a second and ruffles the lion’s mane and then kisses it as Edward hands him a raw piece of meat. He tosses it towards the lion and it chomps it down and then Edward leads it away. He returns to watching the two.

Zoya didn't really expect there to be a lion, holy hell..! With the sound of that roar her attention -darts- towards the great cat. And she promptly loses her ground amidst three limbs and too many sensitive spots. A sudden flurry of motion has her trying to latch onto each of Shifter's wrists, but the tail..that will still be a problem. At least it's harder to tickle with sharp, stabby things… If she can spin the other mutant around and fold his arms up behind his back she could free up a hand, but she'll always come up one limb short in this battle. "Don't make me bite tail off!" So much for the whole 'I don't bite' comment from earlier on.

Shifter is momentarily distracted by the lion, man Jordan has everything, then his attention is back on Zoya, as he's span around he positions his tail on the ground, the best thing about his tail?, if it comes to it, it can support his weight.

Jordan hmmmmns and ponders putting an end to the match, but shrugs and continues watching.

Zoya works to hold both of Shifter's arms back with just one hand, but only so she can free up her other and start tickling the guy right back. Yep, that's right. Miss Psychopath Extraordinaire, mindless killer of innocents and bringer of thousands of dollars worth of property damage, is tickling a captive mutant. There must really be a screw or four loose in that twisted little brain of hers. "How do you like it, huh?" she presses.

See there is a reason Shifter thought of tickling, he is VERY ticklish, laughing like crazy, he drops onto he tail and kicks at the wall to try and get loose, he's laughing enough that there are tears in his eyes

Jordan hmmmmns, “You are acting like brother and sister.” Jordan grins, “Good.” He takes another sip of his rum and coke, “I think the tickle fight is over. Though now, I can see the relative use of it in a fight.”

Zoya soon learns just how strong that tail is. With the sound of air getting pushed out of her lungs she's on her back with a shapeshifter lying backwards on top of her. She quickly moves to latch all four limbs around the guy just to keep him still when Mayfair calls out. Suddenly it dawns on her that they really -are- acting like siblings, causing her to nonchalantly let go of the guy and shove him off of her without a second thought. Discarded like a toy that has lost its appeal, getting back to her feet and brushing herself off. How things have changed between these two already, last time he was ready to slice her throat open. He must be a bit crazy, himself.

Shifter is still laughing as he falls on top of Zoya, before he can't attempt to get loose from Zoya's grip, Mayfair calls an end to the match and she throws him off, getting to his feet he grins, "You said to be nice", ok Shifter is a little crazy, but who isn't.

Jordan nods and affectionately puts an arm around Shifter, “That I did.” He puts an arm around Zoya equally as affectionate, “Well it is Christmas.” He ponders and Zoya, “I anticipated that you would be here. Maybe even right after we met. But either way, we are all here.” He lets go of their shoulders as Edward opens a large door into a banquet area, “A feast. A feast for us.”

Zoya is quite frequently finding herself uncertain of things around here. One good thing after another, and now a -feast?- What's the catch? Is she going to have to assassinate some government official? ..Wait, that's not a catch, that's a perk. Things seem too good to be true, but she's long since learned to take a good thing when it presented itself as it probably wouldn't be there forever. "Am still not callink you father," she says back to Mayfair. Guy sure acts like he's trying to be one

Shifter is still not used to the sheer amount of food round here, but is long past trying to think of a catch, as far as he's concerned Mayfair is a really nice guy who likes to help, 'Zoya needs to lighten up some more'.

‘In due time, Axel. In due time.’ Jordan goes to sit a the head of the table, “Trust me, Zoya. While I have been sexually active for much of my life. I would have to been very young, if I was your father.” He smirks as he munches on some turkey.

Zoya makes a bit of a face, "Did not need to know of your bedside habits." At least it wouldn't ruin her appetite, there isn't much on the planet that could do that to her right now. She picks at whatever's conveniently left within arm's reach, if it's edible she'll go for it.

Laughing, “No, I suppose not, Zoya.” Jordan munches on some food, but then speaks directly into her mind, ‘Relax and enjoy. I feel that my employees should be like family. After the New Year, I will have your first assignment. You will need the rest and relaxation.” Jordan lifts his glass to her and nods almost sinisterly.

Zoya peers back to Jordan with that thought stuck in her head, after flinching slightly just from having it projected -in her head- and all. The wicked look is noted with a face devoid of all emotion. Then, grabbing her own glass, she lightly holds it up in his direction as a slow grin of her own spreads across her features, that dark look returning to her eyes. She'll drink to that.

All three mutants lift their glasses in a toast and eat the banquet before them.

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