2010-06-15: Tiki Time Trouble


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Summary: Tony Stark takes Allie and Kaji out for a few drinks that turns into more than they had bargained for.

Date: June 15, 2010

Tiki Time Trouble

Rating: R

NYC - Otto's Shrunken Head

Otto's Shrunken Head is a rock n' roll Tiki Bar with a variety of specialty rum drinks served in fun glasses among other liquors. There is no food served here, just liquor. Live music can be heard in back with a D.J. is constantly spinning in front. Zebra print stools sit in front of the bar and red vinyl couches surround tables off to the side. A common nightly hang out for the younger Rock and Roll scene of New York City that is fun for everyone.

The streets of the city were moderately busy for it being ten pm. Several streets off the beaten path was a silver Audi cutting through traffic heading towards a rock n' roll bar in Alphabet City. Inside the car a Ministry track was blaring away causing the dash to vibrate noticeably. The car made an abrupt turn at the corner entering a small parking garage.

Once parked the driver side door opened as Tony Stark climbed out of the drivers side. "What?" He says shutting his door as the passenger door opened. "I figured you'd like the decorative drinks and I could pack away some of the best wings in town. Trust me, this is the best idea I've had in hours."

"Oh really? Well, to be honest, beer isn't really my thing. So, it'll be interesting." The bodyguard slips out of one of the passenger doors; glancing over at Tony. "Your last best idea had me bout a foot deep in a wall." Kaji looks over at the bar and lets out a soft hm. "Haven't heard of this place actually."

Allie climbs out from the other seat, shutting the door behind her. "You know, you didn't have to drive, Tony." She brings this topic out from outwhere. Normally she'd dress proper for the occasion, but .. circumstances change. "I've been here a few times, it's a little ironic that my outfit fits regardless."

Tony surveys the garage for a moment before he activates the lockchip to secure the car. "That's the best part about spontaneous outings, no need to spend time preparing." He gestures with an arm opening out away from his body, "Shall we?"

Kaji glances over at Allie, and gestures. "Ladies first." A gentlemen, when he wants to be of course. Then he glances over at Tony, "You're lucky I specialize in street clothes." Since that's mainly all he wears.

Allie glances towards Kaji, "Thanks." And she follows up behind Tony. "So you didn't introduce me to your friend." She doesn't seem to be too interested in asking directly, after all, he's leading the social event.

Tony walks casually towards the club. "Oh, forgive the lapse." He turns around to continue walking backwards so he can face the two of them. "Allie Storm this charming and slightly rumpled fellow is Kaji. From there I'll let you both get acquainted." Tony half smiles before turning around to make sure he doesn't back into a lamppost.

Kaji quirks a brow at Tony at the 'slightly rumbled' bit and then he laughs. "I'll have you know that I like looking slightly rumpled. It's comfortable." He looks over at Allie, and gives her a wave. "Nice to meet you."

Allie sticks her hands in her pockets, she's being a bit more informal than she was when she first met Tony. Funny how things turn out. "Nice to meet you, Kaji. Nice gloves." She gives him a thumbs up, also sporting .. fingerless.. black gloves.. "Do you hang out with this lunatic often?"

Kaji nods a bit. "Aye, as it's my job to protect him." He looks over at Tony with a smirk, before he flexes his hand and looks over at Allie. "Thanks for the compliment. It helps when drawing." He looks back over at Tony, "So, is this all on your bill?"

Allie laughs lightly, "Yeah, you're not going to make the girl pay, are you? I don't know if I could afford to buy all the hot wings you'll eat." This is a bold faced lie, but who's counting? Not that Allie needs to drink or eat much, being a machine.

Tony opens the door to the bar once he reaches it. As they pass through ahead of him Tony wonders what possed him to track down Allie and make good on his offer to have a drink with her. Probably because she was interesting and that in and of itself always lead to a good time. "Considering I pay one of you and I did offer to buy Allie a drink, it goes without saying."

Kaji snickers softly. "That is true." He glances over at Allie for a second before he starts to he moves ahead of her to go secure spots at the bar for the three of them. ONce seated in his own seat, he orders a drink for himself while waits.

Allie passes by Tony and even holds the door once passing him to let him finally enter. "Excellent." Not that Allie was hard to track down. A bit odd though, any information on her is sparse, it's just easy to find her, kind of the opposite most people would want with that type of informational freedom. Once Tony enters the bar, she takes a seat, leaving Tony a seat between the two of them.

Tony hops up onto the stool between the two people he arrived with. The barkeep comes over to the trio asking what they would like to drink. "I'll have a glass of water to start. Oh, and the menu. I'm mainly here for the eating." He spins on the stool to see where the music is coming from. "This place isn't half bad. Order whatever you want.

Kaji smiles a bit, looking around the bar for a second before he looks back over at Allie. "So, I'm guessin' you're the one I got an earful about, hm?" Just trying to put two and two together really. He looks over at the bartender afterwards and says, "A menu for me as well."

Allie raises a hand with a couple fingers raised, "Dirty Margarita for me." She grins towards Tony, then Kaji. "Oh? What have you heard? Mostly bad things, I hope. Tony and I got off on a /great/ foot."

"Uns uns uns wow great stuff!" Jamie shouts loudly to the woman in a too tight red top, garish celtic tattoos displayed openly above the neckline, "Bet those hurt." He added in trying to strike up a conversation, the pierced face of the girl only twisted up and she turned away from him. Really unsure what it was that repelled her so quickly he lifts his hand up and breaths into his palm, not that. Shrugging once, his small jig of a dance has him weaving his way towards the bar. A hand held up and he motions, "Bout an Incredible Hulk and a budweiser!" Politely having waited his turn of course. Why not, M-Town was only a stagger, stab and a mugging away. His elbow propped him up against the edge of the bar as he looked down it at the others gathered, a smile worn on young lively looking features.

"And we exchanged hair care tips as well," Tony comments as he peruses the menu before him. Finding what he likes he's about to tell the bartender a list of items when the man wanders off down the bar to someone else. Tony leans forward on his stool glaring halfheartedly at the young man.

Kaji chuckles a bit, nursing his drink for a second before he says, "It was this and that." He looks down at the other young man at the bar, and quirks his brow for a second before he hms a bit. "Wonder if this place is mutant friendly," is said in a hushed tone. Kind of a thoughtful tone really.

Allie only waits a moment before the bartender ups a glass and pours the tri-sec, and prepares Allie's dirty Margarita. "Thanks, it's on him." She dips her head towards Tony. Though, Allie's glance is also caught by the gent at the end of the bar and she looks over as well.

The cognac and Hypnotiq was pushed over with it's icy contents the bottle of Bud served beside it, a few dollars flicked back in response and he looks above the rim to catch Tony's half glare, raising the drink up into the air with his hand. "Time to Hulk UP and drink up buddy! Oh, hey sorry were you ordering? Get that guys drink on me." He says loudly to the bartender who was dealing with other orders but showed a nod of recognition, a hapless wave of his hands offered at Tony in some form of apology. Not realizing who the man was at this moment. It would seem this mutant had already had a head start.

The bartender returns to stand in front of Tony asking him what he would like since it was on the tab of the guy at the end of the bar. "Eh, don't worry about it. However, I need the nuclear wings, a basket of the cajun fries and that chunky blue cheese I see down at the end of the bar." Tony hands over the menu then looks back down the bar. "Incredible Hulk, eh? I hope it packs enough punch."

Kaji chuckles a bit, shaking his head before he tacks on his own order of food when Tony's done. "Make that two orders of the cajun fries, and add on a glass of cocktail shrimp." Every place has to have that. He takes another drink of his booze and looks back down at the guy on the end. "What exactly is in that."

"Yeah, actually I'm curious too. I'm surprised it doesn't glow green with its name, but it sounds heavy." Allie comments, glancing at Jamie.

"Ah it's not as tough as it sounds sadly." He replies to Allie and Tony, as he hears Kaji he lifts the drink up and sips before his face contorted, abit onboxiously he announces, "Ice, ice more ice then Hennessey and Hypntiq with some more ice apparently. Geez buddy could you water this down anymore?" The glass shaken towards the bartender. "What are you folks up to tonight? Take it you got the digs on a sweet after hours? Bout some tequila shots?"

"Never been a fan of the stuff," Tony replies as he turns his attention back to those flanking him. "Allie, all evisceration aside, what brought you over into my neck of the woods? Or is that conversation we should have privately?"

Kaji laughs a bit. "Sounds like ya need a better drink." He goes back to finishing his own, just chugging it back before he looks at the bartender and says, "Toss me a Long Island." He looks over at Jamie once more before he says, "Or go with something that isn't named after a hero." Usually those are watered down already.

Allie giggles, "Can't wait to take me into private, can you?" Evisceration? All through? Not quite yet. "Happenstance, I didn't expect to run into you, but I suppose it was going to happen. Remember that thing I said back by the fountain, before you offered me that drink? Yeah, I'll go first." She winks, "That crazy technology that 'doesn't work', Cold Fusion. I could show you, but /that/ would be done in private." Allie sips at her drink, "Mm. And any more information I'd have to sell to you at that rate."

"Generally they aren't half bad. A Long Island, see thats not bad drinking right there… Bartender! I'll have one of those next."Came his reply to Kaji, interrupting the other twos rather intriguing conversation that perhaps involved Cold Fusion, he wasn't sure his mind was loopy enough he didn't fully catch what was said, "Take it that is a no on the tequila? Everyone's a fan of Mr. Cuervo buddy well everyone who is anyone. Heck with it, four Tequila double-shots!"

Tony glances across his shoulder at Allie. "Are you trying to pick my brain? Not that I mind but I've gone beyond that tech. I won't discount the benefits of COld Fusion but there are other options available." A shot is placed out in front of him which he eyes with distaste before turning towards Kaji. "Anty up there Chewie, I'm the designated driver." Tony then turns back to thank the man for ordering his companions a round.

Kaji blinks as he gets his drink, and then a double shot. ANd then /another/ one from Tony. "Here's to protection." He picks up two of the shots, and shifts into his anthro form right on the spot as he takes those two shots. Then in rapid succession, he takes the other two and shoots them back as the fur on the back of his neck bristles up. He lets out a soft huff of air and shakes his head. "Damn! Not doing that again."

Allie eyes Kaji, "/Nice/." Then Allie looks to Jamie, "Hey, thanks, mate." With that she takes one of the shot glasses, raises it to Jamie and shoots it without even a flinch. To Allie, the taste was dulled somewhat, and spiked in a way that sent pleasurable signals to her brain. One of the benefits of drinking as a machine, everything tastes good, even when it really doesn't. "You say that, Tony. But the technology has been perfected over the last forty years by the Storms laboratory. You'd be surprised at the potential power. But I'm not here to argue about that with you."

"Too good to drink with the rest of us? What gives, dude?" He grumbles at Tony Stark, squinting over the top of the empty glass of mixed drink he has just downed. His other hand curls around the shot, two fingers hefting it up, "Salute!" He calls out before realizing the man next to him (Kaji) just went all Wolfsbane. "Oh nice." Jamie would offer up pleasantly, "I know a gal who'd like you." Not asking what the mutant's bottoms up toast meant. Allies downed effortless shot had him mentally praising her as well. The reactions of those around them about this shift going ignored for the moment, this for Madrox was rather a common occurence.

Tony seems at peace with all of the business of the club around him. Talking about advanced science while your friend turns into a wolf and there are people singing terribly across the room to a Journey cover seemed status quo to him. "I'm not discounting Cold Fusion as an energy source. Simply that I've moved past that in my own work." He eyes the arriving food like a starving man and immediately tucks in the second its placed before him. "Hey, nothing against your offer. I'm just not drinking tonight," he says to Jamie while waving a blue cheese covered hot wing at him.

Kaji quirks a brow as he looks over at Jamie as he grins, his tail swaying behind him in a lazy fashion. He just chuckles a bit as he mentions that he knows a girl and he goes back to sipping his drink. When his food arrives, he starts to pick at it. Sneaking a paw over to steal one of Tony's wings every now and again as he is just having fun at the moment.

Allie elbows Stark, "Tony, that's not — Bah. Forget it." She murmurs that last part of the sentence, instead raising her hand to the bartender, "Get me and my friends over here a round of Incredible Hulks, without the ice." She nods her head towards Jamie and Kaji. "Yeah, these two."

Jamie's forearms rested on the bar as he nodded his head rather clumsly, "I can apprecia- ap… thats cool." In Tony's direction. The bartender whispering to one of the waitresses in hushed tones words of 'Mutant mutant' caught by enhanced hearing but with the distortion who knew what else was said. Reluctantly the man behind the bar approaches again and serves up a Long Island Iced Tea for Madrox, "Sure thing…" The same tender replies to Allie and begins up another round, hoping they'd at least tip nicely. Jamie straightened up suddenly his hand thrust out towards Kaji, " Names Jamie by the way, bout rest of you?"

Tony uses the tip of his foot to kick Kajis foot for ninja'ing his wings. The bartender comes over putting down the drinks that Allie had order and Tony asks for a refill on his wings seeing as half of them went into the damn wolf. "Allie, if there's something that you need to actually discuss with me I'll set something up where you can have my undivided attention." He then leans forward so he can see Jamie clearly, "Tony. The chicken ninja here is Kaji."

Kaji looks over at Jamie once more, grasping that hand with one of his own as he says, "The name is Kaji." He glances over at Allie and laughs, "If you're trying to get me—" He stops with a grunt as Tony kicks him, and he clicks his teeth in a mock threat at the man. "Trying to get my drunk is a hard thing, lass." His ears twitch slightly as he hears the word, and he slows his drinking down a bit. Just gauging the crowd now as he falls a bit silent.

Allie smirks, "Let's just loosen the mood. Also, Tony." She looks towards the wearer of the Iron Man suit. "I'd be able to take you more seriously if your mouth wasn't covered in blue-cheese dip." She grins politely, "I'm Allie." She throws the reply towards Jamie as his drink arrives.

"Tony Tony… you look awful familiar and I can't place it." Jamie offers up, smiling at the others as he shook the hand of Kaji. "Kaji, Allie, good to meet you guys." He went silent as he watches a blonde woman at the end of the bar shove her barstool in roughly and pull up her purse, the three men with her walking off tossing money on the counter and pushing drinks away, the woman is heard saying, "Not ever coming back here, not if they serve their kind." A few, few agreeing comments passed from the men as the nearest moved by his shoulder bumping out roughly towards Tony on his way past, yet he dodges around Kaji's intimidating enough self, all of course due to appearance and positioning Tony was closet to their end of the bar or it would have been Madrox who got the shoulder bump. Apparently this man didn't recognize him either.The bartender just stared on, watching it before swallowing and casting a glance over at the bouncer who nodded, the tender going back to work behind bar as the waitress moved over to apologize to those four who were leaving.

Tony more than suggestively licks around his mouth with the tip of his tongue. "Thanks for the heads up on that." He even tosses in a quick waggle of his eyebrows trying to lighten the tension between himself and Allie from earlier. " His attempts to smooth things over are interrupted by a rough shove. Tony turns around to see the quartet at the door. "Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out."

Kaji's eyes flick over towards the shoulder bump, and he goes to move to deflect it; but he's too late. He clicks his tongue a bit before he mutters to himself for a few moments. He taps a claw against the table for the first mental reason before he tapes two more against it. He shrugs a bit, and then seems to just say as an anthro as he sips on his drink a bit more. But his eyes do track that bouncer for a few seconds.

"Douchebag." Allie murmurs, before she glances at Tony. "Not you." She gulps down a good bit of that Incredible Hulk drink, again, without flinching. She must have nerves of steel, at least, that's probably true. Copper, actually.

"Hey mutie lover, shut the #@ck up!" The waitress actually shot out (great work ethic on her part). This causes a few heads to move over and stare, the bartender clears his throat and leans over the counter,"I think it's time the four of you left. Before trouble starts up."The man who had bumped Tony turns around and begins to pull off his jacket, "Hold this Jan." He says gruffly at the blond who was with them. The two other men stepping up beside him as well, the bouncer looked on his eyes apprehensively gaze upon the claws rapping at the table not sure if he wanted to step in or not. Probably not. The 'ringleader' was under intoxication apparently had some brass ones as he is moving over facing off against the group at the bar with his two flunkies on each side of him. "The hell did you just say to me?"

Jamie clears his throat, "I think he said, don't let door hit you in the ass and the way out but I think the door is just as confused as the rest of us here and couldn't tell what part of you was your head and what was your ass." A laugh came out of Madrox as he held up his drink wiggling it at the blonde behind them, "Hi gorgeous, whats your name?" Then it seemed to happen, a fist crashed into the side of his head and he went down, one of the ringleaders flunkies smashing him a good one oddly enough, there was now two of him laying on the floor.

Tony breathes in slow and deep. It had to be kharma biting him in the ass this week. Not a night had gone past without something happening. Tony licks a thumb clean of wing sauce and regards the barkeep just as Jamie is struck. "I'll cover the damages." He knows exactly who's behind him but remains still upon the stool. "Allie, dear heart, you may want to clear off a bit," he says for only her to hear.

Kaji rises up off of the stool, looking like he's going to leave before he puts a hand on the man who's getting in Tony's face. Or trying to. "Sir, I'm going to have to advise you to step away. Before I /have/ to hurt you." He looks back at the bartender for a quick glance before he looks back at the man, his eyes glowing slightly in the dim lights of the bar.

Erik is just stepping in from the outside, his hands folded together behind his back. He is wearing a black shirt, slacks and jacket, with a red silk tie that matches the lining of the jacket. And…he blinks at the scene in front of him. "Goodness, seems there is excitement everywhere…" He offers dryly to himself, sizing up the situation quietly.

"Oh, shit. These people are just /asking/ for it." Allie hops right out of her bar stool, grabbing for one of the flunkies following the ringleader. For such a frail thing, she does have a pair. Without even waiting for the flunkie's reaction, she pulls back and attempts to, quite literally, THROW him across the bar. The actuators in her body whirr noisily as they go under the weight strain of this task, and Tony might just be able to recognize that mechanized sound.

The man, Kaji had just put his hand on had his eyes going abit wide almost as if it just sunk in what he was doing even liquid courage hadn't prepared him for this. He stammered, "H-h..hands off freak." A obvious level of uncertainty in his voice, those two men behind him were edging up abit obviously feeling that same fear their ultra toughguy leader was. Yet, the person un-affected would be the blonde girl, her arm swiped out and she struck at Kaji with her purse once, "Let him go mutie trash!" Instead of a second swing coming out she was pulling something from inside of it, a small black canister that read MACE across it.

Jamie was picking himself up off the ground, aided to his feet by a duplicate that had appeared with the punch to the jaw. "Oh no please please no fighting." Whimpered the second dupe who had appeared.

( Erik in the commotion was unseen, a small crowd that was growing gathering around the 'scene' The bartenders reply to Tony was a, "Just take your friends and get the hell out man." Somewhere in the crowd someone screamed a "Thats Tony Stark!" But it seemed drowned out at the moment. It was then that Addie was in motion, the guy who was flanking their left let out an "Oh shit!" Before he was sailing headlong across the room, crashing into a table and set of chairs. "Oh God no!" Cried the duplicate of Jamie, this creature was not apparently the bravest. )

Tony glances down at the bar where a drink sits invitingly. A hand reaches up towards it then veers back down pulling out a wallet. TOny casually tosses several hundred dollars onto the bar. "Consider who the real problem is here," he all but growls at the barkeep. He spins about on his stool quickly to see who is directly behind him with Kaji. "I suggest that whats left of you and your friends take this outside. I'm rather partial to the decor as it is."

Kaji's hand left the man's shoulder and blocked the woman's arm with a flat hand block, probably giving her a bruise. But nothing more than that. "Ma'am. I assure you. I suggest you take your leave. Or things will get rather painful." He centers his gaze on the man in front of him, quirking a brow as he points an arm over the man towards the door. "Leave the bar. Before I kick your ass through that door and probably across the parking lot."

Erik shakes his head a little bit as he continues to watch. He surruptitiously asks somebody in the crowd which cars in the parking lot belong to the people squaring down on Tony.

Allie comes back to sit next to Tony. "I feel better." She seems to be a lot happier, after sending that random thug across the room. She sips at her Incredible Hulk, there's something usual about that.

"Ye…yeah we're leaving." Replies the man, his pants were one step from wet which as the rather nasty blonde beside him said, "Don't be a pussy Mark, it's a #@cking mutant." The other guy who'd punched Madrox was wide-eyed as now there were two of the man, and Allie had just chucked their friend across the bar."Yeah lets go man, screw this…" Tugging at Mark's shoulder both of them stumbling away as a few people, including the bouncer were helping the guy up who was tossed.

The blonde did not seem satisfied, she had the canister up and let out a spray, the arc of liquid fired up in a jet towards Kaji's furry face. This blast of toxin would be instantly burning, inciting tear-glands and could last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours in it's effect, Madrox's hands came up to shield his face being caught in one eye as the blast burst out, not a direct hit but he could already feel it. So could the Bartender who took it open mouth in his about to respond to Tony, this woman, her aim was an entire wicked inaccurated Z at the air, like she was trying to machinegun mowdown an enemy squad. "Crazy bitch!" Cried out Madrox.

Tony is grateful that these fools apparently are going to stand down but their uppity drama whore apparently wasn't. He turned just in time to avoid a ton of mace in his face but some caught him in the eye, the rest slid down his cheek. Something akin to Japanese streams out of Tony's mouth harshly as he reaches up to use his t-shirt to clean off his face. His eye was on fire but his healing factor was kicking in. "Sir, take a hold of your perfume saleswoman reject and get her ass out of here before she bites off more than she can chew."

Allie looks behind her as Tony turns. Some mist of the mace sprinkles on her eyes, but she doesn't even cringe. Instead she pushes off the counter, and gets right up in the blonde's face. With one arm, she knocks aside the blondes outstretched mace, and with the other, she deliver's a nice, solid slap to the girl's face. .. Well, she tries to be easy, but her hand /is/ just a skin mesh over a metal interior. A metal hand, if you will. "Who the FUCK do you think you are?!"

Kaji follows his boss in the fact that he lets out a string of Japanese curses that would make a sailor drop his jaw. It was ended with a rather deep and angry growl. He rubs his arm against his eyes, even though his own healing factor is kicking in. He shakes his head a bit before he starts to try and move outside. Best to get out before he breaks something… or someone.

Erik shakes his head. All of a sudden, every single car in the parking lot that has an alarm goes off. Erik blinks, and leans over to the window like this is amazing. "Hey guys, all the cars are going nuts. You should go check yours." He says seriously. "Glad I taxi'd."

The woman's mace flew from her hand, almost instantly a bruise appeared on her arm and she cried out when the *thwang* (muffled by synthetic skin and possibly fabric I am guessing) bounced out, the girl stumbled her skirt rips and she is tumbling down into a mess of arms and legs. The bartender was doubled over the sink, some super helpful observer was saying loudly, "I've already called the police and they're on their way!" then a "Tiffany!" is shouted out and the guy whose name was Mark, the original ruffian was swinging a fist at Allie's face (not very honorable of him punching a 'lady'). This was not pretty for any of them now. Madrox's dupe was grabbing a towel and wiping down the first ones eyes, helping him rinse his face off before the irritation bled deeper.

Tony reaches out to catch the incoming fist aimed at Allie. Tony closes his hand around the fist and applies enough pressure to make it uncomfortable for the man who collapses to his knees in pain. "I believe you owe a few apologies, MARK." Tony checks to see if those around him are relatively unharmed. The blaring of the cars outside is masking quite a bit of the noise inside so Tony's voice is considerably louder. "However, I don't want to hear them." He releases the mans fist and addresses those about him. "I suggest we leave before we become incriminated for something we didn't start. Or, I lose control. Whichever occurs first."

Walking in from the outside, isn't a mutant or a human. But it's a wolf. Surely no one would've noticed a black wolf in the darkness of the night. And Kaji just moves over towards Tony, slipping through the crowd before he latches his teeth lightly onto the sleeve of the man's coat to tug him outside. His ears folded back against his head due to the noise. To anyone at the moment, he probably just looks like a giant dog who's trying to care for his master.

Erik stays in the back, and watches with a raised eyebrow to see who exits. "Probably means someone is breaking in to the cars. That one looks like someone left their wallet in it!" Erik says helpfully.
Allie seems pleased by her immediate actions as the woman falls, but before she can even restrain the girl, she looks up to see.. Oh.. Hey. A fist. *snap*! Tony catches it just in time and Allie is just about to stumble backwards in surprise. She thought for sure that - but Tony was - and they were. What. "Whatever, come on, Tony." Figuring he must still be at least a little sight impaired, she slips an arm around his waist, slipping up to have him lean on her while she leads Tony towards the door quickly.

"Excuse me guy." A voice would toss to Erik while he wedged himself into the bar as much as he could. A man, looking very much like the other two at the bar peers in, brows creased into a frown as his hands rose up and he clenches them in. "So figures, look for the biggest commotion and yeah just damn…I swear…" Came the murmur before those two at the bar suddenly were collapsing in on themselves swirling in like weird origami that had been crushed, instantly both had vanished and Jamie 'Prime 'at the doorway doubled over releasing a loud hack, revealing the man they'd all met at the bar was a duplicate and so was the other who sprung from it upon the punch. "Holy! How much did he drink."

The crowd inside the bar and for several buildings around were outside fighting with their car-alarms. The tender pre-occupied with his eyes, a waitress now helping him as the bouncer was trying to keep the peace. Several phones were up in the air, pictures and cameras going off at this rather wild night. One that had been so peaceful. The scene quickly disolving.

Tony is alarmed by an arm coming about his waist. Very nearly he stops his instinctive reaction to knock off whatever has a hold of him. Instead he manages to move out of the grasp but has less success freeing his jacket from the mouth of the wolf. "Leave off the…" his verbal tongue lashing ceases when several small strobes go off out of the corner of his vision. 'Jesus…just what I need.' No doubt all of this will end up on the local news and from there a steam roll effect till a press conference. All over some hot wings. "Dammit."

Kaji lets go of the sleeve and lets out a low growl as he glances back at the people in the bar. He just follows Tony outside. He's going to be hearing about this later. He just knows it.

Erik sighs slightly, yawning slightly. He then coughs…and all of the cell phones flicker. Out of power, memory cards wiped. He takes his out to start taking a picture, and moans. "Aw, my cell phone is dead. This sucks…" He says, and walks out.

Doubled over against the wall near the door he hurls a few times, blowing chunks allover the cement and retching horribly. One eye squeezed shut, "Drunk asshole was rubbing elbows with Tony Stark… "Jamies mutters. Holding his stomach as everyone seems to effectively exit, leaving those who work here to clean the mess up. Police cars rounding the corner, definitely time to bail.

Allie lets Tony out on his own, then, obviously he doesn't like to be touched. When all the cellphones wipe in the area, she just continues out the door, passing Erik. "I'm glad I don't have a cellphone."

Tony is furious but outwardly he's as calm as a slowly moving iceberg. People are running around the parking lot getting into various vehicles. The sounds of sirens are blaring off in the distance. Tony sees Jamie stumble out of the bar and nods once to the man, glad to see he's still under his own power and in thanks for his help. He catches sight of a man calmly walking through the chaos but he can't place him. Finally his gaze falls upon the two that he brought to the bar. Allie, he couldn't really say much to given he'd only known her a whole two hours but the wolf could probably catch on fire from the gaze that rests upon him. "We're going to have a talk about this but not here. Get to the car before we end up with even bigger problems." With that he strides off leaving the other two to catch up with him at the parking garage.

Kaji just keeps pace next to Tony, his head held low as his tail tucks between his legs. His ears folded back against his head as he just stays quiet. He's gonna curl up in a ball in the car, and stay quiet.

Jamie caught Tony's nod, a hand waved up and then vanished back to his gut as he picked up his half-drunken, blurry eyed stumble back towards District X. Vicariously living the somewhat hellish night through the re-absorbtion of his dupes.

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