Timothy 'Tim/Ooze' Olsen
Timothy Olsen
Portrayed By Corey Tenold
Gender Male
Date of Birth 07/04/1991
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Ooze, Slimeboy, Timmy-Boy, 'That Dirty Thief', Slimeboy, Slug, Rainbow Slimy Boy
Place of Birth Galway, Ireland
Current Location Brooklyn, NYC
Occupation Homeless Kid
Known Relatives Mother, Father, Sister, and Grandmother (Deceased)
Significant Other None
Identity Mostly Secret
Known Abilities Slime Production
First Appearance ???

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Born in Galway, Ireland, Timothy Olsen’s the second child of the Olsen family. For the first ten years of life, things were good. The Olsen family had a calm and uneventful life in Ireland. Then Tim’s maternal grandmother, living in New York City, became ill. The Olsen family moved to America to care for her.

The move was hard on Tim, having to leave all his friends and everything he knew as familiar behind. The first day in New York, Tim was separated from his family and ended up lost. Wandering and scared, he came across a few of New York’s homeless. They kept the kid safe and calm with tales of mutants and superheroes until one of them was able to find a police officer to help.

The next three years went well enough. Tim made new friends, acclimated to the new school, and generally enjoyed things. It all changed once more one day. While Tim was at a friend’s house working on a school project, his older sister’s mutant powers awakened. She was granted the ability to generate a semi-toxic smog that would knock out all those that breathed it.

Unfortunately, she had no control. This smog filled the Olsen family home, knocking out the family. This included Mr. Olsen, a smoker. His cigarette fell and ignited the flammable fog. Mother, Father, Sister, and Grandmother all died in the fire. The arson investigators were not able to figure out what happened but Tim was placed in foster care and grief counseling.

Things were unpleasant with the foster family where Tim was often bullied by his new older brothers. When his own mutant powers awakened, things got worse for Tim. The foster parents freaked. They tried everything they could to ‘cure’ Tim of his affliction, going so far as to seek an exorcism. When Tim overhead them talking about sending him to a lab somewhere, he ran for it. The foster family didn’t follow or bother looking and collected checks for as long as they could.

Tim’s been living on the streets ever since. He lucked out and found an abandoned warehouse that his slimy coating let him slip into. Working on controlling his powers with the help of some other homeless mutants, he’s been scraping by and living well enough for a homeless guy. He’s earned a little reputation among shop owners as a thief that steals from outdoor stands and displays even if he hates doing it.


Slime Production - Tim’s mutation allows him to produce slime. Not exactly as cool laser beams from the eye or amazing strength but still his power. There are seven different types of slime he can create but the easiest and most basic is the Green Slime. Its easy to the point where he’ll often end up making it without really intending to, sometimes dripping slime everywhere and other times leaving a trail. He can produce about 2 liters of slime in 30 seconds and can produce it from any point on or in his body.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I said it!"


  • Tim may steal occasionally but only food, water, and clothing.
  • Tim hates raspberries but love cherries.
  • Even after all these years, Tim's still got a bit of an Irish Accent


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