2012-01-20: Time For Fresh Air


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Summary: Connor decides Robyn needs some fresh air!

Date: January 20, 2012

Log Title: Time For Fresh Air

Rating: G

NYC - Four Arms Apartments (Connor, Rashmi and Robyn's Apartment)

Robyn has been quite scarce around the apartment lately, between his job and school he's just been busy and when he's home the boy's holed himself up in his room to work on homework and the strain is starting to show. Today is one of those rare days where an afternoon class was cancelled so he's currently sitting on the couch, curled up with a blanket channel surfing with a bit of a frown on his face.

This of course leads to what happens next… which is Connor coming out of his room, dressed in non-work attire as well. As he passes by where Robyn is on the futon/couch/bed/thing that almost all poor students on their own for the first time seem to obtain, he yanks the blanket free and says without preamble, "As Rashmi would say, time for you to get out and get some sunlight before you turn into a vampire, Robyn."

There are a few quick knocks at the door, indicating Heather has arrived and is giving five seconds before actually using her key and entering into the place. She steps through and slides the keys back into the pocket of her jacket, then quickly removing it to reveal the slightly worn purple hoodie underneath. She is wearing a headset, as well, a bit different from her usual set up, and a pair of protective goggles. "It's not snowing out."

"I already am a vampire." Robyn says to Connor as he groans. "It's my first bit of free time since the holidays and…" But he's cut off by Heather's entrance to the apartment and his sentence is never finshed. "Hey Heather, nice to see you again. What's with the headset?" He asks giving a yawn and stretching. "And that's good that it isn't snowing, I have to work tonight."

Connor gives Robyn a flat look, "No… you're calling in sick, dead, or in an alternate dimension fighting your evil twin for control of the cosmos of fabulous bodied under 30s gay men." Folding the blanket in a disturbingly neat fashion, he passes it to Heather, and then gives her a touch on the shoulder before saying, "We are here as the committee to make sure you have fun. Us. The two most un-fun people on the planet. That's saying something."

"The headset?" repeats Heather, "It is a project I was working on with Kisha. It was meant as a hands free communicator." She puts her hands up to demonstrate, before taking the blanket from Connor and examining it. She briefly puts her free arm around Connor, in that kind of awkward half-hug that she does, and says, "I am plenty fun. I play games. Games are fun. Quod erat demonstrandum. I will head this committee."

Robyn gives Connor a bit of a worried look. "I need the money to afford the rent here and then food and stuff." He says quitely as he's been picking up whatever hours he can at the art store. "And my twin isn't evil…I don't think he is but then I rarely talk to him, also there are a lot more gay men under thirty who have a lot better of a body than I do. I'm a stick, you need to be built like Jordan was." He says giving a grin. "So how is the hands free thing working?"

"Kisha needs to discover bluetooth… not to mention other technologies built after the 1980s…" Looking over the headset for a moment, and then looks back at Robyn for a long moment, "I didn't say you had to PAY for anything." Pausing for the awkwardhug and then goes to the closet to fish out his leather jacket and one of Robyn's hooded things, "Look… you were the one who got me to go out and be social, and DO stuff when we were at Xavier's. Since then, you've turned into me. Since you're going to be me, then I have to be you. We're going for cookies. Or tea, or something else food-related that isn't here. Here is… here. And you need more there."

"Well, after Kisha left the school, I finished the project on my own as best I could," says Heather, peering towards the mic on her headset. "I don't know how to connect things wirelessly so I used what I could find at the thrift store. She also made fun of my use of older technologies. As much as making fun is a thing she can do." She looks towards Robyn and adds, "The hands free technology is working well. I think it's more natural. It's easier to respond to individual pieces of conversation." She then states, "You have to be built like me to attract the gay men." She lifts up the bottom of her hoodie to show off her abs. Which are barely showing, but apparently exist. Her expression is quite serious.

Robyn looks at the hoodie and shakes his head. "It's too cold out there for that, just let me get some different clothes on and then we can go out, for a bit, but I still have to work around six so that gives us a few hours." He comments going into his room and a few minutes later comes out in a pair of jeans, and a Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt over a long sleeved shirt with a black peacoat over an arm. "I know Connor but it's just…my parents don't have a lot of money and college is expensive, I just want to make as much as I can to help put myself through art school and be able to afford living with you guys. It's not that I don't want to go out it's just I can't if I want to do this."

Connor frowns for a moment as he pulls his motorcycle jacket on, and then adds a pair of gloves for good measure, "What would make your parents more happy? Robyn coming home sick and burned out on too much class and work… or Robyn coming home and talking about how his friends saved his sanity?" He stops, and smiles, "Face it.. this is survival instinct… I just got your mom to like me. I'd hate to lose that too." With the logic being unassailable, he turns to look at Heather and asks, "Have you taken you ideas to Forge or any of the staff? I'm sure they could help improve it. I'm sorry about the eighties crack… I just never had a high opinion of Kisha.":

"Well, I'm trying to learn how to build things like this as a student project, which was why I worked with Kisha. I think it's my destiny to know how to build things. My future self had an advanced communication system that had elements of design I find aesthetically pleasing, but most people don't," says Heather, nodding a couple of times. There's a brief pause, and she lowers her hoodie to put those abs back under wraps. She looks towards Robyn and says, "Rest increases subsequent productivity sufficiently that rest is recommended. Sufficient productivity may result in scholarships?"

"My Mom's always liked you, it was Jordan she didn't like." Robyn grumbles but there's a smile on his face all the same. "Both my parents like you, and Rashmi." He says as his parents aren't heavy on the judgement of others. "I don't think they've met you yet Heather." He says trying to remember. "I never really liked Kisha either, I always thought she was robosexual." He shrugs at Heather. "Well first thing, I already got a bunch of scholarships but they didn't cover all the costs. Parson's isn't exactly a cheap college. And second, don't try to become your future self, just let yourself become whatever. You put to much stock at what you saw in the future it'll just not be good."

Connor smiles and nods, "Robyn's got a point there Heather… perception only dictates reality to a certain degree. Any physics major will tell you that." He pauses and then begins walking to the door, "Anyways… I had it pointed out to me that I've been doing the same thing. Reclusive, anti-social. The teaching thing at Xavier's was supposed to help with that, but it's just make going back awkward. I don't know anyone there anymore really… too many new faces, and none of them like me all that much. They think I'm too stiff."

"There is nothing wrong with robosexuality. I support robosexual marriage," decides Heather, crossing her arms, "And I guess I understand what you mean, but I kind of liked the mad scientist aesthetic. I do not intend to be exactly like her. I do not think I will purchase any bondage gear." As she says that she just raises an eyebrow at Connor and then starts talking again. "I do not know many of these new students. I'm graduated now, though. No more history classes ever again. And no, I have not met your parents Robyn."

"It's not that I'm reclusive or anti-social it's just that I'm busy. I don't know when the last time I got to sit down and watch My Little Pony was." Robyn protests as he's fully jumped onthe Brony bandwagon. "I've been back once since I've left, all my friends have graduated for the most part except for Chloe so I pretty much stay in the city." He says putting on his jacket. "I'll have to fix that Heather, drag you to their apartment for dinner some night. So, what's the plan Connor?"

A slow grin spreads on Connor's face as he then opens the door, "Well… now I know what we're getting you for Birthday swag… c'mon… let's pick a place and go." Stopping by Heather, he then turns to look at her, "Really… we can help you find something better. I like the idea, but the implementation's a little awkward. It's kind of hard to well… kiss someone on the… cheek… with a headset in the way." Fumbling any chance at scoring points as he mumbles to himself, sighs, and then heads out into the hall for the moment.

Heather blushes slightly at Connor's comment and she puts on her jacket, heading out into the hall. "My left cheek is still exposed," is all she has to reply with for the time being, fiddling with some of her settings. "I won't object to something better, though…"

There's a grin that appears on Robyn's face as he goes to follow Connor singing softly under his breath, "Sh la la la la la, My oh my, Looks like the boy's to shy, ain't gonna, kiss the girl…" Then at the mention of Birthday swag Robyn lets out an audible gasp. "Oh man that's right, our birthday's are coming up! I have to stop being so busy." He grumbles.

Connor hangs his head, "Of all the songs in all the movies in the world… you had to pick Little Mermaid. Dork." And reaching over, he grabs around Robyn's neck, and begins mess up that aleady tastefully messed up hair of his even more, "C'mon Heather… without someone to keep us on task, we'll stop off at the art supply store and start having lightsaber battles with cloth bolts." Letting go of Robyn he adds, "My swordworks getting better Obi-Wan… one of these days I'll beat you."

"Your birthdays are coming up? You have to let me know when they're very soon, so that I know!" says Heather, quickly walking about. "I lose track of dates. It's all the same to me." She then gives a salute in response to Connor and says, "Yes, I will keep us from getting too easily sidetracked. Though if we do stop off at the art supply store, there are things I want to pick up."

"My birthday is next Friday, a few days after Connor, we usually try to do some joint thing so maybe we can have a party at the place, something small." Robyn says grinning as he tries to flaten his hair as he locks up behind him, checking the locks three times just for Connor. "Okay, let's hit the streets of New York!" He says heading down the hallway with two of his best friends.

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