2011-04-02: Time Out


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Summary: Confusion earlier in the week stemming from a meeting between Kaji and Pietro is cleared up, and an out of town trip is taken. While on said trip various matters back home are talked about so that when they return meetings can be arranged and leads followed.

Date: April 2, 2011

Log Title: Time Out

Rating: PG

Mysterious Location

All will be revealed in time.

There's never a dull moment for those that have a personal connection to an eccentric billionaire that makes plans at the drop of a hat. Proof in point is the text message that was sent out to two people in particular telling them to bring nothing but themselves to JFK and the Stark Industries Hangar. The message intentionally vague and only a short reply to Pietro about bringing Luna with.
Already there at the hangar Tony is awaiting the others in his typical casual clothing and carrying a small red backpack. The jet is sitting just outside prepared to go at the drop of a hat and Happy has already drive off.

Bring Luna? Unsure about this, Pietro sighs and decides to trust Tony. Doesn't hurt that Luna is already excited. She's nearly ten and anything with Mr Stark is an adventure. Pietro decides he's merely glad she's not a teen yet, for then she'd be drooling over Tony too. Small favors. The two arrive in a brush of wind, Luna giggling her fool head off as she hugs her pink teddy backpack. She's an airmask on, which is removed as her father places her on her feet. "Hi!" She exclaims. Pietro is wearing jeans, tennis shoes, and a button down shirt. Very casual today. "And what adventure is this…" "Can I go inside?! Please? Please? Plea…" "Luna." "Can it?!" Someone is making big eyes at you, Tony. Isn't she adorable?

With the text message coming to him while he was sitting in downtown traffic on his motorcycle, Kaji was all to happy for getting out of the bumper to bumper traffic. Screw following the rules when Tony makes plans. The mutant pulls a 180 degree turn within an intersection as he zooms off towards the airport. It takes a short time before the mutant actually arrives, but as his luck with traffic goes; he's most likely going to be the last one there. And wouldn't ya know it, he is the last one there as he walks up towards the forming group. "And just where're we headed this time, Tony?" asks the mutant with a smirk.

With a gust of air dispersing there are now two people where there used to be none. The bright little one gets a high five, "Hey, kiddo." Tony looks up from the pint sized pixie quirking a smile at the Speedster. "I thought we could…" and then Luna is flailing which is in and of itself amusing. "Go ahead. Be careful on the stairs." Hopefully she races up into the jet and is set upon by the staff offering her a juice box and some cookies. "As I was saying…"
With the arrival of Kaji the jet setting executive opens his mouth a tick then casts a glance around the area to see if there would be any more interruptions. "Ok. So, I thought it might be a good idea if we all talked in a more…." Then someone atop the stairs is calling down to them. "Is it alright if Miss Luna goes to strap in on the couch?" Tony tosses up his hands in defeat then walks towards the jet grumbling under his breath.

Pietro looks bemused, knowing that Luna isn't going to hurt herself here. Not his plane though, so Luna asks Tony and off she goes. Okay, the staff are the most amazing people ever. "Papa! Can I have cookies?!" Her voice calls back. Pietro shares a sympathetic look with Tony and follows the inventor towards the jet. Cookies are approved and Luna noms away. Bats at her father for daring to try and buckle her in. "I can do this." Sounds so much like her mother that Pietro is smiling in spite of himself. She doesn't care where you all are going, but her father does ask, "Well?" What Kaji asked. Where are we all going today? He stows his bag, and Luna's where the attendants show him, then seeks out his own seat.

Kaji quirks a brow, and then stifles a small laugh as he gets interrupted once more. All he can do is smile as he puts his hands into his pockets and heads up into the jet; greeting the staff before he goes to find a seat near the other two men. Then he looks over at Tony, tilting his head towards Pietro as he asks the question as if to say 'What he said.'
Tony waits until the jet is actually in the air before attempting to finish his sentence from earlier. As the seat belt light is off Luna is free to roam around in the bedroom or to watch the large television in the room they are currently in. "Anyways…" pauses for dramatic effect. Jean clad legs are swung up onto the couch allowing Stark to stretch out looking comfortable. "The other day got a bit out of hand and mainly because I've been distracted, which isn't an excuse, well it is an excuse but there are reasons for that…" catches himself rambling so he pauses yet again. "Look, we need to talk amongst ourselves and we could all use a break so I figured why not kill two birds with one stone." Luna chimes in, "We're killing birds?" Chuckles to the young one, "No, dear. Cookies?" Pointing a finger over his head from bar area to young lady and a crew woman comes over offering another bag of animal crackers to Luna. Still hasn't really answered the question posed to him.

Not surprised that Tony isn't answering questions, Pietro crosses his legs and slouches a little once in the air. Luna is being a typical kid and wandering around between rooms, distracted one moment, kind of bored the next. Once cookies are given, she goes off to watch TV in the bedroom. There should be more kids around here. You should fix that, Tony. "Need to discuss what exactly?" He can live without knowing where the jet is going. Tony wouldn't put Luna in danger, so there's his only concern. Besides, if he doesn't like it he can literally jump out at this altitude and land safety. Let's skip that part though, okay? It'd scare the girl.

Kaji looks over at Luna as she chimes in, the mutant chuckling softly before he looks back at Tony. A quirk of a brow as he starts talking before he looks over at Pietro. "for starters, I'd like to say that I'm sorry for how I acted when we first met up in the room. I hadn't taken note of your relationship with Tony, so I fell back on the standard response I give." Taking aim with darts, gotta block stuff out. "What I had meant to say back then was that I'm Tony's friend." And sometimes ass-kicking assistant.

"Well, that is partially what I meant." Tony sits up a bit so that his back is to an arm of the chair and sneaker clad feet move from side to side to a beat no one can hear other than himself. "There was a lot of miss communication and it spiraled out of control rather quickly." Now waving with a hand and suddenly Tony's given a bottle of water and a bag of frosted animal cookies. "Kaji is primarily a friend. I asked him to play at being a bodyguard to keep people off me in public but for the most part I drag him into ridiculous situations that get him shot at." The bag is pulled apart causing cookies to pop out everywhere. Doesn't seem to bother him as he just picks up the nearest one on his shirt to eat. "And he leeeves wif me…" garbling that pretty bad with a mouth full of cookie.

No, Pietro felt he was pretty clear on the issue, but he is completely surprised that Kaji apologized. For the life of him he has no idea why he's being apologized to. That almost never happens. Smirking, he stays quiet for a bit, and does nothing as cookies go everywhere. Never mind he could have caught them all before they landed. "So.. Kaji is one of your lovers then." How he says that with a straight face is anyone's guess.

Kaji looks over at Tony and nods a bit before he watches the cookies explode everywhere. One of them landing on his shoe which he flips up to catch in his hand. As he takes a bite out of it, Pietro lets his question fly and he nearly chokes on the food in laughter before he clears his throat and cough/laughs for a few more seconds.

"Alas, he's repeatedly stated that I am not his type." Tony smirks as he crosses his feet then pops another cookie into his mouth. "When have you ever known me to have a kept lover?" Glaring at Pietro with an imperious eyebrow lifted to nearly touch his porcupine like hair. "Kaji's not my type anyway as he can spell Lamborghini." Said that one for Pepper even though she's not here to take amusement from it. "The air needed to be cleared, then we could all kick back enjoy a weekend away from the chaos and death threats, and then return invigorated to deal with the many problems at hand."

As Kaji starts laughing Pietro looks smug in face of that glare. Yes, that was totally a joke, for he knew Kaji wasn't. Didn't at all act like Tony's 'normal'. Normal being relative and all. "That's a sad state of affairs, Tony." That someone who can spell Lamborghini isn't your type. "How could I know, Tony? Your love life is something I keep my nose out of." But there's a smile for all this. As for the rest he can only shrug, "You know me. I poke at what I see, and often far too much. That's simply how I am. I don't approve of pretending to be something you aren't." Pokes too much, yeah. "Now, just what have we gotten Luna into?"

Kaji finishes off his cookie with a chuckle before he lets out a soft mutter, "Just because I was quizzed on it in College." Classes grind the weirdest things into your head. He looks back over at Tony with a smirk before he says, "What Pietro said. We're all on the edge of our seats wondering where we're going."

Tony finishes the last cookie that he can find and shakes his shirt so tiny sprinkles rain about the area. Someone would eventually vacuum up in here so it wasn't a big deal. "I'm joking. It's something Pepper once told me in jest. I'm not entirely that bad." Missed a cookie apparently and tosses it Pietro's direction. "You'd poke an Asp just because you could," clearly in a fond tone as he bends a leg at the knee to stuff a sneaker underneath the other leg. Grasping with both hands to the shin of the bent leg, "Two words. First starts with a "D" last starts with a "W", and I've handled everything for the weekend."

"I already have. Repeatedly." Poked snakes. Moved snakes. Caught them before they could bite people… you name it. Cookie is caught and lobbed back. He doesn't want any, thank you. Pietro then looks faintly dismayed as Tony explains about where they are going. The joke, well, he was joking too, so that doesn't matter. "I must pick up some luggage while we are there. There is no way everything Luna wants will fit in her pack." That's why the dismay. A ten year old in Disney World with a billionaire at her side.. and she won't come out with a complete princess wardrobe and a ton of collectibles? He's dreading this already. Not that he's putting a stop to this. Doesn't mind at all that Tony spoils Luna.

Kaji quirks a brow at the description of where they're going, and he shrugs with a smirk. "Can't say I haven't been there in a long time. May have to get myself reacquainted as to what's there." Rides change and go away! Plus, he's never been to Disney/world/. Land yes. Not world.

Only Maximoff would play with snakes just to have something to do. The cookie is returned and snatched up before it goes sailing over his head. "You could always purchase a lovely Princess suitcase and wheel that about the airport. Just saying." Tony grins eating the last cookie and getting an update on the time to landing. "Never been," he tells the gentlemen seated across from him. "Can you please fetch Luna and tell her that we need her to come buckle up?" There's only about 10 minutes or so before the jet lands. The attendant nods then goes in search of the ten year old. "Keep it a secret shall we? She'll learn soon enough when we drive through the main gate on the way to the resort hotel."

"Pink is so my color." Pietro agrees with mild sarcasm, because he's the father. He will be stuck wheeling the pink luggage around. That's just the way it goes. "You two can play dress up at the princess shop." That to Tony. If anyone can get a word in edgewise with the man once people realize who he is. "I have never gone." Well, he's never been to any amusement park. Until he could control his powers he couldn't have enjoyed anything there so didn't try. There's a nod about keeping it secret.
Luna arrives soon after, dumping her armful of things in Pietro's lap. Look! And look! And look! He's stuck with it all for she has to take her seat. Yes, now. Everyone is given a bright smile as Luna reclaims some of her toys and settles into her seat. Pietro finds himself with a book and a couple dolls as he looks for his own seat belts. "..Did you pack any clothing?" He asks the girl. She stares at him blankly. "Um…" Pietro gives her flat eyes and she dimples at him. I'm cute, Papa!

Kaji brings a hand up to cover his mouth as he watches Luna come back in and deposit all her things into her father's lap. Then he looks back over at Tony with a chuckle, "Looks like we're all going to be going shopping when we get there, hm? You did tell us to not bring anything." Bad Tony.

Buckles are found and fastened, toys are smooshed back into the small back pack that Luna has with her, and the jet slowly descends towards the ground. "If I had told people to pack then it would have tipped off him…" pointing a lone finger at the white haired man across from him. "And he most likely would have shot the idea down. So instead you all must suffer getting clothing in various shops, on me of course, and I don't want to hear any back talk."

Brows arch as he's pointed at. "I would have?" Yes, he would have. Pietro loves being contrary. It's not one of his good traits. This is said as he's handing Luna back her dolls. There are a lot of things in that pack of hers. Teddy looks a tad constipated. Pietro decides not to mention that he packed clothing. Figured it would be wise. Known Tony too long. This could have been a trip to the museum, or some other country. He's their passports too, but that won't matter today. There's an amused look to Kaji. "He makes this threat, and then will be the first one fleeing the scene. Watch."

Kaji chuckles. "Ah, right. That definitely would've tipped him off." He glances over at Pietro with a chuckle. "Oh, I'm sure of it. He'll probably wear the same thing the entire trip." He looks back at Tony with a grin before he says, "On you? Guess I'm going to have to splurge and get some nice outfits." Gotta look the best for Mickey Mouse.

"You're idea of nice outfits is something that doesn't have multiple holes in it or yesterdays enchilada sauce," Tony teases Kaji then rolls his eyes at Pietro. The glare clearly focused on the speedster means he knows what would have happened so don't try and say it wouldn't.
For the next fifteen minutes the three men banter and bicker their way out of the jet, across the tarmac and into the rental car. Luna won't know that sunshine and trees mean anything until they drive past Universal Studios. Oh look, Pietro must be distracting her from seeing the looming roller coasters. It doesn't take long for Tony to pull off at one of many exits that takes the car around a long winding road where enormous trees block the view. Well, the view is blocked until there is a giant sign that says Disney World in silver that spans across eight lanes of traffic. The girlish squeal of delight is hard on the ears and no doubt she's not the only one itching to get out of the car at the Polynesian Hotel.

It's his job to give Tony a hard time, so glares are brushed off like a duck does water. Yeah, Pietro and his button pushing. The scary part is that he's a hundred times better now than he used to be. And he is trying to distract her, which means he's sitting in the back, and only thanks to her seat belt that she's not in his lap plastered to the windows. EEEEEE! Pietro grimaces and endures. He's also left with her bag as she climbs over him and spills out of the car. Someone's a little excited. Just a tad. There's an apologetic look from the father to you two. Sorry.

Kaji actually winches at the squeal that goes through the car, and he puts a hand over one ear before he comments, "She's got a rather good set of lungs." He pops his ears before he just relaxes in the car; pending any more squeals from the pipsqueak in the back.

The rental car has stopped at the valet area allowing Miss Luna to sprawl out of the car and bounce upon the sidewalk as the adults catch up. There's a South Pacific quality to the area as it's surrounded by lush vegetation, thatched roof buildings and enormous koi ponds. As the party walks into the Great Ceremonial House they can see water cascading over volcanic rocks, and a few shops off to one side. Visible to the North is a white sand beach and a pool built next to a forty foot volcano that houses a waterfall and water slides.
Many an employee dressed in khaki shorts, and a Hawaiian t-shirt greet them as they head towards the check in. The others can feel free to roam around the shops or the lobby as Tony speaks with the desk. Character breakfast, tickets to the dinner that the dancers wield fire-knifes, and a card for the arcade are all acquired. With key cards in hand Tony joins the others.
Kaji and Pietro are handed keycards that have the room number on the card itself. "This opens the door to the room as well as acts like a credit card. Anything put on the card at any of the Disney Properties will be charged to the room so there's no need to worry about anything save for carrying the card." A little folder is waved between the lot of them. "Breakfast, dinner and arcade." Handing that to Pietro for obvious reasons. "I've not bothered with the park tickets, yet."
Smiling down at Luna he hands her several maps. "I thought we could all sit down and form a plan of attack since this is mainly for Luna." Not mentioning the fact that Tony is going to be all over the place once he's let off the chain. There's food to be had, rides to be rode, and good times to be shared. "Think we need to pick up a few things before the plotting but the store over there has things like toothpaste and the like."

Shouldering both packs, Pietro manages to snag a Luna hand and thus keeps her from being too loud. His daughter is NOT going to cause a scene. More than she has at any rate. As Tony gets things, Pietro has a firm talk with the girl and she's much subdued once things are handed out. Still pleased as punch and smiling, but not longer shrieking over everything. And yet again the speedster finds himself with everything. Such is the life of a parent. He's frowning as he attempts to sort it all, and a little superspeed helps. "We are." Going to keep to pick up things. "I can handle that however if you wish to attend something else." You two don't have to suffer through him buying things for Luna if you don't want.
Pietro is also a little grumpy about being bought all this, but he keeps that to himself. Hates spending Tony's money even if Tony doesn't care. That's not why he hangs out with the inventor! "I need a bathing suit, Papa!" Luna reminds him. He hands her something to hold, and she drops some maps. "Yes, my love. Soon." Distracted! Luna does remember to thank Tony at least.

Kaji wanders around the lobby as Tony checks in, taking in the sights of the water and the pool with a smirk. He mutters to himself, "Bet myself one week of intense training something will go wrong." If nothing goes wrong, he gets a week to be lazy. He meets back up with the group before he takes his room key, "So, which name did you register under?" whispers the mutant with a smirk. He looks over at the speedster and his daughter with a soft smile before he looks back over at Tony. "Let's hope everything isn't patterned with mouse heads."

"Not much for me to do," Tony shrugs stuffing the card key into a jeans pocket. "I need to find something decent to wear that befits the climate as it is." There's a familiar blurring from Pietro's direction but he pays no mind to it. Luna thanks him and he kneels down to give the little girl a hug. "Why don't we let your father deal with all of the boring things he needs to deal with and you and I can raid the toys in the gift shop?" For Kaji's comment Tony glances up at the man with angry eyebrows showing above his shades. "Jinx this and I swear I'll kick you off the Towers." Back to his feet there's a decidedly mouse free decor around until they enter the gift shop.
Shopping won't take long since only a bare minimum of things need to be picked up right away and once the group has everything in hand they can head up to the rooms. Tony changes into the shorts he found and stuffs his wallet into a pocket before joining the Maximoffs. Luna is already on one of the double beds in that room with maps strewn about so Tony finds a spot to rest on the bed snatching a pen from the nearby table and starts circling things that Luna points out.

Luna would totally LOVE to see the shops. Her father sighs at Tony, but lets it happen. Doesn't take him long to get things juggled properly, and most of it all stuffed into his own pack. Good thing he packed light, oy! Luna wants a hat of course, and she wants that, and that, and can she have this? Hopefully Tony doesn't buy too much. "Must you?" Pietro asks in exasperation for the bags he of course ends up holding. Luna totally loves her hat and sprawls on the bed to help pick things out. Being as he's the bag man, the speedster drops things in a corner and sprawls in a chair to watch. Sigh. Well, Luna is enjoying herself at least.

Kaji raises his hands up with a smile, "Promise. I'm going to do nothing." He spins the card between his fingers for a moment before he nods, "I'll see ya guys later." The mutant wanders off towards the clothes stores; going through and picking out the amenities needed for the trip and some more warmer weather clothes. He heads down to Pietro's room after he gets dressed, in some cargo shorts, with a white T, under a blue button up shirt that's left open. He moves to sit down in another chair as he looks at the two on the bed, pulling out his own copy of the park map. But he's looking over it less enthusiastically.

Tony glances from Grumpy to Resigned then back to Luna. "Is this your plan?" Two maps have been shoved off to the side as not all that interesting. Two remain and one in particular looks like a mess of circled items. "We'll start with this and if we've time we can head over to the other park on Sunday. Better to enjoy what we can then rush around trying to get to it all." The scribbled map is folded then waved in the direction of those in chairs. "Are we ready for the monorail experience gentlemen?" Those needing sunscreen take care of that and their off to the Magic Kingdom via the ride on the monorail to the front gate where Tony will buy the tickets.

"This is." Luna says firmly as she lets Tony take the maps. "Okay!" Starting right now? Yay! Her teddy is left in the room, along with her new bags, and holding her father's hand you all make your way to the monorail. Pietro does disappear at one point, and reappear a couple minutes later wearing a straw hat. White hair and sunshine aren't a good combo. He's covered in sun screen and enjoys the ride. Mainly because his daughter is super excited and he can't help but feed off that. She's at Tony's side during the ticket buying. Can she help?! Can she? There's no money on the moon after all. "Come along, princess, leave the man breath a moment." The funny part, Luna /is/ a princess.

Kaji has the map of his adventures slipped into the back of his pocket, and the wolf just follows along. Chuckling to himself as he watches Luna interact with Tony. It's kind of cute actually, even if mentally they're both acting the same age. He looks over at Pietro and says, "I don't think we're going to be getting those two separated for more than a few minutes."

For his part Stark is busy speaking to the ticket seller when Luna appears wanting to offer a hand. "Not much to do other than hand over a card." Shows her the piece of plastic then pushes it through to the other person. When it's given back he has the four tickets and gives her the one that has Cinderella on it and the one that has Donald Duck. "Take those to your father." Approaching Kaji he hands over the Goofy ticket, and keeps the space ranger for himself. They all have to wait their turn before stepping through the turnstile and voila they're in!
There's not much to do walking through the first part underneath the train, and around the flower bed towards Main Street. Tony has memorized the map that Luna had worked on so if she wants the paper version he hands it over. There are various shops lining the street and the smells of various food are carried upon the light breeze. Almost comically Tony's head turns to the side and off he goes disappearing into a candy shop to return with a rice krispy treat that's more of a huge cube than anything else. Best part? It has a layer of chocolate across the top.

"Can I hand over the card?!" Kids. She wants to pay! So if Tony allows her to, Luna takes the card and immediately offers it to the clerk. Tony gets the card back of course. With the tickets Luna gleefully takes them to her father, who thanks her for them. Pietro is smiling softly and chuckles for Kaji's words. "So long as she doesn't annoy him that's fine." If Tony wants to hang out with Luna? He's okay with that. Tony would never do anything to hurt her. Once inside the park Luna gets some candied almonds from a vendor and chews on those while Tony gets himself a treat. Father and daughter are looking over things, and Luna gets a picture with one of the costumed characters. She's all dimples today to be sure. Pietro needs to get a camera. He really does. Luckily they have shops for those and he gets a nice digital one and a memory card.

Kaji watches Tony for a moment before he looks over at Pietro as he comes back with a camera. "By chance do have a leash for our friend here? Or maybe a GPS device." He snickers a bit before he looks over at the rest of the park, watching Luna for a second before he pulls his map out and mutters to himself as he looks for one of the rides he was going to go on. "Now then… to find the Space Mountain…"

Luna is allowed to shove the plastic card over for payment as it means something to her and Tony doesn't really care. This could turn out like a great two day vacation to recharge the batteries as it were. So Kaji wanted to go off to Tomorrow Land and Tony was torn in all directions which means he looks to the youngest member of the party. "Tomorrow Land?" If everyone is in agreement they head that way via the bridge. They did have to get in the water ride in Frontier Land before showing Luna the castle however. Munching on his candied treat Tony follows behind the others taking in the locations around him. Kaji's just going to have to suffer the Buzz Lightyear shooting ride, and Stitch's Great Escape before going into Space Mountain. Though the rides are mainly for kids Tony and Kaji must sit together in the space shooter taking out targets with little laser guns. Who would have thought that it could be that fun? Once out in the middle of the area before Space Mountain Tony gazes up at the building. "If I still had an RT my presence in there would probably scare the lives off other passengers as a moving light would be in the rocket itself."

Kaji shakes his head with a laugh as they get off of the shooting ride, it seems that Tony and the mutant got somewhere near the top; he didn't look. Maybe Tony did. It's been a long while since he's been to any kind of amusement park; and it's a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. He doesn't mind getting dragged through so many rides to get to the ones he wants to go on. But he does want to go onto the go-karts a few times. he looks over at Pietro and smirks before he just follows the group.

"Oh, good luck with that." To Kaji about the GPS on Tony. It earns a smile though. Tomorrow Land is acceptable, and so you all go! Pietro is dragged on the rides of course, and there are shrieks of laughter from Luna for the shooting ride. "Papa! Stop shooting everything! Nono.. Like this!" Strangely enough, they manage to get a truly lousy score for the simple fact Pietro tickles Luna through most of the ride, thus having shot more. Pietro never imagined he would enjoy himself, but he is. Especially because he gets to experience it all with his daughter. With Luna scampering ahead, the speedster finds Tony staring upwards. Seeks to settle a hand to the inventor's shoulder. "You're the best man I know." Doesn't explain that as he heads after his daughter.

GPS on Tony Stark? Yeah, he'll just put his location out in the middle of the Everglades for amusement purposes. No doubt Kaji will be going on Space Mountain several times then heading over to drive the small cars Tony finds that Pietro has zipped by in passing not bothering to explain what he takes as a compliment. Pietro knows a lot of good people and Stark certainly doesn't count himself amongst those. Shoving those thoughts aside he ventures into the shining metal dome until he notices how confining the space is inside and the sheer amount of people waiting in the line. Right back outside he goes and shoots the others a text message that he'll be wandering around Tomorrow Land and grab them fast passes for the cars. Of course what happens is that he grabs the Fast Passes then kicks back on the Tomorrow Land Transit Authority and may very well fall asleep as it winds around for the time it takes the others to get on rocket ride.

Luna leads her father on a merry adventure through Tomorrow Land. Pietro is amused to find that the two have been ditched by Stark and Kaji, but he can't be surprised. Knew it was a matter of time. So he lets the girl pick her rides. They wait in line, get snacks, experience more stomach churning adventure then he ever wanted to, and in the end he's a sleepy ten year old clutching a huge bear in one arm, and her father's hand in the other. Pietro has a bunch of bags as well, since they had enough rides and did a little shopping. As the afternoon winds down he digs his comm out of a pocket and tucks it around his ear. There are private channels he can use and he calls through one. "If you are done enjoying your nap, would you care to get some amazingly bad for you dinner?" That to Tony of course.

Though it wasn't intentional to let those two be ditched by the wolf and the billionaire, but it is fun for Kaji to watch Tony pout as the mutant just owns at the go-karts! Though payback came shortly after when Tony dragged Kaji onto It's A Small World. Kaji swears he lost a few IQ points coming off of that right. Though he's sure that Tony had a way to block his hearing, damn nearly cyborg person.

The nap was rather nice though torturing Kaji proved far better a pursuit. As the pair are currently spinning around in the tea cups out in Fantasy Land Tony adjusts the large Mad Hatter hat atop his head and answers the call from Pietro. "There's actually a decent place over in New Orleans. We'll meet you over at the Pirates." Hopefully Luna will gain a second wind like kids are capable of doing when they get interested in something. Who wouldn't be interested in the Pirates of the Carribean area? The spinning tea cups stop their mad dance as the pair wobbles out nearly tripping over the tiny metal gate around the ride. Eventually they meet up with Pietro and Luna and enter the restaurant part of the Pirates ride. It's a very dark area within the ride itself that is lit by over hanging lanterns and candle lit pieces on the tables. Very themed and serves amazing food including a desert that Tony's determined to eat all by himself.

Pietro places a light hand on that hat of Tony's, smiling for it, and his daughter laughs as they meetup at Pirates. She's wearing Minny ears herself, a large bow to one side. The speedster himself has a boring straw hat still, but then his was picked so that he didn't have a full head of sunburn. The two are loaded down with bags. "I found a new dress for Barbie!" Luna tells Tony as they head for that table. She prattles on a while about the things she's seen, and that Papa didn't let her buy the car she was drooling over. He's such a cruel man. Pietro can only shrug as he drops bags off. "I didn't feel like carrying around a hundred pounds of electric car that goes a mile an hour." Still the big meanie. "But it was pink." Luna protests. "Yes, yes it was. We're picking food now, Luna, not telling the world what a heartless father I am." Sounds so worried, doesn't he?

Kaji nearly trips over a little kid as they wobble out of the tea cup ride, and he's smiling beside himself because of it. When they get tot he ride, he just leans back in the seat and just relaxes for the moment. He ordered something that he likes, something seafood dish to go with the ride that they're sitting next to and that he was in the mood for fish.

Luna prattles on about Barbie's new outfits and what she's seen so far. For the most part Tony is amused and takes it all in stride. Of course Barbie had to have a new outfit for she was dating Iron Man now! Hopefully he paid for it. At the table everyone is brought over gumbo, salads and eventually their meals. They can talk and listen to the ghosts of dead pirates heckling poor fools sailing to their doom. They would all be going on the ride after dinner that's for sure.
An assortment of various creme brulee is brought out for dessert and Tony shares The Flying Dutchman dessert with Luna as the sheer size of the dessert was a multiple person undertaking as you could literally eat the entire ship including the treasure chest. Stuffed by food they wind their way around to actually ride the ride. It's no surprise that they go back through one more time. What a rag tag crew they make. A hat less swabbie, an islander, a man mad as a hat, and Princess Minnie. Fear them!

No, Pietro paid for it, but he doesn't mention that. Luna also shows the outfit Iron Man will soon be wearing. Totally ignoring the fact that the action figure she has doesn't come out of the armor. That's totally besides the point. Tony is told in detail about this and the beach house. Whether he wants to hear about it or not. Luna hasn't quite grasped yet that Tony = Iron Man. Her father is vastly amused, but then he knew this already. The poor staff at the restaurant as well. Pietro eats quite a lot with his metabolism, as does Tony. They pack away distressing amounts of food, but even Pietro is daunted at the dessert that Tony orders. He helps out a little when people aren't paying attention. No one misses a spoonful or eight, do they?
After the second ride, helping Luna out of the boat, along with their wealth of bags, he says, "It might be time to at least stop by the hotel room. Did you have anything else in mind?"

The wolf shifter has a high metabolism as well, he packs away a good bit. Though Kaji can't keep up with the likes of Tony and Pietro, so he's just content with eating his own fill and then stealing spoonfuls of Tony's dessert later. Even if he has to have a spoon sword fight to get at it. During the ride, he enjoys it quite well! Even if he gets a bit wet from sitting on the edge of the boat. Why'd he get that seat anyway. He looks over at Pietro and shrugs, "I'm good for the day. It's been a full one." Then he looks over at Tony.

Dinner had been glorious, and the ride had certainly been amusing. Even the second go around had been equally as entertaining due to the singing puppets. Tony's not so interested in the Barbie Beach House but finds it all amusing none the less. Once outside with the afternoon sun beating down upon them Pietro seems to want to return to the hotel due to his burden. "You do realize there are enormous lockers for this?" Tony had to think of everything! Luna of course pulls out her map to be helpful and they can find the nearest locker where they shove the goodies in and keep the key. "Plan? Wander around for a bit more and…" sends a text message to the gentlemen about what is over at the Castle. "Enjoy an hour of lounging about." In order to head towards the castle one must pass through Frontierland where they are. Luna and Kaji are ahead and chatting. Pietro seems focused on what is ahead so he doesn't see the mischievous smirk as Tony comes about to stop Pietro dead in his tracks on what appears to be to be a tiny wooden bridge. He's discussing what can be done for the remainder of the day and when the moment is right he takes a few steps back quickly so Pietro ends up slammed from the side by a wall of water.

Honestly, few adults would be interested in Luna's Barbie adventures, but Pietro appreciates that Tony listens as much as he does. As the lockers are pointed out, the speedster looks exasperated. "Completely ignoring the fact I could have everything in the room and be back in three seconds. Which is why I'm asking. Are we doing more, or can we return and tuck my very tired daughter into bed?" "I'm not tired!" He doesn't even look at her. Merely arches an eyebrow. And it seems he's putting things in the room. Leaves Luna with you two for a few seconds, and returns in the blink of an eye.
The bridge stopping has him confused, but Pietro totally falls for it. Loses his hat too. Luna squeals as she's caught by part of it, and then she's laughing herself silly. The speedster's eyes are bright as he glares at Tony. "Lounging." Those two locks are of course soaked and dangling before his face.

Kaji stops just before the bridge, watching this take place with a chuckle. He had lagged behind to look at something, and apparently it helped him miss a splashing! He heads back closer to the group as he chuckles. He keeps his mouth shut though as he puts his hands in his dry pockets and just walks along with the group.

"What?" Not his fault Pietro wasn't paying attention to the eminent doom. Luna is falling all over herself with laughter, Pietro's a drowned rat, and Kaji seems to be amused. This shall be considered a successful executed plan as it worked out flawlessly. "Yes, lounging." Quickly moves away before one if not both men try to toss him into the path of the next wave of water going over the bridge.
Destination Castle. Interior? Princess Boutique. Result? Probable Girlish squealing and an hour of time for the adults to linger nearby enjoying the afternoon breeze and perhaps a beverage. A trip to the Magic Kingdom couldn't be complete without a princess visiting the princess shop. It was a good way to call it a day and later they could all watch the fireworks show from the beach at the resort. For now they had the hour to themselves sitting at an outdoor table.

No, of course this isn't Tony's fault at all. And as he's slicking his hair back Pietro realizes that he's lost his hat. Damn it. Peers down over the side of the bridge, but doesn't see anything. That poor hat. He barely got to wear it! Wringing out his shirt, the speedster seems to take this in good grace. What other choice does he have really? He approves of the boutique, and lounges in the sun to dry off a little. "Thank you for doing this for her." He's not much fooled by Tony, but he can at least say thank you. "We really should have done the boutique tomorrow though. Now she'll have to take it off in a couple of hours." Can of course wear it tomorrow, but her hair and make up? Sad Luna!

Kaji just lounges as everyone goes shopping and has fun with Luna. He finds one of the seats that has the right amount of sun and shade and he just relaxes there as everyone does their thing. Though if Luna comes out and shows off her outfit, Kaji will surely compliment it.

The Mad Hatter hat gets tipped backwards as Tony leans back into a chair sipping on a drink through a straw that bends all over the place. "You're welcome." It's not often that Pietro gets time with his daughter and he knows neither has had much fun outside of a brief trip to the zoo some time ago. It also gave him an opportunity to enjoy some time with friends as things have been getting out of control and stressful as of late. "Come Monday we'll all be back to trying to put an end to the latest crisis. I've been researching several names that have been passed on to me, as well as preparing to put Dingo down for the count. I figure I can make time for friends amongst the laundry list of things that I've to do."

"Dingo." Says the name with disgust. "My father seems to be scraping the bottom of the barrel with his lackeys these days." Pietro doesn't think much of Bruce. Doesn't believe Magneto is behind all this stuff however. Magneto would have at least planned better. Or /had/ a plan. "If you need my help, count me in. On any of it." He pauses then to stretched, looking entirely lazy through the motion. His own drink is on the table and mostly ignored as the speedster leans forward and rests on his arms. "I assume you needed the break more than we." Noted with a smile. "I know things have been mounting around you lately." The speedster does pay attention. He also totally needs a new hat.

Kaji looks over at the two as he just stretches his arms above his head. "Same here, Tony. You can count on me to help you along the way." As if you'd do anything without him on this grand of a scale. He crosses one leg over the other, leaning on the chair's armrest as he then adds on, "Though, it is nice to have this little vacation. In more ways that one, it's been a while since we've had some actual fun.”

Tony moves the straw back and forth in the cup. "I appreciate the support far more than I'll admit to." There's a smile for that before he takes to draining a quarter of his drink in one go. It was rather good! "I would hate to bring the good mood down by talking shop but if I am going to play detective and track down the parties involved in the drug trade I am going to need your help. Both of you."

Knowing that Luna is pretty much immune from this mutant drug due to being normal human, Pietro is none the less glad the girl will be back with her mother before this starts. "Of course." A firm nod about Tony needing his help. That's what he just offered after all. Resists the urge to stop Tony from making that really annoying sound with the straw. At least he's soon downing most of that drink, leaving the Speedster idly watching some of the other tourists. Tis nice when people don't recognize Tony. Never worries about that for himself. He may as well be invisible. "I don't mind talking shop." As he looks back, eyes seeming pale blue in the sunlight. "Detective about the Kick issue, yes?" Hasn't heard much being on reserve.

Kaji leans back in the chair for a moment as he stretches his arms above his head. "Talking shop is something that you do best, Tony. That and play pranks on people." He quirks a smile before he sits up and turns in his chair to look at the other two more straight on. The slurping sound of the straw makes him eye Tony for a moment before he just waits for more talk to go.

Tony continues to move the contents of his cup around with the funky straw while speaking. "Kick mostly. You're both aware of MGH for obvious reasons and there has been a rash of abductions related to that. I've been in contact with Mr. Wilks as he's found out some information that I need to follow up on." Pauses a moment to have another drink and allow for the tourist crowd to thin out around the table. Seeing that Pietro's all but dried out Tony pulls his hat off his head and scoots it across the table towards Pietro. There's a smile turned Kaji's way for the compliment.
"When I'm allowed to finish a sentence that is," chuckles. "Reed got back to me about the case of Toad Juice my resident trouble maker came upon. It's a rather nasty biological drug that gives the user vivid hallucinations. It isn't fatal to the mutant population but it is however fatal to humans. Reed is working on something to counter the effects but with the drug effectively killing a human user quickly the likelihood of a counter agent working to save lives is slim." Setting the cup down Tony crosses one leg over the other then drapes his arms along the arms of the chair. "Which leads me to the obvious. We need to track down Toad. I seriously doubt your father is going to give us an address and a phone number for one of his associates."

The hat has eyebrows arching, but the speedster only looks bemused otherwise. Runs a hand back over his hair as he straightens from the table, and pulls that hat on. Keeps it at a jaunty angle as well. He doesn't make mention of pranks for he will get Tony back. Just not this moment. Instead he rests back in his chair, crosses his legs and looks good in his hat. "I doubt it, but it bares asking." About Magneto. Pietro hasn't heard of this Toad issue. Toad. Ew. There's such a look of distaste for that mutant. Toad is icky. "Talk about scraping the bottom of that barrel.. I can contact my father if you don't wish to deal with the man. I promise nothing, but if I can be given a better idea of what is going on he may very well give Toad up. He might also have no idea where that one is."
Almost amused over that one. "Toad has had nearly as many falling outs as I have with Magnus." Can't help but smile over that. "That it kills humans.. that could be something Magneto approves of." Sad that. His father is so crazy.

Kaji listens to the information, just silently taking in all that he can about the situation. Leaning back in his chair for the moment before he says, "I've heard about Kick. And I've also heard about what it can do to mutants. Granted, there is the idle curiosity for what it'd do to shifters. But I doubt it'd do very much." He shrugs at that before he looks over at Pietro and Tony, "And now you two have lost me on who Toad is. Sure I've heard the name, but I've never really have the misfortune to actually meet him."

Tony shudders for the hell of it as a reaction to Kaji's unknowing of Toad. "Trust us," a decent pause to glance across his shoulder to his friend. "You would rather not have the misfortune of meeting this individual. Though I'm quite certain all he would do is spit at you and pounce. He wouldn't want to get his tongue anywhere near the fur." It would be rather amusing to see what would happen should that ever occur. To Pietro, "Any assistance with your father would be most welcome. I am sure he and I could have a civil discourse though he is under no obligation to reveal what he knows. It is just something that needs to be attempted for the hell of it. I can also contact Emma or try and track the man down myself."

The look on Pietro's face says that he agrees with Tony on that shudder. "Be glad." His expression is decidedly sour. "Toad is a despicable being. Entirely disgusting on many levels, and I'm not speaking of his power." Which is also ew. Finally takes a mouthful of his own drink and downs it. No playing with straws since he doesn't have one. "I promise nothing, but contacting him is amazingly easy these days. Leave word at the Genosha embassy he built in Mutant Town." For all that's dangerous at the moment. "I'll call there tonight." Yes, he does have it on his phone. It's his father. Hasn't even told people where Magnus is staying in town, because, well, family. Even if he doesn't agree with the man. That tie remains. "We should be able to arrange something for when we return."

Kaji chuckles a bit. "I'll take your word for it." Then he pauses for a second. "Wait, he spits? That's… just nasty." He shudders himself before he leans on the table, and lets the two men who know what they're talking about do what they do best. Kaji's never had the chance to really meet Magneto.

Tony snickers, "I am able to contact him myself as he did give me a cell made directly from his own armor." No lie! "I figured it would go over better should I exploit ties." Why not have Pietro involved? It couldn't hurt the situation. That and if for some reason Tony says something that ends up getting him rearranged from the inside out Pietro will know what to do with what's left of him. "Will definitely need to hit Magnus up when we return before life gets carried away again."
With drink drained Tony glances back over at the recumbent Kaji. "Spit. As in so thick that it literally has to be blasted off. Take a moment to pull up the file on him in the Avenger database it's sure to make you wear a hazmat suit when we do knock on his door." And by knocking he means kicking it in at the very least. Noting the time Tony disposes of his empty drink cup and points a finger towards the Castle. "We gentlemen have a princess to escort. We don't want to be late do we?"

That isn't necessarily true. Pietro could easily make things worse. He and Magneto are like water and oil on a hot skillet. Too much alike, yet believing in all different things, to truly get along well. There is a look of confusion. "Armor?" Magneto is making armor? That's not something he would have expected. Pushing back his hat some to give Tony a curious look. All he needs is a jacket and he'd be perfect. His eyes are already distinctive. Then there's talk of Toad. "Let's not forget that his spit also has mind control aspects." A nod, hat resettled, and he's rising to his feet. "It certainly has been long enough. Let's see what damage she's done." Leaves his drink on the table.

Kaji's face turns to slight disgust at the description of Toad's spit, and he lets out an ugh afterwards. "Any more talk about it and I think I might lose my lunch." Then Pietro speaks up before he lets out a laugh, "Yeah… remind me to read up on him when I get a chance to." Then at the moment of escorting Luna, he chuckles, "I'd offer to be her horse. But, sadly; I can't change into that."

"No, Magneto is not making armor." Tony shakes his head and starts walking towards the castle at the center of the park. "What other term would I use? Costume? Girly colored outfit?" Spins around to see where he's walking instead of walking backwards to talk to the others. As they catch up to him Tony cuts Kaji a glance. "You do realize that fathers are defaulted to horsey status when their children are born. It's a known fact!" Into the castle they avoid the crowd heading right for the room that looks like someone exploded a giant bottle of Pepto Bismol. There are sparkling and glittering designs about and overly cheery women pretending to be fairy godmothers. It's rather cute over all and Tony has to pity the young boys who are sharing the same space to be done up as Knights.

"He wears his underwear on the outside?" Pietro even mockingly hitches up his jeans a little. "We all had terribly costumes back in the day. Magneto seems unable to change however." That green thing he wore. Yeah, underwear on the outside indeed. "I'll go buy the pink car." This for being expected to be the horse. So not doing that. Pietro shakes his head at it all, and the exploded pink color in here. Wow. Been in here once to drop the girl off and still can't believe it on the pick up. Luna however is radiant, and completely dolled up. "Papa!" She squeals and rushes over, skirts everywhere. Pietro can't help himself and scoops her up to spin her around. "Is my princess happy?" Luna most certainly is! Wearing a long, pink gown, with her hair done up, and fake gems gleaming on the tiara woven there. Even down to her adorable sparkly shoes.

Kaji chuckles a bit at the comment about the horses being fathers. "This is true, from what I've seen downtown in New York." He looks over at the giant pink room and even he has to give a slight grunt in slight disgust to the mass of pink. "I think they could use some more pink in there. I don't think they have enough." Comments Kaji to Tony as he leans close enough to mutter before he looks over at the boys getting dressed up like nights. He hms a bit before he smirks, "Shame this is Disneyworld. Else I could have fun reenacting old werewolf tales. Ya know, steal the princess so the knights have to come save her."

Laughter erupts as mention of costumes of old bring up some visuals best left back in the day for good reason. What in the world had people been thinking back then? "Right, the car that goes one mile an hour. She could be ferried faster than that by her willing court." As an aside to Kaji, "I'm sure there are spots in here that are not sickeningly pink. Though if you pointed it out they would probably buzz over, wave their magic wand, and that would be the end of that." Luna comes into view looking radiant and has a little wand to boot! When the spinning slows down Tony extends his hand and gallantly leans in to smooch the back of her hand. "You look radiant my dear Princess Maximoff." Since everything was taken care of in advance and one of the fairy godmothers has handed Pietro a few pictures they are free to escape the boutique. "So, Iron Man, the Big Bad Wolf and the King are escorting the Princess back to the Polynesian."

With Luna on an arm, and pictures in the other, you all can leave the shop. Luna beams at Tony for her kiss, but then she looks disappointed. "We can't go back yet! I want to walk around." You know, show off her dress. Wearing it has given her that second wind. It brings Pietro to look at the two men. "I have no issue with that." Let the princess flounce around a little. Meet others and gossip a bit. Does give Tony a bit of a strange look for the King bit. Totally not King. (Still not King!) "We can walk back to the hotel. Is that acceptable?" "Ice cream?" "You must be developing powers, my love. I was thinking that. Yes, we should definitely buy Tony ice cream." "Hee!"

Kaji chuckles a bit at Tony before he shakes his head. "Knowing my luck, they'd wave their wands at me and I'd turn pink. You wouldn't want a pink wolf, would you?" Then he looks over at Luna with a smile, "I agree, Luna. You look astounding in that dress. I'm sure your daddy here will take you for a royal stroll around the castle, or even beyond." Or she'll just ride in the car and have Pietro pull it.

"You'd be ready for Easter," Tony points out to Kaji as they head out to the front of the Castle where people move to and fro over the bridge and around the giant statue surrounded by flowers. "I've no problem with wandering around with the princess nor getting ice cream. There's an ice cream parlor on Main Street. It's right near that shop where I acquired that massive rice krispy treat." With that the gentlemen can escort the princess through Main St to the Plaza Parlor where they can spend quite a lot of time looking over the flavors of ice cream then walk their way back towards the resort. Tony? He opted the waffle cone with four different flavors. "Shall we all meet outside on the beach to watch the fireworks display? That should be in about three hours."

People never expect Pietro to be the patient one, but he very much is. Perhaps too patient. Putting Luna down, you four walk to the ice cream shop and pick your treats. Luna gets herself a little cup of ice cream because her father isn't letting her risk the dress quite yet. He gets himself a waffle cone as well, just not as large. As that's being prepared he does a familiar blur and then appears right next to Tony. There's a sudden storm of whip cream and fudge all over the inventor. Just as Tony is attempting to take a lick of his ice cream. Pietro gets out of arms reach, stopping with the implements of sweet destruction just so people see that it was him, and he idly licks off a bit of fudge from a finger. "Tasty."

Tony is about to bite off a bit of ice cream when suddenly there is a woosh about his person and he blinks to find his hair gooped with fudge and whip cream as is most of his chest and hands. People about the ice cream parlor are shocked, Kaji's reaction is something that can't be seen as Tony hasn't moved. The billionaire licks across his lips then brushes one hand across the waffle cone leaving most of the glop on his ice cream then does the same with the opposite hand. "Hold this," he says handing his cone over to a stunned employee. Tony pulls his shirt overhead, wipes up a bit including a bit of goo off his head then retakes his cone. Walks past a trash bin shoving the shirt into the bin and eating the mound of topping off the cone as he steps out onto Main St.

Pietro puts the containers on the glass covering the ice cream and accepts his own cone. Luna started laughing only to stop at Tony's reaction. "Papa?" This as Tony is outside, and the speedster rubs at her back. "It'll be alright, my love. Come on." No, he isn't sorry he did it. If Tony wants to play pranks he's going to have to live with the consequences. Father and daughter trail after inventor back to the hotel, eating ice cream on the way, enjoying the fire works. Luna's very pink dress is hung up somewhere safe as she changes into her pajamas and after that there's some television before the Maximoff's do retire to bed. The girl is out like a light.

In summary: Day One closes out with fireworks watching and sleep for most. Tony spends the majority of the night sitting out on the balcony of his room with his datapad and a drink working on various angles that need to be followed in regards to the messages and data that he has in his possession. Day Two Begins with Luna being able to attend and all you can eat character breakfast where Stitch, Lilo and various Disney characters hang out while kids and adults can eat Mickey Mouse shaped Belgian waffles. To start the day off Tony is already out at the beach playing a round of volleyball with a few other people and can be caught flirting with various people around the poolside. Plans? Hit the Animal Kingdom and finish off the Day at the Rain Forrest Cafe before heading back to New York.

Waffles are amazing, and Pietro leads Luna out to the beach to find the recluse.. who's not being very reclusive this morning. "You missed some amazing waffles." Pietro notes, expecting Tony to be grumpy with him.

The wolf mutant heads to his room, tired from all the walking today. Even the fun wore out the mutant as he trudged into his room and locked the door behind him. With the shucking of his clothes, he just curled up on the bed as a wolf to recuperate for the next morning. Easiest way to get rid of any sore limbs and whatnot! The morning however would be an interesting one as Kaji met Tony on the beach and made a bet with him. For the inventor to throw the frisbee as far as he could and the wolf would retrieve it. If he couldn't within a respectable time, Kaji would do something for Tony. If Kaji got it back, Tony would do something for him.

Before Pietro and Luna can approach Tony the man is turning a frisbee over in his hand and makes certain that he understands the terms of this bet Kaji is proposing. With confirmation Tony turns not to throw the frisbee down the long length of white sand but launches it out across the seven seas lagoon. It's sailing pretty nicely through the air. Have fun!
Trying not to appear too smug Tony turns toward Pietro and Luna addressing the shorter of the two. "The waterfall is fun as is the slide. I was heading back over there if you want to swim about the volcano for awhile." To her father, "Did you make certain you had added enough toppings to your waffles?"

That frisbee is launched out over the bay, only to disappear somewhere about midway. Luna sighs as the breeze ruffles her hair, but she merely straightens it as her father offers Kaji back the disk, not really having looked like he moved at all. "I certainly did. Did you enjoy them?" Add enough toppings, and there's a smile for it. Luna rolls her eyes. Adults. Can't live with them, can't live without them. The Madhatter hat has been left behind to protect it, and the speedster is thus sadly hatless. "Swimming sounds nice as well." Both are wearing suits, but only Luna's is obvious. Pietro is wearing shorts and a tshirt today, covering that.

The wolf lets out a soft growl at Tony as he looks over at the inventor. His tail lashing back and forth before his ears perk up at the offered disk! He takes it in his mouth before he looks back at Tony. Kaji has a smug look over his face as his tail starts to wag before he pads over towards Luna and offers the frisbee to her. Throw?

The frisbee is brought back, and Kaji seems to think that this means he's won the bet. "The bet is void. You didn't bring it back therefore no dice Scooby." Glances over at Pietro pushing his shades up to rest atop his hair. "Really? This isn't over between us by a long shot Speedy." There is a child nearby so the revenge attempts will occur at a later time. Luna is peering down at the disk in the wolfs mouth and Tony reaches up to rub three fingers across the base of his go-t. "You know, someone might call animal control on him. If they haven't already." Glasses are pulled back down to cover his eyes as he playfully shoves at Pietro's shoulder.

Pietro totally is wearing his Stark made sunglasses too. What else would he be wearing. There's a rare grin as Tony pushes at his shoulder. The man doesn't say anything about that, but he clearly doesn't think it should end. Luna meanwhile eyes the wolf dubiously. No, she actually isn't afraid, just a little confused. Then the girl remembers something and takes that frisbee. She's seen Pietro do this. Brightening, Luna launches the frisbee off in a wildly random direction. Sorry, not great at it, but it's still fun. Pietro meanwhile shades his eyes even if he doesn't have to. "If he gives her fleas I'm calling them myself."

The wolf looks over at Tony with a huff before the frisbee is thrown, and he takes off after it. She only gets one throw for the wolf as he comes running back. He drops the frisbee at her feet before he buries himself under one of the large beach towels he dropped down before those two got here. There's a moment of ruffling before Kaji lifts it up off of himself; fully human and clothed. "Tony, you're a jerk. Can't even do one nice thing without you tryin' to jinx it." He lets out a mock sigh before he shrugs.

"So says the one that started the trip off by saying that something would happen," Tony tosses back. While Luna is trying to figure out what just happened with Kaji he scoops her up and carries her off towards the pool. She's laughing and failing to get Tony to put her down. He eventually lets her down at the stairs for the shallow end of the pool. Tony walks a bit out along the side of the pool and drops down so that it's at waist height.

The morning is full of fun as Luna gets to not only play around the pool with children her age but she has quite the time with her father, Kaji and Tony. There are times when she falls all over herself laughing as the adults are out to apparently drown each other at various points. Kaji enjoys the water slide quite a bit and after a time Pietro and Stark are kicked back on beach chairs with drinks in hand looking the picture of relaxed.
After a quick rinse off and change of clothing back in the rooms the fantastic four take the car over to Animal Kingdom where they spend the day riding the rides, watching the shows, and seeing the animals on the safari tour. After a long day of walking dinner was had at the Rain Forest Cafe where enormous amounts of food were consumed, drinks the size of one's forearm were dispatched and they all shared a erupting volcano dessert. Sadly once back at the resort hotel they had to gather up their belongings, help Pietro with the sea of shopping bags in his room, and carry a very tuckered out little girl not only to the car but up into the Stark Jet.

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