2011-08-23: Time To Go Home


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Summary: Connor and Heather go back to The Hideout to find Robyn.

Date: Date the log took place.

Log Title: Time To Go Home

Rating: PG

Mindbender and Upgrade's Hideout.

Heather arrives back at the office where all the kids were being held, wearing the regular thrift clothes she tends to, but still having her goggles on over her eyes. "You have to walk like a knight's move, now that they're gone. It's how they lock it up. One two hopper! Robyn's in here, I know he must be in here, this is the place I saw through the glitches…" She scratches lightly at the bandages over her arms briefly, before deciding that's a bad idea. "Remember, one two hops."

Intercepted in New York traffic, Connor's presence at the office is one of almost a nervous tension. Since he has it available, a quick change in the back for the black-armored 'Volk' suit leaves him at least prepared for anything bad, but he's armed with nothing but a knife and a crowbar versus anything else the world might throw against the two. From under the mask, "If you say so, Heather… I wish I could remember how to make the goggles in the suit work… ugh… too much taken for granted…" Someone's off his game, but the outfit hides it wel.

The last few days Robyn has exhausted himself trying to get out of the closet he's trapped in. It hasn't been easy seeing that he's been stuck in a straight jacket. He's tried turning the door knob, banging against the walls and yelling for help but he's had no luck. Now he's just lying on the floor, his cheek pressed against the cool of the floor as he wonders if he's going to be able to get out of here.

Heather plays her tape recorder at the highest volume, "Robyn! Robyn!" She glances backwards towards Connor and then starts making steps on the tile in the movements that a knight piece might be. "We're here for you, I have a juice pak in my sweater, now we just have to find your mouth."

Connor slings a backpack over his armored back, shifting it until it sits, and begins to walk slowly in pattern as Heather has indicated, saying out loud, "ROBYN! ROBYN! We're HERE! OLLY OLLY OXEN FREE!" And at the comment about the juice box, he says a bit more quietly, "I brought subway and some Mrs. Fields… I can go without a lunch… dangit… where IS he?"

"Heather?" The muffled voice of Robyn can be heard through a wall. "Heather! Connor!" He shouts as he struggles to stand up. "I'm in here….where ever here is!" He yells

Heather blinks a few times as she reviews her recorder and then looks towards Connor. As it turns out, a tape recorder is an unreliable way to detect direction, though she plays in response, "We will be right there! Connor will lead me to your voice!"

Connor shakes his head, and then flips the crowbar, and takes it to bang against one way… SHAVE AND A HAIRCUT… then the opposite wall. Moving forwards to the next ten foot expanse, he repeats… *bump bump BANGBANG bump.*. Each step becomes even more nervous while he tries to do this and follow Heather's gestures of command as to where to step.

"It's a closet of some sort!" Robyn yells wondering if that helps at all. He can see the door on his end, barely but that's mainly because his eyes have adjusted to the small dark closet. Once he's finally standing he bangs against the wall with his shoulder. TWO PENCE

"Lets round the corner, there's probably a door or a false door," says Heather to Connor, walking past him with her careful steps and gesturing for Connor to follow them exactly. She then points at an area of wall. "Colour is coming from there."

Connor moves carefully around the corner from the wall where Heather points, still looking around for a door, and once more bangs on the wall he got a response from, saying with a nervous chuckle, "Kinda like Marco Polo…" Licking his lips and sweating under the suit, to the point that he pulls back the mask/cowl covering his head and taking several deep breaths, "I think it's down here!"

The banging on the wall starts to slow down a bit and become less forceful as Robyn doesn't have that much energy to exert. "Over here." He says as he starts to kick the wall as hard as he can. "I don't know how much longer I can keep this up." Not having anything to eat or drink for a few days has really put it's toll on him.

Heather just uses the colours, rather than listening to what Robyn is actually saying, to find it and then says, "This must be a false wall. I do not know how to open it… I think we can tear it down, but then we will have to move out quickly."

Connor yells out, "ALLRIGHT ROBYN. MOVE TO THE CENTER OF THE ROOM!" And drawing the knife from his side, he flips it and hands it to Heather, taking the crowbar in both hand in the meantime. Moving to the right side, he baseball swings the hook right into the wall, and leverage-pulls the dig. When the crowbar comes free, he repeats the gesture, slightly lower now, huffing with each time as he does this, "This… really… sucks!" Snarling as he works his hardest.

Robyn shuffles himself to the center of the room, flopping to the floor as he curls up in on himself as best as he can. "What…what are you doing?" He asks as he's not sure why he has to move to the center of the room. He's also wondering why Connor isn't teleporting.

The door starts to come down, and light pours into the room that Robyn is in. Heather tries her best to held the process move along, all the while keeping her feet in the right positions. She plays reassuringly, "We'll be right in, we're knocking down the door. I will get you this juice pack, right away. It's purple flavoured."

Connor flips around to the pry-end of the crowbar, and bracing against the wall, he starts to pull and work the wall a bit more, grunting and straining a bit as he says, "I brought you a sandwich. I hope you like meatball sub." Repeatedly, he tries to get that wall-space open, one foot now pressed against the wall close by, and perilously close to setting off something from a mis-step.

"Purpled flavoured sounds great." Robyn says to Heather as he blinks as the light starts to hit him. He looks away for a bit as he waits for them to tell him it's done and it's safe to move. "Please don't talk about food right now." He begs as the days of dehydration make him feel sick at the thought of food.

The wall, which is made to be possible to open, eventually becomes broken enough that it does. Upon seeing the straightjacket, Heather plays, "Connor, undo the straps. I have purple juice…" She kneels down and puts the straw into the juicebox, holding it up for Robyn to drink. "I have another, too, if you need to drink more, but we need to get out right away after this is done."

Connor kneels down behind Robyn then, and starts working at the straps, muttering under his breath, "Why do I know this place… this is getting really creepy for me." He starts with getting the arms free, one at a time, then begins on the bottom-most buckles as he says, "Heather's been looking for you for days… since she broke free from her parents. She caught up with me on the way here… sorry… really… we should have made them tell us where you were."

Robyn lets out a soft cry of pain as his arms have been stuck in that position for a long time and moving them again is quite stiff. He's gotten quite the facial growth of a beard and he's dressed in a pair of sweat pants and a plain t-shirt under the straitjacket. Once the straps are on done he uses Connor's help to wiggled out of it. Before he can say anything he's drinking from the juice box. "Thanks." He says panting by the end of that. "Ooo, I drank that too fast. And Connor..don't worry about it. You didn't know just…I want to get out of here." He looks at Heather and smiles at her. "You're safe."

"Yes, I am," plays Heather, smiling at Robyn in return, "And now you are too. We are all safe." She pulls out the second juicebox and says, "We're going to get you home and showered. This place doesn't smell nice… Are your legs okay? Are you injured? They should not have done what they did to you, you did not deserve it."

Connor helps to prop Robyn up in the meantime after he's gotten free, and then says with a slightly pained look, "You're… ahhh… not going to believe this… but… I got all your stuff here. All I knew I was supposed to pack you up… not much else. So we've got your clothes and a van you can lay in the back of."

Robyn shakes his head. "I think I annoyed your father too much." There's almost a smile on his face at that. "My legs are fine and I'm not injured just…I'm really thirsty still and don't feel that great." He then gives Heather a big hug. "You didn't deserve any of that either and they shouldn't have done it to you but, I'm glad you're okay." He breaks the hug and then Connor gets one as well. "Let's just get out of here and to a shower. I don't care about my stuff right now." He's got too much to think about before he can think about other things.

Heather nods at Robyn, returning the big hug and says, "I think you annoyed him too much, too. You did very well. You were a good companion. Remember, step in knight steps, just in case we haven't already broken everything. This building will likely demolition itself soon either way, so we should hurry."

"Waitwaitwait… EXPLOSIVE?!" Connor all but shouts out, and then starts to move with the hugging Robyn to stand up, trying to get him mobile again, "C'mon… we'll get you outta here… we just gotta be… real… real… careful." Frowning and panting from sweat and exertion, he starts to move Robyn along towards the doorway, and then nods to Heather, "Break the trail for us please."

Robyn leans on Connor as he needs help to walk. Not because he's injured but more because he still doesn't have that much energy. "Why don't you just teleport us out of here?" He asks Connor as he isn't surprised by what Heather says. "Thanks Connor, for visiting my mind while I was in there. It was what I needed and it's how I know this is all real."

Heather nods quickly at Connor and takes her own steps quite carefully, showing what she opines to be the optimal trail to the doorway out, looking back every couple of steps to make sure that she's being followed. "You might not remember it Connor, but you helped out quite a lot."

"Yeah… I'm getting a lot of that lately. And I'd rather not remember the stuff I do…" Connor says as he moves Robyn along with himself slowly, and says with a bit of a sullen tone, "Can't. I'm burned out… I ahhh… well, some are calling it a power-sprain… but the report from the medical ward was that my X-gene has been rendered dormant." Words spoken between his heavy pants of breath while moving in the Knight's moves, "Believe me… I am soooooooooooo missing it right now, dude."

Robyn tries to keep up, clinging to Connor, but his steps aren't as sure as he wants them to be. He counts to himself softly the steps of a night but it definitely seems like he's about to step off the path as he struggles. "Connor…that's….I'm sure you'll get them back, right? I mean future you had powers, I met him." He says slowing his steps slightly in shock at the news.

Heather glances back as she hears a click from Robyn's less than sure stepping and plays, "Let's hurry hurry hurry." She turns back and says, "Connor, run, I will carry Robyn out…" With those words, she moves to do just that.

"Run? Wait… SHIT!" And pushing Robyn into Heather's arms he bolts for the door, only nominally remembering the pattern as he steps as quickly as possible, bouncing with the agility that the Danger Room can instill when you play hard in it!

Robyn grabs onto Heather as he knows she can carry him from being in the Land of Meat with her. "Shit…I'm sorry." He says as he clings to Heather and clothes his eyes. He just hopes that they are able to make it out of the building in time.

Heather holds onto Robyn and zips towards the exit, tapping on all the tiles as she heads in that direction. She makes a few squeaking sounds before hopping out of the door, putting Robyn down, and getting ready to go back in for Connor, though it seems he is making excellent time regardless.

Connor does the classic leaproll out of the building, tucking his shoulder into it, just in time for the first explosions to go off inside, starting just inside the door to block anyone escaping. Sliding to a stop right at Robyn and Heather's feet, he coughs a couple times, and says as he looks up, "Hi. Soooo… umm…. yeah. This is your rescue. We're kinda like the cable guy… we arrive between just too soon, and almost kinda late."

"Well since we're out of the building lets just keep on going, we don't want to get hit by the explosion." Robyn doesn't know how big it's going to be. "Besides I don't think I want to be around when the cops come to inspect an explosion and….I want a shower."

Heather nods her head quickly and says, "Yes, let's be going now…" She gestures towards the vehicle and then heads in that direction. She weaves as she walks, to keep pace with the others while allowing herself to walk at a comfortable speed.

Connor hugs Robyn tight once more and then walks him over to one of the mansion vans, opening up the back to show that there's seat space available for him, along with a boatload of boxes in the back, "Yeah… I can get a motel room or something for you to clean up and change… or we can just go to your parent's place." Irony of Robyn's thoughts? There's a parking ticket on the van's window. Thirty bucks for being too close to a fire hydrant!

Climbing into the back seat, Robyn promptly lies down across one of the bench like van seats. "Why can't we just go to the school? I don't think I want to deal with my Mom being…..my Mom right now. I just want a shower, something to drink, a change of clothes and a comfortable, familiar place to sleep." Not to mention that he probably does need some medical attention for dehydration.

"I do not mind going to the school, they have medical services, and I need new bandages for my arms," plays Heather, shaking her head, "I have a flat of purple juice on the floor. Minus two. I do not know how much you will require, but I think it is good for it to have some sugars in it instead of just water? You are probably very very thirsty."

Connor settles into the driver's seat, putting the ticket on the front as he then turns around to look at Robyn, "It's a three hour drive to Westchester… maybe more depending on how fast I go, traffic… etc. And I can't just portal us. But allright…" Sighing once as he starts up, and starts pulling out of the place, just in time to have the building implode behind him. Reflexively he ducks, dust-cloud rolling over the van and coating it in fine white powder before he's clear, and running the wipers, "So… ummm… radio?"

Robyn jumps as the building explodes and takes a few breaths before grabing another juice box and sipping it slowly, he doesn't want to throw up since his stomach isn't feeling to great from the first two. "Thanks. And yes I am very very thirsty Heather. I'm really happy to see you again Heather and see you out of there." He says before nodding. "Radio would be nice. Anything but silence."

"I prefer talk radio," states Heather, before looking back and nodding at Robyn, "I am very happy to see you again too. My parents have been captured, and hopefully they will not be a threat for a good amount of time anyways… It is just good that everyone is okay."

Connor clicks over the stations, and then shakes his head before he fishes into his pocket… taking out a cellphone. Not the school's, but his own touchscreen phone, locking it onto the dashboard and turning on an audio drama. It's a comic book of some type, with the characters all having different voices, and special effect/sounds… all very professionally done, "I've got some water if you need Robyn… and a first aid kit's under your seat, Heather."

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