2011-07-15: Time To Go To School

Players: Kai and Vance

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Summary: Kai and Vance are at the Brooklyn Bridge talking about getting Kai into school.

Date: July 15, 2011

Log Title: Time to Go to School

Rating: PG

NYC - Brooklyn Bridge

Spanning across the East River is the Brooklyn Bridge connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan. Its one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States and was opened for use on 1883. Two yellowish towers span up on either side of the bridge. At night the bridge can bee seen lit up with lights across the top cables of the bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is designed for bikers, pedestrians and automobiles. There is a bike and walking track in the center for those who just want to walk up and enjoy the view from the river.

Jogging in the heat, Vance is dressed in a purple shirt with the band name ‘ Rhyme N’ Reazon’ and camo shorts. Jogging along the pathway in the middle of the bridge, it is rather quiet with most people indoors As he continues along the path, he pauses a moment as he looks out over East River and then raises the volume on the music he is listening too, oddly enough, it is Christian rap.

Kai doesn't do well in the heat but has work to do, so has to leave his nice ice-covered apartment, he's dressed in a light blue Doctor Who themed t-shirt, dark shorts and red converse, crossing the bridge he doesn't pay much attention to whomever it is that is playing the loud music so doesn't realise it's Vance.

Vance continues his jog and his head is down so he does not notice Kai either. Making his way towards Kai’s general vicinity, where a little boy and woman stand about. The little boy wears an Avengers T-Shirt and when he spots Vance a smile appears on his face and he starts squealing. “Mommy… Mommy! That’s Justice.” The mother peers towards Vance and ponders getting an autograph for her son. She stands right in Vance’s path and he almost collides with her, but he shifts his path to avoid running into her and her son. He falls, but then catches himself with his telekinesis and rises up a few feet and looks down at the family and turns off his Ipod.

Kai looks round as the child starts squealing bringing his attention onto Vance, he walks over in his direction stopping a few feet away as he figures out what Vance is about to be asked, guess thats got to be one of the downsides of being an Avenger.

“Oh can I get a ride?” The boy squeals. Vance smiles as he looks to the mother who nods her permission and Vane lifts the boy up telekinetically way where he is. Vance gives the boy a hug and then lowers himself and the boy to the walkway where he gives an autograph. After the boy and mother wave as they walk off, Vance notices Kai and quirks an eyebrow, “Hey, Kai.”

Kai raises an eyebrow at the way the boy is squealing, he would've been disaplined for that kind of behavier at that age, enthusiasm was not tolerated probably why he's so enthusiastic now, it must be all bottled up, "Hey Vance, fan club?"

“I guess.” Vance shrugs as he walks towards Kai,”Hey do you read the news?” Vance leans against a railing when he reaches Kai. “I used to read to stay abreast of what was going on in the world and now I have to read. Part of Avengers stuff, to stay atop of world events.”

Kai shakes his head when asked about the news, "Nope, i don't bother it's always so depressing, nothing good ever happens on the news", there is deffenatly not news papers scattered all over his apartment, "Why do you ask?"

“There’s been some stuff in the news that might interest you.” Vance pushes himself off the railing and eyes Kai’s a moment. Vance continues, “There’s been weird ice stuff happening throughout the city. I was wondering if you knew anything about that.” As Vance talks, he creates an unseen telekinetic skin tight field around Kai, unperceivable to the human eye or touch. The field is thin enough feel Kai’s body fluctuations to see how his body reacts to Vance’s question.

Kai gulps but oddly all Vance might notice is a drop in his body tempreture, he can easily remain calm as he ment for Vance to hear about the ice incedents, "I couldn't help it, may powers start up with out me meaning to use them, i'm sorry but i swear it's not my fault".

Getting no sense that Kai is lying, but already having learned that Kai is not fully human. Vance lowers the field, “It’s ok, Kai.” Exhaling, Vance considers options for Kai. Avengers are used to dealing with big time villains and typically with violence. This is a more delicate situation.

Kai looks down and sighs, "I try to not let things happen but it just does, i've been freaked out for weeks, i can't even risk being around people too long incase someone finds out about me".

“Fair enough, Kai.” Vance shakes his head, “This has gone on too long with your powers. You need training and you need it soon. There’s a school that I am affiliated with that can help you with training. Let’s see if we can get you admission there. But first I’ll need to talk to a teammate of mine.”

Kai is kind of bothered by the fact that Vance seems to be kind of disappointed in him, but he ignores it he's finally getting somewhere, "Really?, you know people who can help me?, thanks you so much, how long before you can set it up?, today maybe?"

“Not today, just stay out of trouble for now.” Vance exhales, “We’ll be in touch soon. I promise.” Vance offers Kai. Vance feels a bit guilty for not completely trusting Kai. “I’ll set up a meeting and see what they say at the school. We’ll probably need to speak to your legal guardian too.”

Kai nods, "I can try but i'm not sure how long i'll be able to stop things from happening", legal guardian?, hmm he's gonna need to talk to his superiors about this, "You wanna talk to my uncle?, i'm not sure if he's gonna be ok with this though".

Raising an eyebrow, “Does your uncle know about your powers?” Vance asks, “Whatever happened to your parents? I don’t remember if I ever asked you about that. But yeah, it is a school and you are a minor. Whatever happens, who is in charge of you would need to know.”

Kai shakes his head, "It's one thing telling someone you're a mutant, sure you guys are still outcasts but at least people understand what you are, i'm not even sure what i am, what am i suppose to say?", he shrugs about his parents, "My dad's in the army currently stationed in the middle east and my mom is in marketing and has to travel alot".

“Well I understand that, but you also need to think. If you are some kind of alien or extradimensional being or something, then most likely your parents know or are themselves aliens or extradimensional beings.” Vance shrugs, “Unless you were made or created in some kind of laboratory or something.”
Kai raises an eyebrow, "If my parents have superpowers, why would they not work in something power related?, rather than normal jobs?", he steps back, "What do you mean made or created in a lab, i'm not someones science project".

“I didn’t mean anything by that last comment. Don’t worry.” Vance offers a smile, “And not everyone with powers is a super-hero. Some mutants and others prefer living quiet seemingly normal lives.” Vance shrugs if he is unsure if he agrees with that.

Kai glares at Vance for a few more seconds before softening, "Fine i'll talk to my uncle but i'm leaving my parents for another time, so i'll focus on that if you focus on whoever you said you're gonna talk to", guess he can stop freezing up the city, for now anyways.

Noting the glare, but just leaving it up to Kai being anxious about getting into Barnes, “Good. I don’t know if it will help having an Avenger speak to your uncle. But if it does, I’ll talk to him too.” Vance exhales and nods, “Well, hopefully we can get you into school soon. No guarantees, but we’ll work as hard as we can.” While he helps out at Barnes, he is unsure what SHIELD requires to get students into Barnes. “Well, I should go work on this. But we’ll figure out something, Kai. Be safe.” With that a telekinetic aura appears around Vance as he flies up and back towards Manhattan.

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