2010-05-03: Time To Move Forward


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Summary: Kenta, James and Jono decided to move forward and hopefully be positive.

Date: May 3, 2010

Time To Move Forward

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Spuyten Duyvil Cove

This little cove leads off to Breakstone Lake. Students can go fishing, boating, and swimming in the fresh water. There is a small beach off to the side of the dock where students can also go sunbathing.

Sitting on the beach with his acoustic guitar in his lap and a cigarette in his mouth, is Kenta. He's just playing as he smokes, which is a usual way to find him. The beach area by the cove is just a relaxing spot to enjoy the sunset. The music that comes from the guitar is soft and kind of relaxing and eventually he takes the cigarette out of his mouth and begins to sing.
In the sunlight heading towards the end, Way too glaring, tomorrow can't be seen. The you that looked back, beyond time, Is gazing just like an innocent girl…In these arms awakening your sadness is a heavy weight, before the point of maddeing, I year for you. Always be by my side, so I'll never be seperated from you…"

Sitting several hundred feet away, James is parked in his new favorite spot. With a manual of some sort in his had, he's half reading, half listening to Kenta; his senses making the distance almost non existent. But he's here with a purpose, he's just waiting on the other third of the equation to appear: Jono. 'Cause it seems as if tonight is the night the three of them were called to this spot to discuss the recent past.

Jonothon is arriving late for the fact he's limping. The other injuries he received are gone already, but he just didn't quite have the strength to manage the leg too. Soon enough. In as such as he knows James is there, the Brit doesn't look to him and instead just approaches Kenta. «Sorry.» Said to Kenta since James is off waaaay over there. «Kind of had some trouble at practice.» If getting cars tossed at him was having some trouble, yeah. With no decorum, he wearily plops down to the ground near his fellow squad leader.

Kenta stops playing and lights up another cigarette, raising an eyebrow at Jono. "Trouble at practice? What the hell happened? And what kind of practice were you doing?" Since Danger Room practice doesn't usually leave lingering injuries. "So how you holding on Jono? Are you feeling better at all from the other day?" He then takes a deep breath accompanied by a long drag off his cigarette. "And I did talk to James."

James closes the book with a loud thump. He stands, collects himself and his things and walks over to the pair after stuffing his items into his backpack. Sitting down on the beach, the hyena nods as he looks over t Jono, "He did. Seems we're all squared away. Misunderstandings suck, but they happen. If I say we're cool and Kenta says we're cool…is that enough?"

There's a smirk about what kind of practice. He stretches out the leg that hurts, wrapping an arm around the other. «I got a new teacher. He's a very short temper. In hind sight I probably shouldn't have hit him with the toaster.» And yet Jonothon seems highly amused by all this. «Or the blender.» A scratch at face and he grows serious. «Eh, same old, same old.» Doesn't get a chance to ask how it all went, for James is there. Looking up at the hyena, whom he has to look up at even when he's standing, the Brit doesn't answer immediately. He looks briefly confused, but soon there's a nod. Yeah, it's enough. «I'm sorry.» Doesn't really have anything in mind for saying it, but he's hoping it helps.

Kenta looks at Jono and just shakes his head. "HOnestly I don't think I wanna ask. I mean if Christopher knows you're throwing the toaster and the blender that's in the kitchen of this school, he'd probably not be that happy." Kenta says taking another drag as James shows up. "Hey James…here…I'll put this out for ya." He says putting out the cigarette since he knows about James's super sense of smell. Then as Jono says I'm sorry he looks between the two. "Shall I go?"

James phhts and puts up his hands, "Don't be. I've been a real…wanker." The beast shrugs, "And I'm sorry for that. I just think, at some point, we got a little lost and forgot why we're all here. A lot has happened, and a lot continues to go on. So…no reason to let a bad few weeks interfere with rest of the good ones. Right?" James shakes that big, furred wedge that sits on his shoulders at Kenta, "No…this involved all of us. But don't let me stop you."

«I don't think it's necessary.» About Kenta's leaving. Then he looks back to James, «No, I think it should be said. Because..» Jonothon pauses briefly, but doesn't look away. This isn't easy. «What you've done hurt me. I don't mean to be pointing fingers, or laying blame, but trying to explain. That's why I was angry. I was hurt, and I totally got lost in it. For that I'm sorry. I'm especially hurt at the accusation that I was trying to stop you from advancing at the school. Again, I'm sorry. No blame, just me trying to understand where it came from.» He even lists his hands in defeat. «I'm really confused. Why would you think I didn't want you to succeed, James?» No anger. That's long past.

Kenta listens to both James and Jono talk, not really wanting to interject too much. But this is what he wanted the two of them to do, talk about things with a nod. "So now we gotta look to the future and what's best for all of us and for us to progress past this and be able to move on." He says looking between the two of them.

James looks as if he's about to say something, his head aimed at Jono, but with Kenta's input, his mouth closes with a meaty thunk. He shrugs his shoulders, looking over at the other teacher, then back to Jono, "Yeah…okay, he's right. And I wanna do what's best for the team so…lets just say it's not an issue anymore. My mind's in another place, and I wanna move onwards and upwards. And I want what's best for the team, and the teachers on it. So…I can live with forgiving and forgetting."

That doesn't sit well with Jonothon, but he only motions a sigh and gives Kenta a pointed look. There's that refusal to ever explain anything. «Alright, fine. Forgiving I can live with.» The forgetting isn't happening. People who forget repeat their mistakes.

"Okay, so forgive and forgotten. Time to move on. Lingering on this stuff will just tear it apart. So one last thing, you two are gonna be okay? I'm not going to have to do this again am I? Cause the last thing I wanna do is have to choose between you two. We're a team, and we gotta stick together." Kenta says hoping that this is the last time he has to work this out.

James looks between you both, "Yeah. I'm fine." There's a sigh through his nose, "I'm just ready to move on. Turns out, it's not only the team that needs some help. Connor…well…there's something 'odd' going on with him. He doesn't open up to many people…and I'm one of the few. So…I…well…that's getting off topic. Just…you know…spreading out the help a little." Kenta gets a glare, "Don't go telling anyone or I'll floss with your guitar strings." James grins at Jono, "And yours too."

Jonothon doesn't answer if he's fine. He rises to his feet, careful of his leg, and dusts himself off. «I think his powers are making instabilities in his brain. Connor asked me to check on him.» Jono has been paying attention to the teen. He also rolls his eyes at the flossing. That would so totally mean war. If in an amusing way. «I told McCoy about it, but until we have a telepath around who has the skill to monitor him, and the interest to stick with it, that's all I can do. If you can think of anything let McCoy know?» A little pause as he looks out over the water. «I'm going in for a shower.»

Kenta nods as he listens to the two. "Connor, I met him once, drummer." Kenta remembers people by the instruments they play. "Oh I'm gonna make pamphlets James and give them out to the whole school. Everyone will know that you're really a softy under all those teeth and claws." Yeah he's joking with the Hyena. "Yeah, I don't know much about his powers but isn't he on Hank's team?" He asks as he looks at Jono. "Okay…well…shower well?"

James watches the interactions between Jono and Kenta, looking nonplused, "Yeah…I can't say I disagree with what Jono's saying. If I hear anything I'll let you both know. He's a little more open with me." James scoffs, "Who'd have thought 'I' would have people confiding in me. I guess I need to start nailing kids pants to the trees again—while they're wearing them."

Not immediately walking off, Jonothon tilts his head to eye the hyena. After a moment he offers James a hand. «Just don't nail them to the kid.» Whether or not it's accepted, he then lifts the hand in farewell and limps off. Back to the school to do just as he said he would. Shower. The practices he's getting lately are messy ones.

Kenta watches Jono walk off and waves a hand. "Take care Jono and when he nails my pants the tree, I'll be the first to let you know." He says as he looks at James with a shrug. "Well, I'll see what I can find out about Connor and see if there's anything I can let you guys know. I don't know much about the kid but I have him in music class."

James takes the hand and uses it as an opportunity to pull himself off the sand. He gives Jono's hand a shake, and even attempts a hug, "I'll try…but they squirm a lot when I'm holding them upside down." He watches Jono leave and looks over at Kenta, "Not sure how well that went since I can't read him like the others. But, at least he knows we're a united front?" He scrunches his face a little, "I know I suck at giving feedback. But I'll try to let him know he's appreciated during the DR sessions." He nods about the Connor stuff, "Good." Simple enough answer!

Hugs are certainly allowed, even if they aren't expected. «Then learn a better way, mate. You're smart.» If James can't figure out a better mouse trap, then what good is he? This is said as he's heading off, a hand lifted in his normal farewell. Jonothon could use a hot shower about now.

Kenta smiles at the hug and waves to Jono. "See ya later Jons." He says as he looks back to James. "Thanks James." For what, he doesn't say though. "Yeah, Jono's a hard one to read. And you know what, you're strong James, knock 'em out first, then staple them by their pants to trees so that way, when they wake up, they're in for a rude awakening." He says joking with a smile. "So when are you free for that session I promised you?"

James hmmms, thinking Kenta's statement over, "I never considered that. I was just gonna use duct tape…but that's a better idea." Whe asked abotu the lesson, he shrugs, "I'm free when you are. But, maybe we should wait until Jono is too? I mean, he is the other half. And after all this." He doubts the teacher is within earshot. But, maybe it'll get back to him. "If not…then surprise me!"

"Well I know Jono wants to watch at the very least, and oh I have an idea of what to run for you." Kenta says with a bit of a smile. "Though I did tell you if you want to invite anyone to join in, you can so if you want Jono to join us, then that can be doable." Kenta says as he doesn't have any problem with that.

James shakes his head, "Sure! What ever works out best. Maybe I'll invite the new kid so she can see how fat I get my ass kicked." The hyena smirks, "I'm no idiot…I don't think I'm going to do that well. But, if I last 3 minutes. And then 4 minutes the next time…then that's all I need right? It's all about time." Giving Kenta a gentle slap on the shoulder, James looks back at the mansion that sits in the distance, "Well…I better get going. I have homework."

"Yeah I gotta get going too, I have a son." Kenta says with a smile as he glad to hear that James isn't over confident that he's gonna pass the danger room session. "Well, I'll catch ya later James, I hope that all works out for the best." He says as he stands up to walk off. "I gotta check up on Lucas too, make sure he's not too mad at me for forcing him to take the guitar." He says with a shrug. "Well later James."

James looks over his shoulder and grins, "Quite the opposite. It did him good. But, you never heard that from me." It's a conspirators glance, one that only last another couple of seconds before there's another hand wave and a loud, "Night!"

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