2012-08-20: Time Travel Sucks


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Summary: Tooth returns from the future, much to the surprise of Sam.

Date: August 20, 2012

Log Title: Time Travel sucks

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Staff Lounge

This room is warm and relaxing, the walls are a dark mahogany, a long L couch rests against two of the walls. One wall has a large flat screen TV that is set into a hidden compartment in one wall. There is a table and chairs off to one side for conferences and meetings, and a bar with stools to the back, with a variety of coffees to choose from.

Even though it's summer vacation for the students, it isn't for the teachers and with Sam having been made the Dean of Students for the upcoming school year, he's been trying to get a lot of paperwork sorted. Boring, yes. Dull, yes. Necessary, yes. Sam is currently going over the various students and lists of classes they'll be taking for next year to help sort of the schedules for the new school year in a few weeks.

It's only been a few hours since James walked through the gates of Xavier's. His mission, find someone in charge. But with Emma busy, and Scott unavailable, he came to the next logical person, Sam. He'd found his location pretty quick by asking, and arrived just as fast by ignoring everyone who tried to stop the once-missing student as he made his way through the school. Arriving at the door, it opens and he steps half way through. Dressed in all black, the large gnoll nods his head, and addresses the X-man, "Sam."

"Yeah?" Sam responds to his name being called and it isn't until he looks it up and sees who it is that his tone changes. "Oh mah lord." He puts down the papers in his hand and stands up, approaching the once missing student. "Ah'm not quite sure what tah say, but, what happened?" At least he's to the point.

James shakes his head, giving the other man a long thoughtful gaze, "I wouldn't know where to start or that you'd even believe me." His voice is missing the familiar humor that went along with it. Instead, it sounds somewhat older and a lot more…tired? "Until I talk to Emma, though, I dunno what I can say and what I can't.' He takes a few steps in, the 'M' tattoo over one eye a possible hint to Sam just what might have — or may still — happen.

"Ah've been a super hero since Ah was sixteen, Ah probably have stories you'd have trouble believein' as well." Sam says to James, taking a long hard look at the hyena. "Bishop…" He says quietly noticing the 'M' tattooed over his eye. "You ain't from the future, like Cable was, are yah? But Ah'm guessin' it ain't the same future as Nate is from." He starts to move all the papers into a neat pile so that James can sit if he wants. "Last time any of us here saw or heard from ya, was when half the place was transported to that weird demon dimension 'round Halloween time."

James knows the name and the man it belongs to, the answer, though, takes a moment. "Have a seat," gnoll says as if it were he that called Sam to this meeting. James, however, remains standing for the moment, "Yeah…Sam…it's something like that I'm afraid. But what exactly, hell…even I don't know." His ears pin back a little, an exasperated sigh leaving his lips, "If I was smart enough to know, I probably wouldn't be here." He leans over the table, claws tapping the surface lightly, "Wish I had better news…but if you know Bishop, then you probably have a pretty good idea of what happens."

"Well Ah do know Bishop, and Ah know he's from the future. Ah also know that it ain't certain seein' as I've met others from different timelines, futures and such." Sam's had quite the life for one so young having grown up knowing nothing but the superhero/X-Men life since he was a teen. Before he sits down though, he walks over to the fridge, takes out two bottles of water and offers one to James before sitting down. "Explain what you wish James, Ah'd probably have a better understandin' more than some though Emma would probably be the best to talk to when she ain't so busy."

And with that, James sits. "I prefer Tooth," he says with a nod of thanks to the water, "That other part of me…well, lets not get into specifics. Just…Tooth." Since Sam is asking, and ja…Tooth has had a few days to consider it, he does let him in on a few things, "Something happened here..what, I don't know. But I felt it in the future, like some sort of echo. So, I showed up and find out I'm not here. Why, I don't know yet. But, where I'm from, I came back from that Halloween world with everyone else." He opens the bottle and takes a couple drinks, leaning back in the chair, "If I don't come back, I'm afraid that some of the things I do in the future won't happen. And…well…I could care less about most of those things. But, someone I do care about could loose a lot. So, here I am." He tilts his head a little, nodding once, "I'm here on my own accord. Most people disagreed with me…but, well…doesn't change things. I'm here." He smiles, "I promise I'll do as little damage to the future as I can." Says the bull in the china shop.

"Sorry, Ah'll start callin' ya Tooth now." Sam says, listening to his story. "Well Ah'm afraid Ah can't tell you much about the whole Halloween world, Ah didn't get caught up in that. Ah can give ya some names of who was there if ya want ta talk to them. Ah'm not sure if ya want tah talk to them, but it might be able ta give ya some ideas. If ya want tah know that is." Sam offers before taking a drink of his own water. "What Ah can tell ya, from what Ah know, the future ain't ever certain. What your future was, might not ever be now, Ah don't know, but yer here now." He pauses for a moment before studying the Hyena, looking at how much he's seemingly changed. "Do ya have any plans now that you're back?"

Tooth shakes his head, "Other than finding out what happened…No. Failing that…" He goes quiet for a moment, "Sam, if you're right. If things 'here' can be different…if nothing is going to change where I came from, but it can here? Then, I my plans amount to me making sure if doesn't happen, or at the very least the kids are ready for it." He leans forward, his mass, looming ever so slightly, "That's of course assuming you're right. But stranger things can happen, right?" The smile on his face is probably more familiar than his somewhat changed appearance. "Oh…and I may be a little stuck for now. One way trip."

Sam smiles at Tooth's last statement and nods. "Aah, well if you're stuck here for now, ya gotta figure something out Ah guess. If ya need a place to stay, Ah bet we can set ya up with a room." He offers as an Xavier's alumni always has a home at the mansion. "Well things are already changin' Ah believe, if you never came back to the present in your future, than things have already been altered by that. So Ah not sure. Do you want tah talk about what happened that you have to make sure doesn't happen or make sure we can handle what's goin' tah come?"

Tooth closes his eyes and rubs his forehead, "This is why I hated Star Trek. Someone wakes up in the morning, puts his shirt on backwards, and Spock suddenly has a beard. I 'hate' future crap." While it could have been construed as comedy, that last statement ends in a rather irritated growl the younger version could have never emulated. "I dunno what's going to happen. I just owe…well…I can't get into the exacts. Not until I know that I can start stepping on butterflies." He does have one thing to offer, "I graduated, stayed with the school, ended up on X-Force. Dunno if that helps…but I'm sure I can find something to help with here. I did teach a few classes."

"Ah think it's part of what we deal with, the unknown, unexpected. Ah ain't sayin' it's right nor that it's fun or good, just that livin' this life, we see things that most people don't even believe is possible." Sam says with a sort of faint frown on his face. "Ah don't know if it helps, but Ah don't know. We haven't seen you in almost two years. Ah can't say Ah'm not shocked to see ya, and that Ah'm making up how to deal with this sort of situation by the seat of mah trousers. If ya want tah help with the students, that'd be more than welcome. We've got a rough crop of students right now."

Tooth leans back and crosses his arms, nodding, "Well…one thing hasn't changed, then." He furls his lips a little, "The 'you making stuff up as you go along' part." Was that funny? He doesn't know. It's been awhile since he tried to be funny in a way most people didn't find sociopathic. "Okay, count me in. I'll go over my mental resume with Emma." At least the brighter spots.

There's a raised eyebrow from Sam but he figures it's better to not ask if they knew each other in the future, or if they did, how well and how much Tooth knows about his future self. Some things are better not learned. "Ah'm not sure if yah meant me or the X-Men but Ah figure it's better tah just not ask." He rubs the back of his head and nods. "Sounds good, Emma would really be able tah get ya set up easiest and decide where tah best fit ya in with the students and such."

The gnoll nods and finally takes his eyes off Sam, his gaze settling elsewhere as he stands, "I'm sure she's already had herself a little peek the moment I stepped foot on the grounds." He smiles a little, at least maybe it's a smile, "Wish I had more for you, but I'm still a little shell shocked from the trip." Not to mention seeing the school and more than a few 'ghosts.' "I'll be okay in a day or two. Depending on what happens, maybe I'll have more info for you later."

"Ah'm sure she has too, she's quite protective of the school and quite….quick with her powers." Sam doesn't like to speak ill of Emma even though he has a lot of less than fond memories of the woman. It's mostly because she taught his sister that he acts respectful towards her. "Ah imagine you are quite shell-shocked. Ah don't remember there ever bein' a time when any sort of dimensional travel was easy so Ah imagine it's the same with time travel. Anything ya need help with tah get resettled?"

"Time," Tooth say with little hesitation, "Everything else I have plenty of." He looks over at the door and back to Sam, "Everything else I'm sure I'll get when I've been cleared." Phone, computer access. "Oh, wait…there is one thing." He clamps his jaw tight for a moment, "I need to dig through my old belongings. Look for clues. If I can get access to some of the deeper storage archives it might help."

Sam nods and leans back in the chair he's sitting in. "Ah can't exactly give clearance for that but Ah'm sure Emma'd let you do that. Or Ah can talk to Nate, since he's security now. After a few girls from the school were kidnapped by none other than Dracula, there have been a few changes around here. Ah'm sure all your old belongs are up in the attic in boxes with all the rest of the stuff that students have left behind over the years."

Tooth snorts, "Vampires…" He's sure there's a story here, and will have to ask more later. "Sure, I understand. I'll get with Emma and go from there. Until then, I should get going. And thank you." He'll grab the boxes soon, and Emma when she's free. Everything else will come in time.

Sam stands up and offers Tooth a hand. "Well even if the situation is a bit strange, it's good to see ya again Tooth. Welcome home." He's not sure if Tooth really considers the Mansion home but he does know most X-Men, X-Force, X-Whatever folk do tend to always call the mansion home. "Sorry that it had to be under these unusual circumstances."

The gnoll is somewhat torn on what to do when Sam offers the hand, something that's probably obvious. Contact. It's unlike what he's been used to for awhile. "You don't know the half of it," he responds, not trying to sound rude. He takes the man's hand and pulls him close enough to put his other hand on the same arm, "It'll be fine, though." As soon as he gets over seeing ghosts, at least.

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