2009-04-03: To Ask A Favor


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Summary: Leo asks Eddie to get to know someone.

Date: April 2, 2009

To Ask a Favor

Rating: PG

Tonight, Eddie's staying at the mansion. Up in his dorm room alone for right now thanks to Vincent and Pryce being out doing some technothing, he had plenty of time to work on his homework. It's done now…which means its time for fun. Dressed in shorts and a Champions t-shirt, Eddue's got music playing in the background. With a brush serving as a microphone, he's singing as he dances around the room. "So you brought trouble to our town? Well, we are here to help you with your attitude! Cuz ya think you're so bad, ya think you're so tough, huh! You better wave the white flag or it'll be the end of you…the end you…" And the door's unlocked and slightly ajar.

As he passes the door, Leo knows he has something he has to say. He needs to talk to Eddie. He needs to ask him a huge favor. Seeing the door open, he leans his head inside. His eyes widen at the booty-dancing. He slides in and joins alongside him, though he can't sing worth anything. He tries to do it quickly, before Eddie can respond to his presence. He IS fast, but who knows how quick Eddie sees things?

If Eddie notices Leo, he doesn't react. Just keeps singing. "We're here to save the world! We're here to save the world tonight! Save the world…from your kind! We're here to save the world! We're here to save the world tonight! Save the world! So now it's time…to unite!" he seems to be enjoying himself. Then he turns and notices Leo dancing with him. Squeaking and blushing, he tumbles right back over his desk chair and onto the floor. "Leo?!"

"Bootydance?" Leo says, sticking his butt out and shaking it as he blinks at Eddie's stumble. "Sorry, You ok?" He asks, extending his hand, nice and brightly glowing to the other mutant. "Just wanted to come and see ya."

Eddie accepts the hand up, thankful for the healing to fix up some inuries. He flicks off the music then smiles. "You wanted to come see me?" he asks, happy he's got friends and teammates that actually want to see him.

"I… I need a favor. A huge favor. I mean, You're one of my only friends here, and…" Leo bites his lip as he looks down. "I wanted you to get to know someone." he says, suddenly very bashful. Talk about strange for Leo. Open Leo, clamming up like this.

Eddie blinks, sitting on his bed and gesturing for Leo to join him. "A favor? Of course…I'll do what I can to help…" he begins, a little worried. "Get to know someone? What are you talking about, Leo?" he's confused now.

Leo sits down next to Eddie. "I… There's someone we both know. You and he didn't seem to get along. But Eddie… he's not what he seems like in front of people. When he's alone, away from people, he's so sweet, and polite and caring. He's so much more than the asshole he is in front of people. And he wants to get to know you a little better." Well, he may not, but this is important to Leo and he damn well better.

Eddie stares, blinking a few timess. "Leo…who are you talking about?" he asks. He's drawing a big blank when it comes to figuring this out on his own.

"Nathaniel." Leo says, looking up. "Ohmygoodness, Eddie. He's so… amazing." Yes, Leo's a flirt. Eddie's known this. But this side of Leo, the ZOMGINLOVE side is probably quite a rude awakening. "He's… wow."

Eddie squeaks, falling back slightly. Thankfully, he rolls on the bed and is back up and right back where he fell from a second later. It takes a few moments to recognize it, but Eddie sees something in Leo that brings a big blush to his face. "You're asking me to get to know Nathan because he's your boyfriend?"

"No. I'm asking you to, because first impressions aren't always accurate." Leo says with a firm nod. "Even before I fell for him, I talked Dai into getting to know him a little better." He bites his lip softly as he looks over. "He's overwhelmed much of the time. The emotions of the school are so hard for him to block out."

Eddie makes a little face. "Not what I meant…" he murmurs. He squirms on the spot, listening quietly. The news that Dai already did it helps a bit but Eddie nods. "Alright…we're teammates and you're my friend and…yeah."

"Thank you so much. You don't know how much it means to me. I mean, he's… he's not what he made himself out to be that day. I promise. Did you see him at the fight?" Leo asks, wrapping Eddie in a huge hug. A very tight hug. Oops.

Eddie squeaks as he's hugged. "L-Leo!…Need to breath!" he yelps

Leo meeps and releases. "Sorry. I just got too excited. And I think I'm getting too bright and bouncy, ready to explode." He says with a chuckle. Wait, didn't he explode just a few days ago?

Eddie takes several moments to regain his breath then blinks. "Leo…you just exploded the other day," he says with a worried tone. "Two days ago…at the fight…"

"I know. I just… I channeled a lot of life yesterday." Leo blushes brighter than he has yet. It could easily be seen as afterglow. He coughs, turning his head to the side. "I'm just gonna have to get away and let it all out."

Eddie blinks a few times. "You channeled a lot of…" he pauses, blushing furiously again as he gets an idea of just what Leo did. Squeaking, Eddie swallows. "Why not go see of you can get help from one of those new students? The one with DarkForce powers that messed up the rec room?"

"That's what I was thinking, first. Maybe tomorrow. To see if it works for us like it does for them." Leo says. Eddie knows which them he's talking about. "I'm kinda scared though."

Eddie smiles resisting the urge to go into 'fanboy mode' over Cloak and Dagger. When Leo mentions being scared, Eddie frowns and puts an arm around him. "Why?"

"because you never see one without the other. And I have my Nathaniel, and I don't want it to be taken the wrong way. Though… Nate accepts me." Leo says, grinning. "He understands me."

Eddie remains quiet for a few moments. "Well…Cloak was by himself for a little while…Dagger too. But," he bites his lip. "Maybe you don't need to be with the guy twenty-four-seven. I mean you don't -always- explode. Maybe weekly meetings with the guy will help you both."

"Maybe. I just worry. Sometimes. Not like some people I know." Leo grins, happy in the moment. "Thank you Eddie. For letting me whine and ask such a favor of you."

Eddie makes a little pouty face. Shaking it off, Eddie smiles. "Of course, Leo. We're friends and teammates. Gotta be there for eachother!" he says, hugging his friend.

"Thank you sooo much." Leo says again. "Anyway, I gotta go say goodnight to him real quick before I go to bed."

Eddie blushes. "Alright, good night. Sleep well, Leo," he says, giving Leo another quick hug.

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