2010-01-14: To Balance The Scales



Summary: Topher gets the offer…

Date: January 14, 2010

To Balance the Scales

Rating: PG

Topher is heading to the salem center to buy replacment earphones for his ipod, hes wearing black skinny jeans, red converse, a white Life & Glory t-shirt and a black jacket, he has bags under his eyes from where hes been unable to sleep without his music, he also has a large bruse on the side of his head.

"Abused. Unable to be accepted due to things beyond your control." A voice intones. "Always letting everything flow by, because you haven't the power to stop it." The voice is very androgynous. It could be male, it could be female, but it's very empathetic. Very caring. "Afraid. Afraid to BE afraid."

Topher spins round to see who's talking to him, hes on guard because he didn't feel anyone approch, "W…w…whos there?", hes sure its not someones mind hes reading as there was no pain.

"I am. At the moment, none can see me." It chuckles, breathing out near Topher's ear. "You want everything to be balanced, do you not? The scales? To stop being blamed for things you could not control. To see people get what they deserve for things they've done. To see everything evened?"

Topher stares at the place in front of him trying to sence if someone is actully there, "H…how do you know that?, who are you?, this some kind of prank?", hes wondering if its a kid from school trying to freak him out.

"Never." The voice chuckles. If Topher looks up, he will see a being with broad feathered wings descending from the skies. It glows radiantly, and remains, still quite androgynous. It combines the best features of both as it lands. Nobody else seems to notice it. "I would not taunt or tease you, Topher. I simply wish to help you."

Topher steps back as he sees the winged being desend, he was raised Christian so his first thought is this thing is an Angel, when his more sensable insticts take over again hes still pretty freaked, "Whoa, what are you and what do ya mean you want to help me?"

"You want balance. You want to make everything equal. You want appropriation. You want people to get what properly is deserved." It states, re-iterating. Chuckling is shakes its head. "I am simply someone who wants to help. You and a few others. We are leaning on each other for support… and helping each other become more than we were before."

Topher nods without thinking, "Yea, i do", he doesn't know why hes agreeing with the winged being, then his more skeptic side kicks in, "But why would you want to help me?"

"Because your need… your desire is so great, I could feel it. And, you deserve to get what you want sometimes. Everyone else simply takes. You just wait and bide your time. It's not your fault that Dallas's thoughts were so strong. It's not your fault the coach did what he did. Some of your other friends and colleagues have already heard from me. And I'm helping them, as well. Even Mister Parker-Mayfair." It names one of the teachers with a soft smile. "He simply desires to protect. And that… is a good thing."

Topher eyes go black as he begins to freak out, "What i did to Dallas was my fault, i acted out of anger and took something that wasn't mine to take", his hands ball into fists when the being mentions the insedent with his coach, "What, how did you… what do you know about my coach?"

"Yes, you did. But you didn't realize what you pulled out would cause so much trouble. That was accidental." The angelic being justifies with a chuckle. "You didn't truly want to cause so much trouble. You just wanted him to realize… you are equal. Correct?" It tilts it's head. "I know that your coach did things. Very bad things. That never should have happened." It says, solemnly. "And I want to help you. Help you create balance… if you would accept it."

Topher nods, tears welling up in his eyes, "yea, i didn't mean to cause Dallas so much trouble, i did just wanna prove that im equal to him" he puts a hand through his hair, "Your right, right about everything, but i dont understand, how can you help me?"

"I can give you the ability to balance the scales. To bring things they were before, if you trust me." It says, extending a gentle hand. "I can help you see the things that would make everything equal… and give you the power to accomplish that even-ing of the scales." It smiles. "To'fyr… I understand. And I can help if you let me."

Topher steps forwards and holds out a hand to take the Being's hand, if this Being can make everything better then he's gonna let it, he wants his guilt and pain and everything else just to go away, "Ok, fine, i trust you",

"Meet me when you hear me call your name, To'fyr. You will hear it and so will others. You will come to me. You will know where. And you will be free." It says, leaning forward to place a kiss on Topher's forehead. The spot kissed is warm and will remain warm for the following days. It releases the hand and steps back. "Go on about your normal daily business. I will call. Soon."

Topher smiles and nods as the Being kisses his head, "Ok, i'll come, but please call soon", he watches the Being as it steps away from him.

The being vanishes. And Topher will keep the warm feeling. Along with that… he's feeling Amazingly strong. Much more than normal.

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