2010-01-14: To Be Rid Of Fear



Summary: Lucas meets a being that makes him a deal he cannot refuse.

Date: January 14, 2010

To be Rid of Fear

Rating: PG

Lucas is wandering through the woods behind the mansion. It's cold out, his breath clouding the air in front of his face as he wanders through the forest. He heads for a large, fallen tree near a stream, and he sits down. He sighs, and looks around, watching the forest for animals. He looks at the stream, curious if it has any fish in it.

A silence is in the night. Animals aren't even making noise right now, here. There don't seem to be many around. A few people have already noticed. Softly, a voice whispers into Lucas's ear. "Poor child. Afraid of so many things. But he can work past his fear, can't he?"

Lucas jumps off the log, spinning around to look. "Who the fuck is there?" he snaps, his southern drawl echoing in the cool air.

There's nobody visible anywhere. "We're no one. But we're everyone. We're here to offer our assistance. Times are changing. Your fear can be overcome. No one will ever know you killed her. And the ones that already know? They will forget."

The voice sounds caring and empathic.

Lucas furrows his brow, and he reaches down, slipping the glove off his left hand. The air is filled with an eerie hum as the brilliant light of the nuclear reaction engulfing his hand undulates and tosses long shadows through the area. "Who the fuck are you? What do ya'll want!?!"

The voice emits a loud laugh. "You are strong, indeed. But not strong enough. Not strong enough to get away from Dr. Brighten. She controls you right now. And you don't even know it. You could break free. Would you like to break free? Would you like to be strong?"

Lucas looks frantically around the trees, trying to find the source of the voice. He hops onto the log for a little higher advantage point. Spinning around, he can't find the source. "How do you know about her!?!" he demands, though it's beginning to be clear his bark is faltering. "Show yourself and Ah'll show you how strong Ah am!"

"We are here. You simply need to look within yourself. We can make you strong, Luk'ys." The voice chuckles softly. "We can make you powerful. We can make you forget the meaning of fear. And, we can cure your mother of her cancer." It whispers, tauntingly, teasingly. "Would you like that, Luk'ys?"

Lucas glowing arm flutters, the reaction faltering for a moment as the color fades from his face. He looks around, once more. "You don't…" He slowly shakes his head, "That's not possible…" The anger is gone from his face, leaving a vulnerable young boy.

A burst of light comes from above as a being descends from the trees. A woman, radiant and beautiful. On her back are wings, much like the classical artists portrayed on angels. She lands softly on the ground, and smiles. "Would you like that, Luk'ys? For your mother to be better? I can offer you this."

Lucas stares at her. There's wonder in his eyes, but also a silent yearning. "You… I-" and then his foot slips, and tumbles forward off the log, landing on his butt in the damp grass. His back is now against the log, and he looks up at the angel once more. "Can you really do that…?"

Reaching down for the ungloved hand, the Angelic Being grips it to help lift Lucas back up to a standing position. Her touch is cool and calm. It doesn't seem bothered at all by the radiation. "I can do many things. If you but accept my help, of your own free will, and promise to help ME with something I cannot do, very soon."

Lucas is lifted up off the ground, his eyes widen as she touches his hand. His eyes are amazed, and he stares at her face. "How…" he almost whispers. Then he tilts his head a bit to the side, "If… If you can really heal her…" He swallows, "Ah'll do whatever Ah have to."

"It will take time. But, I promise you, your mother will not die of cancer." The Angel smiles, leaning forward to kiss Lucas's forehead. "Simply listen. I shall call for you, Luk'ys. And you shall join me. Be prepared. The time is coming… VERY soon."

Lucas swallows once more, "…Ah don't… Ah mean… yeah…"

Lucas nods again. "Yes."

Chuckling, the Angel rises. The spot on his forehead where she kissed him is warm, and will REMAIN warm for the next few days. "Remember. I shall call for you, my Luk'ys."

Lucas just nods, watching her go. "And my maw?" he asks as she rises.

"When I call for you, the earth shall change. And I shall do what I can." The voice is inside his head, and she's gone.

Lucas slinks back the half step, and flops onto the log, still staring after the disappeared woman. Slowly, he looks down at his hand. He sighs, and then looks around for his glove, before heading back to the mansion.

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