2012-03-15: To Find A Friend


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Summary: Quenton comes to Nick to help find Jill

Date: March 15, 2012

Log Title: To Find A Friend

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Stables

The smell of horse and hay immediately hit the sense for anyone who step in here. There are empty stalls for students with horses, and school owned horses for those who wish to ride. Tackle, saddles (English and Western), helmets, and grooming supplies are found neatly tucked away in a supply closet.

It's no big surprise that Nicholas is in the stables. With the weather finally acting like spring and the temperatures being pleasant he's spending almost all of his free time out here. Tied to a post outside of the stable is his horse Orion as Nicholas is currently standing inside hosing down the stall his horse resides in. He's dressed in a button down flannel shirt with the sleeves pushed up over a pair of jeans and is fitting the sterotype by listening to some country music beying played via the speakers on his laptop, which sits on a chair a ways off to avoid the water being sprayed.

His last escape attempt was met with stricter curfews and more yelling at, but Quenton had ignored them, having left the school on multiple occasions. He even missed a dragon. But that was fine. He'll be here, next time. Unless he's off again. Whatever. He lands in front of the stable, having been flying, gracefully. He mastered low-speed flight pretty damn well. "Nick?!" He calls out, nose twitching as he hears the country music. He's definitely here. Seeing the boy and his horse, he saunters over. "Nick," he says again.

The hose instantly shuts off upon hearing his name and he looks over to see Quenton. "What's up?" He says in not the most welcoming in tones cause he's kind of confused why Quenton would be calling for him.

"Came to talk to you about Jill," Quenton mutters, eyeing the horse with obvious suspicion. Never a fan of horses, the crimson eyed ball of fury. "I'm going to have Theo try to trace their cell signals, and then I'm going to try and find him." If worst came to worst, he could play the eighteen year old card now, two months in.

Nicholas nods slowly and takes a deep breath before talking. "I thought you didn't like her." He says before putting the hose down. "I think they found her cellphone where she was taken, they left Sophie's behind when I was there. From what I've heard there hasn't been much to go on, and that jerk Hosea seemed to think I knew exactly what was going on."

"Hosea. Good place to start," Quenton comments wryly. "Anyway, doesn't matter what my feelings on Jill are. Point is she's in trouble. And you and me, we got some of the most handy powers to fight with. So how about you help me find them?" He shrugs his shoulders. "If they left Sophie's, doesn't mean they left Jill's. And if they did, I'll just find some other way. Maybe even break out the adult card and try to get Frost to use the mutant computer thing."

Nicholas lets out an audible sigh and walks over to Orion and rests a hand on the horses back. "Listen, I was there when they took Sophie, there wasn't much I can do. My powers aren't that handy to fight with, I don't even know how to fight with them." He stops and looks at Quenton for a good long time. "I don't know what to do, so why are you even coming to me?"

"Because you're the one who Jill gets all… deeper blue over. You're the guy she gets starry eyed over and whether you're into her or not, Lone Ranger, you obviously care about her. So put on the white hat and help me go kick some werewolf ass." Quenton rolls his tongue in his cheek. "Besides. Who else am I going to go to? You, Theo, and Mikhail were my options. I'll probably see about Hosea now."

"What about your girlfriend Shane, is she not capable of helping?" Nicholas asks Quenton. "Listen, I couldn't do anything to save my family, what makes you think I'm able to do anything to save her? Yeah, I miss her, yeah I care about her…she's my closest friend here. I'm worried but, I don't know how I can even help you besides saying, yes I can help."

"She doesn't really… listen, don't bring Shane into this when I'm offering to save the girl who likes you, alright? I don't want to bring her into fighting werewolves anyway, she goes through enough." Quenton lifts a hand to dig his fingers in his cheek. "I'll need someone to have my back in a fight. You always stand up to me, I figure it means you can tussle. bEcause you damn well better be able to."

"It's not just werewolves, Ahmed was there for the werewolves, they almost ripped his throat out." Nicholas says quitely. "As for Sophie, she was taken by these Bravehart type thugs, I don't know where they went. And as for being able to fight…" Nick looks at Quenton with a worried expression. "I can talk smack Quenton, but I've never hurt anyone with my powers."

"Braveheart type thugs? Why would you call them Braveheart type thugs?" wonders Quenton, furrowing his brow now, before he shifts slightly, glancing over towards the gates. "Well. Alright, then," he mutters. "Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe… I should have gone to someone else. Right. This was me giving what I got."

"Have you ever seen the movie Braveheart? Or see those Capitol One commericals? They looked just like that." Nicholas explains and then as Quenton says he should have gone to someone else Nick starts to get annoyed. "What do you expect me to do? I don't even know where to look where they might have gone? This whole thing sucks, everything!"

"So what, we're gonna sit around here and wait, like fucking always, while the teachers handle our problems? I don't fuciking think so. I'm taking action." Quenton just begins to lift off the ground now, staring at the sky hatefully, as if that is where the barbaric people came from. "Not a lot of places could still have dudes running around in armour with big medieval weapons."

"I'm not a superhero! I'm just a guy!" Nicholas yells to Quenton sounding irritated. "I've never done anything like this before, damnit!" He says as he turns and kicks a nearby bucket sending it flying into one one of the stall doors and scaring one of the horeses. "They came in a bus, out of nowhere. I couldn't even take on two of them by myself!"

"A bus? Jesus, is it really a fucking Capital One commercial?" Quenton furrows his brow, landing on the ground and turning to face Nick. "What did the bus look like? And did they say anything?" he wonders, while he crosses his arms over his chest, seeming rather accepting of the display of anger.

Nicholas walks over to the horse he scared and starts speaking a few soothing words to try to calm, once he thinks the horse is settled he turns to Quenton, "It looked like a bus. Not a school bus but like a bus from a city or something." To Nicholas the main difference that it isn't yellow. "They said they wanted here, Sophie, specifically to come with them. That this Master guy was paying them good money to bring her back."

"Did they have like… Scottish accents?" wonders Quenton, now, while a hand lifts to run through his black hair, then drops to his side limply. "They could operate a bus, and they like money. Hmmm." He shakes his head. "Nothing in my noggin about any Supervillain or such with a medieval henchmen schtick."

Nicholas makes a face as if he's trying to remember. "I think so, maybe English, I don't really remember." He says as he leans against the stall door and slides down it so that he's sitting on the floor. "Is it going to be like this the rest of our lives?"

"I doubt it. You can hide your powers if you want and try to live a kosher, cushy and safe life." Quenton jerks his shoulders up. "Either way, something has gotta give. This isn't a superhero school, and I've no interest in putting on another mask and hiding my identity, but I am going to make sure this shit stops happening."

"It doesn't matter, I'm a mutant, hiding doesn't mean anything. Something will happen just because and it sucks." Nicholas says as he knows there is no such thing as a normal life anymore. "I can try to help you, for Jill but I'm not going to be any good at this stuff unless it involves playing video games or riding a horse.

"Right," Quenton mutters, releasing a exhale. "I'm sorry. Maybe there's no choice of you having a normal life. My advice is trying for one, but then again, I'm a guy who doesn't have much belief in anything normal at all." He shrugs his shoulders. "I've got nothing. If you don't think you can help, that's fine. There's others, and if no one will help me, I work better alone anyway."

"My parents are dead, I can't go back home, and that's all I want so, I doubt things will be normal. And on top of still trying to deal with all that, I can't deal with Jill being gone to." Nichoals admits. "I just don't know what to do Quenton, I really don't. All this is just…." He shakes his head as the word overwhelming comes to mind.

"I'll get her back," Quenton mumbles, trying to sound gentle, but just sounding as gruff as the young teenage mutant can be. "Besides, werewolves, vampires. Who knows? This might be linked to my family, and if that's the truth…" He shrugs again. "I'll make things right," he promises.

Nicholas nods to Quenton feeling like utter crap for the fact that he just feels usless. "I…she's the only person here who makes me feel like I might be able to be myself a…" He stops and then looks up at Quenton with a puzzled expression. "Your family? What do you mean linked to your family?"

"My family was kidnapped by some mob family that had a vampire in the mix. Which might mean these werewolves are linked, 'cause you know. Vampires and Werewolves and Underworld." Quenton shrugs. "So I plan to go track these fuckers down and while saving the girls, interrogate them on vampires." He clears his throat. "You know. That kind of thing."

Nicholas looks up at Quenton with a look of shock. "Your family…" He says trailing off as he stands up. "Damnit." He mutters to himself with an exhale of breath. "I'll help you. If your family is involved too…" He can't bear to let someone go through what he's going through even if he doesn't know what to do.

"It'll probably be dangerous, full of violence and emotional trauma and a harsh reminder that our lives from here on out are never ever going to be what's considered normal," warns Quenton, as his eyes trail up to the sky.

Nicholas walks up to Quenton and looks straight into his red eyes. "I don't care, I've had enough emotional trauma over the last few months where I don't think it's possible to really become more traumatic. As for the other stuff…." There's a shrug from Nick. "I can't let you lose your family, I lost mine and I don't want anyone to go through that." He says sounding a bit choked up and to avoid showing too much emotion he swallows and blinks a bit. "Besides you're right, I care about Jill to much."

Quenton watches Nicholas's blue ones, like listening to the Beatles' for the first time. Alright, not that sentimental but the other boy's words releases an exhale. "They killed my brother," he confides. "That's what Zoey said. So yeah. This is personal." He watches Nicholas for a while, rolling his tongue in his cheek. "If we get in a fight, just follow my lead," he adds.

Nicholas nods once Quenton tells him what happened and nods. "Then I'll help you even more. And I'm sorry, about your brother. I know hearing 'sorry' sucks a lot of the times but, I really am." His voice is a bit quiet but yet determined. "Damnit…" He mutters again out of frustration.

"Help me even more," Quenton echoes before he wets his lips, glancing across the campus a moment, before flicking his gaze back to Nicholas. "We'll be fine," he promises, with a firm nod. "And don't worry. My brother left me with some death anxiety, but I got over it quick." Because that's comforting.

Nicholas isn't convinced by Quenton's words that he is over it but doesn't say much in regards to it. "If I could have done more to stop what happened, I would have, but I'll follow your lead. I can hold someone in the air while you punch them."

"Works for me," agrees Quenton with a firm nod, while he clenches his fists, glancing back at the other mutant. "Just be careful. If I tell you to run, you run. You understand?" he asks, while he digs his fingers into his face again, then drops his hand down, letting out a yawn that he tries to bite back.

"As long as you aren't doing anything stupid like trying to sacrafice yourself for anyone, Shane would beat the hell out of me if you came back not breathing." Nicholas says firmly believing that. "But I'm not interested in getting myself killed, no offense."

"I'll be fine," Quenton grunts. "I'm tough. Anyway. I'm going to go and find Miss Frost," he murmurs to Nick. He almost clasps the other mutant on the shoulder, but lack of control lets his hand drop to his side.

Nicholas understands the motion and nods. "Cool, well I gotta get back to cleaning out Orion's stall or at least put some hay down for now and continue it later. Just let me know when you need me."

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