2009-02-25: To Make A Safe Haven


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Summary: While walking through the park, an announcement is made over the island as it's sealed away from the rest of the world.

Date: February 25, 2009

To Make a Safe Haven

Rating: PG (dirty mouths!)

Central Park

Now that Kaden know how to keep himself warm while it's cold out, he wanted to go outside for a walk. Fire can stay stationary but it also likes to spread where it can. He's gotten Drew and Keith to come along and walks along one of the many paths in Central park with his hands shoved in the pockes of his jeans while wearing just a short sleeved shirt. "Now I can be weird like you two and walk around with out a jacket in the winter time."

"I know, and I love it." Drew laughs, reaching out to ruffle Kaden's hair happily. "You don't know how happy I am to see you like this. Actually… enjoying life." He says with a grin as he looks over his shoulder to Keith.

"Stupid thing," Keith mutters, fiddling with the watch he broke earlier. He glances up and ruffles each of the spirits before shoving the watch into his pocket and muttering a curse. "Now I gotta get a new one of those," he sighs slightly. "I don't always walk around without a jacket."

"Yeah but you don't always walk around with a jacket on either." Kaden says as his hair is ruffled twice, first by the water spirit then by the air spirit. "I don't know, I guess I finally realize I'm with people I actually like being around and that actually give two shits about me."

"It only took HOW long to get you to realize that?" Drew asks, laughing happily as he slides on a little bit of water he brought beneath his feet. It looks like he's skating along on heelies… without the wheels, of course. "And they do more than give two shits about you. You know we love ya."

Keith nods. "Drew's right, K-man," he chimes. He runs a hand through his hair and blows some litter of the path and into the nearest trash bin. "Got only a few places in this city that are nice and non-trashy and people still can't take care of 'em."

Kaden walks up behind Drew and puts his arms over his shoulders and smiles at him, resting his chin on Drew's shoulder. "Well I love ya too, both of you." He says and that's the first time he's said it to Keith. He says something else but it can't be heard over a loud booming voice that sounds across Manhattan. "We apologize for the intrusion as we use your island. Your world means much to us. Remember, everything will work out best if you just join us peacefully."

The booming voice stops Drew in his tracks. He would have stopped anyway with what Kaden had said. Sure, it's a wonderful thing, but whatever's happening around him isn't. Water immediately begins to coalesce from the air's moisture, gathering around his fists. "Shit." Yep. Drew's not happy about that. He's been keeping watch of things, but he has no idea what that means.

Keith starts to say something in reply to Kaden when the booming begins. The air-spirit scowls and then mutters something before peering up. "Oh just fuckin' lovely," he says, gathering winds around himself. "Just what we don't need today."

Kaden still has his arms around Drew as he stands up straight and tenses. "Fuck that shit, I ain't joining no fucking lame ass invasion peacefully." He scowls, he's just becoming happy and is with people he truely cares for, Kaden's not giving that up easily. Drew would be able to feel Kaden's body temperature rising to more than just warm as he's pissed off.

Not too far, and just over Central Park, one of the figures rises. The shape could be either masculine or feminine, it's hard to tell. A gray outfit covers the body. A flaming aura surrounds it as well, shaped almost… almost like a bird of flame.

Drew simply grumbles. "We'll make it." He says simply, looking between the other two spirits. "Should we try to get home or do something?"

Eyes narrow as Keith peers upwards and squints. "Huh. Some flaming bitch up there," he mutters. "Home. Pick up as many people along the way as we can and bring 'em with us," he decides after a few moments of thought.

"Fucking bitch, I'll out flame her any day." Kaden grumbles as he kind of wants to do something but Keith's the oldest and he'd rather stick together. "Why would we fucking bring them with us?" Kaden says as he moves so that he's standing next to Drew. "Maybe the news will say more about what the fuck is going on here."

Drew nods. "Taking them to the penthouse? It'll get packed, but ok." He says, knowing it's probably the best thing to do. Water slides out from under him, coming from the ground and surrounding his general area, to give a solid, mobile surface.
Keith shakes his head. "Not the penthouse. The Marc. It's a big building, Drew. Keep 'em in there but not in the penthouse…" he trails off, lifting off the ground slightly. "Let's go."

Kaden shoves his hands in his pockets and lets out a sighs. He was having a good day and something just had to fuck it up. There's that scowly Kaden again. "Whatever, lets just get the fuck out of here and pick up what strays we can."
Drew follows the others, calling out to those nearby to come to the Marc. The water field beneath him expands, to offer more footage. "Yeah." He says to Kaden, looking on at the upset boy.

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