2010-01-20: To Save A Demon?


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Summary: An incredibly unplanned rescue/capture attempt is attempted.

Date: January 20, 2010

Log Title To Save A Demon?

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Gymnasium

This big room with wooden floors is build with powered students in mind; the entire room is power proof. Blast the walls all you like, they are not breaking. The gym can either be one large room and it also has dividers to make it two smaller gyms. This large Gym has basketball nets, equipment to set up equipment badminton, volleyball, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, fencing, and everyone's favorite, dodge ball.

Continuing from Markings

Rashmi reaches back to pat Mike's hand, then freezes as from the book bag near where she and Jono had been practicing erupts with a generic text-message tweedle, loud in the ringing silence of the gym.
((Oh for the love of God what now,)) she mutters in Hindi, storming over to very nearly rip the phone out from inside the bag. There's a pause, then a flat, heavy "….Jono."

Skyler's hands fall to her sides limply, a pained expression on her face, like she's about to break out in tears. She takes a deep breath and says plaintively, "I'm sorry…"

It's a very unkind to do, and he'll pay for it later, but as Rashmi calls his name there comes a hard reply. (Feel free to smack him later.) «I don't give a flying fuck about your ruddy boyfriend!» and with that Jonothon is gone. Out in the hall, as he stalks to the elevator, he closes up the costume front and pulls on his jacket. The shirt gets stuffed into a pocket for now. His motions are jerky, meaning that he fumbles around with it all.

Rashmi's mouth snaps shut with an audible click,, and she stares at Jono's back as he fumbles with his clothes, the elevator, and his own state of mind.
"…All right then," she says softly, and clears her throat, pitching her voice to be heard a little more clearly, with only a slight waver. "So, um… Lucas… one of the students who became a demon, you know…? Well… he's my boyfriend. And… He's in really bad shape. He's alone right now… And I want to get him back to the school, so we can, you know… fix him. Would… either of you please mind helping?"

DEMON? Mike wipes the words off his chest and steps back … And there's nothing he can say, the only words available are the exorcism from the catholic radio station. And that would probably not communicate anything even remotely helpful. "What do you need?" he writes, after a long hestation.

Skyler blinks at Rashmi the transition between Jono's reaction and the other girl's request just stuns her. She heaves a weary sigh and says "Sure. Why not? Last time I snuck out like that I got two months detention."

"This time, you might just save a student's life… Come on, then," she says, face set, striding toward the door.
"It'll be dangerous, Mike… but I'm really, really going to need someone strong. …Probably two someones, just to make sure."

This is a BAD IDEA. Just so you know. Of course you don't because Mike can't say it out loud but he promises he WILL say it. His shirt remains back on the bench where he left it, and he follows Rashmi… and he's shaking his head quietly.

"Last time we kicked the ass of a giant head guy and got everybody's powers back," mutters Skyler, mostly to herself. "Well," she says louder to Rashmi, "I can copy anybody we bring along, so if you need to strong guys, I can be one of them."
Of course this is a bad idea. That's what living in the X-mansion is all about! Jonothon apparently hasn't abandoned you totally. He stands at in the foyer, hands in pockets. Eyes are dark, hair is mostly covering face, but there he waits.
«I'm going with you.» Doesn't explain himself. Doesn't apologize. Just puts to action what he should have done in hearing about that message. Sure he doesn't actually care about Lucas, but he does care about Rashmi, and the others going to help. «I'll drive.» Since he might be the only one who can legitimately sign out one of the school vehicles.

Rashmi nods, still walking toward the door, not even bothering to change out of her Paragons uniform. "That'll be even better, then. I'll call Zack, and--" She halts in front of the door, as Jono makes his grand reentrance, and nods, smiling. "…Thank you, Jono. This… really means a lot to me."
Skyler follows Rashmi out the door, still shaking her head and wondering what she's getting herself into. Jono's appearance… or rather… failure to disappear brings a sigh of relief from her, whether it's from the fact that her news didn't affect him as badly as she first though or from the fact that they're bringing a /real/ X-Man (more or less) is hard to tell. Most likely, it's a bit of both. "Lead on," she says.

scene change, during which time Zack is recruited to help.

Westchester - Titicus Reservoir

Surrounded by trees and plenty of green, Titicus Reservoir is a peaceful spot. There is a fence surround the water to keep people out of the watershed. Sorry but there is no swimming in the drinking water. Before the fence is a small park with picnic tables, grills, and a large grassy area for recreational activity. The park is well maintained by the state of New York so it seems clean almost all the time.

Late evening, and the Reservoir is deceptively peaceful. The first one out of the car as it rolls to a stop, Rashmi tugs at the collar of her Paragons uniform, tugging on the strap of her book bag and just generally fidgeting like crazy. "Okay," she says quietly, glancing at the treeline every other breath and the water beyond. "If we all go out… He's probably going to panic, and run. So… Maybe you should hide, for now?"

Jonothon says absolutely nothing on the way to the reservoir, and then after that.. he says nothing as Rashmi lists out her idea of a plan. hide for now? Eyeing her darkly, the man tucks hands into the pockets of his jacket and keeps his silence. If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all. Grump! Clearly he doesn't disagree enough to say no, so go off Rashmi. Talk to Lucas. Jono will wait until the time is right.

Zack has worn his too, the big man just sorta staying out of the way for now, taking a deep breath and he'll rub his hands together, alll right, well let's make sure no one dies…or somthing. Going to be bad really. He leans forward and nods to Rashmi.

Mike hates being a passenger. But he is one. It's not like he had a chance to explain, or to soup up the car at all, but that's OK. It can be a surprise in case things go bad. He rides in the back next to Zack, the two of them probably making the car sag a bit. And he doesn't say much.

Skyler folds her arms and scowls at the 'leader.'
"You haven't thought this out, have you." This isn't a question. This is a statement of fact. "So you're going to go in and lure him out?"

"Of *course* I haven't!" Rashmi whispers urgently. "But he wouldn't talk to anyone else anyway… Look… Whatever happens, don't let him take his gloves off. If he does… Go for his arms. Keep hold of them, that's where his powers come from." Her head lowers some, then rises, looking at each member of her hastily-arranged posse in turn. "Look… When he comes out… I'll get hold of him. Then I'll bring out my spheres. Probably he won't want to hurt me… but I can't be sure." There's a quiet shrug. "If I'm wrong… well.. at least he'll have me to deal with, first. …Okay?"

«Get on with it.» The words are to Rashmi alone, and quiet. Direct and to the point. Move, girl. He's already tired of waiting. Jonothon's look isn't a pleasant one, yet he still adds, «Think at me when you're ready. I'll be listening.» She's got a half hearted plan, but he offers that just in case something goes wrong.

Zack nods his head, "Well his arms, ok….I didn't know that so kinda hold onto his arms?" he asks with a deep breath, "I don't know about this, I mean, the last time everyone got caught right…hurt bad?"

Mike shrugs. Nothing to sample so nothing to say. He'd ask if she minds if his wrists got a little broken because frankly, that's not impossible, and Mike gets this queasy sensation just under the carburator when he thinks of the sensation of a bone snapping in his hands. Eww. Do Not Want.

Skyler purses her lips thoughtfully. "He's still got a thing for you?" She asks. She reaches out and touches Rashmi's hand and before she can protest, there's now two Rasmis. "There," she says, peeling off her name tag. "That should throw him for a loop for a while when he sees me."

Rashmi blinks sharply as Skyler reaches out, and goes a little pale at the sight of… herself? Shaking her head, she turns, nodding once to Jono, and hurrying through thr trees, to the waters on the other side.

Lucas sees Rashmi, and he slowly emerges from the woods. He's wearing a pair of sweat pants and a baggy "I <3 NY" shirt. He looks sleepy and dirty, and he stands at the water edge, watching Rashmi.

Jonothon waits. Those nearest can see his eyes shifting from brown to flame, but that's the only obvious sign that he's monitoring Rashmi. Going to let the girl attempt her hold before he gets involved.

Zack blinks at two Rashmis too, "Ya I guess it would confuse him, it confuses me…" he says as he remains sitting there and goes a little bit more quiet now and looks back and forth, unsure of his role.

Skyler does her best to keep herself hidden, idly playing with the telekenetic spheres that had just suddenly popped into existence around her. "Don't worry," she says to Zack as she has one lift up to about eye level, and pokes at it curiously with a finger. "If things go south and we need another strong arm, I'll be copying you." She flashes him a grin, "That way you won't get confused."

Mike sits very still, watching the scene unfold. His eyes remain dark, though. Headlights would only draw attention and it's NOT a good idea to do that.

Rashmi walks slowly toward Lucas, already twisting open the cap on the bottle of aspirin. "Hey, Lucas…" She tries her hand at a smile, and fails miserably. "…It looks like you… found… some clothes that fit better, right…" She swallows, comingto a halt some feet away from Lucas. "You, um… you did… *find* them… right…?"

Lucas shrugs, "Yeah." He steps one step closer to her. On each of his hands is a giant, oversized glove. "Ah'm feelin' better. This'll be the last time Ah need you."

Rashmi blinks quietly, brows coming together at this statement. Two steps are taken toward the demonic youth, the pill bottle rattling in her hands. "What does that mean, Lucas…?"

Looking back to Zack as Skyler comforts, Jonothon shakes his head a little. There's actually nothing wrong with what you all are doing. He's simply in a foul mood and it's coloring everything he does. «Gel, do this.» A little mental nudge to Rashmi. People are waiting…

Zack strokes over his chin, and he keeps taking a deep breath and watching, "So you know…um. when to go?" he asks the other and he swallows hard and just watchs and listens as much as he could.

Skyler watches the couple intently, her eyes drinking in every movement that Rashmi makes, how she walks, the frequent hesitation in her voice, everything. «I think I have an idea,» she sends through the link. «I want to see how he reacts first, though…» 'He' being Lucas.

Lucas shrugs, "You won't come with me. So… Maybe, after this, ya'll should consider seein' other people." He slowly smiles, and then chuckles.

Skyler steps out from the brush and asks, voice low and sultry and still somehow Rashmi-Like. "Oh, /she/ may not, but how do you know /I/ won't?" She walks towards the demon corrupted Lucas, much like Rashmi would if she was suddenly channeling Mata Hari, a bit of extra sway in the hips, and a come hither look in her eyes. "She is, after all, too good for you."

Rashmi's face darkens, and she marches across the intervening space, grabbing a double fistful of sweatshirt, a deep scowl on her face. "If I *wanted* to see other people, don't you think I'd already be *doing* it?! My Lord, Lucas, can't you just wake up and *see* what I'm trying to do. *I will fight Hell for you,* you incredible stubborn *idiot~!!*" Her knuckles whiten, and as Skyler steps out, she closes her eyes, loosing a soft, trembling sigh. Her grip remains, and a half-dozen spheres of soft light fade into view, revolving around herself and the demonic youth. "I'm so sorry…"

Jonothon looks over at Mike and Zack. Or likely over and up. He's not tall.
«That's your cue, boys. We need you to make sure he gets pinned. Can you handle that?»
As for himself, well, Jono continues to hold off. He doesn't want to start blasting with all these people around.

Lucas furrows his brow, looking at the other Rashmi, and then immediatly scowls. "You fucking bitch!" he shouts at the real Rashmi. As he snaps at her, he yanks off the glove from his left hand, the area illuminating in brilliant light as the undulating sphere of nuclear reaction around his hand is revealed. It hums, growing brighter as he tries to take a step back from her grasp.

Zack keeps watching…listenining and he looks left and right, thinking to himself girls sure the hell are weird…to be honest seeing Rashmi and Skyler does make himself question his own idea of what is right…he just keeps staring and waiting for "The signal"…

Mike peels out, because they just GOT that signal, and is accelerating at a decent clip. That left hand doesn't seem like a good thing for that girl, and as he closes the distance he lunges, trying to grab LucasDemon's left forearm somewhere above that glow, because that cannot be good for his hand-treads if he were to go lower. Oh yeah… You know that horrible loud annoying car alarm noise? He starts emitting that as soon as he's within one pace of them, about as loud as a slightly-too-loud car stereo.

Skyler takes advantage of the confusion (however brief it is) to take all six of her floating teleketic balls and hurl them at the boys head with as much force as she can muster. Where as the real Rashmi may still be emotionally attached to him, Skyler isn't, and won't be pulling any punches.

Rashmi holds on for dear life to the sweatshirt, her spheres whirling madly around them, each batting at the glowing hand in passing. Should any make contact with the nuclear fires, it will pain her to no end, but regardless she grimly hangs on, making herself a dead weight against the boy. "We're taking you back, Lucas," she whispers. You can hate me all you want… Just… hate me as yourself."

Well, he is a new student. Jonothon shouldn't have expected him to do otherwise. Grimacing at Mike's sounds, shielding his eyes against the glow with a lifted hand, the Englishman begins to move over as well. Not rushing, for he doesn't know how this will play out, and he's best at a distance anyway. Just waiting.. waiting for a chance to get in a blast.

Lucas tries to pull away from her again, but he's not really able to as she goes dead weight. He scowls, and bats at one of the spheres, incinerating it as his glowing hand strikes it. He glares at her, and then is struck in the head by Skyler's spheres, not even seeing them coming. He spins, tumbling to his knee, letting out a howl of pain. He looks towards where they came from and slings his hand towards Skyler, shooting a blast of energy towards her.

Slipping on the wet grass, Mike skids as the flailing and spinning takes his target out of his reach. This is why he never played football. How do you tackle someone and MISS? It's a gift.
He scrambles to spin back around and grabs for that left arm again, even if it means he ends up grabbing too low; maybe if he's lucky he will keep the blast from hitting Skyler-impersonating-sexy-Rashmi.

"Shit," growls Skyler as she leaps out of the way of the nuclear blast that Lucas throws at her, the beam burning a hole in her sweats and searing the flesh of her thigh as it barely grazes her. She grunts as she goes down to one knee. Still, she manages to pull herself together long enough to throw another telekenetic ball at Lucas, but with perhaps less force than she had.

The incineration of Rashmi's sphere, however, produces a loud, pained shriek, the dead weight becoming more genuine as she balls up against Lucas' chest. The other five wobble dangerously in their orbits, but level out before long. "Please, Lucas… Please, *stop..!*"

Lucas yells at Rashmi, "Ah thought you loved me! How could you trick me like this!" He spins to face Mike just as the man grabs his wrist. It's hot. Really hot. "Let go of me!" He struggles, but only has the strength of someone about twice his size. The other orb from Skyler hits his head, and he growls again, though it doesn't seem that that impact really hurt him. He turns to look at the spheres from Rashmi, and blows a viscious stream of of fire from his mouth, focusing on two of them closest to him.

With people being thrown around, Jonothon doesn't dare takes the shot. «Idiot gel! Get out of the bloody way!» That to Rashmi for her curling up against Lucas. «He's hurting your friends and you sit there and whine?!» Psy-fire blossoms into being around his upper chest and face just before he lets off a blast. It's as narrow as he can manage, and rather weak all things considered. This is a man who can destroy reinforced concrete with little effort. This blast though should only be enough to knock someone over. Sure going to hurt though. He's aiming for Lucas' upper torso. Shoulders and head. Could miss though.

Zack grunts a little bit and he moves forward in his spandx tights, the big young man just hoping that he knows what he's doing, rushing forward. He's simply attempting to walk arond to Luca's back while he's busy with the others,

Mike has been in brawls before, of course. Usually he wasn't the strong one. He ignores the stinging sensation of his left hand where it holds Lucas' left wrist but the smell of burning rubber is nasty, and the steel belts underneath are starting to get hot, which itches as well. Having the wrist he tries to grab around Lucas' body to slap the other hand across his mouth to stop that flame, even if he didn't stop the first part. And the flailing has put a long scratch in the paint down his side. This had better be worth it.

Skyler gets to her feet and with a slight limp approaches Lucas, wary of his blasts. She's about to send another orb flying, but pulls it back before it can get caught in the blast that Jono sends out.
«I take it copying you is a bad thing,» she sends to Jono.

When Jono's blast hits Lucas' chest, he screams in pain. Far more pain that what Jono probably intended, and more than his blast should have done on its own. Rashmi would probably remember his broken ribs, and know they just were struck again. Lucas stumbles a little, gasping for breath, and then Mike covers his mouth. He tries to blast Mike's palm with fire breath as he does. When Zack gets close, Lucas struggles to lift his hand, and fires to quick bursts of nuclear energy at him. He stumbles again, having trouble breathing from his broken ribs and the hand over his mouth now.

It's not the damage done to the next pair of spheres that snaps her out of it, nor *quite* Jono's harsh invective. The two damaged spheres, bobbing low like half-filled balloons, drift down to take up a tight vertical circle over her back. What gets her head snapping up, the week's worth of helplessness and fury and despair she'd been stewing in since hearing of Lucas' disappearance visible in her eyes, is the shouted question. "I *DO* LOVE YOU!" she yells, three remaining orbs snapping up and down toward Lucas' cheek. "I'VE *SAT* THERE AND *LOVED* YOU AND *WORRIED* FOR YOU AND ALMOST *DIED INSIDE!* *EVERY!* *SINGLE!* *TIME* I SAW WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" At every stressed word, another sphere arcs down. "You're *SICK,* Lucas! And we're *taking you back* so that you can get *better!*"

«You want to kill us all, go ahead and copy.» That's his firm opinion on whether or not it's a good idea. Of course Jonothon will gradually reform, but that isn't necessarily true of everyone else. A creature of flame at the moment, psy-fire coiling around him, he certainly doesn't look to be reassuring. He can't blast again though. Not with everyone in the way. Bad enough he had to hurt Lucas that badly. «Someone knock this bastard out?» Almost a pleading, for he can't do it. Not without hurt everyone else.

Zack ghasps as he tries to duck, but he's too big, feeling a bit of his muscle burned away, seering flesh and skin awaywith nucear energy. His eyes going wide and ghasping as his big arms try to wrap around…Lucas. To try and contain his arms with the burnining flesh smell in the air.

The flames are burning the rubber on Mike's RIGHT hand now as he tries NOT to spasm from the pain and break the guy they're trying to rescue. When Zack grabs at the lot of them, all he can do is try to knock his forehead against Lucas's head because at this point he's most likely being pinned. Which head is harder? Hard to say.

Skyler just holds back, now. There's three people on Lucas, and any further action by her is just as likely to hurt them as they would Lucas. To Jonothan's response she just nods.
«Yeah. Thought so. I'll keep it in mind if I ever want to blow up a city block».

Lucas continues to struggle, his head snapping around after every hit from Rashmi's spheres. He groans, and then Zack grabs hold of him. He tries to pull away, but he's not strong enough. The sphere around his exposed hand begins to increase in temperature as he becomes desperate, the air around him now hot just to be in it. When Mike headbuts him, he scowls, but it wasn't hard enough to hurt. His struggle slows, as his vision begins to blur. He's about to pass out from not being able to breathe with Mike's hand over his mouth combined with his already shallow, pained breathing from his broken ribs.

Rashmi rises, biting at her lip as Lucas is slowly taken down, hard and messily, a part of her mind railing against this cruelty. With a shake of her head, she stoops, picking up the glove and jamming it back home over the demonic boy's hand, tears in her eyes and a trickle of blood leaking from her nose.
"Let him go," she says, just loud enough to be heard, "and get clear." Clearing her throat, stepping back to one side, she raises her voice. "JONO!!"

Jonothon has been waiting, with a strange patience, and watching. If people do as she asks.. if he gets a clear line of sight, the man blasts again. Destroying things is easy. This… this is not a bit easy. If Jono could sweat he would be. Eyes are narrowed with focus. The air around him grows heavy, and he lets it go. The beam is wide this time, but just as careful as before. Doesn't want to paste poor Lucas.

Zack uhs to himself, feeling that bit of his arm that has been blown again, it hurts, it's sore, but he lets go of..lucas? All right, he steps away too since he's getting ot of the way of whatever.

Mike-the-robot would growl "GO DOWN" but, no voice, no attention to spend on sampling. He does, entirely accidentally, think across the link, "Would somebody please put that other fucking glove back on his fucking hand because this hurts like hellfire." JUST as Rashmi does it. And he's able to let go of the left wrist.
It's likely that the smell of burning rubber is also not doing Lucas a world of good, given that it's melting a bit. He peels his right hand away (a thread of melted rubber trailing behind) and leaps clear to stand silently back from ground zero.

Lucas gasps for air when they release him. He snarls at Rashmi, "Ah swear Ah'm gonna—" And then the blast from Jonothon hits him. He topples end over end, tumbling across the grass about thirty feet, until he settles, crumpled and limp. He doesn't move, and his left arm is bent unnaturally around his back, clearly broken. It's over.

Note: at this point, Jono, Lucas and Zack players had to disconnect due to the lateness of the hour. Actions assumed or implied for them by permission.

As soon as Lucas hits the ground, she's off. Scraping the blood away from her nose, ignoring the niggling problem of one eye squnted almost shut against the pain lancing through her brain, she drops to her knees next to Lucas' unmoving body, fingers pressed gently against his scaled neck. After a moment, she sighs, sagging back, beginning the struggle back to her feet.
"Okay… Okay… he's alive… ow… Are you all okay?"

Skyler limps up to meet where Rashmi and the others are, nodding. "Yeah. I've had worse."

Mike shakes his head no, but doesn't say anything. He looks at Jono being near-catatonicly emo, at Zack having a truly sickening burn to his right arm, and he's glad he cannot feel physical nausea. He walks over to Rashmi and reaches down. His hands are ruined, at least cosmetically. The paint is burnt and peeling up his left hand, the rubber melted making his fingers a single mass, and steel belting shows through. The right hand isn't so bad, just melted and fused into a lump and the paint streaked with smoke. Nothing big.

Rashmi looks up at Mike's ruined hands, mouth falling open slightly. Taking hold of his upper forearms, she examines the ruined metal, looking far more pained than even the shock of backlash could explain. "Oh, Mike… I'm so sorry… Skyler, Zack…" Shaking her head, she looks back down at Mike's hands, biting at her lower lip. "They'll get you fixed up though, Mike. I'm sure they can. And… thank you. All of you. I'm sorry you all got hurt… but it couldn't have happened without you."

Skyler looks down at Lucas once she gets close enough. "It's okay," she says with a scowl, sounding for all the world like a war veteran who's seen this kind of thing one too many times. "It had to be done. Everybody's still alive, which is the important thing. We've got a good med bay and some of the best doctors in the world." She bends down and grabs the unconscious mutant's feet. "C'mon. Help me get him back to the car. We need to get him back and sedated before he wakes up."

Mike shrugs stoically, having no other choice. Some time when he has a voice or a keyboard he'll probably say something like, "Why did you not think of this going in, howcome nobody told me he had sun-hands, and that bit with the fire breathing? Also, you are just lucky. LUCKY."
But now is not really the time.
He doesn't lift Lucas, because he remembers something from first-aid about checking for injuries and he can't do that at the moment, but there is something he can do. Turning his eyelamps on so he can see better, he walks over to the car and leans on it for a second… then he disappears, and the car starts to change. There was a medical kit in the car before, and probably some kind of restraints oh please… anyway, within 10 seconds the car is an ambulance, and the back doors open. A gurney slides out onto the ground.

Rashmi's mouth falls open as the car becomes a full-sized ambulance, a moment spent in shock. And here, she'd thought she'd seen it all… Cursed words, when one goes to Mutant High.
"No, Skyler, it's okay… put him down, Mike's…. got it all taken care of, it looks like." Hurrying over, she takes hold of the gurney, wheeling it back toward Skyler and Lucas.
"Here… his arm's broken pretty bad, and his ribs… So… I guess we have to hurry." Taking her place on one side of the unconscious demon, she awaits her Skyler self's signal to lift.

Lucas' feet drop to the ground with a *thunk* as Skyler stares at Mike's performance, totally forgetting about moving injured boy.
"And here I thought that I'd seen everything, now." She shakes her head as Rashmi comes back with the gurney and nods.
"Yeah. There should be a board on that thing. Help me get that under him, then we can lift him onto the gurney without hurting him more."

If there SHOULD be a board there is… Mike flashes his emergency lights, tests his siren for just a second, Bweoowop, and in general figures out his controls. There's fewer seats for passengers, but there's room for both Zack and Lucas in the back, and that leaves enough seats if Skyler or Rashmi rides in the Nurse position in the back. Zack will probably overflow the second gurney but he's still mobile, so that will help.
Bwooop. That's a fun sound. Bwoooooop.

Rashmi nods, taking the board from the gurney, and starting to shift and wedge it beneath Lucas. "Mike… You're an absolute blessing, and I promise that I'll never ask you to come on another stupid thing I do ever again…"

Skyler helps Rashmi roll Lucas onto the board, and then helps her lift him up onto the gurney. She winces at one point when the badly seared part of her leg bumps into the edge of the cart which causes her to limp a little bit more, but still she carries on and helps get Lucas into the ambulance.

Mike is too far away to hear Rashmi except over the link Jono silently provides, but he's still figuring out how he works. Ambulances have some interlocks that regular cars do not, because of being used sometimes in dangerous neighborhoods. Still, as soon as the gurney is closer to the ambulance, it's almost like another pair of hands is helping to move it aboard. And Jono may or may not have helped; he's certainly got his own issues to deal with. The thing is, as soon as he sits in the driver's seat, SOMETHING happens, and then Mike's voice comes across the link.
"The first aid stuff is in the boxes at the front of the patient cabin. I didn't make anything that wasn't already there so it'll still be there when I stop being the car and it turns back. "

Rashmi nods at the instructions given, her gaze darting to Skyler as the copy of her winces in pain.
"Skyler… go on in and sit down. You really shouldn't be walking if you don't have to… Um, Mike? How, um… how much do you know about first aid?"

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