2010-10-29: To The Asylum


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Summary: Heather's notes are offered for Kenta's perusal.

Date: October 29, 2010.

Log Title: To The Asylum

Rating: PG.

Tegu-Haaz - The Slaughtered Lamb

Outside the wooden sign displaying a Wolf's Head on a pike along with the name 'The Slaughtered Lamb' swings in the breeze of the run down old pub. Inside the wooden floors creak as extra weight is applied and the smells of lingering alcohol and tabacco smoke permeate the air. Oil lanterns are hung on the walls circling the pub to provide light the patrons while the walls are marked with old tally marks from games long ago played. Behind the bar are old barrels of wine and ale, an hearth for cooking up meals and a layer of dust is caked onto the dishes. Long tables that can sit at least ten people each are still sturdy but some are turned over while the chairs are scattered across the place. A second hearth with ash from long ago still sitting in it is built against one of the sidewalls for light, heat and additional cooking. If one were to search the pub they might find food that is mysteriously still edible.

Heather has decided to settle back here as her base. She's been around more and more as Connor has been around less and less, trying to take over what small leadership role he played among the students until she can find him. The teddy bear she found rests on a table, to which is attached a note saying, 'Do not touch' in the teen's handwriting. For now, she sits with her eyes closed, having only woken up a few minutes ago, seeming to be in some sort of a meditation while things are quiet.

Since coming to this world Kenta's taken over the Slaughtered Lamb making it habitable with food, warmth, shelter and light. He hasn't gotten a ton of sleep since getting here but he's been functioning fine. Walking into The Lamb wearing a pair of period pants and boots, still shirtless for the time being, Kenta smokes on a pipe as he has a bunch of firewood bundled among some darkforce, using his power to carry the large pile of logs and sticks. "Good afternoon Heather." He greets as he goes to put the wood by the fire and tend to it.

Heather opens her eyes and turns towards Kenta. She reaches for her wax case. Fortunately, this is the kind of place that the case is most easily used. She scratches into the wax, <Good afternoon, sir.> She remains fairly formal with staff, even though on occasion she has been intentionally disobeying their edicts. If only because any niceness she affords might lessen the punishment she thinks she's likely to get upon getting out of here. <I'm not sure what I think I'm going to do today. I want to find Connor.> She gestures towards the bear on the table before also writing, <Found Robyn though.>

Kenta looks at the bear and nods. "That's good. I kinda found James but I let him go again. Good luck funding Connor though. The more that we have tabs on the better." He doesn't regret letting James go though. "He was able to cure me of being a werewolf, so no more episodes like the one a few nights ago." He says going over a table where he's spread out a large piece of canvas he's dug up. "I'm gonna work on making a map of this place. You've explored it a lot, you might be a good help in putting this together."

<Yes, I've been almost everywhere within a fairly long range. I think I've seen everything important to our immediate situations, and I don't want to wander too far out,> writes Heather carefully into the wax. She tilts her head lightly and writes, <I think Connor's in the asylum, but that's a hypothesis. Robyn mentioned having seen him, and he was staying at the asylum. It seems reasonable. Do you mind if I go back?> This is only a token request for permission.

Kenta shakes his head. "I don't mind. Honestly, I'm not as not as keen in keeping a leash on everyone. The more eyes out there the more we discover." He says as he goes over to the fire and throws a few potatos on the grate sitting above it to bake them up. He's been eating a lot of potatoes lately. "If you find him let me know okay? I know Jinx is missing and James is looking for her so I hope he finds her. You think you can help me with this map at some point? Draw what you know, I have the town square and stuff in this area drawn out."

<I'm here doing nothing often enough, and I have a good memory. I'll draw the parts of the maps that I can recall. I have a decent internal map.> She shrugs and taps on the edge of the case a couple of times, <A map may help in forming strategy. This world will inevitably show us more ugliness, and we need an approach to fighting it back. Which students are away, yet? I will keep an eye out for them.>

Thinking about which ones are away, Kenta eventually responds. "Well Jinx and James and Connor are the three I know off the top of my head. You say you've found Robyn…is Robyn the bear?" He asks as he doesn't know to what degree some students were affected. "I know James was affected but apparently Jinx was able to cure him? Robyn, Connor, Star and Mike are who is affected off the top of my head and then the just the other day I guess HIlde showed up so…I don't know who else might be hidden out there."

<No, the bear anchors Robyn. If he is supposed to be a ghost in this reality, then perhaps this is related to some kind of unfinished business. I intend to look into it. I know Emma will be cross with me, but I can't sit idly by while waiting for the grown-ups. Besides, I'm 37,> writes Heather, frowning for a moment after she finishes that message, tapping on her chin with the flat of her blade before continuoing, <I know that Mike changed. Do not let the beasts or world here affect your body, damage it real or symbolically. And we'll find new people as they arrive, if they arrive.>

"Yeah I heard about that Heather. I did get turned into a werewolf but something James had was able to fix that. I think it broke though but maybe finding Jinx might help too. I dunno. This place is just…it seems to hold no answers just more questions." Kenta says as he walks over to the fire place to tend to it for a bit. "Even a book with some clues, anything would be great right now."

<Interesting.> Heather also approaches the fire, scratching out, <I have made notes with the paper I found in the train station. As with all my writing, they are free for anyone to look at if they so desire. I keep them with my pyjamas while I'm wearing robes and my robes while I'm wearing pyjamas.> She shows this to Kenta before putting her case over the fire to warm it up.

"Sure, I'll be reading them probably today. I'd like to look things over and get all you guys home." Kenta says with a smile as he goes to put two more logs on the fire. "I'll also be trying to make my watery vegetable crap soup again today, if you see Hosea, can you ask him to hunt something for us?" Just cause meat makes everythign taste better. "What are your theories about this place Heather? Since you've been exploring a lot."

Heather listens to Kenta for a few moments and then pulls her case out of the fire, opening it and waiting for a few moments for the tabula rasa to cool. She nods at Kenta's request, and then gestures to herself and her pickaxe. Once the wax is cooled enough, Heather writes in her reply, letting Kenta read as she writes for efficiency's sake: <My theories about this place are many, but they are only hypotheses without tests behind them. I know that there are certain important pieces. I believe Robyn is important, this is a world that I think he could imagine. But I do not think he is responsible.
<There is magic involved, of course, and this reality might be drawn from a mind, maybe of Robyn, but maybe of the mage behind this. I expect that those affected will gravitate towards the asylum, since it seems to be the single most important place, even though it is disquieting for most to be around. It is an analog for our own spatial reality, though, and represents our school. I predict that things will get worse before they improve, but eventually we will at least find the Blackmoore person, since I think that he was brought here as well. He is the target of this spell, and may in some way be linked to someone here. We found a note when we searched Chloe's grave. 'The fault lies with the one who isn't.' Suspicions on Robyn again, though he may be somehow linked to Blackmoore, who the world might blame out of having a creator malicious to him.>
She pauses for a moment, and then shrugs her shoulders, <I have more to say, but it is in my notes, and it is mostly speculation. You can also see some hypotheses that I have ruled out.>

Kenta listens to Heather and makes not to talk to Emma about what her theories are. "Well I'm thinking we should have everyone on the look out for this Blackmoore fellow. Find out where we haven't looked, scour each and every part of the asylum, check the woods, basements of buildings, I dunno. I think he's our clue and I'd really like to see this guy. I guess it's like that stupid "The More You Know!" thing."

Heather tilts her head slightly, heating her wax case up again while Kenta speaks. It takes less time, since the wax was already partially melted. <Would you like to come with me to the Asylum? I know that punishments are usually doled out on fixed timelines, but when I'm 'grounded' for a week, that's a little more than a month for me. If I can prevent it from snowballing too much, it might be nice later. I also do not want to go alone, since I may become affected, which means only my notes would remain of me.>

"Sure I'll head up there with you, I'd like to check it out since I haven't really gotten much of a chance. I wanna see what's in that building." Kenta says as he starts walking around the room to gather up some things but not weapons. More like a shirt, rope, chalk, tabacco and some parchment he's found. "Let me know when you wanna go up there and I'll be happy to join you. We can go now or we can see if there's anythign to eat first."

Heather grabs her pickaxe, which has become her primary weapon in this place, since she prefers it for self-defense to a shovel. <We can go now. Though maybe I should eat something, maybe something leftover, since I am already on a low diet since otherwise I consume a lot of resources. It's easier to function thoughtfully when I don't feel starved.> Indeed, Heather has been eating approximately one third her usual portions, which hasn't seemed to affect her functioning much, though she has dropped some weight.

Kenta grabs a few apples and tosses one to Heather before pocketing a few more so that they can have something for the road. "Want me to fly us there or do you want to meet up there. I know you can move fast so it might just be best if you run up there and I can fly up there and meet you. That way I don't bug you with my slowness on foot." He makes sure he has everything he needs and looks around the room. "Someone should be around soon to make sure everything is okay here."

Heather nods and writes, <I'm fine with that. It shouldn't take me too long to run there, and I've already slept in the last four hours, so there's no risk of my succumbing to sleepiness.> She takes the apple and quickly scarfs it down, with unusual speed even for her, leaving nothing but the minimum of the core. The wax case is closed and strapped to her back, where it usually stays when she's not communicating. She holds her pickaxe and gestures towards the door with a tilted head, as if to ask if Kenta has everything.

There's a nod to Heather from Kenta as he gives her the 'okay' that they're good to go. He steps outside and gives her a smile. "See ya at the top of the hill." He says as a pair of black bat-like wings made from dark force errupt from his back and he takes to the skies. He makes sure to stay low so he can keep an eye, and ear out, for Heather the best that he can.

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