2010-11-09: Tomb Raiders


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Summary: Hosea and Robyn make a discovery in the mausoleum.

Date: Tuesday, November 9, 2010. 10:45am.

Log Title: Tomb Raiders

Rating: PG

Tegu-Haaz - Xavier's Insane Asylum for Adolescents (Mausoleum)

The Summers Mausoleum is a run down square building with some intricate design work on the outside. The stairs lead down to a wide chamber with six marble coffins along the sides. The names on top seem like they've long since rubbed off. The center of the room is open with a packed earth floor. There are a few torches that can be lit for light. Along the back wall there is a large, faded painting of a phoenix. There always seem to be some sort of whispers going on down here that are ever so faint on the wind.

The mausoleum remains a mystery to Hosea. Knowing that a great evil is responsible for this place, he has brought the mostly empty Bible with him, in fear that it might be stolen away if he were to leave it unguarded. Since learning that a demon was responsible, he seems to have found a new vigor, a new fearlessness. With a lit torch he descends into the mausoleum, determined to find clues of who this demon is, and how to free the captives from this truly damned place. The partial Bible is tucked under his arm, the ink well sealed and in his pocket, with the quill in his shirt pocket, the feather plucking out boldly. "Silence, voices, you have no place to speak heah," he says as he enters, going straight to the painting of the phoenix.

After a good day of rest after returning to himself, Robyn has grabbed a sickle that he found and made his way to the Asylum. He's heard about a key and also about silver waters but he doesn't know the significance of either. So he's decided to explore. He spotted Hosea walking into the graveyard and into the mausoleum and decided to follow him. "I don't know if anything here will listen to you Hosea." He says now dressed in some period clothign with a long jacket to keep warm.

"I'm back to myself, yes, but I don't know if I'd call it a curse." Robyn admits as he remembers being the ghost and while it wasn't a bad thing it wasn't really a curse either. "Just this land..I wish I had the time to appricate it. I'm going to be so busy when we get back home…" He says trailing off and looking around. "So did you hear anything about silver waters or know anything about what it could mean?"

Hosea nods. "I have heard of dem. I know dat David was investigating da waters. I do not know what it could mean." He wholly disagrees with the idea of appreciating where they are, but doesn't comment. "At night, water looks silver because of da moon. Maybe it is somethind dat can only be seen at night?" he suggests.

"Heather also said something about Mercury." Robyn says looking around the walls and running his hands along it to see if he can feel anything. "I know it's horrible for me to say but has anyone tried looking in these coffins? Seeing what's inside? Also the phoenix on the wall, do you think that's anything. I mean Addison is the Phoenix…"

"I have heard of dis Phoenix," he says. "In Egypt, dey tell da tale of a bird called dis as well. It dies and is reborn. Maybe it does not mean Addison, maybe it means dis bird," he suggests. After all, he doesn't really know Addison. He lights one of the torches on the wall, and then another. He places his own on the ground, and goes to the center most coffin. "I do not think so," he says, rolling up his sleeves. "I was against it before, but no work of a demon deserves respect. So if dis place is da work of a demon, I have no hesitation."

The African places both hands on the heavy stone. "Be careful, if dere is somethind dangerous, it would be good for it not to capture both of us, yes?" he says. And with that, he lifts with all of his strength, large muscles flexing to the maximum to move the cover.

"Ever heard of Jean Grey?" Robyn asks as he goes over to help Hosea try to push the top of the tomb open, which isn't much help as Robyn doesn't have much in the way of strength. "I hate demons." He says remember when Jordan got possessed. "I am being careful, I just got back to being myself I'm not going to lose it again." He says helping Hosea pus ht heavy marble an exhausting in at a time.

"Good, dey hate us too," Hosea grunts. He places the Bible to the side on another coffin and adjusts to get a better position, and shoves with all of his strength to move the top in coordination. "Hrrrrruuuu!" he groans, putting all of his back in it. "We ah almost dere!" he encourages, and gives another heave.

Robyn raises an eyebrow at Hosea. "Have you ever met a real demon, or someone that was changed into one?" He says between breaths to help push open the tomb. Though Hosea is doing most of the work. "Cause I have and…well, I don't have too much love for Limbo." He says as he heaves as hard as he can.

Hosea gives a final, hefty push before the lid is freed. He pants, taking a deep breath. "I do not doubt you," he confirms Robyn. "And hate dem you should, for demons are our enemy. I know people who live now who are possessed by evil ones. Da sooner we leave dis place, da bettah." He turns to peer into the tomb, to see what is inside.

Inside the tomb is a skeleton. Hard to say if it was male or female but the underside of the tomb has a painting of a phoenix on it, very much like on the wall. Around the neck is a key attached to a chain, but that's about it. "So, we found a skeleton. Sorry to make you do this HOsea."

Hosea's eyes immediately move to the key. He holds up a hand as Robyn apologizes, and crouches near the body. He carefully removes the key so that he does not disturb the corpse. "A key," he says. "Look, let us see if dere is a place in heah which it may fit. Perhaps it was not in vain, yes?" The Nigerian holds out the key to Robyn, and picks up the torch, and takes it to the painting of the phoenix.

Robyn takes the key and slides it around his neck, this isn't the time to care about something being around the neck of a dead person. "Okay, I know there is stuff we're missing." Robyn says as he starts to feel around the walls again but not finding anything. "So what's the first thing you're going to do when you get back home?"

"I will go and read my Bible," comes the African's answer quickly. "I miss dat most heah. And I will go and celebrate victory over evil with my church," he adds. "What do you think you shall do?" he asks, and looks back at the tombs. "Maybe we should explore da others," he wonders aloud.

Speaking of bibles, Hosea would notice at some point the one he had with him went missing. It's no longer on top of the tomb he put it on. "I'm going to take a hot shower, actually call my parents and Jordan first. I know Jordan's probably worried." He says as he looks around the walls still finding nothing. "I also want a cheeseburger."

Hosea looks around. "Da Bible is gone," he says. "Dere be something wicked afoot," he says. "I do not think dat we should linger heah for long." He looks between the coffins to check whether it simply fell down, but he doesn't think it was precariously positioned.

A shiver runs up Robyn's spine and he nods. "Yeah…we should just get out of here." Cause that means that something was down there with them and who knows what. Which is never a good thought. "Do you want to hold onto the key for now, and we should let anyone we see know what we found."

"I can," Hosea says soberly. "Come, let us go and let da others know what we have found." He takes the torch, and starts back for the exit, to leave this dreary place behind.

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