Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark - Iron Man
Anthony Edward Stark "Tony"
Portrayed By Robert Downey Jr.
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 1974
Age 36
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases Iron Man, Shellhead, Tetsujin, etc.
Place of Birth Long Island, NY
Current Location The Garage
Occupation CEO of Stark Enterprises, Secretary of Defense, Avenger
Known Relatives Howard Anthony Stark(father)-deceased. Maria Collins Carbonell (mother)-deceased
Significant Other His Ego
Identity Known
Known Abilities Powersuit. Technology he bends it to his will.
First Appearance Tales of Suspense, 39
Alternate Versions Future Tony
Alts Tyler Hayworth


  • "My old man had a philosophy: peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy."
  • "Give me a scotch. I'm starving."
  • "Contrary to popular belief, I know exactly what I'm doing."


  • Art collector, pianist, guitar player, and inventor.
  • Text book Geek. He loves comics, video games, Fantasy/Sci Fi movies and books.
  • Banned for life from the Playboy Mansion.

Arc Reactor where art thou?

This is a note for anyone not familiar with the comic books. In the comics Tony goes through a lot of trouble with his health in general ranging from liver damage, neurological damage, to nervous system damage and the biggest reoccurring issue was his heart. He's had numerous surgeries, was once dependent upon wearing a chest plate that had to be recharged, has had a replacement heart, and has in fact had various forms of reactors implanted in his chest.

At the current time thanks to the Extremis virus he no longer suffers any reoccurring medical issues(heart, liver, etc.) He's regrown stronger and erm unique organs, and does NOT have a reactor housed in his chest. How does the Iron Man suit work then? The suit of armor is powered by a reactor housed in the chest plate as well as the energy cells in the various pieces of armor. When power is drained he will have the suit absorb heat, kinetic energy, electricity, and solar power from the surrounding area to charge the power cells in the armor to power the suit.

Other useful information Due to confusion between the comics and the movies these changes are in effect in the game differing from the comics; Pepper and Happy are not married nor is Happy deceased. Also, due to quite a lot of confusion about Jarvis the real Jarvis does exist and is at the Avengers Mansion/Stark Towers on staff and as a tribute to the man his name is used for the AI that Tony works with. Thus minimizing confusion for some :)

Things You Should Read:

  • Extremis
  • Iron Man vs. Iron Monger
  • The Iron Age
  • Demon in a Bottle
  • The Armor Wars

The above are all from Tales of Suspense and Invincible Iron Man. There are other story lines that are very good and of course a great many that are not. *cough* The Rapture *cough* The above listed stories are a good insight as to who Tony is, what he's been through and his personal struggles.

Stark's Informative Table

Specialized Suits - Space Travel, Deep-Sea Diving, Stealth, War Machine, Hulkbuster, High Gravity. Older versions of the Iron Man armor are kept for research or nostalgia; no longer in use.

Misc - Special briefcase that carries the memory metal armor. Mutli-Billionaire Income, access to government organizations such as S.H.I.E.L.D.,the US Military, and support from the Avengers. All of Stark Technology and its holdings around the world including laboratories and the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. Private Jet, the Sub-Orbital Jet and what is known as the mobile repair facility which is a rather large remodeled military cargo plane. Owns 33 cars spread throughout the world including several race cars, prototype StarkTech vehicles and two flying cars(Ferrari and Panther). Owns several yachts as well.


Tony's Acquaintances

~Name ~Notes
Keld Jonahl Keld and I run into each other quite a bit at the mansion and chat. I can count on him to have my back whether the situation is fighting a robot lawn crasher or trying to make a sandwich for Pietro's daughter.
Pietro "Quicksilver" Maximoff He and I have an interesting dialogue every now and then. Sometimes we may get on each others nerves(most often times) but in the end we work well together and I look forward to when he stops by the mansion and brings his daughter by. A good friend of mine.
Jennifer "She Hulk" Walters We get along swimmingly! Really! We've had our issues in the past but we're good. I annoy her to no end, she questions my sanity sometimes, we fight all the time, but I tend to listen to her more often than naught.
Robbie "Speedball" Baldwin He is now an Avenger and I look forward to working with him. Next time I hope he brings pizza through the front door and not via the pool first.
Jessica "Spider Woman" Drew I haven't had much time to talk with Jessica since I've been back in New York but I value her insight into things and am glad she is an active member of the team.
Vance "Justice" Astrovik Vance spent some time learning how things work when taking up the mantle of a superhero. Now that he's older with a bit more experience under his belt he's been welcomed into the Avenger ranks.

In Game Desc's

You see a middle-aged man, athletic build, wearing a black leather jacket, distressed jeans, dark t-shirt and a pair of designer sunglasses dangles from the neck of the shirt. Rounding out this ensemble is a pair of loosely tied red n'gold high top tennis shoes. His hair is a dark brown nearly black and is quite wavy coming to a stop an inch or so below his ears. Of course the most distinguishable feature is a very unique styled go-t. Generally he looks well-worn, and running on an endless supply of caffeine.


In business attire there are very few that can match the swagger of this man. For meetings or high profile public events he dons designer suits, silk ties, custom sunglases, and shoes that cost more than some people make in a year. It's a stark contrast to what he's normally wearing on a daily basis.

Height 6'1” Weight 225 lbs

Playboy Playlist

Used in either film or comics:

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