2011-07-01: Too Hot In The Hot Tub


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Summary: Tara is hanging out in the hot tub Friday evening and Tyler joins her for a bit. They chat about this and that before going their separate ways.

Date: July 1, 2011

Log Title: Too Hot in the Hot Tub

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion- Pool

A large Olympic size pool sits outside at the edge of the property over looking Breakstone Lake. The pool, always heated to the right temperature, starts at a depth of 4 feet at the shallowest end, and gradually reaches a depth of 20ft. A diving board sits at the far end of the pool. Off to the side of the shallow end, a hot tub is built into the ground for those wanting to relax. Pool chairs and tables sit along the side of the pool for those just wanting to enjoy the sunshine.

Even though the sun has just set, there's still a little bit of light left in the sky, just enough to see by. Not that it matters one bit to Tara, of course, but others might find it kind of pretty at this time of night. Tara, herself, can be found lounging in the hot tub, with the air jets bubbling away. Occasionally one will stop as Tara finds it with a foot and blocks it with a toe, giggling.

Sporting a pair of solid black swim trunks Tyler appears poolside with a towel wrapped around his neck like a scarf and pulling off his sunglasses. Peering around to find an open chair he finds one at a table near the deep end. Whipping his towel from around his neck he dumps it into a chair then sets his shades down on the table. Since there's a lot of open water available he decides to attempt a front flip into the deep end. Just as he's approaching the edge of the pool he hears a familiar giggle from the hot tub, turns in that direction forgetting that he's just launched himself into the air, and proceeds to flail smacking into the water face first in an ungangly sprawl rather than a neato flip.

"Smooth moves, there!" Tara calls out with a friendly verbal jab, as soon as Tyler manages to surface so he can hear it. "First rule of Gymnastics is always keep your eyes on the ball." There's a slight pause. "No, wait. That's baseball…."

"What?" Tyler shakes his head about trying to recover from the embarrassing face plant. The back of a hand rubs furiously at his nose as it burns from having sucked in pool water upon impact. Giggles, "I wouldn't know either way. Not really into sports though I watch occasionally." Swimming to the side Ty grabs the edge of the pool hauling himself up out of the water to drip his way over to the hot tub. "So whatcha doin hanging out here all by yourself? Want company?"

Tara sits up a little bit so she doesn't quite take up the entire hot tub. "Sure," she says, patting the surface of the water. "Come in. The water is nice."

Tyler enters the hot tub without mishap thankfully. Sitting across from Tara he lets his legs float up into the center of the bubbling water. "This is pretty nice. Have you ever been in a hot tub that bubbled up like crazy to the point where it almost frothed? I have but no idea why that happened."

Tara gives Tyler a small shrug. "I dunno. I mean after a certain point it all feels the same." She floats down a bit and submerges her head in the water to get her long blonde hair wet. "So how are you fitting in? Anybody try to kidnap or kill you yet?"

"It's got a pretty strong smell to it. Think a chemical gets crazy I dunno. Anyways," Tyler laughs then sinks his feet under the surface of the churning water. "I think I'm doing ok. I met my boyfriend and have a couple of friends. I really like being able to explore New York too. The downside is that I've been nearly killed three times already. I wonder if I'll get used to that. Ya know, like oh…so and so tried to kill me today but here I am!"

Tara gives Tyler a wicked huge grin in his general direction. "It's like a right of passage. My first day I got here? The mansion was invaded and half the building exploded," she nearly cackles. "I even got to drive a truck. It was the most awesome first day of school ever."

"Get out!" Tyler gasps in shock. "Wow….you even drove during that? Gees, I don't know what I'd have done if that had happened to me." Invasion or not there was nowhere else Tyler could go for help figuring out how to handle himself. It's not a comfortable feeling to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. "Did you at least park the car in the burning building? That scores some serious style points."

"If only!" says Tara. "No, we had a student who was kind of like a robot who could merge with vehicles." She sighs with a bit of disappointment. "He wanted to take me driving again but Mr. Summers told him 'no.' I'd ask Ms. Frost, but she'd probably just do some mind doohickey thing and just make me believe that I'd driven."

Tyler blinks repeatedly, "A student who was a robot …transformer…." That's strange indeedith! "I dunno but next time there's an invasion of some sort we'll take over any nearby vehicle and I'll ride shotgun. I can tell you where you can drive over a few bad guys to score extra points and you can park the car in the pool when everything's done with."

Tara can't help but grin. "Awesome!" she says, splashing her hands against the water. "You're on!" There's a bit of a pause before she asks, slyly, "So how ARE things with you and Keiran?"

"Carmegeddon! It'll be great as long as we don't get each other killed or turned into zombies or something." Tyler smiles as he stretches out a foot to try and find a jet across from him. A hand moves idly churning water on the surface as the warm water is nice if a little uncomfortable for him. "Me and Ki? Great actually. We managed to go out on a date and see Wicked without any problems. Thanks for asking. I know you're just dying for details but you're not gonna get anything easy."

Tara clasps her hands together in joy. "A date!? Awesome!" She sits up a little more and leans forward attentively. "Did you guys kiss? It's legal, now, you know."

Tyler laughs, "It was legal before." This conversation could get him into so much trouble but he doesn't have anyone to really talk about this sort of thing with. Kev would probably turn purple and pass out on him. "Though having NY legalize gay marriage is HUGE. SO huge." Conveniently not answering Tara's question.

"I know, right?" answers Tara. "I mean, I'm not gay so it really doesn't effect me, but it's really unfair. I mean stupidly unfair. Still…" she, then slides closer to Tyler, moving through the pool like a shark hungry for information. "Did you kiss?"

Tyler shrugs displacing water, "It does kinda affect you as you know quite a lot of people who are a part of the gay community. In that indirect kinda way but yeah the whole situation gets stupidly out of control." With Tara coming around the seating to be closer to him he quirks an eyebrow and scoots a bit away from her. "What do you think? I was on a date with my boyfriend that involved dinner and a Broadway show. No, we totally followed the five inch rule."

Tara deflates a little. "Awww…" she scoots back to her side of the tub. "Well, there's always next time, I suppose," she says, more to herself than to Tyler.

Tyler falls over in the hot tub sideways laughing. "You look so put upon. You know I'm jerking your chain right?" Should really put the poor girl out of her misery. "There was a lot of kissing, obviously. If I had known you'd be interested I would have made an audio report and left you a tape!"

Tara squeals in glee again, and claps her hands together, before Tyler offers to tape them. "What? No! That would be creepy. Besides, what would you guys do if it ever got on youtube?"

"Nooooo!" Tyler shakes his hands in the water from side to side. "Not tape us doing stuff. Tape like a report, a summary of the evening, that kinda tape." Stands up in the middle of the hot tub now. "Remember we already told you no awesome footage for you.""

"Not that I could watch it anyway," Tara comments. "So you're safe on that front." Another slight pause before she stands up herself. "Man. I've been in here too long. I'm feeling like a lobster."

Tyler snorts, "Well, if it's any consolation you don't look like one. I like hot tubs but I don't deal well with them for long." He had intended to step up on the seat to sit on the edge of the tub but if Tara was bailing from the tub that worked out alright in the end. "Heading back inside or you going to try and pump me for information?"

Tara nimbly leaps out of the pool. "Naw. I need to save some interrogation time for later." There's a slight *puff* sound as all the water suddenly gets expelled from her skin, leaving her only slightly moist instead of dripping wet. She reaches out a hand and her towel flies to it. "Anyway. I'm going to hit the showers and get this chlorine outta my hair. Stay cool, frosty!"

Tyler watches Tara with interest as she dries off and towel zips through the air to her outstretched hand. Taking the more conventional way out of the hot tub, the stairs, Tyler comes to stand nearby. "I'll see you late…frosty?!?!" Shaking his head with soft laughter, "Alright. I'll give you that one. I'll catcha later Tara." Since he just arrived poolside not too long ago and needed to cool off Ty takes off and dives into the pool more graceful than his initial attempt to swim around for a bit before heading to the showers himself.

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