2010-05-17: Too Many Puns, All Of Them Bad


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Summary: Teddy, Misha and Travis chat a bit in the living wing of Barnes

Date: May 17, 2010

Log Title Too Many Puns, All Of Them Bad

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Living Wing

This hub for the day to day living quarters for the students and teachers continues the motif of white alloy floors and large round portholes of the transparent material looking out into the green waters of the bay. Full spectrum lights overhead simulate daylight and there are several benches and settees built into the sides of large planters containing small trees, flowers and plants, each one a carefully tended micro-ecosystem. Passages lead in different directions like the spokes from a central hub.

Since he's in school, Travis is dressed in the usual SHIELD uniform garb, designed to accomadate his six arms. He's sitting on one of the benches looking out at the water through one of the windows, he sitting sideways on the bench with his feet proped up on one end while his back rests against a planter. In two of his hands is an open book in his lap, in a third hand is a pencil, a fourth he rests his head in and the other two are just kind of sitting there. The only thing he's wearing that isn't part of his uniform is his Colorado Rockies baseball cap. He has to show his team pride somehow, right?

Misha's in his power practice uniform as he sprints a little to catch up with one of the SHIELD teachers who happens to be passing through his area. The two speak briefly, the teacher shakes her head, Misha grins a little, and then the two part. He is wearing two pistols as a part of his attire, but that's not all that unusual here. "Travis.." Said in his rough, accented voice as the young man approaches. "How has school been treating you?" Look at how his English has improved in the last few weeks. Has even put on some much needed weight. "Sorry I haven't seen you much." They keep him busy in an effort to keep him out of trouble.

Between classes. A certain light-green student has come from the teaching pods to work on homework, carrying his laptop in one hand and a huge-size covered drink mug in the other. He's wearing something that looks like it might be the one-piece Barnes uniform but it's a hoodie, and a vest with a collar over that, unzipped to halfway down his chest, with the standard oversized-ring-zipper. A pair of very lightweight earphones are in his ears, the wire disappearing into the vest, and he's singing along in a passable light baritone, "Your lipstick stains, on the front lobe of my left side brains, I knew I wouldn't forget you, and so I went and let you, blow my mind…"
He spots Travis and heads towards the window as Misha apparently hits on a teacher (OK, probably not, Teddy) and comes up behind the two, still singing in a soft voice, "Your sweet moonbeam, the smell of you in every single dream I dream, I knew when we collided…" Oops. He stops singing. "Good morning guys."

Travis doesn't look up as the name 'Travis' is mentioned but he does look up once he hears Misha's voice asking him a quesiton. He shifts so he's sitting in a more appropriate mannor on the bench. The history book in his lap is closed and all six arms stretch out from him. Sometimes you just don't realize how cramped your becoming until you actually move. "Hey Misha, things are going okay here. And the Rockies won yesterday so I'm in a good mood." He says with a smile as he sees his suite mate walk up. "Hey Ted-ster."

Rubbing at the back of his neck as he waits a reply, the dark-haired teen eyes Teddy's singing and smirks. No, he doesn't join in. No one here wants to hear Misha sing. Not with that voice. "I have no idea who the Rockies are, but that's good. Hello, Ted." The hand drops and he motions to the hoodie attire. "What's with the fashion disaster?" Not that everyone would think this, but he smiles to try and take any sting out of the words. Teasing you, Teddy! His voice makes things sound worse than he means them.

"Hey, this is my attempt to make my Young Avengers costume work with the Barnes look. It's not a disaster, it's just a personal tragedy."
Teddy puts his laptop on the top of the planter, carefully not crushing the plants, and removes his headphones, tapping the vest where the player is hidden to pause it. He takes a swig of whatever's in the mug and asks, "How've things been treating you two? I've been grinding like a grindy thing. Haven't been out on patrol in two weeks. I have to fix that I think."

Travis looks over at Teddy and gives him a 'this this guy for real?' look. "Dude, you don't have to incorporate your Super Hero costume into /everything/ you wear. You are just a guy too you know." As the super hero thing just doesn't really appeal to Travis, he'd rather be playing sports or…being normal. "Dude, Mik, you don't know who the Rockies are? Baseball, it's an awesome sport. I'd go on that they're the greatest team but they aren't…yet."

Misha can only shrug at Travis, and this after he shaking his head at Teddy. "Why would I know anything about American sports teams, Travis? I'm from Poland!" Sure his English is good now, there's no mistaking him for being a native. That accent is thick enough to make some words difficult to understand. Now back to Teddy. "It's alright." School he means. "Getting fed up with a few things. They increased my work load in an effort to keep me on base." Considering how much trouble he finds when out in the city, can you blame them?

Teddy shrugs, and an ambiguous near-smile sneaks onto his face. His outfit changes; the vest melts into the outfit and the hood goes away, the fabric taking on the more durable texture and matte surface of the standard Barnes uniform. He catches his music player as it slides off his shoulder, since the Barnes uniforms don't have any pockets for that sort of thing.
"OK, normal it is," he says. "And Mikhail, you know they're just tired of the medical bills, right? Not yours, the innocent bystanders. I think you beat my personal record for incidental collateral damage in a single week with your last trip out." (Not true.)

"Well tonight the Rockies play the Nationals, if you want to come by the room we can check out the game. You can see Todd Helton, one of the best first basemen." Travis is a bit of an over enthusatic fan but then he does fall more under the 'jock' category than anything else. He's just not your football playing, big beefy jock, he's the baseball player. "Oh Teddy, I've been working on some shelving and window panels for the room. I just have to varnish them and let me know what colour stain you want." Then in the talk of collateral damage and such, Travis doesn't say much but one thing. "I try to stay out of trouble, better for everything."

"Hey now." Mikhail says with a grin back at Teddy. "It's not my fault that truck exploded. Trucks aren't suppose to explode. ..Do you know how hard it is to explode a gas tank?" Motions his hands in an exaggerated manner as he asks this. And no, he hasn't been putting people in the hospital in droves, but there has been trouble. The teen plans to blow off some work and head out, for he's tired of this workload. To Travis he shakes his head, "I wish I could, but they have me in more combat simulations tonight. Thank you for the offer though. I'll try to catch a game later."
It's VERY hard to blow up a truck, but I've seen them catch fire. You really need the hollywood explosives guy to make the explosions any good."

Teddy grins at the thought of baseball. He sits cross-legged on the ground so he can face the other two and still talk, and opens his laptop, quick-booting to his messages. "OK, I'm clear to watch the game tonight, and Mikhail? Is the combat thing tonight something with other people, or is it just them being special to you? If it's the latter, you could tell them you were invited to watch baseball with me and Travis? That would let you have the night off."
He doesn't offer to accompany Misha to the city though. Even if he might do that anyway.
"I haven't been in any combat simulations yet, just a lot of reflex and strength training just to see how everything works." Travis says as he holds out four of his hands, the other two still sitting on the bench so he can rest back on them. "It's weird I was never ambidexerioius before but now, you'd think adjusting to six arms would be harder than it actually is." Travis says. "And I saw them try to blow up a car on Mythbusters and it's a lot harder than they make it look in the movies. I guess it's all about the 'Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions' thing."

Misha shrugs at both of you, amused at all this. "They want me to join SHIELD, have been after this since I arrived. No, the combat is to see how well I handle situations. To fine tune what I've been taught for years now." The arms are more interesting than his speaking of training though. The teen gets too much training he thinks. Time to play hooky! "Well, your brain had to change too, you know." About those arms. "It's not normally wired for that many limbs, yet you could immediately use them. That suggests your brain altered along with the obvious changes." Doesn't think this is a bad thing. And explosions? "That's why I said it was hard. It's really, really hard, yet the truck blew up anyway. There has to be a reason, I just don't know what it is. I can't blow things up with my power."

"Maybe someone had planted a bomb in the thing. You just got lucky."
Teddy grins, nudging Mikhail with a light shove to the shoulder. "You have the knack, man. You're either doomed to be a superhero or a spy, with that size of trouble magnet."
Teddy looks over at Travis and suppresses the urge to multi-limb again. "You on the other hand," he says, "are simply extra-gifted as a carpenter. How about matching the stain to the color of the trim?"
One breath. DOH! "And that wasn't a pun. Honest."

The pun goes right over Travis's head. Some people don't have sex on the brain 24/7. "Though next week they said they're gonna start working on the powers side of things and have me work with that Doctor guy here….Angel…Da something." He really doesn't remember. "Since one of my hands can heal. And just thinking about your brain changing, it makes sense but it's weird." Travis says with a shudder.

The nudge only has Misha grinning. "You need to start thinking with the head on your shoulders, Ted." What teen-age male doesn't think about sex, but this is totally tease worthy. "There must have been something going on with that truck. I didn't have any time to search for it." Being a trouble magnet has him sadly nodding, "I'd rather not have that, thanks." But ah well, that's the way things go. "Angelo diLucci. Nice guy." No matter that he tells too much sometimes. "His power is really neat too. Been wondering if I should have him fix my voice."

"Sex? Wait… NO. I meant the 'on the other hand' thing. I don't …" Yes, you can blush green. Teddy does so, then laughs. "OK, haven't done that for a while. Guys, I'm a shapeshifter, and my boyfriend is a wizard. Honestly, it isn't about size of package. Trouble magnet is just a figure of speech. I think."
Teddy looks askance at Mikhail. "You DID manage to find Magneto that one time."

Stuff Travis DIDN'T NEED TO KNOW. He just looks at Mikhail, almost pleading. "Can I switch roommates?" He doesn't need to know what goes on between his suite mates, there is such thing as too much information. He just rests his head in two of his hands and wishes he had brain bleach. "So yeah..baseball, tonight..Rockies verses Nationals. The Rockies won last night so hopefully they'll win again tonight right? And I gotta get a few Rockies jerseys and see if I can get them modified." Anything to keep his brain off of stuff he doesn't want to think about.

A grin for Teddy's blush. Ha! Mission accomplished. "Yes." For Travis switching. "That's too much information, Ted. What did I just say? You need to learn about the inside voice." That you need to stop thinking in your pants. Magneto? Misha doesn't mention how many times he's spoken with that man now. It's more than once to be sure. "Meeting Magneto was sheer chance. I didn't know the man in danger was Magneto. He was just this guy I tried to help. Also don't be forgetting the Avenger I met too. There's even a guy who works for the Avengers that I've met several times now." And fought magical creatures with. That was distinctly strange. "I meet all kinds of people. It's a gift."

"You guys are the ones with the filthy minds," Teddy complains. "And yes. You can get Rockies jerseys at this place in Brooklyn, I used to go there to get my school uniforms because nobody should be forced to wear the ones the school got. Polyester blend has no right to be part of a baseball shirt."
He taps a search into the browser on his laptop, and forwards the result to Travis. "Dunno if they'll do multi-arm, but I think the guy at the place that provides our regular school uniform would be glad to make one up."
A raised eyebrow at Mikhail, "You're proving my point, there."

"How am I the one with the dirty mind you were just talking about your boyfriend's….nevermind." Travis says as he doesn't want to think about the 'size doesn't matter' comment in context with Teddy being a shapeshifter. "Nah, I can order 'em online and get the guys here to sew it for me. I have connections, my Mom works here." Travis jokes. "The only trouble I ran into was one I kind of ran from. An anti mutant rally."

"You're jealous." Misha teases Teddy, not really thinking he is. Travis earns a laugh, for all it's a rough sound, and not all that pleasant. "We don't really want to know what you and your boy do, Ted. Remember that." Not that the teen has an issue with same gender pairings. All the laughter fades though as Travis speaks of the rally. "Did they hurt you?" Asked in worry. Travis isn't the kind who can easily hide, and would make a quick target.

"Yeah, when and where did this one happen?" Teddy's quick to respond to the threat from mutant-bashers, as he was sure he WAS one for so many years. He unconsciously hulks up slightly, going from his comfortably jock-ish 6'1 to a more threatening and wider 6'5, still seated on the floor. About halfway to Hulkling sized. Nobody hurt hulkling roomies. Rar. Seriously. Rar.

Travis shakes his head. "I got the hell outta dodge before things becamse too much of an issue. Sorry but I wasn't about to stick around for that one, four of my arms can be hidden under a jacket, bulky but do able, but still, I know not to take that chance." Also Travis doesn't have that much control over his powers so he doesn't want to risk melting someone. "And six arms is an easy profile to rememeber. And it happened in Central Park Ted."

There's relief for that Travis wasn't hurt. "I'm glad. Those people are insane." He shakes his head, knowing that there's nothing to be done about it now. Misha seeks to lay a hand on Teddy's shoulder, smiling. "You're changing." A gentle reminder, for it isn't necessary here. Really, Misha thinks it's the coolest thing ever, but he doesn't admit that to the teen with the already swelled super ego.

"Was this a few weeks ago, before that guy got pantsed? I was going to look into whether there was a connection between that idiot and his group, and the hit squad that went after Mutant Town last week."
Teddy's demeanor has changed with his size, no playful banter now. He considers what Travis just said, and frowns. That sounds dangerous, having a coat that can tie up his arms, that could seriously impede things. Maybe he should requisition an image inducer, something that could be set to make Travis appear to be a slightly chubby guy, hiding the extra arms, without binding them up.
Teddy looks at the hand on his shoulder, "Hm? Yeah. Blushing and now shapeshifting. I wonder if I have a cold or something." He frowns, and shrinks back down to his usual size.

"Guy that got pantsed?" Travis shakes his head as he has no clue what Teddy is talking about. He didn't go looking in the paper or on the internet about what he stumbled upon. The news is only good for one thing with Travis, and it's not hard to get what that one thign is. "You go do that, look into it." Whatever floats his boat. "Yeah, there are some pretty insane people out there. I just would rather keep a low profile with this look is all." For reasons unsaid.

"No idea." About the pantsed guy. Misha can only shrug as he doesn't know either. Teddy's shoulder is gripped to assure that it's okay, and Misha lets his hand fall away. "The shooting?" In mutant town. "Even SHIELD was there. I heard some of the instructors talking about it. You know anything? Two shooters from some religious group?" No, he doesn't know the truth, only what was said on the news. Poor Travis. Misha smiles again. "I don't want to be a hero either, but I seem to be getting caught up in it." A sidelong glance to Teddy. Old topic there, but he's soon grinning.

"Yeah, that one. I haven't found anything out, but I will. And really there's nothing wrong with being a hero, Mikhail. Nothing wrong with being a private citizen either. Being a supervillain? Right out."
As he talks he's entering more search terms, looking for any information he can find on the events. Very little FoH activity in NYC proper since that cell with the idiot who attacked the black girl… woah. Yeah, let's not go to those image sites. Blech. OK, court cases, yadayada, all of them in jail or fled on bail, sucks to be FOH in this town in the next few years, since what bail bondsman is going to consider them a safe risk? And nothing showing up about SHIELD in the newspapers proper. OK, time to visit the site, find out if anyone knows who was there, track down witnesses. Because the pictures do NOT look like there were only two shooters.
"With great responsibility comes great … wait, that's backwards?" Teddy grins, looking up again as he sips from the empty mug. "Hey, it's time for lunch. This protein drink is gone."

Travis stands up and streches with a yawn, two hands hitting the planter next to him causing it to wobble a bit. "It's lunch time? Well I gotta get Ted, Mik. I gotta meet my Mom, we're having lunch together." Nothing fancy just the two of them sitting at the table together in the cafeteria. Having you Mom work at the school you go to is really a double edged sword. "So tonight, Baseball." He says to the two of them. "Later guys and good luck with classes and training and stuff."

Hands on hips, fingers of one hand idly tugging at the clasp of the holster there, Misha grins down at Teddy. "Yeah, that's why I was curious. Went and saw some of the pictures, and the bullet tracks couldn't have been explained by two shooters. Unless of course the mutants are the reason. There were two on the scene from what little was known. One of them tossed a car with enough force to destroy part of a building." He scrubs at his scalp, looking like it gives him a headache. "I so wish I could get a better look at that information. I'm totally guessing here." Which he hates. Lunch? Oh yeah, he's got class too. "You guys take care, yes? I'll see you later." A grin for you both and he's off his own way as well.

"Later guys, see you for the game."
Teddy stands up, folding his laptop closed, and ambles off toward the cafeteria. Who to tap for information.

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