2009-02-01: Too Much


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Summary: Keith gives his roommates some presents, they all react differently.

Date: February 1, 2009

Early Christmas?

Rating: R (Implied Adult Situations)

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

It's Sunday, later in the night, and Kaden's doing something he doesn't usually do. He's actually sitting in front of the television with some random action movie playing. He's not actually watching it as he's drifted off taking a nap for a bit. With no school or much to do, he's not really sure what he should be doing with his time.

With a towel over his shoulder, Drew comes out of his room. He's clad in his swimming trunks… at the moment. "Dude." He says, happily, looking at Kaden. "Just gettin' ready for hot tub." He chuckles, swinging into the kitchen for a bottled water.

Kaden stirs as he hears Drew's voice and yawns, streching a bit. "Huh? Hot tub, go ahead." He says sounding sleepy and seeming a bit dazed. He hasn't gone in the hot tub yet as, well, it's filled with water and the farther he stays away from it, the better.

"You should come. It's nice and warm. I won't let the water do anything to you." Drew says, with a half smile as he takes a sip of his bottle. "It's fun. Especially in the cold."

Kaden shrugs. "I'm fine here. I don't like water, I've told you that. You're fine with it cause you are water but I just feel really…I don't know. It's hard to explain." Kaden says, but water does bring on a bit of a discomfort to him.

"I know, but I still want something we can all enjoy." Drew says, with a poutyface. "Especially since it's warm."

"Let him be, Drew," comes a voice from one of the other rooms on the first floor. It's Keith. A moment later the white haired man walks into the main room. "He's the fire-spirit after all. Probably doesn't like water," he says. "I know a place we can all go at some point that Kaden and even Dmitri will enjoy. I'll call and make some reservations later," he says, stretching. He's just in baggy cargo shorts right now.

Kaden shrugs and sighs at Drew's poutyface. "It's not that I don't want to hang out with you, it's just, I don't feel right with water, I don't even feel right when it rains. I can tolerate showers only because there isn't another option." He does seem like he feels bad though. "Oh, hey fancypants, and what is this thing you think I'll enjoy?"

"Oh. Well, I guess I just fit the song." Drew says with a grin before singsonging, "I'm only happy when it rains." He's not bad, but he's not GOOD either. He's just average. "Whatcha got in mind?" He asks, moving to give Keith a hug.

Flinn gus Drew and ruffles his hair. "A hot spring I know, K-man. Specifically, the warm sand-baths. It sounds weird but it feels great. I have a feeling it'll be great for ya," he says with a smile. "Oh yeah, that remeinds me…I got something for the both of ya."

Kaden blinks at Drew as he's actually never heard that song. "That's a real song and you're always happy." He comments, knowing he isn't /always/ happy but Drew is an upbeat person. Kaden gives Flinn a strange look trying to understand what he just said. Sand bath? "Huh, what. Why'd you get me anything?"

"Because he loves you, like I do." Drew says, sticking his tongue out at Kaden. "And a sand bath. Kinda like what Dmitri prefers to use. He told me about'em." He says, chuckling. "I'm not always happy. But most of the time, yeah." He says, tugging a pouch out of his pocket. "And gonna be real relaxed when I get out to the hot tub." He laughs.

Keith smirks a bit. "What Drew said," he says. He floats up into the air and to the second floor. He comes back a moment later with two boxes. One is handed off to Drew and the other to Kaden. Inside each is what looks like some kind of credit card as well as cellphones (mild heat resistence for Kaden and water-proofing for Drew), and in Kaden's box there's also a pair of shiny, gold pajama pants. )

Kaden gives Drew a bit of a scowl as Drew says that 'l' word again but he's getting used to it. "Wait, sand bath, does that actually work to get you clean?" He says, and if there's another option to showering with water he might have to see if it's possible. "Th-thanks." Kaden says as Keith hands him the box and he opens it, taking a second to look at the credit card with confusion. He can't think of anything to say until he sees the gold pants. "What the fuck is up with the pants?"

"Dude! Fancypants!" Drew snorts, wrinkling his nose as he looks at the card and the phone. "Coo. Card won't get used though." He says, snorting and giving Keith a hug AND a kiss. Not a small one either. But nothing naughty.

"Bingo," Keith says, pointing to Drew then laughing. He returns the hug and accepts the kiss but wags a finger. "It's a pre-paid card. Each has a couple hundred thousand loaded on. Get whatever ya need while out."

Kaden sighs, shaking his head, but there's a faint amused smile on his face. "You're the one that should be wearin' 'em since you're Fancypants." He says, but the smile actually lingers. Though when Drew kisses Keith, Kaden does get a bit embarassed and turns pink. "Um..ah..Keith…I really can't accept this. A couple hundred thousand…no…I can't.

At the sheer digits, Drew looks at the card as though he's scared of it. That much money really just frightens him. His entire family net-worth wasn't even a hundred thousand. Unless you count the pot.

Flinn arches an eyebrow. "Why not?" he asks. "And as a matter of fact, I already have a pair of pants like that," he says with a faint smile. Looking down at Drew, Keith just seems confused.

"Why not, it's too much money, that's why." Kaden says sounding a bit annoyed. He doesn't know what to think of that, he's never had a hundred bucks to his his name in his life and the fact that Keith would or can do that so casually, he doesn't know how to take it.

"If it had been a couple hundred, I think we woulda been ok. Enough to get us out of a jam and back here through a cab, but… whoah." Drew says, still a little scared of the card.

Flinn blinks a few times. "Well, if I put less on, it'd need recharging more often…" he trails off. "But seriously, guys…" he trails off, honestly not sure what to say to this.

Kaden just shakes his head. '"Serioulsy, I…that's more than enough money for me to fucking live the rest of my life on." Kaden says honestly believeing that right now. He lets out another sigh a just looks away from Keith. He doesn't know how to handle someone giving him something like that.

"I'm with K-Man on this one." Drew says with a nod. "I could buy a house out in the sticks and live out my days quietly on that." He says, placing the card on the table. "I'm… The phone is cool, but I need to go out and smoke." He says, a little weirded by numbers. Not by gifts.

Flinn makes a little face. "Would it make you both feel better if I lowered the limits on 'em?" he asks, not used to finding other people that didn't jump at money like that that weren't already stuffed with way more than needed. "Remember to turn the hot tub off when ya finish with it, Drew," he adds.

"Keith, I've never had anyone give me this much, ever, and seriously, I couldn't do anything with this much money. I'm not interested in…stuff." Kaden says as he's not a material person. Just as long as his clothes fit and he has what he needs to survive, he's fine. "That…might be okay but you really don't need to give me that much money, or any." He says with a sigh. He gives Drew a wave and makes a face when he says he's going to go out and smoke. Obviously not a fan.

Flinn shrugs. "I didn't say it was for you to go out and try to be mini-Tony Stark," a pause for an annoyed expression. Keith does not like Stark in the least bit. "It's for if you ever need something. Food, water, clothesn, temporary shelter…" he makes a gesture, moving to the couch to join Kaden.

"Whose Tony Stark?" Kaden asks honestly, he doesn't keep up with any sort of news or current events. "Yeah, I don't need that much money to buy food or a new pair of pants." He shakes his head still feeling uncomfortable.

Flinn waves a hand. "A rich bastard who's ass I'd like to kick from one side of the country to the other but he's got enough cash and toys to keep me from doing it," he grumbles. Imagne the shock if he ever learns a certain little secret about Tony Stark. "Fine. I'll lower the limit on both cards later."

Xane had been out himself, the Spirit comes walking into the penthouse, carrying a large bag marked 'Harry & David'. Filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, some of the best produce he could find. Along with another bag from the local organic market. "Hey guys! I'm back!" He says, carrying in the bags, moving to the kitchen.

"Thanks." Kaden says with a sigh as he looks down. "I don't want to seem like I don't appricate what you did it's just, I can't accept that much from anyone." As Xane walks in though, Kaden tenses up and crosses his arms over his chest, forgetting to close the box with the gold pants inside.

Flinn looks up, blowing the kitchen door open quickly. "Heya, Xane," he greets. "No worries, K-Man," he says. Glancing around, he leans slightly to whisper. "Don't tense up so much. I know you don't like him that much but there's no reason to go all….spring loaded."

"I got some really good fresh veggies and fruits. Figured someone would snack on them, or make something out of them." Xane calls out from the kitchen, not really seeing Kaden's sulking.

Kaden doesn't even realized he's tensed up but once Keith says something he just sighs. "Well I'm going to go to my room for a bit." Well he was napping on the couch when Drew came out. "Thanks Keith." He says as he takes the box, leaving the card behind, and heads into his room. Xane gets a look, not a glare this time, before he leaves.

Flinn gives Kaden a quick hair-ruffle as he goes. "See ya later, K-man," he says. "Sounds good, Xane. Whatcha got planned?"

"I dunno, something will come to mind." Xane informs, placing the groceries into the proper places in the awesome kitchen. "What's been going on today?"

Flinn nods. "Sounds good," he says. There's a pause. "Things are going okay today. I got a gift for ya, Xane," he says.

Xane gives a bit of a snerk. "A gift for me? My birthday's not for twenty days." Xane doesn't mention the whole Kaden thing, seems like it's betting better? Maybe?

Flinn flies off for a few moments. When he returns, he stolls into the kitchen with a box. Inside is a cellphone, a pre-paid cash card, and what seems to be a box of trojans. Keith smiles as he hands it over. "Twenty days, eh? I'll be sure to get ya something else."

"Yeah, the twenty-first." Xane looks in the box, and raises a brow. "These round objects in square containers are foreign to me. But I'm getting the feeling that you are trying to get into my pants, sir." He raises the other eyebrow, giving a smirk, but his eyes start to turn white, he's seeking out Keith's true motivation, without knowing it.

Flinn grins and laughs. His motive is part joke part flirt. "Never seen a condom before or don't use 'em?" he teases. "But there's a couple thousand bucks of emergency cash on that card if you ever need it. And the phone's got me, Drew, Kaden, and even Dmitri on speed-dail…and I still gotta get him his phone…" he trails off. "But I'll be sure to get ya a gift."

Xane's receiving the info as if he was being told. "That's so nice. But you do know that the restaurant is pretty good for me, I can't be renting out places like this, but it's comfy." He reaches in to give Keith a kiss on the cheek. "And never without a condom." He says, very matter-of-factly.

Flinn blinks a moment, leaning in to look at Xane's eyes. "Dude…" he trails off. "Your eyes just turned the same color as my hair," he says. "And the card is just incase. Hold onto it…for if you ever need the money," he urges. He's surprised by the kiss but smiles. "Well, now you have 'em for if they're needed," he says, eyebrows waggling.

"Oh, so you are trying to get into my pants. I wish you luck." Xane looks puzzled for a sec. Trying to move over to a mirror to look. "What?" He says, looking into his eyes, as they slowly change back to their own colors. "What the hell?" He tries to make sense of it all. He remembers hearing about Keith's protectiveness, and that he cares about all of the spirits. "I think it's related to my element. I realized something earlier in the week. It was after Kaden was being douchey with me, I went into work, and I was pissed." He tries to remember the incident before. "People started to get angry with each other in the restaurant, while they were eating their food." He moves over to the fridge and takes out some of the chicken marsala he made the other night. "Have you ever felt /really/ good after eating something I cooked?"

Flinn arches an eyebrow. "You got a hot little backside. And if ya want me in there with ya, I'll be happy to oblige…" he trails off, eyebrows wiggling again. "Dude…your eyes changed again," he says, noticing. He listens to what Xane says and frowns thoughtfully. "So…you can alter emotions through food?" he asks. "Yeah. That first meal you cooked for us. I felt -great- after it."

"That's has to be it, that is why people /love/ my food. Because I love to cook, making them love the food. Unless I'm pissed." Xane says, looking at Keith. "That's what I do. I really wanted to know if you were flirting or if you were just gagging around, and then bang, my eyes change and I feel what you're really trying to do."

Flinn holds up a hand quickly. "Hey, even if your powers affect the cooking, you're good at it," he says honestly. "So you're…empathic?" he concludes. "That's cool."

"No, it's not just empathy, cause then I would be feeling everybody's feelings, couldn't give off emotions." Xane says, he knew a couple of mutants in the CIA. "But it does look like Drew was right. Something emotional."

Flinn nods and smiles. "Well, good! We found your power!" he says happily, moving forward to hug Xane tightly.

Xane gives off a small grunt as he's hugged tightly. "So… that's good, we know what I am at least."

Flinn picks up Xane a moment then lets him down. Grinning, he steps back. "What's wrong?"

Xane scratches his head. "I dunno…, it's just kind of anti-climactic."

Flinn frowns slightly and crosses his arms. "What? You wanted laser vision or something?" he asks, confused.

"No, I just thought it'd be more apparent than just realizing I've been doing it all my life." Xane comments, he really has done it most of his life.

Flinn pauses a moment then tosses an arm around Xane's shoulder. "Well…atleast you got figured it out," he says. "C'mon dude, cheer up?"

"I'll be fine. Just that, It was kind of exciting to not know. You know?" Xane places back the chicken marsala, no sense keeping it out.

Flinn waits for Xane to put the chicken back then shakes him a bit. "So, we should do something to celebrate a bit."

Xane places a hand on Keith's chest. "If the situation calls for it, then ignore the call we shall not." He says, lifting out a trojan. "So, where?"

Flinn's eyebrows shoot up. He was about to suggests drinks but this is certainly a better one. "My bedroom is good if you want privacy. If you want speed, the kitchen table will do fine."

"Hold your tongue. This is a house of Epicurus. This is hallowed ground for my people. Your room would do just fine." Xane says with a wink to Keith.

Flinn blinks a bit then grins again. "Well, how about you hold it instead?" he suggests. "Or I'll put it to work instead," he says, starting to lead Xane out of the kitchen.

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