2010-01-27: Too Tired


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Summary: Jono comes to see Addison in Cerebra.

Date: January 27, 2010

Too Tired?

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Cerebra

// Only few people have access to Cerebra and even fewer know how to use her to her potential. Once inside it's like being inside a large silver globe, with silver panels lining ever bit of the spherical wall. There is only circular doorway in and out of here that only few personal have the ability to open. The X-Patterned door way leads to a narrow walkway with rails on either side to a circular platform directly in the middle. There's a control panel, chair and a helmet that allows for locating mutants, cataloguing mutants, and recreating an individual mutant's recent memories.//

Days have passed, turning to weeks. Addison is still in Cerebra. He's lived here, slept here, and not physically left except once since he first went in to protect the students. He looks worn. A nearly full beard has grown in. He's looking a little thin from not properly eating. And now, he's worried. There's a note in his hand that arrived with the breakfast another student brought him. He's… confused.

«I see you got one too.» Jonothon says from the doorway. He too received a letter. That isn't why he's here though. «Mate, you look like shit. You aren't going to be able to keep protecting the school if you don't take care of yourself.» Even if someone has been bringing you a meal now and again. The Brit doesn't look any different than he normally does. Sure he's tired, pushing his powers every night, but it's hardly what you've been doing to yourself.

"Can't let myself stop. Someone has to do it." Addison says with a shrug and a nod at the letter. "Robyn talked to you, too? Good. He also got Dr. Parker-Mayfair." He explains as he does take a moment to actually take the helmet off. Bags under his eyes are pretty severe, too. "Too much going on. Too many things to watch for. I just… sometimes wish I could give myself over to it fully so I didn't have to worry about… this." He waves a hand over his body with a half-smile.

Being someone who can ignore the body, Jonothon opts not to respond to that. It's an uncomfortable topic. In fact his being here is an uncomfortable topic. Yet here he is just the same. «Robyn is gone.» Talked to, yes, here at the school? No. «He's run off.» With this the man finally approaches. He motions with a hand at the device. «Show me how and I'll try.» So you can get some proper rest. Not that he'll be anywhere near as good, but that's not the point.

This isn't what he came for though. It's hard to talk about, but in the days he's been thinking about it, Jono realized he really did have to stop hiding. That meant to stop hiding all the pointless stuff he does. Like his memory issues and the powers he actually carries. «I came to ask your help, but that can wait.»

Addison tilts his head. "Help? What's up?" He asks. After all Jono's done lately, certainly, he can do something to help if it's within his power. And, considering Jono is a telepathy, surely he COULD use Cerebro… for short periods. That's a definite possibility. He waves away the distracting thoughts. "I'll find Robyn later. He's safe enough for now. I always have a line to his mind now."

Uncomfortable, it shows in small ways, but Jonothon forces himself to continue. Why does he have such trouble with this stuff anyway? He just doesn't know. «I've been mind-wiped at least twice in the last few years. Don't know how long for certain. One was a total personality change, and the other removed an unknown amount of time. It's getting to where I can tell I need some help.» For all he doesn't know for certain that you can. As for Robyn, Jono nods. «I'd hoped he'd be smart enough to head away from the demons.» Poor kid.

"He went north." Addison states as he considers before blinking. "Hmm. Not my area of expertise, but once this is over, I will certainly do everything I can to help in there." He says with a firm nod. "My last ruptured mental block ended up with Julian… well…" He shakes his head and chuckles slightly. Julian's now a lot stronger than he was before. But not nearly as controlled.

«Good. Not sure what happened with the kid.» Robyn of course. «Last I saw him he was doing better. As relative as that can be.» Better isn't always good. The offer sounds good to Jonothon. He's not so worried about it that the far more important Inferno can't be waited out. «Thanks.» A curious look follows, the dark head tilting. «I met Julian last night. Don't think I have any blocks though. What was going on with him? If it's alright to talk about it.» For he isn't sure what's a secret around here any more.

"As you know, I come from another world. I've seen a lot of the people from this world on mine. And they're often… different. My Julian was powerful. Very powerful. This one.. .he could only manage a ton or two with his mind. So, I peeked in and saw a block. I destroyed it." Addison says with a shrug. "It always gets people when I show them an image of Emma." He grins and does so. A mental image of course. Brunette. Quiet. Demure, hands held behind her back. And much smaller in the… ahem. Chest.

A hand motions at the image, «You mentioned that before.» Doesn't appreciate the mental entry, but only the gesture protests it. «You know, if he had a block, it was probably there for a reason. You sure this was a good time to remove it? Or are you so worn out that you aren't thinking straight?» Jonothon lets that hand drop and doesn't seem to find the situation all that humorous. Not even a demure Emma.

"I asked his permission. I wouldn't do it without such." And the intrusion? Well, ADdison doesn't consider it so much, considering that Jono's talking mentally. It's not like he's invading his thoughts or anything. Just displaying a mental illusion. "He didn't know where it came from and wanted it taken out. So, we removed it."

Jonothon shrugs. Nothing he can do about it. «Just think about what I said? He asked during a time when magic is lowering inhibitions, and altering moods. You can't protect against that entirely, not even with that.» A motion says 'that' is Cerebra. Clearly he thinks the timing is bad. Then again he's under observation for arriving at a bad time, and both being marked by Sinisier, with having mental trauma. He knows he should be watched. «I'm on edge, sorry.» With the death, demons, and all. «Anything I can help with?»

"Right now, not that I can think of." Addison shakes his head, gently. "I'll see what I can do about letting Cerebra know you're able to use it. Of course, I'll have to ask Scott about that. You know. His school, his rules, and all of that, but I don't see how it should be much of a problem." He says, punctuating the end with a yawn.

«Not even sure they'd let me with some of the shit going on.» Shoulders slump a little as he looks at the machinery. «Not that most here would even believe I could.» Jonothon's tone is rueful. That's all his own fault, and he knows it. Dark eyes shift back to you. The yawning isn't convincing him that you are doing well. «Go rest. Shave, shower, and use a bed. Seriously, you look like complete shit. This isn't helping us.» Being too tired to help if the shit hits the fan? You resting during an attack is better as far as he's concerned.

"Alright, alright. I got it. Mom." Addison says, actually feeling good enough to tease about it. "I seem to recall another you. But I didn't know him that well. And… well… you have more control of keeping things together." He coughs slightly and looks to the door. "I'll go get a couple of hours in." He says, with a nod. "It's not a tired body as much as a tired mind."

People can die from lack of sleep, so yes, you need it. Calling Jonothon mom has that nose wrinkling, but it means he's smiling. «Not sure quite how to take that, but I'll accept the compliment.» Doesn't feel like he's in control of anything right now. Mostly riding the wave of events and trying to keep as many heads above water as possible. «Eat some more too. You've lost weight. Never a good thing when I can see it after just a few days.» He follows you out. Not going to stick around if there's nothing he can do here.

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