James "Tooth" Palmer
James Aaron Palmer
Portrayed By Hugh G. Gnoll
Gender Male
Date of Birth 6/21/93
Age 19/29
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Spotty, MiA, BFG
Place of Birth Medora, IN
Current Location Xavier's
Occupation ???
Known Relatives Parents
Significant Other The ASPCA
Identity Tooth
Known Abilities Feral, Healing, & Teleport
First Appearance Just showed up at breakfast and refused to leave.

"I don't try to describe the future, I try to prevent it." -Ray Bradbury


James is the adopted son of Indiana farmers. Getting him to talk about his pre-school days is difficult, but what he has mentioned isn’t unpleasant and he has no ill words about his parents. In 2010, James failed to return from a pocket dimension created by a demon who had kidnapped several students and teachers. No trace was ever found until he suddenly reappeared almost 2 years later somewhat changed in both appearance and powers.


James, now known as Tooth, is a lot more quiet and standoffish than before he went missing. But, that could be because he's readjusting to the school. Time will tell!


  • "Twice in one week! What are the odds?" (where applicable)
  • "I'm gonna Ultimate Nullifier your mouth!" (on making friends)


  • Is usually one of the first things new students and staff are warned to avoid.
  • Has a habit of sending people to the med bay over disagreements.
  • Can usually be found wearing goggles on his head.
  • Sports a rather large 'M' tattoo over his right eye.
  • Is rumored to be from the fuuuuuuture.
  • Almost always cooks for himself.
  • Does not wear shoes.
  • Is not a canine.

Theme Songs

"Lost in the Echo" Linkin Park (Living Things) Video Lyrics

"Cities in Dust" The Everlove (cover) Video Lyrics

"M.I.A." AX7 (AX7) Video Lyrics

Powers & More

Most of James’ powers are linked to his beast side, giving him rather predictable mutant abilities with the added ability to teleport.


August 20, 2012 I'm Back…from the Fuuuuuture. Time Travel Sucks
August 28, 2012 Emma and Tooth have their first civil conversation ever. Back to Basics
August 29, 2012 Gnoll-face meets with Rashmi and Robyn Familiar Faces and Distant Places


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