Topher "Damage" Matthews
Christopher “Topher” Matthews
Portrayed By James Matthews
Gender Male
Date of Birth 10/31/93
Age 16
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Damage
Place of Birth Littleton, Colorado
Current Location Xavier Institute
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Faith Matthews (Adopted Mother), Riley Matthews (Adopted Father)
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Telepathy and Telekinesis
First Appearance ???

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Topher was born at his parents (Willow and Lucas Rosen) apartment in Littleton, Colarado on the 31st of October 1993. The first year of his life was a normal, happy one up until the 4th of November 1994 when a neighbour found him crying in his crib, his parents dead in their bedroom. The police were called but never found their attacker and Topher was put into care.
All things considered Topher had a pretty happy childhood, he lived in a care home until he was six when he was adopted by Faith and Riley Matthews. Growing up he developed an interest in music and freestyle fighting (Faith taught freestyle fighting at their local community centre and Riley was a music teacher), as he grew older he began to focus more on vocals then just general music. He was an average student at school and got good enough grades to keep his parents happy.
Shortly after Topher turned 13 his parents moved them to Los Angeles, where Riley had got a new job teaching at an arts school. Topher also joined this school and got involved in a school band as the lead singer and joined a gymnastics club. He excelled at gymnastics and eventually joined the schools gymnastics team, he also began performing with his band at various school events such as school dances.
At age 14 Topher’s latent mutant powers surfaced, one day he had stayed late afterschool to practise alone in the gymnastics gym, he was changing when the school coach came into the locker room and tried to force himself on Topher, unable to push the man off him his fear activated his power and he sent the men flying across the room with a telekinetic wave. When his parents got home from work that day, they found Topher on his bed in tears refusing to say anything, no matter what they said he never told them what happened.
Nine months later just after his 16th birthday and he was being plagued by constant headaches, as he was unable to keep his mind separate from other peoples. His parents could find no way to help him and were losing hope (he had undergone CAT scans at the hospital which showed his brain was rapidly deteriorating) until they were contacted by the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters who offered him a place at their school and help dealing with his powers. So after saying goodbye to his remaining friends Topher joined the Institute.


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