Tory "Ferret" Jericho
Tory Hunter Jericho
Portrayed By Erik Von Detten
Gender Male
Date of Birth December 16, 1989
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases Ferret
Place of Birth Rhode Island
Current Location New York City
Occupation n/a
Known Relatives Sarah Jericho (Mother), Michael Jericho (Father), Stuart Jericho (Younger brother)
Significant Other n/a
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Ferret Shifter, Heightened Smell
First Appearance ???

OooooOOOOooooo! Shiny! Look Penguins!


When Sarah and Michael Jericho gave birth to their second child, they
couldn't be happier. They were living the dream, two kids, in a nice
house, with two cats and a dog. Tory was the oldest of the two
brothers, and Stuart was the youngest, the two being only fifteen
months apart. Tory and Stuart had the normal brotherly woes and fights
but over all they got along well and the family was happy. Life was
normal, with going to church on Sunday's and Public School on the week
and regular play dates. Everything was great in Portsmouth, Rhode
Island for the Jericho's.

It was one frightful day when Tory was 8 years old, in 3rd grade, when
his family was shopping at the mall. He wondered off in the department
store, like kids tend to do, thinking it'd be funny to hide among the
racks to only pop out and 'surprise!' his parents. It was that day
that Tory was never to be seen again. Needless to say the Jericho's
were devastated by this. They searched every where in that mall for
their son, notified the police, put up lost posters, hired a detective
but little Tory was never to be seen by the Jericho's again. Over they
years they learned to deal with their loss but Tory will always a
missing piece of their lives.

Now what ever happened to Tory? Well that day in the mall Dr. Krasnov
and his assistant Dr. Janis were scouting to abduct children, they had
been going around the country looking for those who were healthy,
lively, and unattended. Tory fit that bill. Dr. Krasnov and his
assistant snatched the child while no one was looking, drugged him and
whisked him away without anyone knowing. Through out the North East,
Tory was one of twelve children who were abducted for their projects.

When Tory came to, he found he was kept in a cage and there were other
children there. The next 11 years though would be a bit of a blur to
him. The 12 children were kept under constant watch. They were
experimented on, each child with a different Animal DNA, all small
animals. Ferret, Rat, Mouse, Guinea Pig, Beaver, Mole, Raccoon, Skunk,
chinchilla, hedgehog, rabbit, and squirrel. Tory's was ferret. They
wanted to see if they could successfully combine human and animal DNA
to create a new type of person.

They succeeded for the most part, with only two casualties. Tory
doesn't remember a whole lot about things, as him, along with most
other children, were kept sedated through the experiments. What he
does remember is the cages, the tests, the stupid lab rat style mazes,
the faces of the other kids and Dr. Krasnov and Dr. Janis. Most of it
though he was too drugged out to notice. He does remember the other
kids and being scared with them at times. They became friends it he
few moments they could talk, it was a bond of circumstance and they
grew up together, even if they were kept in separate cages.

What was the purpose that the two Dr's were trying to achieve? They're
own personal animal army. Who would guess that the animals they used
to achieve their evil deeds were really children? It took them 10
years to get the animal DNA perfect for the ten children left, and
when they were about to start the process of the mind control and
brainwashing that was when the lab was attacked. Tory remembers the
fighting, and the fires, and the red white and blue costume, but not
much more. Unfortunately the ten children, now in their late teens
were just animals when it happened. Some where able to escape, but
unfortunately four animals died in the combat and fires.

Tory was one of the ones to luckily escape, running as far as he could
as a ferret. He's been free for all of a month, and Tory is completely
lost. It took him a while to figure out he was in New York City as
that is where the lab was probably hidden. His hair is now silvery
white and eyes are purple, and all in all he's confused. Curious,
childlike, and confused.

Theme Song

MGMT - Kids


Ferret Transformation - Tory's powers are very simple, he can transform in to a Ferret. He can only stay in this form for at most 1 week before he has to turn back to a human. After 1 day of being human he can transform again. In this form he is a ferret, he still has the mind frame of a human but that's


Septermber 3,5 2009 Kalindi, Izzy, Tory and Jennifer socialize in Bryant Park. Ferrety Fun


  • "He was like bam! And fwip! And kerpowie! And he won."


  • Tory still believes in Santa Claus. (If you tell him other wise, he'll cry)
  • Tory collects spoons, they're shiny.
  • Tory only has a third grade education.
  • Tory is diabetic.
  • Tory has the mentality of someone around six to eight.
  • Tory /loves/ superheroes.
  • Tory has been on the Missing Persons list since he was eight.


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