2009-07-20: Total Downers


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Summary: Brian, Robyn and Skyler put a down note on the conversation with Owen and July.

Date:July 20, 2009

Log Title Total Downers

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Woods

Pine, Oak, Birch, and many other trees can be found in these woods. Paths lead all through out them for students to take walks. The occasional bench can be found along the paths. Students shouldn't worry about wandering too deep in these woods as its almost impossible for them to get lost here.

Sometimes when someone needs some quite the woods is the perfect place to be. Sitting on the ground with his knees pulled up to his chest is Robyn. He looks a bit different than the last time some people have seen him seeing that his hair is gone. He's completely bald and lacking any hair on his body, including eyebrows. He came back from a weekend with his parents earlier today and ran off into the woods after dinner. Robyn's looking down as he's playing with a twig in his hands, breaking it into many small pieces.

July has been out in the woods just for a stroll, but then she hears the twig breaking and blinks, figuring she's not alone, she starts dodging trees as she heads toward the source of the sound. She blinks as she sees a bald head, and takes some effort to recognize Robyn. "Robyn?" The elastic brunette asks, stunned, "Is that you? What happened to your hair?"

Looking to spend some time outside, Brian ventures out to the woods. Though the sound of breaking twigs grabs his attention, the older teen sees the students and decides to keep his distance, he's not too keen on meeting everyone he hasn't met before.

Skyler is female again. She doesn't seem to be able to get away from it for any period of time. This would have bothered her over a year ago when she first came to this school, but as time has gone on, she's gotten used to this kind of thing. Still, this is the first time she's ever really copied anybody with a purpose in mind. She's copied the lead scientist who had kidnapped him and a bunch of other mutants to drain them of their precious bodily fluids to create MGH, which is why she's out in the woods today. She's out to do a little bit of soul searching, since this is the first time that she's actively going out to impersonate somebody, and she wants to make sure that this is a path she wants to go down. Her reverie is interrupted when she hears familiar voices, and so she migrates to where everybody is at. "Well," she says, "Hello there, July, Robyn."

The sound of the twig breaking seems to prompt a yawn from up above. "How the heck did Ah get up here?" comes a voice with that familiar southern drawl. A few seconds later and Owen Folger, fuzzy and just in pajama pants, appears on the path out of a cloud of DarkForce. Looking around, he blinks when he spots July, Robyn, and a woman he doesn't recognize. "Well…Howdy Ah suppose…"

Robyn looks up and drops the pieces of twig he's been breaking apart, wiping the dirt on his black pants. "Oh hey July, yeah it's me. My hair?" He says rubbing his head. "I had a bad reaction to something and it all fell out, but it's better than the alternative and it'll grow back." Though inside he's a bit down upset about losing all his hair. He jumps a bit as he hears Skyler's voice looking up. "Oh hey Skyler." He says before looking up at the voice. "I'm guessing you teleported? Hey Owen."

July ah's and nods, "Bad reaction?" she blinks, "Reaction on what?" she asks, right when Skyler shows up. "Oh, hey. Female again, Skyler?" she smirks. Since she wasn't kidnapped, the sight of Skyler's new form and voice doesn't startle July. "How are you all doing?"

The living energy factory has not met the others here, except for Skyler, but she is not recognizable to Brian. Though his reputation would proceed him, being that he was the horseman known as Death less than a year ago. He maintains his distance, observing the other's interactions. Brian cannot help but stare at the social interactions going on, where he once used to be in the middle of it all, being older than most others here in the school he feels a bit out of place.

Skyler nods at July, stuffing her hands in the pockets of her jeans. "Yeah," she says "I copied the lead person who kidnapped us, to see if we can't get some more information about her." She runs a her fingers through her hair while looking up through the trees as she speaks, "That and I'm hoping that we can figure out where they're keeping Robin so that I can do a bit of recon to get some more information so that we can get her back." She chuckles ruefully, "I figure it's about time I started doing something with these powers of mine other than just confusing everybody on campus."

Owen nods slowly, stretching. "Suppose so…" he trails off. "Gotta stop teleportin' in mah sleep. Ended up in another guy's bed the other night. Man, that was kinda funny even if we both did panic a little," he laughs. When July and Skyler confirm who Skyler is, OWen nods. He listens quietly as Skyler explains things and then looks down. "Jus' be careful out there, will ya?"

"If you need help with anything, let me know. I feel bad that we got out with out Robin even if I was a bit moody that night." Robyn admits but then he was scared out of his gourd. "The person who helped us escape gave me something to help us get out and it made me loose all my hair." He looks at Owen and blinks. "I'd be confused as hell if I woke in someone else's bed."

July nods softly to Skyler as she mentions going out, "If you need help, Skyler, let me know. I'm pretty sure I can find some disguise form to follow you inconspicuously." She offers, smiling, "I'd like to get everyone back, and those guys in a trial as much as everyone else." she nods.

July's comment about a trial just gets Brian laughing. Her naivety aamusing him. "There won't be a trial. How many kids have been taken over the years? I can count fifteen different cases for the four years I've been here. And not once did anything happen to whoever took the kids." He just had to say something there, Brian had hoped for justice against Mr. Sinister, yet to this day nothing has happened to him. "Most you can hope for is to get your friend back, and be happy with that. Maybe kick an ass or two."

Skyler nods at Brian, his comments echoing her thoughts exactly. "Yeah. This wasn't the first time I've been kidnapped. Nothing really came out of that except Sinister messed with our genetics some, turned a couple of us into Horsemen, and generally fucked with our lives," she says, her hand unconsciously rubbing the back of her right shoulder. "I wish there was a way to really take these guys out for good, but I think that'd be like wishing for a way to rid the world of mosquitos."

Owen looks sheepish for a moment. "Well…Ah didn't so much wake up in his bed as when Ah fell on top of him. Teleported intah the air over his bed and…yeaaaah…" he laughs. "Yeah. If ya'll need a teleport, Ah'm here. Heck…find the place an' drop me in. Ah'll be overloadin' soon…they can meet The Bat," he murmurs. When Brian brings the mood farther down, Owen just frowns. Skyler makes it worse and Owen sighs. "Guys, can Ah be the Dark and gloomy one? Let ya'll be happy?" he tries for a tiny bit of humor, letting out some DarkForce from his hand.

"The bat…I still have to scuplt that." Robyn mutters as he hasn't had time to even start. "Well the school didn't even come rescue us, they just kind of left us there to be killed." Robyn says scratching the back of his neck. "You really think you can find Robin Skyler? I just hope they didn't kill him…her…cause they were going to do that to us."

July rubs the back of her head as the the mood here is as light as happy as back in Germany during the Holocaust. "Um… I really don't think the school would leave you guys to be killed, ah, I'm sure they just couldn't find out." She says, biting her lower lip.

Brian stands up from his place of observation. "How long were you captured?" He asks Robyn. The energy manipulator looks around. "Skyler and I were taken for weeks. Whenever someone takes someone, they do cover their tracks. It takes investigating to get people back."

Owen shakes his head. "School didn' leave ya'll, ya just' got free before they found ya," he says. Looking around, he lets out a little sigh. "Man…" he lets out, not sure what else to say.

Skyler purses her lips. "What about Cerebra? If you've got a good enough telepath in there, you can find any mutant on the planet." She shakes her head, "I can see how Sinister can hide from that, but these guys?" She says with a shrug, "I just can't see it."

Robyn shrugs. "Yeah, if we waited we would would have been dead. We're just lucky we were able to get free first other wise by the time they found us or got of their butts to rescue us, they just would have found bodies." Unfortunately right now Robyn does believe that but then he's sixteen and it's first brush with death. "Cerebra? And we were only gone a week but that's long enough for me."

July sighs softly, rubbing the back of her head, "I give up, guys. Mood's here is just too down." She looks at everyone. "I know Robin's still there, but do we really have to be this down? We will get her back."

Brian gives a little scoff, he's not going to even try and reason with Robyn's logic here. "This is the world. It's not a bunch of daisies, so, if you'd spare the 'little miss ball of goddamn sunshine' routine, maybe the ideas can start coming through." Seems Brian's a bit willing to help since there's still one left wherever they were. "What had happened that you weren't able to get out of there all together?" He asks the former abductees.

Skyler answers with a sigh, "Sedated, collared, and strapped to a table. They didn't even let us up to go pee or anything." She finds a nice place under a tree to sit down and plops down, resting her back against the trunk. "It was a real professional job. They'd planned this for a while."

The mood or perhaps hanging around barefoot and shirtless…or even both…seems to be too much for Owen. With a sigh, he gives a ways. "See ya'll later…" he mutters before vanishing in a cloud of Dark Force.

Robyn pushes himself up and sighs. "I'm going to be going, sorry. Skyler, I…wanna talk to you later." Robyn says but right now he's just better off being alone. He doesn't mean to bring his down mood to other people. "Sorry guys for being so blah, I just…" He just shakes his head as he's trying to deal with it all and doesn't know how. He gives a wave as he wanders off.

July sighs gently as well as Robyn announces his leave, and she waves to him, "Alright, see you later, Robyn. Take care." The girl says softly, looking at her friend as he wanders off.

Brian looks to Skyler, his emerald green eyes concentrating. "I'll see what I can do on the cerebro thing. Maybe Addison can find out something." He offers before standing up and heading back towards the mansion. He'll try and do as much as he can to get Robin back.

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