2012-03-02: Touch Me Not


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Summary: Kevin tries to get Kai to open up to him. Kai tries to tell Kevin he's not a good person.

Date: February 28, 2012

Log Title: Touch me not!

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Front Gates

Large Iron gates standing twelve feet tall in front of you with an elaborate letter X designed on each of the gates. An Iron Gate stretches around both sides of the school. The gates are usually found closed and open to those who know the correct code to enter in the keypad on the left. Beyond the gates a large statue can be seen in a courtyard and a building in the shape of an X.

After his conversation with Heather this morning Kai went to the Salem center and managed to find a small store that sells groceries, late afternoon finds him having eaten now and feeling a hell of a lot better. Dressed in blue jeans, red sneakers, a black t-shirt, a black jacket with a red hood and tucked into the back of his jeans hiden under his jacket is a handgun Kai is partway in to the woods not far from the Xavier mansion, as you get closer to where he is (about 50 feet) you begin to see ice covering the ground and trees, as you get closer the ice gets more refined covering everything (except for an open car about 20 feet after the begining of the ice), as you reach the source of the ice theres a sort of hut thing made out of long thick shards of ice with a gap in the front, Kai is inside just resting on the ground.

A small cluster of students is just heading back to the school after a trip to the mall, there being safty in numbers, and all, Kevin in the thick of them laughing and blushing as the teen is teased good naturedly about being the son of some of the teachers. The tall, dark haired boy slows when he catches a familiar scent, a faint frown pulling his brows together as he waves his friends on so that he can investigate, "I'll catch up later." It's slightly slow going, following the scent trail until the ground turns to ice and the ice fortress comes into view. For a moment, he stops, stunned to speachlessness, but the silence doesn't last long, "Hello?" He takes a few steps closer, sliding slightly on the ice, but managing to stay on his feet, "Anyone there?"
Then he spots his friend stretched out on the ground, "Kai! What are you doing here?!" He's dressed warmly in black skinny jeans, black sneakers, and an ivory sweater under a thick blue winter coat.

At the first sound Kevin's voice Kai is on his feet with his gun pointed out at him, "Oh, Kevin, what are you doing here?", he slips the gun back into the back of his jeans and steps out of the ice-hut looking round to see if anyone else had followed Kevin there, "It's not safe out here, isn't you school on lockdown?, why did they let you out?"

The sight of a gun pointed at him has Kevin ducking out of line of sight, bashing his elbow on the ground in his haste to get to safety, "I go to school here! I'm a friend! Remember, Kai? I helped you out when you got shot last year!" He's babbling in defense, not caring if he sounds like an idot. He shakes his head, "I was with a bunch of friends and a teacher's aid. We just got back from the mall." He holds up a shopping bag holding some crafting supplies and clothes, "I caught your scent and wanted to make sure you're alright." He pauses for a moment, pushing himself up to his feet again, "You are okay, aren't you?"

Kai runs a hand though his hair, "Yeah Kevin, i'm fine, all is good here nothing to worry about", he lifts up his shirt, "See, no bullet wounds this time", there is however still some heavy bruses from the broken ribs he gained the other day. "You shouldn't have wondered off from the group Kevin, people from your school are getting kidnapped, it isn't safe to be out here right now", he half smiles, "But it's nice to see you again"

Kevin frowns at the sight of the bruises and takes a couple of cautious steps forward to close the distance, one hand coming up to hesitantly try to brush against the bruises, "You aren't shot, but it sure looks like you've been through the ringer." He shrugs one shoulder indifferently at the thought of someone trying to kidnap him, "Nobody'd want to kidnap me. It's not like I'm really special, or anything." No, he's just the adopted mutant son of a pair of teachers at Xavier's. There's not a thing special about him. Just like there's not a thing special about the daughters of the US president.

Kai pulls his shirt down and steps backwards, he doesn't like being touched much, "Oh yeah, i forgot about those, i got tackled by some statues, they're fine", he shakes his head at Kevin, you don't know that, i don't think anyone knows why they're being taken, you really should be care full that you are not the next one i have to report".

When Kai steps back, Kevin drops his hand without touching the other boy, putting his hands in his pockets instead. He winces when he hears about the other boy being tackled by some statues, "Ow… That doesn't sound 'fine' to me…" He makes a face at the thought that he might get taken and shakes his head, "Who'd want someone like me? Seriously? My dads are the only ones that think I'm special." He frowns at that last, tilting his head slightly, "Report to who?"

Kai shrugs, "I'll heal, it looks worse than it actually is and it doesn't really hurt anymore", more that Kai is very good at dealing with pain, but he is not going to a hospital. "Kevin, you found me here because you followed my scent, if that isn't special i don't know what is", he runs a hand though his hair, "This guy Kenta at your school, i told him about one i didn't manage to stop and said i'd let him know if i learn of anymore"

Kevin wrinkles his nose and shakes his head, "That's not special. I changed when Dad-One saved me." So he used to be more special than he is now? He shrugs one shoulder, "I found a friend that I hadn't seen in a while. What's so specal about that?" So what if the way he found said friend was by following his scent? That doesn't make him anymore special than the average bloodhound. At the mention of Kenta, he makes a small oh sound and nods, "Mr. Gilpatrick. He's the music teacher."

Kai puts his hands up, "Hey, you don't wanna be special, then you don't have to be but i'm still saying it's dangerous for you out here", he nods, "Yeah, thats the guy, didn' know he teaches music though" he wanders round keeping an eye out, "Sorry if it's a little cold, ice is really the only building material that i'm any good with, plus it's better for temporairy building, if i don't keep up the tempreture it'll melt"

Kevin makes a face and huddles into his coat, "I'm careful." He gestures over in the direction of the gate, "The gate is just right over there. It's not like I'm even out of shouting distance." He nods in confirmation with Kenta being the music teacher, "Yep! He's really kinda awesome. Not as cool as my dads, but still pretty cool." He shivers faintly and shrugs indifferently, "It's cool. Doesn't bother me that much." He pauses for a moment, "You know… My dads don't live that far from here. If you need a place to stay for a while…"

Kai shakes his head, "No i'm fine, trust me", he looks around the woods, "It's fine here, gets a little dark at night but other than that it's ok, i don't feel the cold anyways, so it's kind of like a long camping trip, camping is supposed to be fun right? people pay to do this kind of stuff", the only thing bugging him is he's got like no money now and while he did it today, is now outta food.

The taller teen wrinkles his nose at the thought of people actually wanting to sleep outside on the ground with the bugs, "Yeah… I hate camping." Kevin falls silent for a moment and reaches up to tug the knit cap farther down around his ears, "I would never get to sleep for fear of bugs crawling all over me." He makes a face, "I'd much rather go 'camping' in the living room floor."

"The ice tends to keep bugs away and sleeping here isn't that bad, i mean it could be worse right?", he could be back underground, as far as Kai is conserned, this is a much better alternitive even if he does feel very alone, he leans against the ice-hut, "So how are things down at your end, other than students going missing i mean".

"Yeah, I guess things could always be worse…" Kevin makes a face, "You could always have a controling, extremely conservative father that sees you just as a tool and not a person." Sounds like that's a sore point for him… He shrugs one shoulder at the change of subject, "Not too bad, honestly. Classes are going well and none of my friends have gone missing." If it weren't for the restrictions and that his dads were upset about it, he wouldn't know there was anything at all going on, to tell the truth.

Or you could not know either your mother or father and have grown up underground where rather than a childhood you were trained and shaped into a living weapon, grown up with a number not a name, "I wouldn't know, i've never met my father, but that must've been hard Kevin", he seems a little distant now that the subject of more normal things he never had comes up, "Well it's good that school is going well".

Kevin winces at the older boy not having known his father, "That sucks…" He shifts his weight and slides a few inches on the frozen ground before he catches his balance again, shruging one shoulder at having grown up with his birth father as a parent being hard. It was all he knew until his dads adopted him, after all. He nods at the comment about school, "Yeah… How about you? How's school going for you?" Not very well, judging by the fact that he's camped out here outside the gates of his school…

Kai looks down at the ground, "I don't actually know, i havn't returned to the school in about a week now, i dunno if they're looking for me of not and i'm not really sure that i'm gonna be going back", he can't go back, every road leading back to that school ends with his life ending in one form or another.

A faint frown wrinkles Kevin's forehead at that, "You haven't? Why would you just run away like that? Everyone needs an education." He flushes a little, "I mean, even before I started going to school here, my dads were making sure that I was getting an education." He shakes his head and sighs, "I like school. I want to be able to do something more with my life than what my father wanted fore me." Beat, "Not that I can do what he wanted me to do anymore, anyway…"

Kai sits down on the icy ground and wraps his arms around his knees, "It's complecated and i can't really tell you why", if he was to tell Kevin not only would the boy never talk to him again, he could tell the people at Xaviers and before Kai could act SHIELD would be all over him, at which point they'll either lock him up or kill him, and thats the best case scenarino.

Kevin frowns faintly and wraps his arms around himself, "Why not? We're friends, right? You've gotta know that I wouldn't do anything to hurt you…" He sounds alittle hurt that his friend won't tell him why he stopped going to school, "Sometimes it helps to talk about stuff, you know?" If he did tell anyone what he was hypothetically told, it would just be to get help for the boy he considers his friend.

"Kevin it's not that simple, you can't just tell me what you've done wrong and think i'll share what i've done, i told you already, it's not safe for you to know, i'm not just talking about me, not safe for you", Kai is starting to get frustrated, he is in his right mind so he can be held accountable for everything he's done, "Your uncle warned you against me not long after we met, why do you think he'd do that?"

Ignoring the cold as best he can, Kevin moves to kneel near his friend, "Kai… I think I can take care of my self. Anyway, my dads might be able to help, if you'd tell me and let me tell them." He really looks worried for the older boy now, "You don't need to try to carry it all on your own." He shrugs a shoulder at the mention of his uncle, "I dunno… My dads don't really like me hanging out with Uncle Jordan." So he takes everything his uncle says with a grain of salt.

Kai stands up, "You aren't listening to me, no one is able to help me and me telling you why will not change that, the only thing that would come of me telling you is the risk that you could be pulled into my world, even if i was to tell you i don't even know all of the details, i am not going to burden you with this".

Kevin's eyes follow Kai when he stands, "How do you know that nobody can help if you won't let anyone try?"

Kai clenches his fists, "Trust me, i know", he sighs, "You don't know me very well Kevin, you shouldn't put so much trust in me, that kind of trust without thinking may one day get you killed, not everyone can be trusted".

"Kai… You're my friend. If I can't trust my friends, then who can I trust?" Kevin asks the question sincerely, shrugging at the thought that he doesn't know the shorter boy very well, "I'd know you better if you'd talk to me…" He wants to know him better! "And I am thinking. I'm worried about you. I want to help." He pouts up at the other boy, his expression earnest and open.

"Kevin, you can't help me, no one can help me, you can't imagine how dangerous i can be", Kai slams his clenched fists up to his forehead, "I just want to forget, forget my whole life, forget who i am, where i come from and what i've done, i want it gone!, yo can't help me with that".

"Nobody can help you if you think like that…" Kevin sighs, wincing a little when his friend hits himself in the head, "Can't you just try? If it's really bad, then I can pretend that I don't know anything!" He gestures around vaguely, "It's not like there's anybody else that's gonna hear if you do tell me, you know… We're all alone. Who else would know?"

Kai groans, "Kevin this isn't me needing a little optamism, there is honestly no one who can help me and telling you why will just make it a hundred time worse, listen to me when i tell you that there is no way i can tell you, if i could i would but i can't".

"I'm not just being optimistic, Kai…" Kevin sighs again and stands, "I care about you, Kai. You're a friend." It doesn't hurt that the older boy is kind of cute, though it's not something that the tall boy really thinks about, "Even if you can't tell me about it, just know that I'm here for you. I'll always be here for you, man."

"Kevin I am not the sort of person people care about, hell i don't even exist, how can you care about someone who isn't real?", Kai shuts his eys tightly, "One word of who i am and your dads won't let you within a hundred miles of me, can't really promise they being there thing".

Kevin frowns, tilting his head to one side in confusion, "Whaddya mean you don't exist? You're standing right there!" He is far too literal… "Kai…" There's very real pain and something that might be longing in his voice, "Kai, my dads would never turn their backs on someone that needs help. The didn't turn their backs on me…" He wrinkles his nose, "Dad-one could have very easily just let my father hit me with a nuke and I wouldn't be here today, but he thought that I was worth saving. Everyone is worth saving!"

Kai is actually shaking now, "I am not even a person, i'm a thing, just a number, i don't even know!", he doesn't even look at Kevin, "Not everyone is redeemable, even if you don't think they will even your dads know that, you were a special case to them, it doesn't work the same with everyone else".

The sight of the older boy shaking earns a faint whine of distress from Kevin and he takes a step closer to try to wrap his arms around Kai, whether he likes it or not, "You are a person. No matter what you were, it doesn't matter with what you are now." He makes a face, "I wasn't a special case at all. I was just a kid who's 'gift' had gotten out of hand and needed to be gotten under control." He sighs, his voice soft, "Seriously, Kia. I tried to kill myself because I knew I wouldn't be able to resist the temptation to use it to kill everyone. The only reason I'm not either a vegitable or a smoking hole in the ground is because Dad-one thought I was worth saving." And he thinks that Kai is worth saving.

Kai backs away quickly as Kevin tries to wrap his arms around his looking very much the same as when he tried to touch his stomach, "Ok, you think i'm worth saving? try!", with that Kai bolts out of the woods in the direction that Kevin just came from, once he's clear of the woods he heads to the Xavier front gates, using his cyrokinetic powers to make himself a boost Kai jumps over the gate onto the school grounds.

"Kai, no!" Kevin takes off running after the other boy, feet slipping a little on the ice as he slides sideways a few inches, trying to catch up to his friend before the school's defenses can activate and really hurt him. Unfortunately, he's just not quite fast enough and has to waste time keying in the code to open the gate, "Kai! Stop!!" His school issued phone is out of his pocket and he's hitting the emergency button as he tries to put himself between the defenses and his friend that's just propelled himself over the gate.

Kai doesn't move from where he's standing until the school's defenses start up, "Come on Kevin" is muttered to himself, as the rubber amunition starts firing at him he forms an ice-shield and starts running, if he's lucky he can get in and out before the more lethal defenses kick in, assuming they have them that is, with how easy it is to find out about this place, how well gaurded it is is called into question.

Coming from behind the building is the dark winged figure of Kenta. He gets a good aerial view to see Kai on school grounds and Kevin on the other side of the gate. He doesn't even land, he just stays about five feet from the air and puts up a solid black wall in front of Kai. "What! Is the meaning of this Kai Oaken?!" He demands in an authorative, parent tone, obviously knowing the intruder.

"Mr. Gilpatrick, help! He's gonna get hurt." Kevin sounds truly distressed at that thought as he finally gets the gate open enough that he can run in to try to tackle Kai and get him out of the line of fire.

Still running to avoid the Stage One Defense Protocol Kai has to change course to avoid the ten foot wide wall for black Kenta creates, wincing from a couple of hits from some other the rubber rounds he's forced into the path of from his change of course he doesn't bother looking up at Kenta as he answers him, "Doing something that needs to be done!", seeing Kevin coming his way he creates a path of ice and dives forwards sliding out of the line of Kevin and closer to where Kenta is flying.

As Kai approches Kenta and it's apparent that he won't stop, Kenta does the one thing he can think of, he goes to wrap Kai around the middle with a band of darkforce, pinning his arms to his sides, and lifting him in the air so that he can stop running. "And what exactly is that before I have you tossed in jail for tresspassing."

Kevin lands with a thud and a grunt as the air is knocked out of him for a moment, not bothering to attempt to tuck and roll. He doesn't allow himself time to recover before he's pushing himself up, gasping slightly as he tries to catch his breath, "He- he's tryng to prove that he's a bad person. He's not, though!" The younger teen almost whines that, "I've been trying to tell him that he's just as worth saving as I was. He just won't listen to me, though."

Kai starts struggling and forcing his strength against the strange force holding him in the air, "Getting him back on campus", among other things but thats the story he's sticking to, his face is set but he is shaking slightly, "So do whatever it is you're gonna do".

"Who is him." Kenta says as he's not asking a question as demanding an answer. "Kevin, I'm not going to hurt him." He says before tightening his grip on Kai to keep a good hold on him. "Kai, you have five seconds to tell me who him is." He doesn't say what it will be if he doesn't.

"Him is me, I guess." Kevin still looks more than worried for his friend, "I was trying to get him to tell me what's wrong, but he won't and then he came jumping over the gate and trying to get hurt." He shifts his weight, his arms wrapped around himself, "I just wanna help…"

Kai doesn't feel the need to answer Kenta's question when Kevin does it for him, "I told you already you can't help", he pushes his full force against the darkforce binding him as it tightens, not sure what the if it's a solid thing or not he also tries freezing it to see if it can shatter.

"You're trespassing on private property, you've been hanging around here like a lost puppy for the last few days because a girl you barely know went missing. The offer still stands if you need anything but right now, I think if you wish to hang around Xavier's so badly we have a place where you can stay." Kenta says as he lands with both himself and Kai, with with the ice around the darkforce band seems to do nothing to break it.

Kevin still looks worried, especially when Kenta mentions having a place where his friend can stay. He shuffles his feet nervously and just watches the other two land.

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