2010-07-24: Touchy Subject


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Summary: Two people browse a bookstore, and strike up a conversation that may result in Hunter meeting people that can help him learn about his mutation.

Date: July 24, 2010

Log Title: Touchy Subject

Rating: PG

Westchester- Generic Book Store

Very simply, this store is covered in books. Aisles arranged in neat rows, all labeled according to which genre they hold, take up most of the space in this shop, however, there it a cleared section in the middle with couches and a low table in case you want to take a load off.

What a day in the city! An uncomfortable 91 degrees outside which didn't amount to much of a good time when you're AC is down, and the landlord isn't going to get around to it in a timely fashion. Instead of melting away the Australian bouncer, Hunter, decided to take his moto out to the Salem Center Mall in search of AC and possibly a few good books. He opted to leave the house clad in his favorite Motorhead shirt, dark jeans, and his thick industrial boots.

Sometimes, Rogue just wants to get out of the mansion. Black tank top under a see through long sleeved shirt of green mesh, low slung khaki cargo pants and black boots of her own. Dark auburn hair is braided back, white streaks left to frame her face. A touch of makeup, and a set of silver bracelets at her wrists as she wanders the stacks.

Over in the Fiction row, Hunter is gazing at the spines of the various paperbacks. Occasionally he'll spot a title that sounds interesting, and pull out the book only to shake his head at the summary on the back. Nothing seemed to be catching the mans attention as of yet. He leaves Fiction books behind him in favor of an aisle full of books on various subjects including mixology. With a slight interest in bar tending he starts pulling out various books to stack up at the floor near his feet. As he's amassing quite the stack of reading material he realizes someone is coming into the aisle and attempts to move himself, and his stack out of the middle of the walkway. "G'day," he smiles over at the woman while he works.

Rogue is heading down the aisle, perusing books on useful things like carpentry, computers, and bar tending. Eyes glance up at the man with the accent, looking up from the back of her book. A faint smile forms, a little crooked. "Hi." Her own accent soft and southern.

Hunter glances away from her for a moment to make sure that he's got things out of the way before he stands back up to his full height. Her accent is intriguing to him as he's not heard anything like it since he arrived in NY. "If ya don't mind me askin', whereabouts are ya from?"

Rogue glances up, aware that he's got a good half foot on her, smile widening at the sound of his accent inquiring about hers. "Down south. Mississippi, to be exact. You're an Aussie?" Brows arch up, curiosity making her last words lilt upwards in tone.

"Born an' raised in Melbie," Hunter says proudly. So, she was from the Southern United States, that was a good bit different than New York. Least, when he thought of the South things like giant rolling green hills, and swamps came to mind. "Not met anyone from the South b'fore. Met a few from different countries and what not but mostly I'm just runin inta the New Yorkers. Do ya live 'ere or are ya visitin?"

Rogue watches him, almost detached in her mannerisms a moment. "Ah live up here now, in Westchester. You? Tourist or resident?"

Hunter shoves his hands into his pockets, the thumbs hanging out. "Oh? Not familiar with Westchester. I came abroad 'lil while back. Got a place o'er on the Westside. I'm hopin t'be a resident permanently but I've got ta make the Immigration people agree with me bein 'ere."

Rogue laughs. "Or ya know..get married for a greencard." A wink to show she's teasing. "Westside, huh? What brings ya up here?"

"Didn't think that actually worked," Hunter says pulling a hand free from his jeans to rub the nape of his neck. "Think ya gotta remember what flavor toothpaste your spouse likes an' all that. I'd be terrible at remembering." He bends down to scoop up his small stack of books, and smiles warmly at Rogue. "The AC in my place blew out an' I figured the mall o'er this ways would be a good way t'get outta the heat. Ride my motorbike a bit, that sorta thing."

"Just got to find a girl who rides your road, if you follow me. It's not incredibly impossible to find a girl to want to marry, now is it?" A flash of a sassy grin. "Oooh motorbike? As in Motorcycle, for us Americans?"

Hunter finds himself spluttering a bit of laughter at her comment. He wasn't in any sort of position to even think about finding someone else to shack up with. Her interest in motocycles though, that's something he can talk about! "Yeah, back in Oz, I worked at a shop fer a bit. When I got a place 'ere I finally got a bike of my own. Harley VRSC. Big fan of the old models but this one just kinda called t'me. You got one of yer own?"

"Not yet. Keep meanin' to get one. A guy Ah'm close to, he's big on 'em. Ah just like the way they sound, you know? And just…think the wind in your face, being more free than in a car." Rogue blushes a little, glancing away from him.

"I wish the helmet laws weren't in place," Hunter comments as he shifts the books in his hands. "My name is Hunter by the way, Hunter Black. I work over at a nightclub on the Westside when I'm not doin a gig for some celeb that needs a bit o'muscle."

Rogue blushes a bit more. "Ah'm Rogue. It's nice to meet ya, Hunter." A nod. "Yeah? Decent place, or one a girl with any taste wouldn't wanna be in?"

Hunter looks surprised, but in a good way. "Yeah, I think so. They got decent music and the drinks aren't all that watered down. Don't get t'spend much time in there but people seem t'like it." Slowly he leans to the side till his shoulder rests against the bookshelf. "I could write down the address for ya. Seein as I'm normally on the front door, I could let ya in ahead of the line."

"Music is important an' all." She leans to mirror him, head tipping a bit and making white strands lay against her cheek. "Oh really? Now what if Ah wanted to linger outside? "

"Well, can't say the outside is all that great even if I pretty up the door a bit," Hunter follows the white streak of her hair from scalp to end, finding it pretty and interesting at the same time. "You umm…feel like mebbe grabbin a drink or somethin? Not sure the food courts all that great really but, I'm throwin an offer out there anyway."

Rogue arches an eyebrow at him, the dark contrasting the white. But there are no roots in sight! "Well, the coffee place has decent stuff for drinking. If you're hungry though, Ah suggest the Wendy's. "

"Figured as much," Hunter replies as he's not sure if she's accepting the invite to grab a drink or not. Such is his luck, not that he has very much experience chatting up anyone. "We're you lookin fer a particular book? I was just pickin a buncha them out at random. If I've got what yer lookin for you're more than welcome t'take it."

"Nope, just browsing. Ah have tons of books at home Ah can read." It's true, the library has more books than she thinks she could read in her lifetime. "Just wanted to get out and about." A pause, looking at him. "You're not a vegetarian, are you?"

"Well, not at all. See, I lived in the Never Never a long while, umm…the desert basically. Even spent some time in the swamp lands, livin on weird things, and gator." Yeah, that was a little bit more of an answer than was really needed but he didn't really get to talk all that often to anyone so he's just speaking his thoughts. "Why do you ask?"

A thumb hooks towards the food court, coming up out of that lean. "Just… suggestin' Wendy's. Burgers an' all. Ah… ya were askin' me if Ah wanted to grab somethin' in your company, right?"

"Oh! I'm sorry, I was askin' I just didn't know that a Wendy's was a part of the mall." Now he really feels like an idiot. "If you could wait a sec for me to get through the que, I'll catch the tab. Since, I was offerin an'all."

"How about Ah go stake us out a table?" She counter offers. "Did ya want coffee or a bite? Ah can get in line for one, if ya want both."

"Oh, thanks. I could take a bit of Wendy's then. I'll catch up t'ya as soon as I get outta 'ere." Hunter grins as he stands back upright, and walks to the end of the stacks. "Oy, least the lines only like five people. I'll see ya in a few!" With that he takes off to get the line before it gets any bigger. He's careful not to bump into any of the tables or get too animated. It wouldn't go over well if a table just suddenly flew into the air spraying people with books because he was a bit excited about having lunch with an interesting and attractive young woman.

Rogue watches him a moment, white strand twisting her finger as she heads out to the food court. Her shoulder bag set down on a seat to stake out their table, as she gets in the fairly long line for Wendy's.

The line goes relatively quickly at the bookstore. With a small bag of books Hunter walks over to the Food Court and searches for Rogue. He spots her finally in a fairly long line of people. "Seems this que's a bit worse than the one I was in." He comes to stand beside her, and peers up at the board trying to figure out what looks relatively edible.

Rogue flashes him a smile. "Hey. Yeah. So…what do you like? Some guys Ah know love the baconator. Tons of burger an' bacon. Ah don't know how much ya eat at one sittin'."

Hunter finds the item she mentioned on the board, his eyes go wide. "Umm, that looks like it could kill somebody on sight." He looks about the menu a bit more and finally settles on something that looks all right. "I used t'play Rugby an' I still do a lotta sports things. Think I'll go with the new salad with the Chicken an' bacon. You find somethin?" As the que shuffles forward he reaches into his back pocket to pull out his worn leather wallet and begins shuffling through some tickets till he finds the money.

She laughs, tucking white behind her ear. "Well, the guys Ah hang out with sometimes are big eaters." A spark in her eyes, hands sliding into her back pockets. "Ah…Hunter. It's sweet ya want to pay for it an' all, but ya don't have to. Food was kinda my suggestion. Ah can get my own." Rogue looks a touch nervous. "Not used to havin' a guy offer."

"Oh, I don't mind," Hunter says happily. " 'sides, if yer always payin when you go out with yer friends you should catch a break once an' awhile." As they step up to the counter Hunter mentions his salad and a drink, and turns towards Rogue to indicate that she was ordering with him.

Rogue is boring, she orders the chicken nuggets and a small fry and a drink. All things on the value menu. "Well, Ah don't pay for them, just me." She murmurs, still flushed.

Hunter hands over the cash, and takes his change. "Might be good if they eat a lot like ya say." His wallet gets tucked back into the back pocket of his jeans, and he picks up the small tray of food. "So where did ya find a table at?" With all of the tiny tables crammed into one spot it was amazing that anyone had enough room to move around and enjoy sitting down for a bit.

Rogue nods towards the table, before she's leading the way. Her steps are confident enough, a casual sway to her hips even as she moves quickly. Bag reclaimed, before it's set aside so she can sit in the seat. "So, all the way from Australia? Why here?"

Hunter sets the tray down then pulls out a chair to sit down. He had talked to a few people over the last month and everyone seemed to have a different opinion on how much someone should tell another that they didn't know, especially in this city. "Well, things back 'ome were not all that great. I thought if I came 'ere I might be able to figure some stuff out but I've not been doin all that much searchin. Just workin an' walkin around like a tourist."

"Just seems like a long way to come. Ah mean, other places that are closer for figurin' stuff out." She snags a fry to munch on, glancing at his face. "Gawkin' like a tourist can be fun. But Ah'm kinda glad ya came here. Ah wouldn't have met ya, otherwise."

Hunter may blush, even though he'd never admit it. The lid of the salad is popped off, and soon he's pouring the dressing on, and stirring it all up. "Kinda glad I came all the way out 'ere, makin yer acquaintance an' all." Hunter stabs a piece of chicken onto the plastic fork and looks at it quizically for a moment before giving it a try. After he's chewed it, he tells a bit more of the reason he came all the way over to the States. "I watched a lotta news when I stopped into a pub. I've got kinda a unique problem, and I figured best place to figure things out would be here."

"Well, Ah'm sure a lotta things top meetin' me, but..Ah don't socialize much. Ya probably wouldn't believe Ah'm usually kinda…standoffish." Rogue works on her fries, brows arching. "New York's a center for a lot of problem solvin'. How unique we talkin'?"

"Well I'm glad ya decided t'give me a chance an' all," Hunter says around the crunch of a crouton. He sets his plastic fork down in the salad, and ponders how he wants to bring up about his problem. "If ya really want t'know. Do me a favor," he talks to her fishes out one of the little red tomato's that are shaped like a ball. "Roll that toward me." If she does roll it toward him, it will roll right back at her along the same path.

Rogue arches a brow at him, before she shrugs. "Ah've met some great people by bein' givin' a chance." That tomato rolled and rolled back, she stills. "Kinetic energy reflection? So it's…uh.. unique genetics."

Hunter sighs, "Yeah, I figured it out after awhile." Hunter takes up his fork again to push the salad around the plate. "I thought I was accident prone all the time. It got worse, and eventually I just went into 'idin away from people so I didn't worry about it." He takes several bites of the salad before he attempts to explain why he's in New York. "I got a little bit of control on it but it's not that great. I just don't know where ya go t'find out about stuff like this."

Rogue moves on to dipping her nuggest in honey mustard, lashes lowered. "Ah… Ah know some people. They could maybe help. They're not judgmental or anything. Ah'd have to talk to 'em first."

Hunter leans back in the metal chair, grimacing as it cuts into his back roughly. "Yeah? Any 'elp would be great. I kinda want t'be able t'walk around without worrying if somethin bounces inta me or I lose control of it." He watches her nibble away at her nuggets, "You're not wierded out by me showin you that are ya?"

Her gaze flashes up to his face, brows raised. A laugh that turns into a cough, before she's taking a sip of her soda to clear her throat. "That? Hunter honey, Ah have seen way more scary things than things bouncin' offa you."

Relieved is an understatement for what he's feeling. Relaxing a bit more Hunter manages to finish his salad off. "I've seen some interestin things since I moved 'ere too. I got shown over to the Mutant Town area awhile back. Never seen a guy that looked like a reptile b'fore. Almost mistook 'im for a two legged croc."

"Seen people that can make ice out of thin air. Telepaths. All of it. Ah've …been exposed to a lot of people..like us."

"Really?" Hunter comes from an area where there aren't many mutants, if any. "I think I'm gonna like New York. I mean, I know there's problems but things are lookin up." Hunter smiles warmly and pulls out the piece of paper he wrote the club information down on. "This is the club. Tossed my cell on there case ya wanna call me sometime or give me a 'eads up that ya might stop by one night."

"Really. Ah…let's just say Ah know a lot of us." Rogue looks at him. "You always this open in lettin' people know about you, sugah?"

Hunter shrugs, "Sometimes. I've told a fellow Aussie, and one other than yerself. I don't get t'talk very much with my jobs. I try t'stay away from people too. Probably not the best thing t'do but if I got inta a scrap I'd be a'right."

"So why me, then? Ah mean..ya try to stay away from people, Ah try to stay away from people.." Rogue grins, before she's got that curious look again. "so Ah reach over to touch you, Ah can't?"

"Well, sayin 'ello is polite and it kinda went from there I guess," Hunter grins. When she brings up reaching over to touch him he gets a bit nervous about that. "You can if ya want. It might be a bit weird, like static or somethin. Tinglies?" He stops trying to explain and leaves his hand resting flat atop the food court table.

Rogue eyes his hand, reaching out to barely touch his hand, a brush of fingers against his skin.

Hunter feels her fingers brush across the field around his body. Its an odd sensation but she's not repelled by it, even if it may feel like its pushing back. "I have a little bit of control over it, but I can't turn it off, and well…you can guess what happens if I'm not thinkin about it."

Rogue wriggles her fingers as she pulls her hand back. "Ah'm not really touching /you/ though, am Ah." She sounds almost amazed, an odd sort of faraway look.

Hunter shakes his head with a sad expression. "No, you're not. I don't think anyone's touched me since I got outta school. Like I know you were touchin me then and I could feel the pressure but not you. Ya know?"

"Ah… but if someone hugs you, or tries to kiss you?" Her eyes lift to his face again, a look of understanding.

Hunter looks anywhere but directly at her, "You just touched my 'and. What do ya think might 'appen?" He sounds rather detached from it all, as if he doesn't even know. "People try t'grab me all the time but they normally recoil before they get a hold of me."

She frowns at that, reaching out to touch him again. "It's not that bad. Trust me, there's worse out there. Ah…Ah'm sorry most people don't dare."

Hunter looks down to where her fingers are resting against his hand. "Sorry, if I seem a bit cut off. I'm not used t'anyone tryin. Partly my fault but I've had so much go down that I gave up tryin a lot of things a long time ago." Not wanting things to turn into some sort of /woe is me/ conversation, he stacks things back onto the tray with the free hand. "Are you gonna wander around the mall some more? I could walk around with ya a bit but I gotta check in at the club in a few."

"Ah know all about that. Ah…Ah can't touch, normally." Rogue admits, all but stuttering that last. "These bracelets make it so Ah can."

Hunter takes a look at the bracelets that she is wearing and wonders if there's something out there that will turn off the field around his body. "So, if I get this figured out, and you're like a friend of mine, you want dibs on the first hug?"

"Ya say that like Ah couldn't hug ya now." Rogue smirks. "If Ah'm not wearin' these, do yourself a favor an' don't hug me. Ah don't wanna hurt ya."

"Noted!" Hunter says as he gets up from the table to go toss the garbage away. When he returns to the table he picks up his small bag of books. "Well, ya wanna check things out or do ya wanna be left t'yer own devices until we run into each other again?" If she wants to wander around for a few he'll hang out. If not he'll wander back to his moto, and head back to his place before going to work but either way he'll think about everything that's happened thanks to a random stop at the mall."

"Hey, Ah'm actually gonna go on home, talk to those people Ah told ya 'bout. But Ah'll get in touch?" Rogue says, getting to her feet. "It's been nice, Hunter."

Hunter bows his head then smiles at her, "Was nice meetin you too, Rogue. Thanks for talkin to you're people for me. Even if they can't help at least ya tried." He pushes his chair back under the table, "C'ya round."

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