2010-09-14: Train-Wreck In The Kitchen


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Summary: Things turn sour in the kitchen, and it's not the milk.

Date: September 14, 2010

Log Title: Train-Wreck In The Kitchen

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Today's lunch is blue box Kraft Macaroni and Cheese! It's one of the few things that Robyn tends too cook for himself as he's not exactly that much into cooking. Eating though, he does enjoy that. He's dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans with an Edward Scissorhands t-shirt and is leafing through a book on Greek Mythology. He decided to sign up for the class that Ms. VonReginleif is running and is doing research for the optional essay, surprisingly.

Being of the mindset that he hates other people to do something he's perfectly capable of doing — it's too much like a favor — James eats almost exclusively in the kitchen, avoiding the cafeteria at all costs. Today is no different. Sitting at a table on the opposite end of the kitchen, James finishes up the lunch he made for himself: A simple hamburger. The size of a child's head. Aside from his independence, James also enjoys his privacy; something Robyn is aware of. So it's not until after he's downed the last bite that the 7' Gnoll moves out of his territory and towards Robyn's. "Hey there, what'cha reading?"

Without preamble, the door is pushed open with someone's backside, Connor's voice heard in the doorway as he tells some of the newcomer students how to get to the gymnasium from here. Turning into view, he walks several plates over to the sink, and begins to wash them quietly, seeming not to acknowledge the others for the moment as he takes care of the plates and silverware he was bearing with the usual meticulous care.

Jinx comes in behind Connor with a box of oreos, seeking milk. The package is opened, and she currently has at least one cookie in her mouth. "Mm…" she mumbles, dropping a few crumbs along her way. "Hey guyfs," she nods her head towards the guys and heads to the fridge, looking for some milk for dunking. Her box is held tucked under one arm possessively.

Robyn finshes chewing a mouthful of mac and cheese and washes it down with some cherry coke before responding to James. "It's a book on Greek Mythology. I thought the class seemed interesting and she's got an optional essay project. Normally I wouldn't do it but the field trip to the American Museum of Natural History seemed neat so I figured why not." He says as bookmarks the page and puts it down on the table as Connor and Jinx walk in. "Hey Connor, Hey Jinx. You have the right idea for lunch there, oreo cookies."

James nods to Connor and Jinx as they enter and walk by. Eyeing the box of cookies like he eyes everything — well, not the dishes — the natural scavenger considers making a mad dash for them and the door, his body language broadcasting nervous energy. He smiles toothfully at Robyn, foot bouncing lightly as he considers either an over the table approach, or something less likely to displace everything his friend has spread out. "Reeeeeeeally? Did you know my grandfather nicknamed me Perseus?"

Connor opens his mouth for a moment while his back is still to the others, but then refrains with an exhale and a shake of his head as he continues to scrub away, just replying, "Hey." To the others. Bent to the task, he starts grabbing other dishes that are present by the counter and begins adding them to the wash and the drying stacks.

Jinx drags a gallon container out of the fridge and then goes for the cup. Wisely, she holds onto the box the whole time, pouring her cup full and putting the jug back in the fridge. She looks between the boys and monster. "You guys want one?" she eyes James particularly, emphasizing the 'one' just for him. Never can be too careful what with him eyeing her cookies. She lifts the glass of milk to her lips for a sip and offers up the box. "Didn't Perseus kill the minotaur or something?"

Robyn grins at Jinx but nothing near as wide or mischevious as James. "You know I can't say no to a cookie, they're the greatest food ever." He says as he does have a horrible sweet tooth for cookies. "Actually he killed the Medusa and he was also the hero in Clash of the Titans. That movie, the orginal, is awesome." He then looks at James. "So what did you do to earn that nickname?"

There's a 'hmph' from the Hyena's lips as 'one' is offered up. "Sure," James says as his attack-for-cookies-and-stuff-them-all-in-my-pie-hole posture fades a little. But not enough to show that he won't try something. Even if that something ends up involving, say, Connor. "Something along the lines that I won't give up on something once I have an idea in my head," he says with a shrug, "I have all his copies of the Iliad and the Odyssey. Among a couple of other books he adopted from the Elder's library — and the goggles — these represent the sum of James' known material possessions.

Connor seems to feel those eyes on his back, and perhaps knows better than he knows himself as he turns his head to Jinx and says, "You can give mine to James. I'm a bit tapped out for sweets at the moment." Finishing up the dishes, he starts to work on some glasses as well, shifting all the things into neat piles, "Greek myths are fun, they've got a lot of the better storytelling, and translations… you don't get stuff that nice from either Norse, Egyptian, or Hindi mythos unless you can read the native languages."

Jinx takes one of her cookies and dunks it in her milk, nibbling dainty along the edge of the sodden bit. Her purple eyes watch the hyena carefully and her hand tightens along the box. Perhaps there is a slight ruffling of her fur. "That's probably a good name for you," she offers. "Medusa, huh? I always thought she was sorta a tragic character. Beauty cursed by a Goddess out of jealousy… sorta stinks." She casts Connor a glance out of the corner of her eye and looks to James again. "You can have his."

Robyn grins at Connor. "I always liked Greek Mythology thus when I found out there was a class I decided to talk it. Now I have German and Mythology with Ms. VonReginleif. I just wonder if it's going to be strictly Greek and Roman or if it's gonna be a bit from everything." He looks to James. "I actually never read those books in full. I know the stories but never really read them. And I can see that." The not giving up. "I always thougth the god and goddess were a bunch of jealous bastards. I mean look what happened with Arachne? I mean there's so much pettiness but it's so interesting too."

James smiles matter-of-factly at Jinx upon Connor's declaration, which defuses a little more of that impending pounce. Or at least redirects it. "And I bet Robyn will give me his to," the gnoll says with a nod before his voice booms out a little for effect, "Won't You Robyn?" The hyena skips the mention of Medusa and other snake-like beings that might still haunt Xavier's halls: Jade. That wasn't the best time in his life. Oh well. Cookies! "Ehhh! Gods are just people with better powers. People say that whole thing about selfishness and pettiness about Mutants. Actually, if they were real, I bet they 'were' mutants."

Connor gets to the last glass, and begins to gently dry the inside as he turns around to face the group, "I'd be inclined to agree with you, but Thor and Hercules are on the Avengers… and neither of them strike me as being mutants. They don't seem to have the same issues. But if I was a svelte blonde hammer-wielding viking warrior… I don't think I'd care what anyone thought either."

Jinx listens to the conversation and hasn't much to add at this time, though she whips her box back when James tries to take more than his "two". "Robyn already had his, and can have another if he wants," she tells the hyena. She dunks her cookie again, letting it soak into the milk between her long claws.

Robyn grins at James and shakes his head. "My cookie." He's not sharing his chocolatey cream filled cookie goodness. "Well some mutants are selfish and petty, and give the rest of us a bad name." He then looks at Connor, and stares at him for a couple of seconds. "Nope…can't see you as a blond, or with long hair. Though the image is kinda amusing. And you never know, you could be and then after the big fight you could be holed up in your room crying about what the villain of the week called you."

James frowns as Jinx pulls the box back, "Hey, be nice. I saved your life. Doesn't that at least qualify me for extra cookies?" Ther's that 'never giving up' quality of his. Too busy with the idea of getting his hands on his just deserts, he tunes in to Robyn just enough to mistake the Thor thing as an insult towards Connor, "Dude, be nice. We got enough going on with out anyone emulating Lucas." So sayth the Kettle.

Connor eyerolls and crosses his arms over his chest after putting the last glass up, "Great… now I have the image of the Norse God of Thunder with a box of kleenex in one hand and a pint of rocky road in the other while watching something on TV. Real nice way to ruin the image, Robyn." Sighing once, he then turns away, "Can we talk about something else? What it means to be a mutant can be saved for the Ethics classes, or our mentors. So Jinx… ummm… I was wondering if you wanted to go see Scott Pilgrim versus the World this weekend? I was thinking of inviting others, but mom always said be polite and ask the ladies first."

A huff from the skunk. "And I saved yours, so there," she wrinkles her nose at the bigger creature. "This isn't the last box of oreos on the planet. I am sure you can track one down that doesn't belong to me," she tucks her box under her arm again, safe squeezed against her side. She takes a step back, perhaps to clear the path between gnoll and teleporter in case Connor beams James into the lake in a well-deserved retaliation. Though then the totally unexpected happens and she blinks at Connor, her defenses dropped for a moment. "Um, sure. I hear it's awesome."

Robyn looks at James and shakes his head. "I wasn't being mean to Connor, I was making a joke about Thor." He says before giving an amused smile and head shake. "Actually James, there's usually some oreos hidden in that cabinet up there. I've fished them out a few times." He doesn't know who keeps hiding them there but he does keep fining them. Then in regards to ruining the image, Robyn grins. "Your welcome Connor."

James doesn't take the opening. Instead he sits there glowering at most of the room. "Yeah, well, with this nose, Robyn, I don't need directions. I can tell you what's in each of them from here," he says with a shrug. Nothing else to share comes to mind.

That look from the gnoll does not go unnoticed, but for the moment Connor continues just with Jinx, "I'll grab some movie times and theatres, and then we could always open the invite to others… of course they'll have to pay for their own movie food… tickets would be on me." Then said a little louder, "And NO, I am not sneaking people into the theater with teleportation, James… I'm sure public transit in Salem would put a contract out on me for what I do already…" Turning his head to look at the gnoll finally, "And you can stop looking so un-smug long enough to ask her politely? See… it goes like this…" And smiling at Jinx, "Jinx, can I have another cookie to give to James, please?"

Jinx is sorta flabberghasted by this whole experience. She has surely been teleported into some parallel dimension. Wordlessly, she trusts the box out in front of her, her eyes still a little wide. Her fur is decidedly floofed now. A glance at James and Robyn.

Robyn looks back at Jinx and gives a shrug as he looks a little bewildered himself. "Connor….you're playing mind games." He says cautiously to his friend as that's what it seems like to him.

James' eyes turn towards Connor only a second before the hyena stands. Ther's only a short pause before he look between everyone nearby and says, "My ears tell me I'm suddenly needed elsewhere." Recasting his loot to Robyn, he says, "You wanna read those books, come see me. Sure they can be found in the library though." He turns on foot and heads for the door.

While watching James' change from jovial to churlish, Connor turns his head back to look at Robyn, and his own look is unkind, "You know what? I didn't need that. I don't really need any of it. I'm trying to be NICE. Jinx is supposed to be a friend, and yet the entire time I've known here, everywhere we've gone something BAD has happened. The mall, the park, even doing favors for a friend. I barely even know her…" Turning his head to Jinx, he softens a bit, "I barely even know you… I barely even know anyone around here because I'm too busy trying to… be something I thought people wanted me to be." He then shrugs and looks away, "Take it like you want… I just wanted to…" Another pause and a sigh, "Be nice…"

Jinx is not sure what is going on here. "James," she calls after the hyena. She holds out a hand to him to try and halt his progress towards the door. "He's inviting us all, not just me," she grasps at straws as to what might have turned the hyena's mood so suddenly. "I think going out to a movie might be fun.. all of us, right?" She looks between everyone. "He's making an effort. We're all social retards here in one way or another and we have to give each other the benefit of the doubt."

"Connor, the only person I want you to be is yourself." Robyn says shaking his head. "If you want to invite people you ask them, not play head games to make them ask you to come along. If I came into a room, with you three in it, and said 'hey Jinx, wanna go to amovie. I wanna invite others too but I'm only asking you at the moment', how would you take that? You might have the best intentions at heart Connor but you gotta ask people if you want them to come along, not expect them to invite themselves at your hints."

James looks down at Jinx, "Please Move." It's said a lot kinder than his body language states."It's not about the stupid movie. I wouldn't have gone anyways. You want to hang out with the Bipolar Bisexual Badass, feel free. But one moment he's going to tell you how much appreciates you, the next It's going to be about the things he's sure you're thinking or going to do. And I for one, don't need his moral compass to tell me my true north." He steps around her, "Enjoy it. I already downloaded it and watched it — without having to wear my face in public to do so" Annnnnddd he leaves.

As if Robyn's words weren't enough, James' kicks the knife already in his back so that the metaphorical blade is sticking clean through his chest. It takes a moment for Connor to really compose himself, part of which is reigning in from crushing the local scenery with an uncontrolled lashing out. When he does speak it comes rather quietly, "You know what the sad thing is? This is how I'm used to things… being judged. It doesn't matter what I do, or how hard I try… I'm immediately judged for it. So how about this… Robyn… you go after James. And the two of you come up with a list of things I should do to be the kind of person you want me to be. And I'll do it." And then his voice goes to almost a whisper as he looks back up at Jinx, "I'm sorry. We can go some other time, when it's not putting it all on you to leash us all in." And this close the skunk can feel the change in the air as he prepares to simply port out.

Jinx takes a step to the left, though frowns. Her ears dip a little as now she feels all weird about the gesture as well. She is placed in the middle and it's an uncomfortable spot to be. "See ya," she says to James' shadow, and nods to Connor. "Bye."

"I'm not running after James, Connor. He doesn't need to be ran after. What happened to you Connor, you've changed a lot." Robyn says honestly. As he's become a completely different person than when he first came here. "There's no kind of person I want you to be but you need to think about what you say and how it can come off to people. I'm not perfect, you're not perfect but your so desperate for someone to praise you and when you don't get it, you act like the world is against you. I could be wrong but then, that's how you judge people too Connor. By assuming you know what it is they want and how they work."

Connor just glares at Robyn, "You want to know what's wrong? How about since the day school started, all you've done is told me what I'm doing wrong, dictated your own social terms at me, and then gone ahead and deliberately sabotaged an attempt to make nice to someone who I honestly thing HATES ME." Almost yelling the last two words as he stalks forwards at Robyn, "That I have to force myself to be dispassionate about a woman I really want to break in every way imaginable because there's a good chance the things I learn from her might one day save more lives than the cost of her own, when all around me my friends get the luxury of WHINING." Stopping a foot shy, "You're my friend… so I say this will all the respect I can. You could learn there's times to speak, public and private."

Robyn just sits down and shakes his head with a sigh. "I guess it's easy to see what you want to see Connor. Real easy. I'm almost begining to think you like being mad at me." He says his voice calm the entire time. Never once has he raised his voice and he doesn't do it now. "Because everything I've done for you has been selfish and you can continue to think that. That I've done nothing to help you. Am I just going to be the next person in a list of roommates you're going to have issues with?" The question is a serious one too. "I know your intentions eariler were good Connor, but they weren't delievered with good intentions. I'm sorry Connor but I don't tell people how to act or normally guess what's wrong with the, that's what you do."

Connor turns away and starts stalking towards the door, "Do you even listen to yourself?! Seriously?! I'm not the one with the problem." Swiping a hand, some of the dishes start to shake on the counter, and begin to float up, "You think I like being MAD?! I like being out of control?!" And then the plates slam down, and all the work he'd done before is ruined in an angry outburst of uncontrolled ability, "You really don't know when to shut up! You don't! You've got this incessant need to get in the last word, I swear to God! And it's pissing me off so much I want to scream!" Walking over to the mess, he gets the garbage can and begins to clean it up, "Bitch about my bad habits all you like, but own up to your own damn problems too."

Robyn stands up, looks at Connor and just shakes his head. He doesn't say anything cause Connor won't listen but instead he does the one thing he doesn't want to do. He turns his back on his friend and walks away to leave him there with his mess.

Connor waits until the door swings shut before saying to himself, "Dammit… please… just stop talking and listen to someone for once, Robyn… because you'd realize that I can leave any time I want… anywhere. That I have to fight to stay… I wish they'd all understand." As he continues to clean the mess up, and starts writing up a note to Mister Mayfair letting him know it was his fault, and he'll accept a detention notice or cafeteria detail for breaking good dishware… again.

Robyn stops in the door way and doesn't move for a bit. He lets Connor talk before turning around. "Yes you can leave anytime you want but you -want- someone to listen to you, you want someone to be mad at and place blame on. You have to listen to me when I say this Connor, you talk about me being selfish but how much have I done for you since you got here? Think on it. I stay up with you when you have your nightmares, I just let it slide when you decided to lose it and almost kick my ass, I volunteered to switch roommates for -you-, not for me, I can live with Zack but I did it for you. I just wish you'd realize that actions speak louder than words Connor and remember, I'm not the one getting mad at you."

Connor retorts quickly, "Who puts up with your insane hours in the art room? Who makes sure you even remember things like showering or putting on clean clothes before class… or remembers you've forgotten to eat dinner… AGAIN… because you trap yourself in there with your love?" Looking up at Robyn, his eyes narrow a bit, "I've never once forgotten all the good that you've been for me, but you know what? That doesn't deny me any right to tell you when you've got your head buried in the sand. Yeah… I'm a little mad. I'm also resigned… and disappointed. You want me to listen? Then you do the same for once. Listen to yourself… then listen to the people you call friend… and see what they're saying for once instead of just blowing it off."

"You just proved something Connor. We've been good to eachother. Though the clean clothes thing and showering happened once." Robyn says as he is pretty good about his hygene. "And don't say haven't forgoten. Don't you dare even try to lie about that given what you said earlier. You want to know what bothered me today Connor?" Robyn as for him this isn't about rigth or wrong but maybe more that both friends think the other has their head up their arse. "You want to know what happened here, you put James and I in an incredibly awkward situation where you delibriatly tried to put us in a position to ask -you- to join -you- with the movies. You didn't offer to take us, you offered to take Jinx, and others. We were right here, you could have said 'you both are invited as well'. Or said what it was you wanted instead of dance around the obvious. I don't take well to that. Then you had to go on when we didn't respond to your hint and made it out to be about -cookies- with James. -Cookies- Connor. It wasn't about cookies it was about you wanting wanting to go to the movies with us but you not wanting to ask us like someone whose mature."

"I never got the chance." Is his reply, "I asked her first because I don't think she likes me… I know she hasn't forgiven me over what happened with Lucas' little field trip… but that's a private matter. And I know when I've been around she tends to treat me like I'm just there. But before I could get any farther, James started pouting like a cat getting caught on top of a 'don't go' spot and you accused me of mindgames. How the hell would you have reacted if I'd done the same thing to you after asking James to go someplace with you. I'm not even crushing on her…" His voice sounding weary, "I just wanted to be nice."

Connor then adds softly, "But you both judged me. And judged me harshly… and now I don't know what's going to happen. I think I have a right to be mad when two people I want to consider friends pretty much throw everything I do in my face and tell me it's all wrong."

"I don't think you're crushing on her Connor. And you did have the chance. You had the chance before going on about if you open it up to others you can pay for people if they wanted to come and going on about teleporation and public transport. And James…" Robyn actually smiles at that. "You have to realize that's who he is. One minute you can have a pretty deep conversation with thim and the next it's like he's cut off. It's who James is. You made me feel awkward Connor, if it was your intention or not. You might have done the same with James but honestly, I can't tell. We both judged eachother harshly today Connor."

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