2011-09-27: Training

Players: Drew Daniels and Kai

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Summary: Kai has his first training session at Barnes

Date: September 27, 2011

Log Title: Training

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - HoloQuad

Stepping into the HoloQuad one would almost forget that they were in an underwater school. The sky changes to reflect the time of day, sunny with clouds during the day to night time reflecting what the Northern Hemisphere would look like without light pollution. Sunsets and Sunrises are even reflected in the room. It's impossible to tell there is a ceiling up there. Plant life, benches, fountains and pathways make the room look like a luxurious park and unlike the sky, the rest of the room is real. Sometimes a breeze passes buy and the room is always a comfortable temperature giving the students a way to feel like they're outside enjoying the fresh air.

Standing in the HoloQuad dressed in his SHIELD issue blue jumpsuit, but adorned with various emblems showing his dedication to his home state of Texas and, of course, his white wide-brimmed cowboy hat, Drew Daniels stands he fiddles with some buttons adjusting the quad for a training session for Barnes’ newest student, Kai Oaken. He whistles some old country standard as he readies the room.

Having been out of the medical center for a couple of days now Kai has mostly just been catching up on schoolwork but it appears thats not on the agenda today as he's recieved a message to head to the HoloQuad for a training session. He's dressed in his blue and grey barnes uniform and as he enters the HQ he can't help but wonder how similar this session will be to those he's used to.

Standing by the control panels, Tex finishes with the proper adjustments for safety measures an calibrations for Kai’s powers. He approaches the entrance and greets the student, “Howdy. I’m Agent Drew Daniels, but I also go by Texas Twister, or Tex for short.” He tips the brim of his hat and adjust so that he can make eye contact with the new student, “You’re Kai Oaken, I take it.” He smiles and extends his hand to shake, “Welcome to the HoloQuad.”

Kai nods, "Yes i'm Kai Oaken Agent Daniels, you called me here for a training session?", due to his previous expirience with training Kai is all business now, "Is there any particular objective here or are we just training one specific aspect?"

“Well, nice to meetcha, Kai.” Drew moves to the side to show Kai the room. He explains the science behind the room to the best of his ability before answering Kai’s question, “All the students have already had their first training session and it was more to just get a feel for the room. Since you were in the medbay, not too worry you are not in any trouble. For today, we just want you to get used to the room.” He walks forward into the park setting of the room and sits on a bench and gestures at a bench across from him for Kai to sit on, “So I read in your file, you had some previous training sessions? With Justice of the Avengers? How did those go? What did it entail?”

Kai doesn't have any difficulty understanding what Tex explains, following him to sit on the opposite bench he nods, "Yeah i had some basic sessions with Justice in trying to control my powers, didn't go as he expected it, i lost serious control".

“Ok well let’s see what we can do today. Again there is nothing right or wrong and anything you do in here is safe. There are safety measures to keep you from harming yourself or others. So don’t be afraid to let loose.” With that he stands up and takes off his hat and Drew asks, “So you are a cryokinetic? Controlling ice. What are some things you have been able to do in the past?”

Kai nods, "Thats what i've been told, and not a lot really, i freeze stuff, sometimes i mean to, sometimes i don't", come on enough with the questions lets get it going, "So where is it we're going to start then?"

“You shouldn’t be too eager. Can lead to mistakes, son.” Tex smirks, “But if yu’re ready let’s start small.” He tosses his hat up into the air and it is caught on a small wind which whips it about quickly throughout the generated sky in the Holoquad. Forming his hands to form a little gun and points to the hat. “Using your hands as a pistol, kid. I wantcha to send small ice blasts towards it and freeze it. That is, if you can catch it.” The hat twirls about overhead and then the winds moves it north and then in a zigzag pattern.

Kai grins as he watches the hat float off on the wind, that is so easy it's almost laughable but he has a part to play, sadly that means looking like a complete ametur, making the shape of a gun Kai fires, not only does he miss, it's much bigger than you'd assume he'd intend, it's also badly shaped and off course.

“It doesn’t end with one shot, pardner. Keep on trying.” Tex orders as the hat seems to fly off further into the distance then zoom back go higher and then lower and almost close to Kai by a few inches. “Keep taking shots until you freeze it. Instead of aiming for it while it is moving, try to anticipate where it will be.”

Kai frowns actually insulted by how close Tex is floating the hat, unable to help himself he jumps up (using his inhanced abilities) aiming to grab hold of the hat and freeze it solid in his hand, nobody likes to be patronised.

“Well now.” Drew utters surprised at the leap up. Clearly a sign of more than just cryonics as his powers. Scratching his head as he moves over and examines the hat, “Creative, I see. You did the goal of the exercise but did it your own way. Creativity with abilities shows a sense of control, but that leap up. Is there more to you than just ice powers?” He shrugs as he gestures for Kai to follow him to the stream that is behind a series of benches. Pointing to the stream Drew orders, “See how much of the flowing stream you can freeze up and how long it will take you to do it.” It is an average small stream, but seems to extend a few yards in both directions.

Kai shrugs, "I don't think so, i've just always been good at the physical sign of things, i just jumped no powers there", he follows Tex up towards the stream deciding on his next move, "You want me to try and freeze a flowing stream?, the current will stop it from freezing won't it?"

“Not too worry, the HoloQuad has adjusted for that.” Tex answers Kai’s questions as he examines his frozen hat. “Good thing, I got a three closets full of cowboy hats.” He laughs as he looks to Kai, “Do the stream and we will move on to the next exercise.”

Kai sighs and shakes his head before placing his hand on the water and begins to freeze it, deciding it's ok to show he has some power as long as he doesn't show the extent of his powers and his degree of control, "Can this even freeze as a hologram?"

“Yes.” Drew simply states in response to Kai’s question as he watches the boy and leans his head forward over the stream to see how Kai freezes it. “You’d be surprised what SHIELD technology is capable of.” He offers a smile as he waits for Kai to complete the task.

Watching and nodding his head impressed that the stream is frozen rather quickly but when Kai says he cannot stops, Drew hmmmmns, “Close your eyes and concentrate. Put all your thought and willpower into stopping. Moving over to the controls, Drew begins to push some buttons.

Kai back away from the stream as the ice continues to spread, "Hey, thats a lot easier said that done, i'm here for a reason", as he backs away he 'accedentally' touches one of the benches that then begins to freeze, "Yikes".

As Kai manages to stop freezing the stream, but then accidently freezes the bench, Drew hmmmmns, “Don’t worry about the bench.” With that the training session has concluded. “Not too worry, Kai. It’s a start. I’ll meet with you later to evaluate how you did.” Another student enters for his turn in the HoloQuad. He nods to Kai as he goes to work with the other student.

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