2009-04-10: Training Whoops


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Summary: Cyrus catches Pallaton mess up training and ends up heading to the Med Bay, followed by discussion of parties and powers…

Date: 10th April, 2009

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Xaiver Mansion - Spuyten Dyvil Cove

This little cove leads off to Breakstone Lake. Students can go fishing, boating, and swimming in the fresh water. There is a small beach off to the side of the dock where students can also go sunbathing.

It's bright and surprisingly warm for April. Pallaton seems to be out and about near the lake doing some extracurricular training with his powers. The first thing people might notice is the sheer amount of pebbles on the ground, followed by Pallaton's growl-like curses. He takes a breath and dips down a bit into some kind of stance, his claws at the ready. He's clapping his large hands together and focussing on something, pulling his hands apart with apparent strain… and only producing another pebble to add to the masses. Self-teaching magic is hard.

It's an air power day. Which means that Cyrus gets to do his favorite thing in the whole world and that is fly. He has been spending almost every Air day flying around since he got here. He has spent as much time possible training it. If anything to increase his endurance and also his aerial acrobatics and speed. Much to his annoyance, he is wearing the school uniform for the Hellions. It is at least good for flying. When he gets over the lake area, he spots Pallaton and decides to zoom down to him. He skims across the water and then lands on the beach near the lupine mutant.

Pallaton takes a breath, starting over again. The movements are the same, but this time he's straining harder. His large paws come apart slowly and… hey, that looks bigger than a pebble! He keeps pulling, making the forming rock bigger and bigger. Noticeably, the other pebbles on the beach seem to be shaking somewhat, as if pulled towards the forming a little. Pallaton, however, keeps his focus. If his mind wavers for just one split se-BANG! It… seems the rock Pallaton was making just exploded in front of him, showering the ground in front of him with fragments and flinging him to the ground, dazed a bit. It's only a few seconds later when all the pebbles on the beach disappear into nothing. Well, he almost did it…

Cy is in a rather good mood. So he watches Pallaton work on the rock formation in silence. He stands there with his arms crossed and when the rock explodes he shields his eyes in case any of the stray debris flies near him. "You alright? Man you were close, almost had it all formed and stuff. Unless of course your intention was to make the rock explode. And if that's the case then good job." He pushes a smile towards the wolf earth mage. "So, if I'm correct in what I've heard about you. The earth stuff. It's not part of your mutation?"

Pallaton looks over, though it seems he's a bit embarrassed at having been spotted training and ended up blasting himself on his fuzzy butt. He just sits there, scratching his neck. "Just a damaged ego. I think I put too much energy into it and reality rejected it… I think. I'm not sure… It's magic, but I still can't quite control the flow of energy all that well, yet. I need to get better if I want this to be useful at all…"

Cyrus nods his head slowly and he takes a seat upon a big hunk of driftwood on the beach. "Ahh, well ego's can hurt the most when injured. But that really depends on the size of the ego. Hey, you should see me in training. You did a lot better then I could I think." He looks at the dusted rocks. "I think my earth powers definitely work differently then your magic does but if you want. Maybe on one of my earth days the two of us can get together and we can help each other. I know that they come from two different sources but combined maybe we could see how the two powers work together." His see through body makes him look almost like a ghost sitting on the log.

Pallaton nods, getting back on his feet and dusting himself off. "It'd be interesting to see. I'm not sure how your abilities work, but I assume it's a similar principle of altering the energy in the environment." He takes a deep breath, drooping low again. "Okay, one more try…" His hand-paws clap together again and he's going over it once more, pulling his hands apart slowly. It's there. Speck… pebble… rock… It's getting quite large, now. He stops at about fist-sized, holding it there, testing if he can control it like this with all his effort. It doesn't work. All of a sudden, the rock becomes a large arrow and shoots into Pallaton's side, going straight through him, resulting in a yelp of pain from the lupine mutant. Luckily, it's very far on his side, so it didn't hit anything major, but it's still sticking through him. His first instinct was to remove it, but instead, his hand just holds the rock, thinking what the best solution would be. "B-Bandage." he growls through the pain.

Cyrus looks at Pallaton as he lifts himself off the ground. "Yeah, I am certain that they are different. I can't really explain my powers. I haven't really had a consultation with the guy who is all an expert on peoples powers. I actually have limited time with the teachers here. It seems like they are all so busy. I hate to be a burden on anyone." He shrugs his shoulders and then watches as Pallaton tries to make another one of those rocks. When it doesn't work and it turns into an arrow he gets ready to react. But as the arrow shoots right through the wolfman he hops up and runs over to Pallaton. "Damn, you okay?" He looks at the wolf. "This is why they have us train in the danger room I guess." He looks at the wound. "Do you need me to do something?"

Pallaton nods, breaking the sharp point of the rocky arrow and dispelling it. Looks like the rock itself is stopping the bleeding for now. "Need bandage… Or something." he growls. He sets himself down on the ground, taking a better look at the wound himself. "Damn, this hurts… Bandages or leaves. NOT poison ivy. This'll get messy…"

Well Cyrus hates his uniform anyway. He pulls off the shirt and he offers it up to Pallaton. This is the first time that he had shown off more then his face and skin to anyone in this air body. His body is completely see through. The firm well defined muscles of his chest and stomach are see through. If one were to put there hand behind his back, they could totally see how many fingers they were holding up from the other side. "Feel free to tear that up and use it how you like. I hate that uniform with a passion." Not like there won't be a replacement probably waiting for him when he gets to the school. "You need anything else?"

Pallaton nods, taking it with one hand and ripping it with his claws into strips and handing a large piece to Cyrus. "Yeah… Press this against the back… Stop the flow there a bit while I patch it up." He takes one of the longer strips, mentally cursing that the uniforms don't exactly give any added protection, just labels to the wearer. With the hand on the rock, he tugs slowly, then yanks it out with a shout, quickly working to tie the scraps around his waist as the blood flows. It's only a temporary fix, but it's better than leaving it exposed.

Cyrus watches as the claws tear his uniform to shreds. If anything that alone was worth poor Pallaton getting injured. "Sure sure." He takes the large piece and moves behind the hulking wolfman. He says, "Sorry, I know this is going to hurt." He places the cloth up against the injury. At least his uniform is a little more durable. It has to withstand his elemental changes. He winces as the rock is pulled out. "Man, I'm really sorry Pallaton. You want me to fly you back to the mansion? I'm sure that spending just a few minutes with someone like Jared and you'll be fine."

Pallaton finishes wrapping the uniform remnants around his waist, thinking for a moment. "This is only temporary, so it would probably be best to head to the medbay and get proper medical supplies to treat it, but at the same time, I can leave it for the bleeding to stop then head to the mansion later…" He thinks some more, then something dawns on him. "Can you even lift my weight?"

Cyrus looks at Pallaton for a moment and he chews on his lower lip. "Ahh, well then I guess it would be best if we got you back to the school and stuff." When he hears Pallaton ask if he can lift his weight he says, "Air is my most proficient element." Probably because he loves the flying so much. He has a lot of practice with it. "I can create tornado's like they are nothing. I can carry you." Laughing softly he moves to the big wolf and he says, "The school isn't that far. We'll take it nice and easy. We may need to give your fur a combing afterwards because it's going to be a little windy." The half naked teen moves to Pallaton. "Okay puppy, let's get the show on the road." His eyes look like they have tiny hurricanes swirling around in them as he calls upon his powers. He says, "Gotta get a little up close and personal. I hope you don't mind." He wraps his arms around the torso carefully and the wind kicks up. His breathing is slow and steady as he has the wind lift himself and his injured companion into the air. "You know, you're not as heavy as I thought you would be. Guess the fur makes you look bigger then you are." And he shifts the winds to send the pair back to the school.

Pallaton tilts his head. "Puppy?" Of course, it isn't long before he's airborne and flailing a bit as the ground leaves his feet. "U-Um, a-are you sure this is safe?" As he's flying towards the school, he does give protests. "I-I'd like to get down, now…"

Cyrus looks at Pallaton and he says, "Yes. Puppy. And hey, quit squirming. This is more then safe. Besides, I can use some practice carrying additional weight." Especially since in this form he is very light. Almost like a bird. "Don't you worry. I won't drop you." He smiles at Pallaton. "And even if I did because you are squirming so much, I'd have a cushion of air under you to stop the falling." He smiles… he really does love flying. "I love flying. I understand you are a creature of the earth. Some days I am too. But the air, it's a part of me." He adds, "We'll be at the school shortly, don't get too excited."

"F-fall?" He looks down… and promptly looks back up. He's stopped squirming at least, but is pretty much rigid now, not daring to even breathe it seems…

Cyrus laughs at that. "No, you're not going to Fall." He takes Pallaton above the stables and the tree's and he looks down and spots the school. He gets to the back entrance and he slowly lowers the two of them down to the ground. The landing is a little rough as the two land with a thump. "Sorry, I'll need to work on my landings." He is breathing much heavier now. He's not used to carrying so much extra weight. And even though the trip was relatively short, it definitely took a lot out of him. "Damn, going to need to start adding weights to my flight training." He looks around. "You can walk right? Or do you need me to carry you to the medbay?"

Pallaton winces at the rough landing, but looks relieved to be on solid ground again. He lies there for a minute, catching his breath, before nodding. "Yeah… Yeah, I'll be fine… Thanks…" He then looks to Cyrus. "Don't do that again. If we need to fly, I'll stick to the Blackbird."

Cyrus laughs some more. "Aww the big burly wolf is afraid to fly." His eyes sparkle a bit with laughter. "That is so adorable." This may be one of the first times he really has connected with one of his fellow students. "Promise to try and avoid carrying you." Pallaton's fur probably looks like Cyrus' long hair, all wind swept and wild. "Try not to accidentally stab yourself with any more rocks okay? Would really hate to lose someone who is as in tune with the earth as I am some days."

Pallaton gets up, scratching his neck. "I'll try. No guarantees, considering how unstable magic is in general… I'm guessing you'll be going skywards?"

Cyrus looks up to the sky and then back at Pallaton. "Actually." He shakes his head. "No, I'm rather pooped. I could definitely use a little break. Not used to flying with that much access baggage." He sighs, "And maybe we can get you all trained up and ready for the big magical mumbo jumbo."

Pallaton nods his head. "Hopefully. I mean, I'm really only an annoyance to enemies when I use Terramancy, other than blinding them, so I want to work on my control so I can do some really impressive things. I can already lift huge rocks and throw them, but if it would be beneficial to be able to create them, too."

Cyrus takes a deep breath and nods his head. "Yeah, I know what you mean. I… I have never used my powers purposely against someone else." Not saying he hasn't used them against someone, just not willingly. "Yeah, I know what you mean about the whole control thing. I would love to get even more control. But it's baby steps, one step at a time.

Pallaton nods. "It's not like it would be just for me. I'm thinking of a few other uses, like creating a wall to take an attack or maybe even giving someone armor. Assuming they can carry it, of course. Rock is heavy…"

Cyrus listens and nods. "I have some uses like that with my air powers. I am able to create a protective shield around someone and stuff like that. Still working out all the kinks in my four powers. Unfortunately it's not as easy to train all my powers as people think that it is. But I'll be good." He says to Pallaton. "Let's get you inside. I might as well join you to make sure you make it to the med bay. Hate to have you pass out just before you get there." A smile as he moves to walk with him.

Pallaton nods, then chuckles. "I don't think I'll pass out. It's not that bad and I've killed things with my bare hands when hunting with father. You ever tasted rabbit before? It's quite nice. Doesn't have the same taste as steak, but it's still good…" He sort of hobbles a bit as he heads to the medbay with Cyrus, occasionally checking the blood-soaked scraps of what was Cyrus's uniform. Well, at least it's already red…

Cyrus ponders this for a moment, "No, I have not tried Rabbit. I am from south Florida. Rabbit is not a popular food in Miami. They eat a lot of fish and seafood." He smiles at the furry man. "I hear it is gamey." With a shrug of his shoulder, he looks at Pallaton's wound. "Sorry I couldn't help more. I am rather useless when it comes to medical stuff and first aid. I guess I'll have to add that to my list of things to learn still."

Pallaton waves his hand. "It's fine, really, I know what I'm doing. It missed muscle and just pierced skin and flesh on the way through, so it'll mend up with proper attention and rest." He pauses. "Or application of healing powers." he adds with a chuckle. "But yeah, rabbit. They're quite fast, though someone as big as me running after something that small does complicate catching one."

Cyrus nods his head slowly. "Well that is very lucky of you. Next time, you can possibly really do some damage with that rock arrow. I mean if that was directed at an enemy you could really hurt them." He ponders this for a moment. "I'm…. I'm rather passive. I am sorry to have to admit it. I am trained in martial arts and I have pretty active dangerous powers. But, I don't like the idea of using them on people. Guess I need to spend some time at the head shrinker. I'm just kind of afraid." A laugh. "Well if you catch one, a rabbit that is. I'd be open to experiencing new things. Since I got here, I have tried to open up and see things a little differently. To try and do new things. Not sure how long this upbeat attitude will last but I should take advantage of it while I can."

Pallaton nods his head, looking at his own clawed hand. "I know how that feels. I mean, I've got claws and teeth and could probably rip someone in two if I wanted to, but I don't want to kill. I mean, that would make me as bad as whoever I'm up against, right? If I start killing the bad guys, I'll become a bad guy myself. When I've been fighting, I… I kind of lose it a little. I'm hoping I don't end up doing something I regret. I think it was Eddie who told me, but X-Men don't kill. It's just not what we do."

Cyrus listens and nods. It is nice to have someone to talk to and relate to. The claws are really looked at. "Oh, It is nice to have someone who understands what I am going through." He sighs looking around. "I…" He stops and looks down at his feet. "I killed my parents with my power." At least he's not crying, that's a step in the right direction. "I'm not sure how it happened. My powers manifested and I set my house on fire and… well I killed them in there sleep." He pauses. "Since then. I have been afraid of trying to attack people with my gifts. I mean, I know it really wasn't my fault. I had no control over the x-gene when it decided to rear it's ugly head or anything like that. But… it doesn't make the pain hurt any less. Or lighten the guilt I feel every time I close my eyes. Just hearing the sound of my parents yelling for help." He cringes and his stormy eyes look like he's about to cry. "Sorry. Shouldn't really unload this on you. I just kind of felt like someone other then Eddie should know a little about me. I should try letting people in, ya know?"

Pallaton nods, a large hand resting re-assuringly on Cyrus's shoulder. He's a team-mate, after all, so they do look out for each other. "I don't know what it's like to lose parents, but we're a big family here. We're all here for you." He smiles warmly, and it seems he's mastered the art of smiling and not flashing the sharp teeth he has. "I'll still admit I'm kind of jealous of you, though. I mean, you're still human-looking." He chuckles, laughing it off, but there's a small twinge of upset in that expression.

Cyrus takes a deep breath and fights off those tears. The clawed hand on his shoulder does help him too. So do those kind words. "Thank you Pallaton. I have been fighting that from the moment I got here. Everyone is so happy and so willing to accept me into this big family. And the last thing I wanted was to be part of anything. I guess it was stupid of me, and very emo angst ridden to do so. But guilt really makes it hard to get over stuff like that." He pats the furry wolf teen on the arm. "Don't be too jealous of me Pallaton. You've only seen me on air days. I look like a ghost today. That is my most human appearance. On my other days… I don't look very human at all. Fire days all my hair goes up in flames. It's hard to pass for a human when you have a head of flaming fire burning things. Or the giant rock armor that covers my torso on earth days. I can't even wear shirts. And when I practically turn into a fish on water days." He looks at Pallaton, "I know what it is like to not look human anymore. To get stared at and people knowing right away that you are different… to be called horrible names. It's why I rarely go out of the school grounds. I can only pass for human on days like this. And even then, look you can see right through me." He puts his hand over Pallaton's to show off just how transparent he is. "Besides, I rather like your soft fur. Reminds me of a teddy bear I had as a child. All soft and fluffy. I can imagine how well I would sleep curled up next to a fluffy pup like you." Apparently he doesn't sleep very well.

Pallaton nods, listening. "Looks like we've got more in common than we think." He continues listening as Cyrus speaks, thinking in his head. He pauses for a moment, before grabbing onto Cyrus, lifting him up and… putting him on his back? What's up with that? "Right, that settles it. We've already had our childhood taken from us for whatever reason, so I say it's about time we acted like kids again, and that goes for all of us here. With the lockdown removed, we've got a reason to celebrate, so what's say we start up a party in the mansion sometime and just let everybody loosen up for a day, huh?"

Cyrus is also abnormally light on days like this. So even in his injured state he is probably no burden whatsoever on Pallaton. Even though Pall is really strong and probably could lift up normal Cyrus with ease. He does actually giggle as he is lifted up. A pure childish reaction. "My goodness, I've not had a piggy back ride in forever." He does rest his naked torso against the fluffy fur of the wolfman's back. He sighs at the surprising softness of it. "Just be careful, you are injured Pallaton. Wouldn't want to hurt you more." He pets the lupine-mutants furry torso. "Okay, I'll try a party." After all, they did tell him he needs to unwind and loosen up a great deal. This is baby steps for him. "Yes, I guess we do. Good to know I have a kindred spirit in the school."

Pallaton nods, grinning. "Trust me, I know what I'm doing. The blood would've clotted by now and plugged it, it'll just scab over and heal. But, umm…" He pauses, smiling bashfully. "I've never had a party before. How do we start one? I mean, I think we need food and drink. Oh, and music! But, umm… Do we just charge it to Mr. Summers or something?"

Cyrus listens and nods. He's never really been injured like that. So he'll take Pallaton's word for it. "Oh, well that's good. That it's healing and stuff." He grins, "I used to have parties all the time back in Miami. Back in the day, I was rather popular in school and stuff. It was kind of expected to throw parties and stuff like that." He nods at the mention of food, drink and music. "Yeah, we need all that stuff. We just totally can't charge it to Mr. Summers. Pretty sure he'd optic blast our asses to kingdom come. And then make us pay it back anyway. We'll have to find an investor. Someone rich and willing to donate. Maybe Warren." Aka Archangel.

Pallaton nods, just sort of wandering around the school interior now with Cyrus on his shoulders. "Warren… Umm, sorry, I don't know a Warren. I still don't know everybody here. Eddie knows everybody, it seems, but I think he's in a class just now… Any pointers? I'm completely drawing a blank…"

Cyrus laughs, "Warren Worthington III, He is also known as Angel. He's apparently one of the richest people like in the world. He was a founding member of the X-men." He doesn't know too much, not a fanboy like Eddie or Jared. But he has learned a smidge about the X-men and the Worthingtons are known bajillionares. "Yes, Eddie does know everyone and there powers and stuff." He pauses. "Well we need to set a date, a time, a location. Gotta send out invites or at least word of mouth. That's the most important stuff."

Pallaton nods. "Oh. Oh! I've heard of him, now that you mention it. He's in Xavier's? That's news to me." He then thinks for a bit. "Maybe… next weekend, or something, in the rec room? It's all I can think of from the top of my head…" He reaches up with a claw to scratch at his ear, then goes back to thinking. "Yeah, no point in restricting people to disguises and whatever, a great big Xavier's get-together. How's that sound?"

Cyrus laughs softly, "Yeah, well he's not here a lot. But he is here every so often I hear. He is a founder student after all." He smiles. "Yeah, that sounds great Pallaton." He gives the wolfman a scritch on the head after he stops scratching. "I like it a lot. We get to be who we are and not have to worry about people judging us. But only if you promise to dance with me." He smiles, "I am a good dancer, you get to see me let my hair down and shake my bom-bom." He grins.

Pallaton blinks, then chuckles. "I, uuh, only know the dances father taught me. I don't think they're the same as the ones you're talking about. They're more spiritual in meaning than entertainment, but I'll give it a try. But I think I'll be a bit of a klutz, to be honest…"

Cyrus grins. "All you gotta do is hold onto my hips and I'll lead the way. I'm half Latino, we come out of the womb dancing." He laughs. "Trust me, no one is going to laugh at you either. You're this big buff wolf guy. If anything they'll just be jealous of me for getting to dance with you." Cy smiles and then says, "Should we get you to the Med bay so we can get your wound cleaned up and taken care of? As much as I like riding around on the fluffy puppy. Gotta take care of ya so that I can get another ride some other day. Keep my puppy in tip top shape. I'll even groom you later." Clearly he is just joking with Pallaton. He's got an odd sense of humor after all.

Pallaton blinks, missing the humor. It's a new concept, he'll grab it soon enough. "U-Um, o-okay… yeah, Medbay. Need bandages and what-not…" Noticeably, Pallaton does get lost a few times trying to find the Medbay, but he gets there eventually, gets a few odd looks from staff and eventually gets patched up properly. And told not to do it again, but when did that ever stop students? Especially Xavierites.

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