2010-01-05: Trans-Gender Student Union


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Summary: A meeting of the altered-sexed-roommates.

Date: January 05, 2010

Trans-Gender Student Union?

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Leighton and Skyler's Room

Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student.

Today, Skyler is female. Just just any female, but he has, once again, taken the form of his sister due to another social visit that had turned into a shopping spree where she's used as a living mannequin. Oh, well. At least she'd gotten clothes out of the deal. With a sigh of resignation she's putting her clothes away into a rather expansive dresser.

Leighton has been doing her best to avoid meeting people. After all, with being trapped in a female form, she's not sure how to deal with others. Coming back into the room, she opens the door and peeks in. "Sorry. Didn't know anyone was here." She says, lightly.

"No, it's okay," Skyler says without looking at the other girl. "You're not interrupting anything. I just have to adjust my clothing filing system. Again." She sighs when she holds up a skimpy black top that would reveal way too much tummy and way too much chest if she were to wearing. "I swear to God, my sister wants me to look like a tramp."

"I wouldn't know the difference." Leighton says with a shrug. "I don't have a clue how to deal with these things." She says, shaking her head. She doesn't specify what she's talking about. "You.. must be Skyler." She says, not used to social niceties, or rather… not feeling them at the moment.

Skyler pauses in folding the black garment to finally look over her shoulder with a raised eyebrow. "I must be," she says. "I heard I was getting a new roommate that was 'like me'" she says fingerquoting "so I'd only need to share the one room. I take it you're her?"

"Yeah. They said my roommate is Skyler in the girls wing. And if I ever get 'right' again, it'll still be Skyler. In the boys wing." Leigh nods. rubbing her hands together. "I thought it was different Skylers. It's a common name in my range." She coughs slightly before moving fully into the room, a few bones sticking out of the top of her back.

Skyler's head tilts slightly at that. "'Right?' Well, I don't know about that, but, yeah, it'd be both me." She turns back to folding her clothes and putting them away. "I'm sorry," she admits, "They didn't tell me your name. This was all kind of rushed."

"Leighton." She says with a nod, moving over and looking around. "So, you have a shifting thing?" She asks, double checking to make sure she has it right. "I was a guy last week. Then all of a sudden, I'm a girl, so yeah. If I get myself right again. I'm not used to… certain body changes." She offers.

Skyler can't help but snerk at that. "Yeah. It seems to be going around," she says cryptically. Once she's done with the clothes she turns around and extends a hand for a more formal greeting. "Leighton. I'm Skyler. I can copy people down to the genetic level by touching them, so, yeah, depending on who I am can determine if I'm male or female."

Leighton does shake the hand, with a nod. "I don't really know what I do. But, I got this chick's power and her sex. But, I don't look like her. I look like me as a girl." She says, sticking out her tongue a little. "She was saving me. I was scared shitless. And after a few minutes, boom. Purple, Pink, and boobs."

Skyler's eyebrows raise at Leighton's explanation and chuckles a bit. "Boom, hunh? Well, this is the best place for you to figure out how to control your powers, and get you back to your 'normal' self, whatever that may actually be." She flashes her new roommate a grin and sits down on her bed gesturing for Leighton to sit at her desk chair. "I was originally a boy, too, but I can never go back to who I was, not unless I had a big enough genetic sample, which I don't."

"Genetic Sample?" Leigh asks as she looks over Skyler. "Oh. I'm hoping I can just look like myself again. I can deal with the purple and pink. It's the…" she holds her hands out before actually touching her breasts and sighing. "These. I don't understand them." She can't help but laugh slightly.

"Purple and pink?" Skyler muses, before shaking her head and queries, "They didn't give you a bra or anything, did they?"

"I met Sam when I got here. The one who's powers I got was Marrow, he said. Who grew up underground from what I've learned." Hey, basic knowledge is there for anyone who looks. At least on X-folks. Leighton says with a nod. "And I wouldn't know the first thing about them."

Skyler nods thoughtfully, "Yeah. That's kinda what I figured, with the bone spikes and everything." She eyes her roommate with a critical eye, measuring her up before nodding. "I'm pretty sure I've got one that will fit you, if you want it. It'll help with the back and keep them from, you know, bouncing around."

"Oh god, I turned too quick yesterday morning and smacked them into a wall. I don't know how girls DO it." Leigh says, flushing brightly. "That… yeah. I'm sure it would be helpful. You're… used to them by now, I imagine." She can't help but laugh a little, even if she is having a sudden craving to slink off into a corner and cringe.

Skyler grumbles to herself, "Not if they're huge." She starts to dig around her closet, occasionally looking over he shoulder to size up Leighton. "I didn't use to be a good judge of this kind of thing when I first, you know, started swapping genders. But after a couple of years of it, I've gotten pretty good at guessing sizes." She laughs, pulling out a plain white sports bra. "Kind of had to. Okay, here we are. Something without any clasps or anything, so it should be fairly simple to figure out. It should stretch enough to get over those spikes, but if it ends up being a problem I've got a regular one that I can show you how to put on."

"I can pull the bones out and they won't regrow for a little bit. That'd give enough time." Leighton nods slightly. "Thanks." She holds it out to look at it. "At least it's obvious what's the front and what's the back. Underwear can be a little more confusing sometimes." She mutters.

Skyler chuckles again. "Well, usually the big triangle goes in the back and the small triangle goes in the front. Unless they gave you a thong. Which is just… uncomfortable."

"I don't want ass floss." Leighton says in a very masculine manner before coughing. "Gah… It sounds so weird coming out like that." She squinches up her face. Unfortunately for her, the effect is cute. "Nono, I'll pass on anything that goes up any crack on my body."

"Good," says Skyler. "'Cause I don't have any." She returns to the bed and nods to the other closet. "If you want to try it on, go ahead. There's a light in these closets and a mirror if you want to check yourself out. If that fits, I'm sure we can find a budget to get you a couple of your own, assuming that you'll be the same size for when this happens again."

"Hopefully it WON'T happen too often." Leigh says, a little too firmly as she nods. She moves over to the closet. "Uhm… first. Yeah, this might get a little icky." She says, reaching back and pulling the pair of bones in her back. It's a slow steady pull, along with some wincing. Finally, they come out. Vaguely dagger shaped.

Skyler turns a little green at watching the display, but manages to keep it together by turning her head away. "Okay. That was… yeah. Icky."

"Blame her. I got it from her. But it's the only thing to do to get them out of the way. It hurts… a little. But not too bad." Leigh admits as she steps into the closet. After a rustling of fabric, she eventually comes out. "Less jiggle. That's a good thing. A little bit on the 'I don't know if it's tight or not' side. May just be because I'm not used to it."

Skyler nods approvingly. "It's a sports bra, so it's supposed to be a little tight. It's supposed to keep things from moving around when your jogging or working out and stuff. A regular bra won't be quite so constricting."

"Ah, ok. Then this is probably more appropriate for me, anyway." Leigh nods suddenly. "Just because I'm in the wrong body doesn't mean I can give up on my workouts." She offers, moving in to adjust the shirt now that it's being stretched a LITTLE less.

Skyler purses her lips a little bit, and her tone grows very serious. "You are not in the wrong body," she says. "It just works differently than you thought it did." Before Leigh would have a chance to retort, Skyler quickly adds. "Now I don't mean spend all your time being a girl. I'm just saying that you're going to need to be comfortable with yourself regardless of how you look. Sure the next person you copy might be male, but they might also be covered in blue fur and a have a tail."

"I don't mind that. It's that… I don't know THIS aspect. I'm not a girl. Mentally. Physically, I don't know why I am. And I don't feel right like this. The mutation thing, I can deal with. I can handle bones sticking out. Pink skin, Purple hair. Blue fur. Tail. It's… the parts." Leighton says. Yeah, she's being a little bit whiny, but when all this is shoved on you, you deal with it the only way you know.

Skyler chuckles and nods, leaning back in her bed. "I know. It's a big change. But if it's happened once, then you can bet it'll happen again, and knowing this place, this probably isn't going to be the strangest thing that'll happen to you. I'm just saying…" she begins, and shakes her head, "I'm just saying don't fret about it."

A sudden thought enters Leigh's head as he considers. "Oh shit. Does this mean I'm gonna get a period?" She asks, looking around. "Greeeeeeat." She slaps her forehead, fingers sliding over bone afterwards, as she moves her hand downwards. "This is just going to suck on so many levels." But there is a bit of humor behind it.

Skyler rolls her eyes. "Yeah. The many joys of womanhood," comments Skyler dryly. "So I take it you got… uh… all the girl parts and not just the boobs?"

"And lost what I had. I liked my other things. Thing. Whatever." Leigh says with a bit of a brusque cough and hidden blush. "So, I assume you've been through it." She sighs and shrugs. "I'll deal, I suppose."

Skyler nods at that. "Yeah. Today in fact. This is going to be interesting, though, to see how my girlfriend reacts. She says that it isn't going to bother her, but I've always been a guy around her since we started dating."

"Ooooh, that's…. yeah. How does she deal with that? Does she go to school here?" Leigh asks, tilting her head. "I'm not used to anything like that. Hell, not been much of a dater, even before I lost my… ya know." She motions downwards.

Skyler takes a deep breath and winces a bit. "Well… our relationship is a little bit complicated. She… started out as a boy…. who thought of himself as a girl. IT didn't help that her parents were… well… not so accepting of alternative sexuality. She was a mess when she got here, but I helped teach her how to make herself look on the outside what she felt on the inside." She chuckles and shakes her head, "Recently we had an…." another pause as she decides how to word things. "An event with an omega class mutant that made her a girl, inside and out."

"Ah, so your girlfriend, you, and I make up the Transgender Student Union?" Leigh asks with a bit of a chuckle. It's one way of looking at it. She pauses for a moment. "So, it's not so strange, then. Around here?" She asks, thinking about it.

"Apparently not," Skyler says with a smirk. "Although I don't think we can consider Robin transgendered anymore, though. But, yes, that kind of thing isn't as strange as you might think." She lets out a little chuckle, "Sometimes we're more of a support group for all the weirdness that happens in our lives than anything else."

"I… I guess I can understand that." Leigh says, with a bit of a nod. "I still haven't talked to my parents. I just… I don't know how they'll respond to the feminine aspect. They can accept mutation… but…" She shrugs slightly before she blinks. "Oh crap. I have to start shaving other places, too. And… will they stay shaved if I change over? ARGH."

Skyler responds slowly. "Have to…. no. There are plenty of women out there that don't shave anything." She chuckles. "I didn't at first, actually. When this first started happening to me, I identified with being male more than female, for the most part, but at the years go on, that has just kind of eroded. Now," she shrugs, "When I'm a guy I shave certain parts. When I'm a girl I shave other parts. It's just, I don't know, regular maintenance to me now."

"Oh. But… even if I'm not comfortable as a girl, with the standards set around us, I'd look horrible if I didn't sha… oh my god. That's what they talk about. Why so many girls have low self esteem." Leigh says, suddenly blank-faced. "Well, damnit." Poor kid.

"Well, just wear long pants and long sleeve shirts for now," Skyler says blithely. "Get used to the extra (and missing) parts for now. You can worry about things like the glass ceiling later. One step at a time."

"I… suppose so." Leigh says with a nod. "But I think… I think for now, I'm just going to think about dinner." She states, looking around. "So, yeah. nicetameetcha." She says, the words sounding a little awkward from her. Not the most social butterfly in the school.

Skyler gives his new roommate a pleasant grin. "Good to meet you too. If you've got any questions about your, uh, condition, I can always help you. Odds are I've been there, done that."

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