2010-07-05: Transparency


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Summary: A quick stop at a cafe turns into a revelation for Star.

Date: July 5, 2010

Log Title Transparency

Rating: PG-13

NYC- Brooklyn

A small cafe in Brooklyn, NY..

Yawn, it's getting late and begining to rain, Caleb is on his way back to the accademy, he's dressed in dark blue jeans, black sneakers, a white long sleeve shirt with two blue stripes halfway down the upper arm and 42 on the chest and back, his white hair is slightly damp and his violet eyes are glowing faintly as is the yellow stone on the silver wristband on his right wrist, he has his earphones in, "And I know something you don't, it comes and goes like the strength in your bones, woah to keep your mind at rest I'll never let the two of us be friends, does that hurt?".

Tony has found himself over in the Brooklyn area doing a impromptu speech at a school. After an hour of speaking with teachers and students he was in the mood to spend some time kicked back in a local cafe. No need for the wi-fi cafes as he brings his own wi-fi. There was a little shop not too far from the school that the Principal had mentioned. Dressed in a suit and tie, he walked the street over to the, Coffee and Teahouse, to find himself a table.

Another rainy summer day and Star has finally made her way back to the city from Xavier's. It's been a couple of weeks since her little 'adventure' with that freaky cult and she's been un-grounded for over a week now and finally just can't stand being confined anymore. Even if that confinement is to the entire mansion grounds. The unwitting empath is making her way through the streets of Brooklyn heading toward the area where that rave she went to a few weeks ago was, a cloud of worry and longing trailing after her. She's dressed in a black tank top with a winged monkey from The Wizard of Oz on it surrounded by the words 'Release the Flying Monkeys!', a pair of dark blue denim shorts, and a pair of black and white Converse hightops. She smiles faintly when she spots a familiar white head up ahead and trots to catch up to Caleb, "Hey! Fancy seeing you here." She just keeps running into the odd 'mutant' in so many strange places… The fact that the richest man in the world is nearby doesn't even register with the teenager yet.

Caleb spins rounds and grins when Star calls his name, "I live in New York, whats your excuse for being here?", he pulls out his earphones and stops so she can catch up, he too is not aware of Tony yet.

There are small tables scattered about the inside of the cafe. Tony finds his way over to the counter where he orders something with several espresso shots. Once drink is in hand he heads back outside towards one of the metal tables that are covered by an open umbrella. As he sits down he catches sight of Caleb talking to a young woman. "Hmm, small world," he comments to himself before taking a sip of the warm drink.

"Exploration?" Star giggles softly at that and stops when she catches up to him. If he starts walking again, she'll keep pace with the taller teen. "I just needed to get out of that little podunk town I'm stuck in. They grounded me for a week, you know…" But she's not anymore, so she's free to roam again, "I'm used to living in South Boston. It's /so/ much bigger than Westchester." Not quite as large as New York, but still… "I just need a little freedom sometimes." Her hair hangs lank around her shoulders, damp from the rain.

Caleb smiles, "I've been grounded almost as long as i've been in America, but i started behaving, still it's not like they can contain me if it came down to it", but he's trying to work with Barnes so he's trying not to push his luck, "Westchester makes more sense to me, my village back home is pretty small, so New York is still a little weird", he starts walking along with Star when he spots Tony, "Hey Star, theres someone you should meet", he walks swiftly over to his table, "Evening Mr. Stark".

Tony leans back into the chair ignoring the water seeping through his suit coat. "Caleb! Nice to see you out and about." Stark sets his coffee down on the table, seemingly at ease with being rained upon. "Friend of yours?" Tony asks tipping his head in the direction of Star.

Star winces in sympathy for the other teen having been grounded so much, "That sucks…" Although the thought of them not being able to keep him confined gets a little grin. If only she had a cool power like that… She doesn't even know what it is that she can do. She nods at his preference for the small town she now finds herself living in, "I just want to be somewhere that there's more stuff to do than just hang out at some rinky dink little mall." As exciting as that can be… Then Caleb is leading her to some little cafe and a guy in a suit, although, unlike anyother suit she's ever met, this guy doesn't seem to mind the risk of ruining his. She blinks a couple of times in surprise when she hears the name, "Mr Stark? As in the Mr Stark?!"
Suddenly, the teenage empath is very shy; a faint blush staining her cheeks, "Um… Hi, Mr Stark… It's a pleasure to meet you." She's mostly speachless at meeting someone so famous. And rich.

The poor thing was clearly starstruck. Of course, he ate up every minute of it. What can ya say? Tony likes being an attention getter. "Hello, dear heart. Don't think I caught your name. Pleasure to meet you Miss….?" Tony glances back and forth between Star and Caleb to see who will enlighten him first.

Caleb nods, "Yeah, this is Star, i met her back in Westchester", he grins at Star's reaction, "Yeah, this is the Mr. Stark, also known as Iron Man, you seem a little lost for words Star…"

Star stammers for a minute before she's able to talk, blushing deeper first at being called 'dear heart' and then at the teasing, "Star Rosen, sir." She nods in agreement for where she met the other teen and bites her lower lip for a moment as she looks back and forth between the two and finally settles her attention back on Caleb, lowering her voice a little to hiss an accusation at him, "You didn't tell me you know Ironman…" Not that they've ever really talked about the different people they know before. That he knows Tony Stark well enough to introduce her to him is just an amazing thing to her and that awe for the company she's in hangs around her in a cloud that's almost visible.

"Please, call me Tony. Sir makes me feel old and that will get Caleb going on how I've all ready lived in the prehistoric age." Tony laughs as he stands up from his chair. "Love to chat with you both out here but the rain seems to be picking up, and I'm not a big fan of the wet dog look." Tony walks over to open the door to the cafe, and looks back across his shoulder at them. "Care to join me or shall I let you two carry on without me being a third wheel?"

Caleb laughs, "If your impressed that i know a superhero, you should know who's in my gym class". He runs a hand though his wet hair as the rain picks up, "Mr. Star…, Tony helped me out with something thats been bugging me for a while, he's really cool for a famous person", he grins at the "prehistoric" comment and nods at Tony, "I'm happy to join ya, Star?"

Star really is speechless now. She's not anybody special, she's not even out of high school yet, and here's one of the world's most famous men wanting her to call her by his first name. That's just… Wow! She never met anyone really famous before. Not like, not-superhero famous, though Tony is a superhero as well. She blinks a couple of times at Caleb's comment about his gym class and giggles softly, an almost nervous sound. She nods at the news that Tony helped her friend with something, though a very faintly hurt expression flashes across her face at that. He could have asked her for adice. She's good at that sort of thing… She blushes again at the invitation, rain soaking her shirt and nods, "Yeah, that'd be pretty cool." Wow! She gets to hang out with the richest man in the world for a little while. Her friend Jamie back home is going to flip when she hears about it later!

"Well, let's get inside before it starts raining cats and dogs out here. Getting the hair off my suit would take ages." Tony sips at his coffee as he strides into the coffee shop to claim a corner table. Once there he plants himself in the chair up against the wall. "Pull up a chair, I'm sure we can flag down someone to bring over some cookies. Cookies huh- maybe muffins. Please, go grab something you two. I'll catch the tab."

Caleb grins and follows Tony into the cafe, holding the door open for Star, before following Tony over to the table, he doesn't drink coffee, so he's basically just here for the conversation.

Alessia hurries on into the cafe, muttering to herself. Red hair is back in a french braid, in her usual button down and black slacks, eyes fixed on a certain billionaire. She heads for that table, expression showing frustration. "You know, it would be easier for me to do my job if you'd tell me when you were leaving a building."

Star, however, loves coffee! She follows the other two into the cafe and out of the rain, taking a moment to flip some of the water out of her hair as she enters. She giggles at the joke about Tony getting hair off of his suit and joins him at the table he picks, her eyes going round at the sudden appearance of the woman hurrying towards them. She shyly offers a little waggle of her fingers in greeting and tries to look very small, though without slouching. Slouching wouldn't do when in such exaulted company, after all.

The back of a chair clangs up against a wall sounding loudly in the small cafe. "Oh Hey! You're mad. Ok, I accept that. Don't be mad, this is entirely harmless," Tony manages to babble out as he rises from the table. Trying to quickly change subjects, from his impromptu disappearance, "We're getting muffins. Or cookies, something like that." Tony pulls out the chair that's next to his with an expression that would read as /I'm a dead man/ and smiles through his teeth. "Caleb, Star, this is Alessia."

Alessia still glares a long moment at Tony, before she's sizing up the two he's introducing her to, visually as well as mentally (She's a cheater). "Hello." Taking a seat, a look at Tony. "Don't make me cuff you to me for your own safety. Ah'll make sure ya don't enjoy it."

Caleb actually laughs at the expression on Alessia's face, he saw that look on his mam's face when his dad angered her, he offers a wave, "Hey there, is Tony not allowed out to play?", he raises an eyebrow at the "cuff" comment, "Want us to leave you guys alone?"

Blue eyes harden, and the redhead grits her teeth. "He's not supposed to leave a secured area for a non-secure one without telling his security. So he can go play and no one /snipes/ him."

Star winces a little and leans as far away from Tony and Alessia as she can without actually getting out of her chair, her teeth pressed hard into her lip as she looks between the pair of adults. She closes her eyes for a moment and takes deep breath, keeping her mouth shut for the moment. No sense in provoking them, after all. The perpetual cloud of emotion hanging around her takes on a distinctive nervous flavor and she focuses her eyes on her hands folded in her lap, offering a very soft greeting to the woman when she's introduced.

Tony casts an apologetic look in Stars direction. The poor girl was all ready nervous and now caught up in a bit of drama. Course, drama always follows Stark but he is at least sensitive to situations. "The kids forgot their water pistols at home but I'm sure my life will be in peril any moment now."

Caleb has been spoken to like that by the agents at Barnes so is not bothered by the drama between the two adults, "He only came to a coffee shop, he's in no immediate danger, calm down, you're kind of making a scene."

The redhead leans on the table, eyes on Caleb. "A coffee shop. Lincoln /only/ went to the theater. John Lennon /only/ went for a walk. You think this place is safe because it /looks/ that way? Do you know how many people carry concealed in this city every day? Don't tell me how to do my job, until you know my job. Ah look harmless enough, now don't Ah. But truth is, Ah could have you down on the floor cryin' for your momma figure in seconds. Don't you take that tone with me, ever again. Until ya can read every mind in this place and tell me without a shadow of a doubt that no one in here wishes Stark any harm, ya best keep your nose outta business that doesn't belong to you."

Caleb's smile drops, "My mam is dead, and i'm assuming you're some kind of security", he phases to his halfway point from this dimension, "You say you can read every mind here?, then read mine".

The points being made are all valid, unfortunate for Tony to have to admit that. He really hadn't meant any harm wandering off from the school but he could see that he was shooting himself in the foot, as it were. "Oh dear, can we not get into the 'you show me mine and I'll show you yours?' Cause frankly," he pauses for emphasis. "I've got you lot beat." That may not help things but he's trying to lighten up the situation.

"Ah never said Ah could. But until ya can, ya can't tell me that he's safe, now can ya. So drop the attitude, kid. It'll make everythin' go a lot smoother." Alessia gives Tony a /look/ that tells him to shut up.

Star shudders faintly at the anger in the air, her eyes taking on a faintly violet tone as a hint of fear joins the general nervousness hanging around her and she takes a deep breath, "Could everyone please calm down?!" She keeps her voice low so as not to add to the scene, but her inate need to be in control of things has suddenly rared its ugly head and the empath finds herself with the sudden need to have everyone around her calm. Her nervous, scared, irritated aura isn't going to help things, though…

Caleb phases back into this dimension and looks away from Alessia, his not gonna rise to her throwing a hissy fit, dispite the feelings coming from Star he manages to keep his cool, "I wouldn't be too sure Tony, you havn't seen what i can do", he knows he can't beat Ironman, he's just joking around.

Agreeing with Star, Tony holds up a hand to call a stop to things before they get out of control. "There's really no need for this. Why don't we all settle down and partake of the wares of this establishment." His eyes are cast towards Alessia as she hasn't sat down next to him yet. "Based on clothing choices alone, I say I'm ahead of you by quite a bit Caleb." Tony teases the young man and picks up a muffin from a plate that has been delivered to the table. "Star?" He calls to her and offers her said muffin that he's holding.

Well then, won't it just be a shame when poor Caleb suddenly has to deal with a tidal wave of fear pushed right up against his mind. Alessia takes a seat looking calm enough, fingers tugging at her shirt cuffs before she looks up. "Tony, we have to leave." Blue eyes look unfocused, blind for a moment, before she's snapping back to.

Star blushes faintly when the muffin is offered and lifts one hand from her lap to take it, "Thanks." She giggles softly, the sound only slightly forced, when Tony comments on Caleb's wardrobe and starts picking at the top of the bread. She blinks a couple of times at Alessia's sudden demand that the two adults leave, frowning in confusion for a moment and looking back and for the between them with a piece of muffin half way to her mouth, "Huh?" Oh yeah… She's definitely confused and that joins the other emotions lingering in the air around her, "What's wrong?"

When Caleb is suddenly overwhelmed by a wave of fear, his clenched fists glow a bright violet color and he begins to flash in and out of visibility as he begins to lose control of his powers.

"Someone is manipulating emotions, Stark. Move." Alessia is on her feet again, ready to yank Tony out of his seat, if need be. "And if they're doing that, who knows what else could be in store. This place isn't secure. /MOVE/. " Caleb's little light show only convinces the redhead more, hand on Tony's arm.

Tony is in mid bite of a cookie, half talking to Alessia. "I've got to go-whoa!" Tony sits back rather abruptly as he watches Caleb wink in and out of existence. "What?" He's staring, thru, Caleb with a tinge of awe. Someone in the cafe was manipulating people's emotions? Why hadn't he felt it? Was that what was happening to Caleb? "Kid? You're going all Star Trek on me. You all right?" Even as he asks his question he rises up from his chair and is looking about the room to see if someone is causing a problem.

"Tony. NOW. Ah will send someone make sure he's taken care of, once you are in a secure area. Now is not the time." Alessia pulls, pushes, and yanks on Stark to get him moving. "To the car, Tony. Let's go."

Star makes a small squeak of fright, her own eyes flooding with voilet as fear overwhelms her from Caleb's direction. She swallows hard and shoots a terror filled look at her friend as he winks in and out of existence, her breath catching for a moment, "Caleb, calm down. Please calm down." Her voice shakes slightly with the intensity of the fright she's trying to beat back with a mental stick, "You're freaking me out…" And she sounds like she's just about to cry. It doesn't help that the adults are abandoning them to apparent danger. She's had enough danger with being kidnapped a couple of weeks ago to last her a lifetime! Tony and Alessia get panicked looks from her, almost her silently begging not to be left where there's danger enough to warrant getting out of the cafe.

Caleb can feel his powers building up inside him, he's only felt this once, that was the night he blew a hole in the back of Nowhere, panicked he struggles to his feet and phases though the window of the cafe, he really doesn't wanna risk hurting anyone.

"It'll be all right." Al says back to Star, an empathetic attempt to calm the girl, as she keeps trying to get Tony out of the cafe. "Ya can come with us, if ya promise to be quiet an' not argue with me."

"I'm not leaving these kids here if there's some problem," Tony says firmly. Star is unable to read his expression due to his ever present dark sunglasses but his posture is firm. "Get a beat on it if you can," Tony adds in a voice akin to cold steel. When Caleb manages to phase through a wall Tony looks about trying to gauge what is happening, look for some sign as to what's causing this out pouring of instability. He pulls out some money to toss onto the table to cover things and ushers the girls out of the cafe towards the car, his eyes following Caleb's retreating form with concern.

It's Caleb's exit that does the most to calm Star. Once she can no longer smell the fear from him, her own fear starts to fade, though she's still worried about this unknown danger and person that's manipulating emotions. She gets a determined look on her face when the other teen is gone and stands, abandoning her muffin on the table as she follows after the two adults, "We've got to do something for Caleb. I think he's pretty scared and I don't want anything to happen to him." He's one of the few people in the state that she feels she can call 'friend' after all. Technically, she's not arguing with Alessia… Just just stating her opinion. Strongly.

"Ah already said Ah'd send someone to check on him." Al reiterates, her frustration putting an edge to her voice, though by all accounts from the outside, everything is calm and in control.

When Caleb is about thirty feet from the cafe and any people he drops to his knees, the glow has spread from his hands to most of his body now, every ounce of his will is now focused on trying to calm down.

Tony walks the two women over to the car, "Stay here." His voice commanded that no argument would be had. Tony makes his way over toward where Caleb seems to be adding ground effects to the sidewalk. He stands nearby, as a guard for the young man, in case whatever is going on gets to a point where someone reveals their intentions.

Yeah, because /that/ will stop Alessia. She opens the door, and points inside. "You, in. Stay in the car until ya are told otherwise." She follows in Tony's wake, eyes sweeping to take in everything, empathy opened wide after hesitation, her telepathy slightly less so, to try and discern any ill intentions before they become action.

Star shoots Caleb a concerned look as she's ushered towards Tony's car, the violet of her eyes replaced by gray as worry replaces the fear that was hanging around her. Wonderful! Now, not only does she get to worry about her missing twin, she gets to worry about a friend that seems to be in the throws of panic and about to lose it. Then comes the order to stay and the empath's expression hardens into determination. She's not going to sit safe in a car while something happens to a friend! She shakes her head emphatically and follows after, "No way! Caleb's my friend and I might be able to calm him down enough to find out what's going on." It's a hope, anyway.
She ignores the distance that the other teen put between himself and everyone else, her breath catching slightly at the fear that washes over her again, when she approaches him and tries very hard to remain calm herself. Sometimes just being calm is enough to calm others, after all, "Caleb?" She kneels nearby, but not quite close enough to touch, "Caleb, it's alright. Just calm down. I don't think there's anything to be afraid of." Not that she can see, anyway. If nothing else, at least she's brave when it comes to others, even if her own safety does make her shake in her high tops.

"The deal was you don't argue. You're…" Alessia gives a sigh of disgust, looking at Tony. She is so kicking his ass later, even as she's rolling her eyes at the girl. Empathy is gathered up, eyes going unfocused for that second, before there's calm lapping at the minds of everyone in a hundred yard radius that /isn't/ blocked from such influence.

Caleb manages to look up and make eye contact with Star and as he tries to force himself to remain calm and her pheromones begin to effect him, the violet glow begins to fade from the tips of his hair, "Star you're gonna get hurt, go back to Tony's car", as he's speaking the glow fades from his hair completely.

"Anyone want to clue me in on why Caleb here is turning into a Treasure Troll?" Tony knew the boy had specific powers but other than a brief vanishing act he'd not seen it at this level. When the wave of calm washes over him he looks over at Alessia. Was she trying to help the situation? There was something else, something just wasn't sitting right. It made the hairs at the nape of his neck stand on end.

"Because he's freaking out and doesn't have proper control over his powers." Alessia replies, her voice all but robotic. She lacks tone, the usual warmth and drawl to her words is missing. "There's someone else around here." She says in a quiet aside to Tony. "Hence wanting to get /you/ out of here."

"Not until you calm down." Star tries very hard to remain calm and soothing, but a determined edge enters her voice and the pheromone cloud around her, "You're freaked out and I can't handle seeing a friend freaked like that." She doesn't like being around anyone that's freaked out. She'd much rather be around mindlessly happy people. Like at that rave she was at. The barely remembered remnant of the euphoric feeling at the rave her first week in New York gets a little smile, but she just sighs and pushes it away to focus on her friend. For the moment, the adults are ignored.

Caleb tries to drown out outside voices and focus on Star, the glow cintinues to fade from his body until it's focused only in his hands again, "Star, how are you doing this?, is this your power?", the last of the glow fades away and he sighs and closes his eyes, trying to make sure it doesn't come back.

Tony is familiar with empathic nudges. One he's quite familiar with but their is another, it becoming clearer by the minute and by the judge of things, Star might not even be aware of what she's doing. "I'm not sure if you're aware of this but you're broadcasting at, I would assume, all of us. You're emotions." He considers that he may need to give them all space. Especially if the young woman is able to pick up others emotions.

Alessia is just standing there, one hand tucked against the lower part of her back.

Star shakes her head and shrugs, "I've just always had a knack for getting people to calm down. There's nothing really special about it." Not to her mind, anyway. She grimaces faintly and sighs, "I don't know. I didn't even know I'm supposed to have some 'power' until a couple of weeks ago. My brother's the one that's really special. He can do some pretty amazing stuff." Although she hasn't seen him since he got to Xavier's back close to the first of the year to be able to see his powers in action since he's learned a little about them. Then Tony's speaking to her and she looks over at him in confusion, "Huh? But I'm not doing anything." She shakes her head, denying, once again, that there's anything special about her.
Others have told her that she's 'doing something', but she's never tried to and wouldn't know how to stop even if she were. She looks over at Alessia as though asking the red head to tell them that she's not doing anything.

Tony stands towering over the knelt pair. "You need everyone to be calm. It may even be subconscious on your part but it is there." He doesn't want to cause the girl to panic or to send Caleb back into losing himself. "I think you both may be better off if we," Tony gestures to himself and Alessia. "If we, remove ourselves from the equation."

Alessia arches an eyebrow at the young girl. She's looking to the wrong quarter for any sort of help. Alessia is worried about one person here, and he's suggesting they leave.

Star shakes her head and sighs, "I don't know…" She runs one hand through her long hair and shakes her head again, wincing when her fingers catch a tangle, "I just know that he was scared." She jerks a thumb at the Irish teenager, "And I don't like when my friends are upset." Call it a pathological need for pleasantness; she wants the world around her to be calm and to be the one in charge. Just ask her brother. If he's ever brought back from wherever that freaky woman took him.

"Ah do know. You need control lessons, just like he does. Ah'm not sure just how ya do it, but you're manipulating people unawares, an' that's dangerous. " Al glances at Tony. Can they go now?

Caleb opens his eyes and sighs, "Ok, thats a little more excitement than i had planned for this evening", he smiles at Star, "Sorry for freaking you out, and thanks for calming me down", did anyone see what just happened?

Tony breathes an audibly loud breath out from between his lips. "I know Caleb has help but please, look into it all right?" Tony speaks directly to Star. "Its unsettling and possibly dangerous if you don't know what it is you're doing." With that he shoves his hands into his trouser pockets. "I've got to go. Caleb, you know how to find me if you need anything." He nods his head towards Star, "A pleasure." With the rain still lightly falling Tony shakes his head spraying some water about him as he turns on his heel heading for his car.

And following Tony is one rained on, and very unhappy security person. "Bring Kaji with you, ya plan on meetin' that kid again. He mouths off to me like that again, Ah'll punch him in the face."

Unfortunately, there are at least a few that probably saw what happened… And if Star weren't living at the Xavier Institute and didn't have a baby brother that can do some pretty freaky stuff, too, she'd likely have freaked out worse. She shakes her head, "I just got scared for a minute there." Just when the initial wave of fear rolled off of him and over her, "I'm fine. And anytime…" She blushes at Caleb's thanks and offers a little shrug. She looks up at Tony and grimaces, standing, "Yessir. I'll see if I can't fgure this thing out." Whatever it is, "It was nice to meet you, Tony. Thanks for the coffee and stuff." Alessia gets a little glare for the threat to hit hr friend, though she doesn't blame her after his little comment… Caleb is offered a hand up as the adults leave, "You okay now?"

Caleb smiles and takes the offered hand to stand up, "Yeah i'm good", he turns to the adults, "Sorry about this Tony, hope the next time we meet goes better", Alessia gets a grin, "Just try it red, i'm very hard to hit".

Tony has wisely managed to get into his car with Alessia before the fiery red head turned on the poor teenage kid that hasn't developed a filter yet. Happy has been watching the goings on and is more than thankful to get them all out of there before a crowd shows up.

Star sighs in satisfaction that the other teenager is alright and nods, "Good." She winces at his challenge to the security person and shakes her head, "Caleb…" If only her power could be something cool like being able to make a teenage boy shut up when he's letting his mouth run away with him… She sighs and watches Tony's car drive away, "Come on… We better get out of here, too. I'm sure somebody probably called the cops after that little light show of yours." And she really doesn't want to end up on the wrong side of the law just because she was hanging out with a billionare and a kid that put on a pretty spectacular little show.

Caleb nods, "Yeah, we should defiantly get going", he looks for the quickest route out of public and finds one, "Do you want a lift somewhere?"

Star shakes her head, "No, I can catch the transit back to Westchester. I'll see ya around." Beat, "Do you still have my number?" She doesn't wait for an answer before she goes on, "Give me a call sometime. Maybe we can get together, or something." Ooo… Asking a boy to call her? She's being daring. And Cloud would probably have a fit.

Caleb grins, "Yeah, i've still got it, i'll give you a call in a couple of days", he goes to leave, "You sure you don't want a ride, i can get you home much faster than a train".

There's a little grin at his assurance that he'll call and she nods, "Good!" Star only thinks about the offer of a ride for a few seconds before she shrugs, "Yeah, sure. I can always save the money for something else." Like another trip into the city soon, "So where's your car?" Because he obviously has to have a car, right?

Caleb grins, "Who said anything about a car?, remember when you were a kid and you wondered what it's like to fly?", he's feeling kinda buzzed from the energy he built up earlier, and flying to Westchester seems like a good way to burn it off.

Caleb grins, "Who said anything about a car?, remember when you were a kid and you wondered what it's like to fly?", he's feeling kinda buzzed from the energy he built up earlier, and flying to Westchester seems like a good way to bur it off.

Star blinks a couple of times at the thought of flying with this boy all the way back to the school and suddenly grins, "Cool! Let's go, then." She gives him a stern look, "Just don't try any funny business or you won't like the results." She wouldn't likely like the results too much, either, though, since she'd likely end up freaking out and freaking him out.

"Don't worry, i'm a responsible flyer, never had a single crash", Caleb chooses not to mention the time he got struck by lightning, "Climb onto my back and we're off".

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