2009-09-20: Trapeze School


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Summary: Kalindi watches Siegfried perform. Since she is impressed, she approaches him to talk to him.

Date: September 20, 2009

Log Title Trapeze School

Rating: G

NYC - Central Park Lake

Bethesda fountain sits at the edge of the lake with a large terrace for people to hang out and relax. Benches sit under the trees creating a peaceful atmosphere. A dock stretches out into the lake for people to rent row boats to enjoy the entire lake. In the distance Bow Bridge can be scene crossing the man make lake.

It's getting to be later in the evening and dusk is setting in, but that doesn't stop Siegfried from being out in the park. Performance is in his blood and even if he has a job he has to do something where he's in the spotlight to feel himself. Tonight he's still at the park busking away going through a serious of juggling and balancing acts from his circus days. Siegfried is definately amazing at what he does, there's almost something supernatural about his skill but it's hard to tell if it's just part of the act.

Her fingers idly toying with her gold necklace, Kalindi appears to be just on an aimless walk, stretching her legs out a little bit after doing some training exercises at home. She pauses when she sees the busker, takes a step back and watches him perform. She has a fondness for arts, particularly performance, so it's hard for her to just ignore what it is that Siegfried is doing. She watches the amazing feats of juggling and balance with a scrutinizing eye, trying to determine if any of it is faked.

Nothing Siegfried does is faked, though he does have some subtile powers that helps him along, he doesn't admit that though. He finshes off one juggling act with a bow. "Danke ladies and gentlemen." Seigfried begins with a thick German accent. "Danke for watching, now I have final act for you all." He says taking out three batons and lighting them on fire to begin juggling. It's not the juggling of flaming batons that's the awe of his performance it's that he'll juggle them for a bit, throw them high into the all, do a flip or some form of acrobatics, land and catch them all, continuing to juggle. He does this about four times before taking a bow once he's finished.

Kalindi watches all of this with wide-eyes, though no real emotions other than this fascination shining through on her face. She applauds enthusiastically when the performance finishes and starts walking towards Siegfried from where she is standing once people begin to clear a little bit. "Hello," she says, trying to get his attention by waving her hands over her head.

Siegfried bows and thanks the people for their money and compliments after he puts out the fire. Looking around it's hard not to spot Kalindi waving her hands trying to get his attention. Walking over he smiles and bows slightly. "Good evening I assume you like show?" He asks knowing that being genuinely friendly is a part of the business.

Kalindi nods her head and says, "It is a very good show." Her accent is bizarre, Hindi mixed with something otherworldly, suggesting that the girl is probably not from around here. "Ah, you were very good at it. I assume that you have had a lot of practice?" All the while, she is digging around on her person, trying to find something to give the busker. He provided her with something, so it only makes sense that she should pay him for it.

"I am glad that you enjoy." Siegfried says honestly with a smile. "I was born and raised in circus, so yes, I practice." He says since he's pretty much all he knows is the circus life. "Are you fan of circus? And I hear you are not native New York either."

Kalindi shakes her head and says, "I was born in India." Strictly speaking, this is true, but it doesn't paint a picture of the full story. "Is it a very hard life to be with a circus? I think there would be many things that are hard about it. I do like circus, though, it is very good. The people who perform are good." She shrugs and then pulls out one of her earrings, offering it to Siegfried. It's small, but it's gold, so worth something. "I did not bring any money, I was just on a walk."

"I was born in Germany and lived there long time." Siegfried says with a smile. "It is not hard but I vas born into it, so it is the life I always know. It is very different life than most people know, lot of traveling. I miss it very much." He says with a slightly sad look in his eyes. "Danke for the offer but I do not vant to take one of your earrings, I preform for tips but it is not a requirment to pay."

Kalindi nods and puts her earring back in when it's refused. "Why are you not with the circus anymore if you like it so much and you miss it?" she asks, head tilted slightly. The girl brushes some of her hair back with her fingertips and says, "Or is there something here that you would miss more?"

"The circus is no more." Siegfried says looking down. "My friends and family have mostly gone so us who were left went on own way." He explains as it's not something he talks about much. "And there is someone in New York I vould miss if I left, someone from circus vith me."

Kalindi frowns for a moment, though lacking the proper empathy to actually feel bad about it, and notes, "Oh, it is too bad that it is gone. If the other performers were as good as you, I would have very much liked to see it." She shrugs and then asks, "What is it that you and the person that came with you are doing right now?"

"Ve vere all very good, ve vere a small but vell known circus in Germany, Vundervoll Vunders." Siegfried says with a nostalgic smile to his face. "I am sad to say that Vundervoll Vunders is all in the past now and vill never return. Vhat are ve doing now? I vork as a trapeeze instructor and my friend does busking for a living. At least I can still fly as my job."

Kalindi nods and says, "What is it that made it end? The, ah, 'Vundervoll Vunders'?" She scratches her head lightly and then says, "Trapeze instructor? I do not think I need to learn how to trapeze… it would be something that is neat to learn, but I have many things to do. Do you have many interesting students?"

"I have some interesting student. It is a novelty thing, people come for day to learn to fly." Siegfried says as not many people come for stedy lessons. "Vat happened? That is long story. Circus cannot run vithout performers." He says sadly. "Learning trapeze, the class, is simple and let you fly for one day."

Kalindi shakes her head and says, "I think maybe I will try it for one day when I am not tired from other things. I am learning other things, and my teacher is a very strict man, it leaves me very sore." She shrugs and then notes, "But maybe it would be fun to go for a day…" She is a bit of a perfectionist, though, and is quite aware of this. She would likely want to get good at it.

Siegfried takes out a busines card for the school on the west side of the island. "That is the school. I am Siegfried by the vay, Siegfried Verner." He says giving a small bow. "If you can get avay from your teacher. Vhat is it that you are learning?" He was homeschooled in the basics, nothing too advanced.

Kalindi takes the card and looks down at it, "Ah, martial arts. Umm, Wing Chun." She shrugs and takes off her bag, slipping the card into one of the pockets. "I do not want to get away from my teacher, though, I am very very interested in learning and learning well. He is a good teacher for what I want."

Siegfried nods to Kalindi. "Vell you are lucky to still have good teacher. Keep vith it learn vhat you can." Thinking that she's talking bout the usual subject schools oer. "Vell, it vas nice meeting you, but I have to go back home. I have some to do somethings before vork tomorrow. It vas a pleaure meeting you."

Kalindi nods at Siegfried and says, "It was nice to meet you too. I will maybe give you a call another time, to make an appointment." She smiles at him, picks up her backpack and starts to go on her way.

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