2009-07-08: Trapped


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Summary: Robin, Skyler and Terry realize what situation they're in.

Date: July 8, 2009

Log Title Trapped

Rating: PG-13

Secret Lab

The lab has just enough space for the equipment it holds and not much else. The lighting is fairly dim as the lights are up in the ceiling and the ceiling is fairly high. There's a window towards the top of one of the walls, but it's a one way window only designed for one side to look into, those in the lab would only see a mirror. There are six tables designed for strapping patients down to for varioustests. A few tables with your standard equipment sit in one area of the room. There are a several cabinets and drawers with all sorts of medical equipment and drugs in them. In one corner of the room is a small cot.

Robin sits by the wall of the room, tugging on her collar and mumbling something to herself: "Where's Blank? Where did she go…" seems to be among the most prominent of phrases coming from her speech. As much as she claims that she doesn't need the blue puppet, its disappearance doesn't do her all that much good. She pauses for a few moments to look around the lab, hoping that someone comes to the rescue right this instant.

Terry lets out a long loud groan as he first reaches up to hold his head. Layed out where ever the people have left him since he was taken to the lab he is only comming too for the first time since his kidnapping. "Gods in Heavens, some one tell me they got the number of the truck that hit me." After a few seconds, mainly trying to use his powers and figure out why his mind seems to be going so slow Terry speaks up again. "Please tell me I am having a nightmare….or at least that there is someone else in the room."

Robin slides up the wall to get herself standing again. She stares at Terry for a few moments and then says, "I'm in the room." Her voice is androgynous, impossible to gender. "We were kidnapped. I hope it's a nightmare, but I don't think it is…" She takes a couple of tentative steps towards Terry, "Are you okay? They… I think they took away our powers."

A breif summer of what's going on! Last night Skyler, looking like Wolverine, Terry and Robin were brought to a lab in locations unknown and were strapped to tables where Wyatt, was abducted to make a better! strand of MGH (Mutant Growth Hormone). Today, during the afternoon, Cid, Rob and Robyn were brought in as well for the last of the test subjects. All six mutants have nullifcation colours on preventing any use of powers.

Now you're all free to rp with eachother while in this predicament just you can't rp out of the lab. Enjoy being lab rats!

Terry says a four letter word as he hears the other person tell him that they had been kidnapped. "That would explain a few things. LIke th cold metal thing on my neck. I am guessing that it is a power dampener of some kind. Well, good news bad news situation. Good news is if my friends don't hear from me in a day or two they are gonna come looking. Bad news, I did not tell them I was changing my patrol area so they may have no idea where to look." Terry sighs and sits up, and uses his hands to feel what he is wearing. "Bet they did not even leave me the collapsable cane I keep in my costume around here did they?"

Robin says, "No, or, I don't know. I think they took away the costumes and stuff. We're in, like, hospital gowns…" She tries to get a better look at Terry and she asks, "Can you see? Are… Do you need help or anything?" She frowns and says, "I need Blank back… I need her to get help for me…"

Terry grins a little and turns his head to face Robin, his eyes are open revealing cloudy milky white orbs. "I have been blind since before I had powers so its not like it is anything new for me. Don't worry about it, once I get the lay of the room i'll probably be moving around better than you will. THe real question is how are you doing? And who is Blank?"

Robin looks over towards Terry and says, "I'm… I'm scared. And Blank, she… she's my power." Quieter, she mumbles, sounding really quite distressed about the whole thing, "She's my soul. And I don't know where she is anymore. I need her back… I need to see her."

There's a groan off on one of the tables as Skyler is waking up. He pumped full of tranquilizers before having the collar put on him, so his mutant healing factor (or rather Logan's) never got a chance to kick in and purge the toxins out of his system. He opens up an eye, and with another groan decides that this was not one of the better ideas he's had in a while, and immediately shuts it again.

Terry nods, as best he can inside the straps, and speaks in the most soothing voice he can muster. "Don't worry. every thing will be ok. I have powerful friends and they are gonna save us…if I can't manage to get this thing off my neck first. If this Blank is your power then she is still with you, just not where she can do anything right now." Terry sighs as he hears someone else waking up. "Well sounds like we are not alone just the two of us. Hello there! You wouldn't happen to be the guy with the claws I saw before our kidnappers decided to bruise my poor pretty face would you?"

Robin's eyes close for a few moments and she says, "I know, I think she's with me, I just… I haven't been without her for years and it's… it's just too hard not to have her here protecting me…" She struggles against the restraints and says to the sounds of a new person, "Who is that? Is that… is that you, Skyler?"

Skyler grunts, and tries to sit up, but finds that he's strapped down to a table. "Oh. Great. I've been kidnapped. Again." He shifts around a bit trying to get a little more comfortable. "Yeah, it's me," he says, answering both Robin and Terry at the same time. "How are you doing?"

Terry grins, despite the fact that he can bet no one can see it. "Well welcome to the party then my friend. Other than a headache, bordom, and a natural worrie that someone is going to sell my secret ID to the tabloids I am good. Your friend there is a little worried but like I was telling hi..her..this won't last long. My friends will be comming to free us."

Robin struggles some more against the restraints and says, "Even if it doesn't last long. Someone… we're strapped down, they might be doing weird tests on us and what if they cut us open…" She says to Skyler, "And Blank is gone. She's /gone/. Nowhere. I need her now." She is not a superhero, and is not used to being in this kind of situation. It's clear that she's freaking out pretty bad.

Skyler doesn't really consider himself to be much of a superhero either, but he's constantly finding himself in situations like this so he's finding it's easier to rise to the occasion more and more. "It's okay, Robin," he says, his voice pitched to be comforting. "I managed to trip the panic button before they took us. Between his friends," he says nodding to Terry, "and the X-Men we'll be all right."

Terry trys to nod, despite the head strap, and says, "Skyler is right. We are going to be ok. Between the X-Men, by the way very cool you know them, and the Avengers we are gonna get out of this perfectly fine." Terry is a super hero, ok he has only been one for less than a year but he is still a super hero, and is taking things as much in stride as he can. "One of you with eyes that work, can you wiggle your head around and see what all is in the room with us?"

Robin says, "Only my right eye works, so I can see a wall and… not much else. Lab stuff. I think we're in a medical lab or something…" She bites her lip and closes her eyes, "Are they going to turn us into monsters or something? I don't want that… I hope you two are right, and they will come and rescue us and Blank will come back…"

Skyler swivels his head, grunting some more as he looks around. "I see a couple more tables." He strains to lift his head to see beyond the tables before relaxing with a sigh. "Looks like there's more people are strapped on them. Hopefully they're just unconscious. And, yeah. Lab stuff."

Terry sighs as he hears about the way the place looks. "Hmm, Given that these people were aiming to take down someone with powers I don't think they are going to try and turn us into monsters. No profit in doing that to people that some might already call monsters, the profit is in turning normal people into monsters…now that comes with a scary thought…" Terry lapses into silence for a moment as he trys to remember everything he can about MGH….and wishes he had read more about it when he had the chance.

"Or monsters into normal people…" says Robin, biting her lip for a bit longer before saying, "I feel so powerless. And scared. And hungry…" She hasn't eaten for awhile, and with the tiny amount of meat on her body, that's not really a good thing. She keeps on pulling at the restraints, making a bit of a racket.

"Save your energy, Robin," advises SKyler. "You're just going to make yourself hungrier that way." He looks around the place again before sighing. "We just need to get a little clever when they come back. Just because we don't have powers doesn't mean we're powerless."

Terry is working his bindings too, but is being slow and careful about it not making a racket just looking to see if he can find any give or weakness. "Ooooh, you had to mention food, didn't you? And without my powers I can't even survive through photosynthasis. Man, I could even eat uncle Bean's macrobiotic veggiterian cruelty free chilli." There is almost a smile in Terry's voice as he responds to Skyler, "You man, are a person after my own heart."

Robin frowns and stops struggling against the restraints. She sighs and says a bit defeatedly, "Well… what do you think we do when they get back?" She closes her eyes and tries to imagine what all might be in the room. "What have we got to work with right now? How many other people do you think there are in here?"

"Two… maybe three more?" Skyler says tentatively. "It's hard to see past the guy off of my right." He snorts at Terry's remark. "Hey. When you've been kidnapped by the best, everybody else pales in comparison." He looks around again and continues his previous train of thought, "Well, our best bet is to have them underestimate us. Most people see mutants in terms of their mutations, and not as the people they are. They think that if you take away their powers, they suddenly turn into sniveling cowards."

Terry laughs a little, "Well I have never been kidnapped so nothing to compare it too. Kinda wishign Patriot was with me, if there was anyone that would know how to dislocate a shoulder and slip his bonds it would be that guy. Heh, add to that Skyler the fact that I am blind. Never hurts to play up to people's perceptions of the handicapped."

Robin bumps the back of her head against the table lightly and says, "Well, I'm no good at dislocating myself or nothing, so I don't think slipping these restraints'll be so easy for me." She sighs and says, "I mean, I really /don't/ have much going for me except for the mutation."

"Don't sell yourself so short, Robin," Skyler says, his voice firm. "I'm sure you've got plenty going for you." He shakes his head. "I'd give dislocating my shoulder a try. But I think I'd have to dislocate my feet and my hands, too."

Terry hmms a little to himself, "There is bound to be more to you than just the mutation. Everyone has inner strengths and special skills. Case in point, bet you would never expect me to be a painter just to look at me."

Robin sighs and then makes a sound as if she is about to start saying something but stops short. "You… are a painter?" she says, "I mean no offence or anything, but… how do you know what to paint? If I close my eye, I can't even draw a circle properly."

Skyler chuckles and shakes his head. "I'd have to see it to believe it," he says. "No offence."

Terry laughs and grins into the darkness. "It is a talent. I have a near photographic memory, and can remember things from before I went blind. Truth be told, half the paintings I sell have nothing to do with how good they are but the fact that people want to have a painting by a blind hippy kid. I could do stuff Pollock would throw out and they would buy them."

Robin blinks a couple of times and comments, "Well, that's pretty neat. I mean, I can kinda paint, but not super well. Like on the lens of my glasses…" She would shrug right now if she could. She then says, "I dunno what I'm good at. Ummm… I just meant, though, nothing that really applies to this situation. I'm good at running away, but I'm kinda strapped down."

Skyler chuckles and shakes his head. "I'm not much in the way of painting myself," he says. "But I can recite twelve Shakespeare plays by memory. I might end up doing that later when we all get bored."

Terry laughs again a little. "You do that and I will explain in the most excruciating detail general relativity and everything you will wish I did not know about particle physics and wave theory. Although, I might save the worst parts of that, or that chaos theory crap, for when our captors show up…of they ever do."

Robin sighs and says, "I kind've hope that neither of you do either of those things. That would be a pain." She pauses and then continues, "I used to know, um, Romeo and Juliet. Well, um, Juliet's lines, anyways, but… I couldn't remember them now, but I used to want to be Juliet in a school play. I never got a chance to be in any drama classes or anything in my school. My school didn't even have school plays. Not enough students."

Skyler rolls his eyes at Terry. "Please. I know Titus Andronicus. That's anything but boring. You've got love. Betrayal. Death. Blood by the bucketful. Cannibalism. Great stuff."

Terry laughs again, "Sounds like any major theoretical physics symposium…although the cannibalism is more like plagiarism. Ok Robin, no math but only cause you asked. Heh, always thought Romeo and Juliet were morons, now Mercutio he was the man. There was a guy with the best lines and with the exception of the priest was the only one in the play that had any sense at all.'

Robin shrugs and tilts her head back and says, "Well, yeah, they're stupid, I guess. I mean, it's just… that's the play we were given in our curriculum to read through, and I wanted to be in plays and stuff…" She sighs and then says, "Other than that, I haven't really even read any other Shakespeare stuff…"

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