2012-06-11: Treat Me Like A Girl


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Summary: Summary of what happened.

Date: June 11, 2012

Log Title: Treat Me Like A Girl

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs and couches with a few tables are placed up here for students to relax. There's a door off to one of the sides that leads up to the attic above here.

Needing some alone time, Nick has found his way up to the observation deck where he currently sits on the floor against the wall, working on his homework. A few books are open in front of him as he types away on the laptop resting on his legs. Country music plays from his laptop speakers and Nicholas sings along quietly as he works, the faint singing is neither good or on key

Taylor climbs up towards the observation deck as it starts to get a bit darker out, glancing back every few moments. "So they have like a place here where students can look at stars. Which is cool, I've come by here a few nights before, when everyone else was asleep. I've also gone up a bit further, there are gardens up…" It seems that the ocelot student is giving a tour. Upon spotting Nick, the feline pauses and then raises a hand in greeting, "Heya, Nick."

Dashenka is following Taylor dutifully up the stairs, eyes wide with wonder. "This mansion is very nice place," the big girl says. "It is… fancy. But in way I like. Not like Dracula's tower." The Russian actually decided to dress up a little for her visit with Taylor. She's in a nice, blue, summer dress that bares her shoulders and arms to the sun for the warm weather, and it looks like she actually spent some time putting on a little make up. "Oh!" she says when Taylor pauses. "Privyet."

Out of the elevator steps Cale or, currently, Kaylee; looking for all the world like a teenage girl, except… somewhat, okay pretty much totally flat chested. She's currently wearing a long green flowing skirt, and a snug blue shirt in a similar style to the one Taylor picked out for her with the high neckline and cinched waist, except, well, blue. And it has some kind of Japanese writing on it. Typical of her. Of course, when she notices the other three on the observation deck, she freezes for a moment; she'd wanted to talk to Nick about it, but the prospect suddenly seems… daunting.

Hearing his name, Nicholas looks up and waves at Taylor. "Hey Taylor, they already got you showing new kids around?" He says thinking Dashenka is just some new girl to Xavier's. "If you're going to be a while, I'll take off, just doing homework." Then Cale enters the picture. "Two new ki…wait, Cale? Why are you dressed like a chick?"

"Nah, we won't be long. And… this is Dashenka. Dashenka, this is Nick," says Taylor, grinning at that, before looking towards Cale, and then doing a double take. The feline glances between Nick and Cale awkwardly, "Oh, hey there. You're looking nice. That style of top works for you…"

Dashenka raises a hand to Nick in a wave. "Dobryi den," she says, before looking down over her shoulder to the small girl behind her. She blinks in confusion between Nick and Cale before asking, lamely. "This is not girl?"

Kaylee collapses against the wall with her back, fingers rubbing the call button for the elevator again, contemplating pressing it. And just running. "B-because. I want to. I don't. I don't like being a boy, okay? I know, it's weird, and I'm weird. But. I don't want to. Tay… Taylor's been helping me. With things. And. Skyler said I shouldn't hide. Because it's like lying to your friends. So. I'm not hiding." 'Her' voice is shaky, peering up at Dashenka, "N-no. I'm," her eyes water a little, "I don't know what that makes me."

As Taylor starts to talk to Cale like what he's wearing is perfectly normal and then Cale start protesting, Nick just raises his hands in utter confusion. "Ooookay." It takes him a few moments to process everything. "So you don't like being a boy, soooo you're dressing like a girl?" The confusion is really evident. "So…are you going to be doing….that all the time?"

Taylor glances between Nicholas and Cale for a few moments and then looks back towards Dashenka and explains, "Well… it's complicated. Cale's not… physically female, I guess, but I dunno." The teen headscratches and then says, "It's not up to me to dictate what he… she defines herself to be. I can't really explain exactly."

Dashenka scratches at the her head. "I do not understand about these things," she admits, but then gives Kaylee a weak smile. "But not lying to friends is good, da?" She tries to hide the fact that she looks extremely uncomfortable in this situation, like she just walked in to see her parents yelling at each other.

"I, um. Yes! That's it. Pretty much. And, more than dressing…" Kaylee trails off, "I… I was planning on that, yes. I don't. I mean. Does it look bad? I mean, er. I'm not bothering you. 'cause of it. Am I?" she squeaks, looking down at herself. She seems nervous; but who wouldn't be? Then again, she's always nervous. "I-I should just go. I think. Should I?" she looks up at Dash, and then her skin starts quickly turning the same color as the wall as she practically tries to merge with it.

Nicholas puts up a hand and shakes his head. "No Cale…you don't need to go. I just don't understand it is all." He never really had any exposure to 'alternative lifestyles' so it's just foreign to him. "Even though I'm confused as all hell it doesn't mean I want you go away. Caught me off guard."

Taylor nods and then smiles at Nicholas's response and then says, "It's hard for people to understand this sort of thing, but you know that I support you and all." The ocelot student then nods towards Nick and then looks towards Dashenka and just gives her a feline apologetic smile for exposing her to Xavier dramas. "Aaaanyways, this is Dashenka. That's Nicholas and this is… Kaylee, right? That's what you prefer? I think the introductions were lost, there…"

Dashenka gives the other two another sheepish, if not slightly uncomfortable grin. "Dobryi den," she repeats. "It is good to be meeting both of you. I am student at other school so Taylor is showing me around."

"It's not something that, I think I can really explain, in logical terms. It's just… It… feels wrong. How I was born. And how people expect me to act," Kaylee gulps, calming down a little when she discovers Nick does not instantly hate her. "Dressing, acting, er, being a girl feels right. To me." She sits down on a couch near Nick, squeezing her knees together and perching her chin on her elbows atop them. "I want to change, physically, to match my mind. And. And. I like boys. Okay? I guess. That I'm gay. But. If I'm a girl then I'm not." This is making HER head hurt now, from the mess of it all.
"ANYWAY," the teen sniffles, smiling a little bit and calming down - today has been a total rollercoaster. "Right," she nods at Taylor, "I'm Kaylee. Well, if you see me as a boy, it's Cale. But, I'm really Kaylee. As much as possible," she glances over at Nick, "Could you… call me that? And just. You don't have to treat me any different. But think of me as a girl?" she rubs the back of her neck. She looks back over to Dash, "Other school? I have a friend. Who goes to another school. His name's Mike."

Unfortunately for Dashenka, she barely gets a notice from Nick as his brain is just trying to process the new Cale…Kaylee. "Slooow down there for a bit. It's…gonna take a bit for me to get used to. I don't mean it as an insult or that I don't want to be friends just…I know you as a guy it's not going to be easy to think of you as a girl." Cause he's not to Nick. "So…I'll try."

Taylor headtilts slightly at Cale's ranting and then says, "I'll treat you pretty much however you want to be treated, you know that, so… yeah, I'll treat you about the same as before…" The ocelot student considers that for a moment and then looks towards Nick, nodding slowly at what he says with a kind of curious look.

"I… um…" Dashenka starts, looking helplessly between Kaylee, Taylor and Nick. Eventually she says the only thing she can think of to be helpful, "I am thinking you look pretty, Kaylee."

"Sorry… I just… I'm kinda tightly wound today…" she trails off, realizing that she's been making a little bit of a scene. Looking over at Nick, "Just as long as… you'll be my friend, whatever happens. It's fine. I just. I'm just glad you don't hate me." She wipes at her eyes a little with the back of her hand, "Thanks. You're pretty good. I can see why Tay likes you, too. I mean, besides that… Anyway… I guess I will let you guys get on with your tour…"

Nicholas gathers his books and laptop and stands up, walking over to Cale. He puts his hand on his shoulder and looks at the teen. "Dude, I helped you go save your sister, you taught me it was okay smile after…everything, I don't think I could hate you." He says to Cale giving him a smile. "Sorry to run out Taylor, I'll catch you later. Nice meeting you friend." He says to Dashkena before going into the elevator and going down.

"Alright, see you two later," says Taylor, waving towards Nicholas and Cale, before looking towards Dashenka with an awkward look. "Sorry about all that. But it seems like this school never has a dull moment. That's what everyone seems to say…"

Dashenka blushes a little bit at Kaylee's compliment and raises a hand to say goodbye. "Khoroshego vechera," she says to them as they depart. She shakes her head at Taylor's apology as she moves over to one of the windows to look out upon the lawn. "It is okay," she insists. "My school is not so dull, too, da?"

Taylor looks out the window as well and then nods at that response, "Oh, yeah, I guess not. I guess any school with a bunch of kids with superpowers and stuff must be interesting…" The feline brushes their hair back and shrugs lightly. "I like it up here, I find high places kinda comforting."

Dashenka bites her lower lip for a moment before reaching out to take Taylors hand in her own. "Da. It is peaceful. I can see how you would like high places. Just like I would like cold baths. Which I do." She sighs, and looks out again through the window. "Summer is not good time for me. Too hot."

Taylor seems surprised for a moment and being handgrabbed, but smiles at Dashenka and gives her hand a light squeeze in return, "Well, I wonder if we can find anywhere in this school that has good artificial cooling if you'd like to be in a colder place! My fur's all short and stuff, but I can still stand cooler temperatures than this."

Dashenka shakes her head. "This is fine. Air conditioning is good for me, da? It is just outside that I am having trouble with." She continues to look out at the campus of the school when she spies the pool. "I see you have pool. Do you.. ah.." She blushes a bit as she goes to ask, "Do you swim still? After change?"

"I've never really been one for swimming much…" says Taylor, considering the question. "I was never sure what to wear swimming. I usually just wore a black shirt and shorts for swimming lessons and stuff, but…" The feline considers that for a moment and then says, "I'd be up for it if you'd like to swim, though."

Dashenka gives Taylor a hopeful grin. "Da. I would like that. But maybe next time I am visiting," she says. "I did not bring swim suit with me, and I do not think teachers would want me being naked in pool."

"Ah, yeah, they'd probably be pretty upset with the both of us," says Taylor, chuckling at that. "But yeah, no problem, I'll get together some clothes I can use for swimming…"

"It is good, then" Dashenka says happily, letting go of her friend's hand and going to sit at one of the couches. "This school is very nice," she says. "There is nothing like it in Russia. Not that I know of, at least. If there is, it is kept very, very secret."

Taylor chuckles and then says, "I think this place is kept pretty secret, too." The feline follows after Dashenka, sitting next to her, nuzzling her shoulder for a moment before noting, "But I doubt many countries have anything quite like it. It's pretty lavish, yeah. I'm used to having a pretty small house."

Dashenka settles back in the couch, and upon the nuzzling, stretches an arm around the Ocelot. "In Moscow, I live in apartment with mother. It was small thing with one bedroom which she gave to me when I started wanting space," she says, sounding rather fond of the memory, or of talking about her mother, or, quite possibly, both. "She moved her bed into living room and set up curtain around corner. She said it did not bother her."

"That sounds really kind of her…" says Taylor, smiling slightly, and leaning against Dashenka in reaction to the arm. "Were you sleeping in the same room as her before that? Or were you out in the living room?"

"We shared room," Dashenka explains, leaning back. "Until I was… mmm.. ten or so. I was growing up to be a big girl." The big Russian chuckles at that. "She did not expect how big. She says that I take after father, but," and at this she shrugs, "I have never met him."

"What happened to your father?" says Taylor, ears flicking lightly in curiosity. The feline pulls up their feet onto the couch, tail resting on Tay's bent legs.

Dashenka idly strokes the fur of Taylor's shoulder as she talks. "I do not know. It is the one thing Mother never talked about," she says sadly. "She loved him very much. This I know. And I know that something had happened to cause her to lose him before I was born." She shakes her head. "I do not know if he is alive or dead."

Taylor continues to nuzzle Dashenka's shoulder softly every few moments, purring at the light petting being received, which makes Taylor's speech come out kind of rumbly. "That's sad… I hope that someday you find out." There's a brief pause and the feline notes, "I usually don't purr, sounds weird."

"It suits you," asserts Dashenka. "After all, what is cat gi… person without purring?" Sighing, she says, "I have mixed feelings about my father. On one hand I do wish to meet him, if he is still alive. On other…. I do not think he will live up to expectation."

"You can say girl. It's fine. I really don't mind either way…" says Taylor, shrugging lightly, that soft purring continuing. "But yeah, that sounds like it much be kind of conflicting. I know my dad's a good guy, but then, I never built up any kinds of expectations for my dad to be amazing or anything…"

Dashenka can't help but look somewhat relieved when she's given permission to use a more familiar personal pronoun. "Da. Still. It would be good to know one way or other." Leaning back and slightly more into Taylor she looks up at the glass ceiling. "The stars have come out. It is getting late."

Taylor looks up and then nods, "I suppose you're not as nocturnal as I am…" The feline puts their arms around Dashenka and then says, "I guess I shouldn't keep you too much longer…"

Once encircled, Dashenka doesn't look very inclined to get up. "Mm. I suppose I could stay a while…."

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