Subject #3GEM alias 'Trey'
Portrayed By Mitch Hewer
Gender Male
Date of Birth February 8th 2080
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Aquarious
Aliases Trey
Place of Birth A Government Lab in the Future
Current Location New York
Occupation Student
Known Relatives #1EH Alias Judgement (Mother), #1GEM & #2GEM (Older Siblings) #4GEM & #5GEM (Younger Siblings)
Significant Other None
Identity ??
Known Abilities Weather Control, Enhanced Physical Attributes, Enhanced Senses
First Appearance N/A

Trey is part of a Government Program in a possible future that enhanced mutants even further to try and create powerful weapons. He was sent back to current time during a fight. But he lost his memories from a psychic attack before that. He has a few interesting character quirks.


Subject #3GEM was born in a possible future world that may happen some day. The baby boy was part of a government project working with mutants and enhanced humans and never given a name. The purpose of the current test was to make powerful children born with powers to become supreme super soldiers. He was given a serial number and that was all, #3GEM with the GEM noting the fact that he was is genetically enhanced mutant. The Government made a DNA cocktail using genetic material from multiple male mutants. The purpose of this was to try and work with the genetic material to produce offspring that would carry on mutant gene. His mother was a trained marine and a volunteer that was a successful subject in a previous human enhancement project. The purpose of the project was to turn normal humans into powerful super soldiers. Her codename was Judgement, serial #9EH. Judgement was a loyal soldier, from a family of soldiers. She was part of a long military line that included her father, brothers and many other members of her family for generations. It was as if military service was in her blood. She was dedicated to her country and government.

Judgement was not exactly a maternal type and she only had to donate her eggs to help the government. The enhancement had made her a perfect super soldier. With speed, strength and endurance, She was one of the few females to successfully become enhanced . Giving a few of her eggs was a small price to pay the government.

#3GEM was not the first child born from Judgement’s eggs and the mutant cocktail. Nor was he the last. He was the third in line of five babies born during the experiment. After Judgement served her purpose she returned back to active duty as a soldier and was killed in battle. Her murderer was a super soldier #1EH who became a bounty hunter after going rogue. He was hired by a rival government to take out other EH’s during one of the wars. #1EH Codename, The Reaper, he would take any job for the right amount of money and had no allegiance to any country.

Like the other genetic mutants born to the experiment. #3GEM was born with a power. In addition to his enhanced attributes of being slightly faster, stronger with keener senses. His gift was to manipulate the weather. Like his siblings, he was kept in a government facility and was trained to be a deadly weapon to be controlled by the government. He was given a good education but basic education. He was kept in a controlled environment and was not allowed to interact with any of his siblings. As far as he knew, he was the only one of his kind on the government facility. He knew very little of the world outside of the facility. He was called Trey by the scientists and trainers that he interacted with. Trey was a very loving boy and was slightly naïve in the fact that he believed most of what was told of him. His morals were skewed by the government to allow him to be a perfect super soldier.

The boy was constantly tested and had scars on his body to prove this. Additionally he had a device installed in his chest. A security and safety measure that was put there in case Trey were to go rogue. The device could knock him out remotely or kill him in the worst case scenario. Another mental issue had been implanted in the young genetically enhanced mutant. He was given a small stuffed animal. The stuffed animal was with him from the time he was born. It was given the name Mr. Fuzzles. Mr. Fuzzles and Trey were inseperable and anyone who had control of Mr. Fuzzles could pretty much get Trey to do whatever they wanted him to do. Something in his brain was attached to the soft creature. It was used more as a form of blackmail that if he didn’t do what he was told Mr. Fuzzles would get destroyed.

This worked pretty well for many years. As Trey got older his training was intensified and as things tend to come full circle. Trey was trained by the same super soldier who was hired to kill the enhanced human who was his mother. The Reaper was paid to be train Trey to become an ultimate weapon. He was taught to use his body and powers to take out his designated target. The Reaper only took on the job for personal reasons that did not include the large sum of money he was being paid. It was a strategic play to know the governments weapons so they couldn’t use them against him. Teenage Trey was trained in various combat techniques and how to use various weapons. He was sent on many missions to take out his targets and had a 100% success rate. They used Mr. Fuzzles as a reward system. If he would succeed in his mission the stuffed animal would be returned to him. If not, he would be destroyed and Trey would never see him again. This more than unhealthy obsession was the perfect hold they had over Trey. He could not sleep without the stuffed animal. As he got older, if he did not have the stuffed animal with him when he slept; He was haunted by horrible nightmares.

Things were going very well with the genetics or gems as they were called. Trey and his four siblings were all trained by the Government. Each with a different yet very powerful power and deadly training. Things changed when Trey was 16 years old. The world was changing and there was a nasty war growing more intense. The government decided to put the gems together to train them to work as a team. They each had their place on the team and Trey’s was definitely not as the leader. He was great at taking orders and doing as he was told by his superiors. #1GEM was naturally the leader type and he took the lead of the group. There was a bond that the gems had, perhaps it was due to the fact that they were all siblings. But they worked together really well. After a year of training they became an extremely powerful team.

It was then that the war intensified and the shit really hit the fan. The war was waging and opposing factions appeared. The gems were not the only mutants in the game. These mutants wanted to liberate the gems and free them from the government. But the gems were under the influence of the government in different ways. For Trey it was Mr. Fuzzles. Trey was easy to get. All they needed was Mr. Fuzzles. They got the stuffed animal rather easily with a portal creating mutant’s power. The leader of the mutant group had a very unique gift that allowed him to amplify other mutant powers. After they gained control of Trey through his stuffed animal, they had planned on using him to get the other GEMs.

It was during that time of 'freedom' from these mutants that Trey started to gain some morality. They started to show him things like compassion and love and other emotions. This of course had intensified his nightmares. For the first time in his entire life Trey was feeling Guilt. There was hope for the GEM yet.

A battle had ensued between the mutants and the GEMs. During the battle a psychic that was amped up by the leader of the resistance Mutants was trying to take out one of the GEMs when Trey jumped in the way. Quite possibly the first selfless acts that the teen had done in his life. And an act that would cost him greatly. He didn't want the fighting to continue and actually cared about the GEMs and his resistance Mutant rescuers. He was knocked unconscious and the intensity of the psychic blow had caused a case of amnesia. The building they were fighting in was being destroyed around them. The leader of the mutants was badly damaged and dying slowly. He used the last bit of his energy to enhance the portal creating mutants power to the extreme. Trey’s stuffed animal was put in his unconscious arms and the Portal creator picked up the genetically enhanced mutant and was attempting to flee the scene. Just as the portal creator was entering the portal with Trey, he was hit in the back of the head with a falling beam and killed. His dead body and Trey’s unconscious one fell through the portal. But with its’ maker dead, the portal lost stability and Trey was sent hurtling through the space, time continuum. Not only was he randomly tossed out in the location but the time was of the past. Injured, with just his stuffed animal in his arms and no memory of what was happening to him. He woke up confused, not even knowing that he was from a future that might not even happen one day.


Trey was part of a government experiment to make enhanced mutants that were born with powers.


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