2011-03-10: Trip To Mutant Town


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Summary: Robyn drags Sophie into Mutant Town to find an art store and they run into a friend Platypus guide!

Date: March 10, 2011

Log Title: Trip to Mutant Town

Rating: PG

NYC - Mutant Town

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

Evening in mutant town and for the most part the place seems to be on the quiet side for a change. No rouge mutants, no thugs or corrupt cops, just the basic background noises of modern city living.

A door opens at a small corner gym and Vinny can be seen walking from it in his usual waddling gait, while the Hybrid is usually a strange sight to begin with he's even stranger tonight as he's dressed in an ill-fitting Karate Gi with a white belt around his waist. He slings a small duffle over his shoulder and calls back into the room. "Thanks for the lesson, see ya saturday!" He turns and heads down the sidwalk towards a corner store.

Coming up out of the Subway with Sophie is Robyn. He's decided to go to mutant town to hit a few of the shops there and get some dinner. He heard there was nice little hole in the wall art store and wanted to check it out. He walks slowly down the street guiding Sophie as he looks at the shop names. Like usual he's dressed in his emoteen style. "Okay, so I need to find this art store, I think it was called Art Explosion or something weird like that."

Sophie clings to Robyn's arm with her left hand, while her right sweeps the ground in front of her with her cane. The blind girl occasionally flicks a bit of trash or detritus out of her way, with what seems to be a practiced arm. "Art Explosion, hmm?" She giggles softly. "Well, I would help you look; but I am afraid you may have to settle for moral support." She pauses, and bites her bottom lip. "If you see any really good pictures in there, I might beg you to describe them to me."

Vinny emerges from the store after slinging the now much bulkier duffle over his shoulder "Pleasure doin' business with ya folks." He steps out onto the sidewalk in time to spot the pair and gives a smile and nod "G'day, don't mean to intrude but ya seem to be lookin' for somthin'. Not familiar with the town I take it? Might be able to help ya find what yer lookin' for."

Robyn smiles as Vinny offers and nods, he doesn't seem put off at all by his appearance. "Thanks, I've been to mutant town a few times but I've heard there is a little art store here and I don't know exactly where. It's what happens when you're from Brooklyn I guess." He says as he looks at Sophie. "I'll do my best but I am more going for sculpting supplies." He looks back at Vinny. "I think it's called Art Explosion or something, I could be wrong."

Sophie ohhs softly, and inclines her head in understanding. "I see," she replies. "Sculptures are good, too; actually they're my favorite, when I'm allowed to touch them anyway." She tilts her her, facing towards a spot a bit off to Vinny's side. "I hear a new voice," she murmurs. "I do not believe we have met, Senor?"

Vinny nods as he listens "Ah yeah, art explosion. Place is about a half block down from here, follow me I can take ya right to it." He looks to Sophie and nods "Ah too right, how rude of me. Name's Vinny, Vinny wilks. Nice ta meet ya both."

"Thanks a lot Vinny." Robyn says with a grin. "I'm Robyn, Robyn Larkin. I also have to hit the park later but I am pretty sure I know how to get there as I've been there before." He says with a nod. "Well I sculpt Sophie, I think I mentioned that to you before. I know I just bought more clay yesterday when meeting up with Rashmi but I think it's an addiction."

"You did," replies the blind girl, "The other day in the Rec Room; when Lucas changed the channel to the hockey game and Professor Lensherr made a brief visit." Sophie lets the end of her cane rest idle on the ground by her side, as the conversation goes on. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Senor Vinny." She pauses, and her brow furroughs above her blindfold. "While we are asking questions… do you know of any good music stores?"

Vinny turns and begins to head down the street, at Sophie's question he hmmms a moment. "Lesse.. there's a corner store a few down from the art place that sells a few CDs and such. Course best place I can think of is a place called "The Attic". Guy's got all sorts'a old records and tapes and even the new stuff. Bunch'a magazines and such too, comic books that sorta thing." He continues down the sidewalk in his waddling gait as he talks. "Professor eh? You two go ta that school out in westchester I take it? Or you Barnes students?"

"Westchester." Robyn says a bit cautiously but he figures if Vinny knows both names it can't be bad to answer. "Also in Astor Place there's a great story called Kim's Music. They've got a great variety of stuff. It's where I get all my obscure music." He says with a grin. "The Attic though, I'll have to check that out."

Sophie nods quickly, "Yes, Westchester," she replies. "So, The Attic and Kim's Music… CD's are good; I think my computer can play them, though I might need to figure out how." She shrugs her shoulders, and flicks her cane in a quick sweep around her feet. "I shall have to ask at these places if they sell any sheet music in braille." She tilts her head, and hmmm softly. "Is it far to the art store? I do not wish to keep Senor Robyn from his supplies, when he has been kind enough to let me tag along already."

Vinny nods as he keeps walking. "Don't suppose either of ya know a Hildegarde VonReginleif? Heard she was workin' at the westchester place, big fan'o her work. Though was a bit disapointed she didn't have an aboriginal outlook on mutation in her one book. Kinda got a bit'a personal experience in that sorta thing, would love to have a chat with her one'o these days." He looks back and smiles "Naw we're close, few stores down."

"She's my German teacher! And my Mythology teacher." Robyn says with a bit of enthusiasm. "She's really nice and one of my favourite teachers." And a good reason behind that is because he loves the classes she teaches. "Ms. VonReginleif is really cool. What kind of work is it that she does besides teaching?" He doesn't know much more about her outside of her being a teacher. "And oh, a music store for buying CD's or one for sheet music?"

Sophie ohs! "I know Ms. VonReginleif as well; though I haven't taken any German courses yet. I might next year though, we'll see." She grins, "I haven't actually had any classes with her yet, but I've met her a few times and she's always been very kind to me." The blind girl tilts her head, and keeps sweeping the ground with her cane as she walks. "Sheet music," she adds. "I… did not get to pack much when I came here from Spain; I like to play the flute, but have neither flute nor music."

Vinny stops outside of a small shop "Well here we are, art explosion. If ya want I can hang around and lead ya to the attic when yer done here." He moves to lean against the wall. "Not sure where to get sheet music, probably gotta go into the city for that kinda thing."

"My father knows a lot about sheet music, he's a musician." Robyn says. "I play the cello, but he'd be able to let me know where to get sheet music." He then nods to Vinny. "Thanks a lot, should I tell Ms. VonReginleif that we ran into you?"

Sophie giggles softly, "Well, first I'll have to find a decent flute. Perhaps a pawn hop might have one, si?" She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "But it is for another day perhaps; this was your outing, and you are kind enough to bring me along. It is difficult sometimes, when you get restless but do not know the city."

Vinny nods "Ya can if ya want, we never met so she won't have a clue who I am but I suppose it could set up an introduction. You go get to yer shoppin' and I'll be here when yer done and we'll head to the Attic."

"Thanks again Vinny and I shouldn't be too long, I'll make sure Sophie doesn't let me take too long inside." Robyn says with a chuckle. "I'm really curious to see The Attic and see if they have anything that I don't have. Well that I've been looking to pick up. Be out in a bit!" He says as he goes into the music store.

Sophie blushes, and her cane goes idle as she comes to a stop outside the store along with Robyn and Vinny. "I.. I would not hurry you!" she protests. "Thank you for showing us the way, Senor Vinny." She nods politely, "Well, Senor Robyn will remember the way at least, I am sure." As Robyn enters the store, she follows along. "Please, take as long as you must," she adds, "I think it is fascinating, all this art. Other people say you are very good."

Vinny leans against the wall watching the folks go by as he waits for the pair. Whistling softly as he rummages through the duffle and pulls out a bottle of soda. Twisting off the top and taking a swallow.

"Oh I don't know how good I am." Robyn says being a bit modest. "Especially since if I'm going to be going to art school I'll probably be at the same level as everyone else." He says to Sophie as he looks through what the have picking out a few things to buy. Once he's done and back ouside with Sophie, Robyn's phone rings. "I'm really sorry, it's my boyfriend so I have to take this. I'll catch back up with you shortly if that's okay?" He says as doesn't plan on leaving Sophie alone but he needs to take the call.

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