2009-04-01: Triple D


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Summary: Daredevil meets Defense

Date: April 1, 2009

Log Title: Triple D

Rating: R

NYC - Hell's Kitchen

The rough neighborhood in Midtown West New York known as Hell's Kitchen almost has a darker tone to it. Once you step into this neighborhood the city takes on a different feel, the buildings are shorter but everything feels darker. There is real grit to this part of town where many of the New York City criminals see to make their home.

Dark night in Hell's Kitchen, like any other. The Invasion of this dimension is finally over and the normal order…or chaos, depends on your definition…returns to the city. One new element is present in this area of the city however. Atop a building not too far from that Holy Ghost Church is a young costumed man. He's mostly in tight gray, blue stripe running up the side of each leg to a matching belt. A small supply pack sticks to the back of that belt. On his chest, a blue D over his heat. A hood's up, hiding a slightly shaggy haircut and wrap-around reflective goggles hide his eyes as he just stands there staring down at the street. Could he be an invader staying behind to cause trouble? Who knows…

~Invasion over, thank God. Couldn't have come sooner. Now just the shit of one Hell's Kitchen lingers about. Drug dealers, women turning tricks, gangs and hoods thinking they are invincible. I'd hate to say I missed the way it was before the invasion.~ Above the Holy Ghost Church's steeple, a horned Devil is perched atop the cross. He's enjoying the quiet, well, as much quiet as the Kitchen gets. The facade of Matt Murdock away, now the DareDevil comes out to play. His hightened senses reaching to hear anything that will give him a bead on some activity. ~It's back to the streets, Matt, time for your real work to begin again.~

Eyes narrow behind goggles, unaware of a horned devil. Defense, the young man in gray and blue shifts his attention to an alley nearby at a sudden sound. Flesh hitting metal. Down in the alley, three young hoods are harrassing a homeless man rather violently. Even as the man begs to be left alone, the punks continue to beat on him, laughing the whole time. "Scum," the young man whispers, hopping over the side of the building. Time to get to work in New York for the first time. The yell of surprise that rings through the streets a moment later is probably the loudest bead on the action yet.

~Gangbangers across the street, not doing much, loitering. Seems things have calmed down.~ Just then his hightened hearing hears a yell. ~Guess not.~ Daredevil runs down the side of the cathedral, jumping off in time to land on the nearby roof. The acrobat jumps off again, shooting his grapnel to fulcrum with the line and kick one of the thugs with the momentum. ~There was another one on that rooftop. Don't know if he's a part of this stuff.~

The kick sends the young punk flying into a pile of garbage much to the surprise of those already there. The injured homeless man seems to be inside some kind of energy barrier. The young man in the goggles and hood looks up as Daredevil appears, a mix of surprise and worry in him. Nearby, one of the three thugs is picking himself up, blood dripping from a broken nose as the remaining thug starts to back towards a wall.

Daredevil retracts the grapnel from his billy club, grabbing the other one from his leg holster. With one in each hand he approaches the thug backing into a wall. ~Thugs beating up a homeless man, whtever happened to roughing up someone worth roughing up.~ The imposing figure of Daredevil looks at the thug. ~Same heartbeat from the rooftop is down here, seems to be giving the last guy a run for his money. Elevated heartrate, he's either worried, or it's the adrenaline getting to him.~

The thug backs right into the wall, knocking over a trashcan. "G-get away, ya costumed freak!" he demands, taking out a switch-blade and making a clumsy lunge at the DareDevil.
Meanwhile, Defense is still a little shocked. Just staring at Daredevil, the young man almost doesn't notice the broken-nose thug charging him. Almost. Duckingthe charge, the young man pulls a throw and a kick. This sends the broken-nose thug flying into the same pile of garbage as the one Daredevil kicked.

~Wrong move.~ As the punk lunges towards Daredevil, he moves to the left and evades. Only to come down with a billy club to the switchblade, and a couple times to the back, all in quick succession. "Try again, asshole." He says in a gruff, cold voice to the thug.

The yell of pain that comes from the thug is quickly followed by several curses as the switchblade clatters to the concrete. Stumbling, the thug gets to a shakey stance and turns to face Daredevil before he can do much, Defense speaks up. "Or run away. That works too. Unless you really wanna get beat up pretty bad," the man in goggles says, a hint of youthful arrogance in there. Not a lot, but enough to show he's relatively new. The thug hesitates, distracted and unsure of what to do.

~The kid gives the thug some doubt. Running away, it's been a long time since I've let someone do that.~ Daredevil waits for the thug to do something before moving along with the beat-down.

"What's it gonna be? Track team try outs or intensive care unit?" Defense asks, cracking his neck. It's a nice act he picked up but since it seems to be working, he sticks with it. The thug looks from the hooded hero to the one with the horns before turning and running for it. He stumbles a few times as he goes but he's headed out of there. Meanwhile, Defense lets the barrier around the homeless man fade away before looking questioningly at Daredevil. Back to being worried.

The devil half considers shooting the grapnel to catch the thug, but allows him to leave. Hopefully to spread the story through his connections. The red devil's red lenses look to Defense. His outline showing on Matt's radar sense. ~Another guy who thinks he can do what I do here.~ He's skeptical of this newcomer, while Hell's Kitchen isn't just his turf, he likes to do know things in the Kitchen.

Seeing as how he's not being attacked like he thought he might be, Defense lets out a breath of relief. Relaxing a bit, he moves over to the old guy. "You okay?" he asks, smiling to the old timer. Short first-aid check over later and Defense sends the old man on his way to the nearest hospital. The young man in the goggles looks up to Daredevil and frowns. "I…well, I'm sorta new at this so…uhh…" he gestures towards the two sore and KO'd thugs in the trash-heap. He's not quite sure what to do with them. In Florida it was just tie 'em to a streetlight and leave a note for the cops. He's not quite sure about New York.

Daredevil just stands and looks at the kid for a sec. Giving off a little sigh. ~Yeah, he's green.~ He moves to bind the two knocked out thugs.

Defense offers a sheepish smile and then looks away. "Sorry…just got back to the city this morning. Haven't been here in a couple years…"

The horned hero looks up after he's finished. His billy clubs in the holster. "Welcome back." he says, his voice gruff and cool. At the moment, Daredevil is still searching for more indications of trouble. "You let the last one go…"

Defense smiles again. "Thanks…" he trails off. A shrug follows. "Well…he was scared, disarmed, probably bruised, and horribly outclassed. Why waste the time and energy breaking his face?"

Daredevil gives a slight nod, even though he deserved a bit more of a beat-down. "Either way, you protected the old man." His form of saying 'good job' perhaps.

Cole nods. "Yep. My powers may not be laser-beam eyes or super strength but when it comes to protecting," he grins and forms a shield around himself. "They're pretty useful."

"Good, keep it up then." The devil then takes out a billy club quickly, shooting the grapnel and retracting the cable to lift him up to the rooftop. He starts running right after, moving to the next area of the Kitchen to check out for wrongs to right.

Cole blinks a few times then nods as he lets the shield fade. "Yessir!" he calls. Grinning, Defense floats himself up to a rooftop on a shield. Cole'd always looked up the 'Daredevil' while growing up in the kitchen. Now that he's met him and gotten a good response…he's in a good mood even if he feels he embarassed himself.

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