2009-11-07 Tropical Winds


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Summary: Keith takes Kael to a tropical island south of Florida for some power training. Which leads to Kael getting pushed off of a cliff.

Date: 2009-11-07

Log Title Tropical Wings

Rating: PG-13

Tropical Resort off of the Coast of Florida

Another time for training. It's getting cold but Keith Flinn doesn't seem to mind. Dressed as he usually is, he's waiting in a rather unusual place while waiting for the car to bring Kael. The airport. He made sure that the teen knew to bring some extra clothes, including a swim suit, for this session but didn't say why. Either way, he's waiting at the private little air field, his plane fueled and ready. Should be one of many surprises for the kid today.

With a good few sets of clothes packed along with that swimsuit, Kael's excitement for the situation is making him practically crawl all over the back seat of the car as it reaches the airport. He's confused, excited, and anxious to know where he's going. As the car nears the plane, Kael stops his fidgeting and jaw drops at the sight of the jet.

Poor Jon. He's had to adapt to being around so many youngsters again. Once he gets Kael and his bag out of the car and turned over to Keith, the old english man is driving away back home. Keith just chuckles at him before offering a wave to Kael. "Yo, kid," he says, offering a little salute to Kael. "How ya doin'?"

Kael shoulders his back as he smiles and waves. "Uh. At the moment? I can't really explain it." His excitment for the situation is getting to his control of his powers, and there a jubilant breeze flowing around him. AS shown by the slight white tipping of his hair. "So… why're we goin' on a jet?"
Keith smirks. "Someplace warm. That's all ya get for now. C'mon in," he says, starting to head up into the plane. It's a nice, small private jet. And save for Keith's bag on one of the chairs, it's empty. Once things are all locked up, the white-haired man is heading for the cockpit. "Ever flown before? In a plane anyway?" he asks as he sits and pulls on the headset. "Sit wherever ya want by the way."

Kael follows the Air Spirit up into the plane, letting out a small gasp of awe as he drops his bag down onto a chair. "Wow… I've flown before. But that was on American Airlines. This… this is just plain awesome!" He's too busy looking throughout the plane at things; staying out of the cockpit though. But, soon he gets the idea and sits down into a chair. Buckling himself in and then plastering himself to the window to watch.

"Then just sit back an enjoy the ride," Keith adds, starting up standard procedures for flight. The passenger area of the jet's got some nice stuff. Right by Kael's seat is a mini-fridge stocked with sodas. Controls for the DVD player also rest nearby along with a selection of movies but Keith doesn't mention any of it. Before long, they're taking off. Up in the air, Keith keeps things safe. Plain and by the book with the flight for him. The jet heads south, Keith providing commentary as they pass places like Washington DC and Disney World. It's not a very long flight but definitely more than an hour. "Alight. We're going in for a landing now, kid. Make sure you're buckled," the air spirit calls back as the plane approaches an air-strip on a very nice looking tropical island down south from Florida.

During the flight, Kael did do a bit of exploring. Mainly to try and find something to snack on while Keith was flying. But soon he found himself back in his seat; watching the view from the plane. Letting out small gasps of awe and amaze as he watched the places of interest pass them by. Specially with the places like D.C. and of course Disney World. When Keith calls back to tell him to get ready for landing, Kael buckles himself back up and blinks as he looks at the tropical island outside of the window.

Once the plane is safely and the ground and things all set for the plane to sit and be tended to by the crew in the area, Keith makes his way back to the passenger area and scoops up his bag. "Might wanna get changed for warmer weather. Nice and balmy out there. Ya can change over in the bathroom if ya want," he says, jerking his thumb towards the sliding door into the lavatory before rooting around in his bag. "Going to be getting in a lot of training today so I figured this would be a nice place to do it," he remarks, starting to get changed himself.

Kael blinks a bit at Keith. "Oh, sure." He heads to the back, slipping into the bathroom with his bag. There's some shuffling around for a few minutes before he steps back out. Clad in some shorts, T-shirt and an overshirt along with some sandles. "How's this?" He grins a bit before he starts to head to the door. "And… what're we gonna be training?"

By the time Kael exits the bathroom, Keith is just in sandals, swim trunks, and a stereotypical tropical shirt. Sunglasses too. And he's left the shirt open. Hefting the bag onto his back, Keith smirks. "Your powers. Better air control and maybe some manipulating some different temperature winds," he answers. "That's good if that's what you wanna get wet," he chimes. "We'll be taking a jeep out to a nice spot I picked out for the day. And don't mind the staff around. This island's sort of a nice little resort for the powered types with money. They won't bother us."

Kael tilts his head a bit at the last part. "Oh, fun. I'm gonna get wet a lot. Aren't I." He laughs brightly and smiles. "Can't wait. This place already sounds like a blast!" He nods a bit and then asks, "Are warm winds easier to control than cold?"

"Maybe. If you're lucky you'll stay dry during training," Keith replies with a smiles. "Yes and no," he replies. "Depends where. Warmer air is easier to control up high while colder is easier down below. It gets complicated when ya try mixing them," he explains as they go. The jeep ride's a nice one, through some more 'jungly' areas. Tropical birds and a few smaller animals are spotted and pointed out before the jeep stops at a trail. There's a waiting hut with a book that Keith signs his name in before handing the pen to Kael. "Sign in and then we get going. Make sure ya leave anything you don't want wet or damaged in your bag," he says, starting the trek up the hill. It's about a four minute walk up a shady path before they reach a very nice view. They're atop a cliff, deep blue ocean and beautiful blue sky visible as far as the eye can see. Keith just smiles as he heads for the edge and gestures for Kael to join him on the edge. "This view is one of my favorites," the air spirit remarks quietly, pulling off his shirt as he peers out at the water. It's a long way down from the edge of that cliff to a small beach. Would be bad to fall.

Kael ahs a bit as he watches the scenery pass by them as the jeep moves along the trail. He looks behind them at one of the birds before he looks back at Keith. "Aah, I see. … Wait." He signs the book and basically leaves his bag in the Jeep; hidden beneath one of the seats as he follows Keith up to the edge of the cliff. Keeping a bit of a ways back as he just kinda peers over the edge and looks up at Keith. "Don't tell me."

"Don't tell ya what?" Keith asks simply. "Take a look at that. Dolphins," he says, pointing out at some of them jumping out of the water. He waits just a few moments before giving Kael a nice, hard shove off the cliff. Sink or swim time for the young mutant…or rather splat or fly. One must wonder if Keith really would let Kael go splat…

Kael takes a tentative step forward, gulping a bit as he looks down at the ocean. Is it really that far of a drop down? He lets out a nervous laugh before he looks at the horizon; smiling softly at the serenity of it. Relaxing as he lets the natural wind rush past him. Then he's shoved off of the cliff and his eyes go wide as he lets out a yell. He looks frantically down at the ground; his hair instantly bleaching white as a gust of wind rushes up at him; trying to keep him from hitting the ground. But the fear is making his control extremely shoddy as he can't form it into anything helpful. That ground is gettin' close.

Keith is watching carefully from atop the cliff, frowning deeply. "C'mon, kid…" he mutters. Apparently this is his way of trying to get the kid to fly. When things don't look like they'll be going well, he hops down himself. Taking flight, the air spirit shoots down. He and a whirlwind will be down there and ready to catch Kael if he doesn't start flying real quick.

The younger aerokinetic closes his eyes as he falls through the air still. He grits his teeth before he opens his eyes once more, his arms and hands shaking as he rights himself in the air with a gust of it at his back. His movements seem frantic; but they seem to be doing the job as he pulls an arm above his head; his other hand moving to his side for a second. The speed of his fall is declining as Kael is panting heavily from the fight. A frantic loose cyclone of air beneath him slowing his fall down.

Keith watches this all with interest, a small smirk forming when Kael slows. Moving a bit more air, he adds speed and power to Kael's cyclone to stabilize and lift the young mutant. He did better than expected. "You alright, Kael?" Keith asks, flying over to check on the aerokinetic.

Kael is panting very hard as he looks at Keith, if his hair wasn't already white from his powers; it'd probably be white out of pure fear. "Don't… you ever… do that… again," says Kael as he tries to catch his breath. He closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath. The wind controlling him strengthens as he calms himself. He opens his eyes once more and looks around before the realization hits him. "Wait… Am I…"

Keith bursts out laughing, reaching out to ruffle Kael's hair in the air. "Half yes and half no. I'm playing safety net for ya right now but you're pretty much flying right now, kid."

Kael glares slightly at the Air Spirit as he laughs. He shakes his head, bringing his hands up to push the hand away. Then he laughs a bit himself and looks down. He gulps a bit and looks back up. "I guess it's a good thing I'm not afraid of heights then, hm?"

Keith smiles. "Yeah," he says. "Sorry 'bout the push, Kael but it was the best way I could think of," he says. "Birds learn that way…and I did too.”

Kael quirks a brow, looking up at the cliff from where he was pushed off of. "I guess it's a good way to learn." He shudders at a thought in his mind before he gnaws on his lower lip a bit; trying to get himself to fly up towards the cliff.

Keith follows after Kael, smirking. "And when I was falling, I didn't have the benefit of a more powerful aerokinetic waiting to make sure I didn't meet the ground very hard and fast," he says. "Didn't think I'd really let ya go splat, did ya, kid?" he laughs, speeding up and back to the cliff.

Kael blinks a bit and looks up at Keith as he speeds past him. "I… guess you're right." He grins just a bit as he speeds up a bit; putting too much oompf into the burst of wind behind him and he over shoots the cliff a bit. "Whoa!" He flails his arms a bit before he lands on the ground; falling backwards onto his rump with a grunt.

Keith lands and quirks an eyebrow as Kael falls over. "Careful, kid," he smirks. "I never did tell you how I figured out my powers, did I?" he realizes as he offers a hand.

Kael takes the hand and pulls himself back up. "Naw, ya didn't." He rubs at his rump; brushing the grass and dirt off before he asks, "You mean, you got your powers differently than I got my own?"

Ruffling Kael's hair, Keith shakes his head. "I'm not a mutant like you. Kaden either. That's why I took him out of that school of yours," he explains. "We're…something else. Can't go into what but basically…I always had the power. It just didn't flip on till I was about sixteen. I was skydiving and both my chutes failed. Looked like I was gonna die and then all of a sudden, zoom!" he makes an 'up, up, and away' gesture with a free hand. "Spent the day flying around. Didn't even notice that my hair went white till I got to the ground. Heck…all my hair," he laughs. A small pause. "So when your hair goes white, does the rest…" he gestures down. "change too?"

Kael lets out an 'Ooh' and nods a bit as he listens. When he asks, he blushes and stammers a bit before he finally gets out, "I… I don't know really. I… haven't really looked?"
Keith chuckles and nods. "Well, look into it. Fun little power trivia," he chuckles. "And," he pauses, leaning in to whisper conspiratorily. "Little piece of advice for when you learn flying better…taking a nice long flight in the nude is a very good feeling. Trust me, nothing like the bright morning sun on the backside," he laughs. "Right, lets get back to training. Tell me, what did you learn from the trip off the cliff?"

Kael lets his jaw drop a bit, that blush returning with reinforcements as he blinks as if saying 'Did he just say that?!'. He shakes his head, bringing it back onto course as he says, "Uh… That I'm never trusting you near a cliff edge again? And… to achieve flight. Gotta do a cyclone thing with the wind?"

Keith laughs. "Oh, don't worry. I won't push you off again unless you ask. I should take you base diving sometime. Hell, we could do some here later if ya want," he says, stretching. "Yes, the cyclone thing in one method of flying. There are some others but we'll start with what you got. Now, I want you to jump and fly about…five feet straight up," he requests.

Kael snickers a bit as he brushes his shorts off once more before he blinks. "That actually sounds like fun. I'd love to do that!" He smiles brightly before he nods and takes a step backwards; to get some room. He takes a deep breath and hops up into the air and just floats there for a second with a slight drop in height before he floats up a good five feet. Albeit slowly.

Apparently pleased by the fact that his little protege will be joining him for some base diving, Keith grins. He stands back to watch Kael float up. "Alright. Lets see how much you can move in the air. Stay over this stop but lets see if you can flip or spin yourself or pull off the Superman pose."
Kael blinks at the options of what he was asked to do, and he lets out an audible, "Uhhh…" He looks up at the sky, and then hms once more as he floats there. The cyclone of air under him tightens, and it starts to cause him to spin a bit.

Keith crosses his arms at Kael's confusion, just waiting. He watches Kael spinning and then nods. "Alright, change up your pose a bit. See if you can maintain the cyclone even if your feet aren't pointed at the ground."

Kael continues his slow spin and he brings a leg up; looking like he's trying to get himself into an Indian style sitting pose. But, when he gets one leg up; and he tries for the other one, he starts to waver in the air and he just holds up the leg that didn't mess with his balance. The other leg goes back down to normal.

"Hmm. Definitely going to need to work on your balance and power issues," Keith remarks. "Float another foot up?'

Kael looks over at Keith and nods a bit as he lowers the other foot down; though he doesn't keep both legs straight. They're bent like if he were falling. He slowly floats about another foot up; the winds whipping around under him.

Waiting until Kael is six feet from the ground, Keith nods. "Alright. Keep up the winds," he says. "Now, I want yo to fly about…three yards that way as fast as you can and then come back. Try to keep the turn as tight as possible too," he says, pointing. The air spirit's gathering info.

Kael blinks a bit before he nods. He lets out a low mumble, something akin to 'How to go forward…' He looks in that direction and seems to put too much burst into that movement as he overshoots the three yards by a good bit and then the turn is rather sloppy; he almost tumbled out of the air before he flies back. Shakily, but controlled.

Keith watches, paying attention to not just Kael's movements but the wind itself. "Man, I figured they'd teach your kids this kind of thing at that school," he mutters. "You can come down now. We'll work on your power, control, and focus when we do flight training."

Kael lands back on the ground with a pant, stumbling back a bit as he shakes his head. "That spinning made me dizzy." He stumbles a bit more before he blinks; looking back at Keith with a slight laugh. "Well… there really aren't any aerokinetics at the school. So… I really don't have anyone to help." A pause. "Besides you that is."

"I meant flight in general," Keith says, patting the teen's shoulder. "There are other ways to fly than air. Like Kaden will be using heat based flight when he learns," he says.

Kael ohs, "That's what ya meant." He hms a bit, putting a hand to his chin before he says, "I dunno if anyone else can fly. I mean, I never really asked around for help with that since… well. That was the first time I've ever flown."

Keith shrugs. "I dunno. Place that big, bound to be a few more of you kids that can take to the sky," he says. "Alright…what do ya say to some food before we get to work on some more training? Cooler with some sandwiches should be in the jeep."

Kael perks up at the mention of food. "Definately! All that control made me hungry." He lets out a laugh and nods. "I'll be sure to ask about it when I get back to the school. … How long are we gonna be here?" He likes it here. It's warm.

Keith nods and starts to walk back down the path to where the jeep was parked. "Couple hours more," he replies. "It'll be pretty late by the time I get ya back to that school of yours."

Kael ahs a bit and nods. "Awesome! … Where're we gonna go base jumping?" New thing. Must do before he leaves! He grins wide as he follows Keith happily back to the jeep. And food. Definitely food.

Reaching the jeep, Keith hauls the cooler out of the back and peeks inside. "Nice," he chuckles, a wide selection of sandwiches and drinks within. "Other side of the island. Less jagged rock and more awesome water on that side."

Kael peeks into the cool when he can and he agrees. "Defiantly nice." He reaches in for a sandwich and a drink as he says, "Oh that sounds like a blast." He blinks at his word choice and then grins wide at an inner thought.

"No blasting. If you wanna shoot something, maybe you can eventually learn some lightning," Keith muses, popping open a beer for himself. "But that won't be for a long while. You don't have the control for it yet."

Kael lets out a soft laugh. "I… don' think I'll ever be able to do that. So… I'll just stick with wind." He opens up his soda and takes a drink as he hms to himself. "I barely have enough control to move in a controlled straight line."

Smirking, Keith holds a hand to the sky. Wind starts to swirl around his hand in various directions at high speeds. And suddenly…KRACKA-BOOM. Bolt of lightning to the sky. "Didn't think I'd be able to do it either. Then I realized that changing atmospheric pressure rapidly creates lightning. Learn enough about your winds and you might be able to pull it off when your get better too."

Kael visibly jumps at the lightning bolt, going still for a moment before he lets out a soft breath. "That's still… a long way's off." He takes a bite of his sandwich. He's silent for a moment before he says, "I wanna learn how to make wind blades. Just so I have something that'll make people who want to hurt me go running."

Keith laughs. "Yeah, kid, I know. Just a glimpse of the possible future," he muses. "Just saying not to count yourself out yet," he pauses to take a swig of his drink. "Wind blades. Yeah…I'll teach ya how to do those," a pause. "Who's been trying to hurt you?"

Kael grins. Passing on the lightning bit now as he shrugs. "No one really. It's just… I was at a supermarket and someone robbed it. I stopped them, and I could really only blast them with wind and physically hit them. Being well… me. I'm not that strong physically… And, I'd need something that'd make them think twice about getting close to me."

Keith looks Kael over with a frown. "You still haven't figured out wind-walls? What about making a cyclone shield?"

Kael looks back at Keith, his sandwich held up to his mouth and he slowly takes a bite and swallows it. "I got the hang of wind-walls after that. And, not so much progress on that last part. Though, I think I might get the hang of it once I get back to the school. Using a cyclone to lift me up gave me some shape in my mind. Just… gotta turn it upside down."

Keith lets out a little affirmative noise. "Good. You'll find a lot of baselines and even some metas will think twice about a fight when the freakin' wind knocks them on their ass without you lifting a finger," he says, finishing off his sandwich. "The key to wind blades is speed."

Kael snickers a bit. He likes the sound of that. He nods, "I think I can get the winds going at a rather good clip. But… I'm not too sure if it's fast enough for wind blades, if that's the key."

Keith takes a deep breath. "Then we work on your speed," he says. "Taking two fast winds and rushing them against one another so quickly that it creates a blade. It's closer to a saw in effect than a knife but the cut'll be clean and uniform so…yeah," he gestures his hand in a circle.

Kael lets out a breath as he slumps down to the ground, finishing his food before he takes another drink of his soda. "So, we got flight practice. Speed. Control. Sounds like basic training for me." He lets out a laugh, then lets his head lean back and rest against the wheel of the Jeep.

Keith nods, draining his drink as well. "Everything has a basic start," he says. "And you can't move to the advanced stuff without a good basic foundation."

Kael laughs. "Oh how I wish I could just skip the basics." Then life would be boring, Kael. "But… ya gotta climb to get to the top." He stretches his arms above his head and hops up with a gust of wind. "So… shall we go have some fun?"

Keith reaches over to give Kael a noogie. "Hey, ya wanna have the thrill of jumping from the highest cliff then you haver to climb up to the top first," he says, almost reading the mutant's mind. "Right. Get in the jeep and we'll get moving."

Kael laughs and pushes the hand away with a grin. "Oh joy. Climbing. Like I haven't done that before." He vaults over the edge of the Jeep and buckles himself into the seat with a grin. "I've never done this before… Anything I need to know?"

Keith nods and he tosses everything back into the jeep and then gets in himself. "Yeah. Leave everything ya wanna keep at the top of the cliff, dom exactly what I tell you to, and don't belly flop or cannonball unless you want to break something very near and dear to your anatomy."

Kael blinks. "Right. And … I'd rather keep my spine intact…" He cringes at that thought. That'd definately something Jared would have trouble healing… he hopes.

Keith laughs, starting up the jeep and driving them in the other direction. "Let's try keeping everything intact, shall we?"

Kael nods. "That would be preferred. I don't think that Max would like it if I came back in a body cast. I do think he'd be rather pissed off." Sarcasm heavy in his voice as he went back to watching the scenery pass by. "This place is lovely."

Keith smirks and quirks an eyebrow. "Max?" he asks. "That the name of this boyfriend of yours I've heard about?"

Kael lets out a laugh, rubbing the back of his head. "Yeah, that's him."

Keith nods. "You two…playing safe…as it were?" he asks. "The kid a mutant too or did ya bag a flatscanner?"

Kael blushes a bit and nods a bit. "Yeah, we haven't done anything yet. And yeah, he's a mutant. He's like Iceman. But, he's really cold to the touch."

Keith glances at Kael as the jeep turns. They pass another jeep headed to another part of the island, Keith slowing enough to wave. "Nothing? Man…when I was your age..well…" he chuckles. "So ice and wind, eh. You two could be pretty dangerous in a fight together."

Kael gives a small wave as he says, "Yeah, we're taking it slow. As we're still in school, and we have an entire bunch of slew of shit to go through for classes and training." He glances over at Keith with a grin, "I wouldn't doubt it!"

"I'm guessing you're either both virgins then or just new to the man-on-man stuff," Keith snorts slightly. "Nothing to worry about. And yeah…instant blizzard," he says. Before long they're pulling up to another cliff-trail with a larger hut this time. "C'mon, changing rooms are inside," he says, grabbing his bag from back of the jeep.

Kael picks up his bag with a soft laugh. "Make those two things right," mutters the aerokinetic as he hops out of the Jeep and heads into the hut. "Exactly how tall is this cliff that we're going to be jumping off of?" His voice a bit louder to be heard while he's changing.

Keith changes pretty quickly, going from board shorts to a tighter suit. "High enough," he says. "And before you do anything with your little boyfriend, do some research. Trust me…next best thing to having an experienced partner."

Kael only has swimming trunks for this, and he looks over at Keith. "Tell me what to research on the flight back." He chuckles a bit as he then starts to head outside once more. It's rather nice out there.

Keith follows Kael outside and then starts leading the way up the trail. "I'll give ya some info," he says simply. See, he can be responsible. Sorta.

Kael follows the older man with his hands behind his head as he looks up at the sky. "So, anything else I should know about base jumping? Besides not doing and tricks?" Keith glances over his shoulder. "Tricks come after you gain experience. But basically, stay upright, toes down, arms crossed over your chest. You'll do fine. Should warn ya it'll leave ya a bit sore but it's always fun," he says as they approach another cliff. Looks similar to the other but the bottom is much nicer and there's a pully-chair system set up nearby leading down to a small beach.

Kael looks down over the cliff, glancing back at Keith to make sure he doesn't push himself off once more. "Right, so just go in like a knife. Anything else?" He starts to walk backwards, to get a real good distance from the edge of the cliff.

Keith nods, keeping away from Kael. He's sticking to his word. When asked what else to do, Keith nods. "Tighten the draw string unless you wanna lose those," he gestures to the swim trunks. "Ready?" he asks after a few moments. And with that…he jumps.

Kael looks down at his trunks and fastens them tight, tying them into a double knot before he takes off running for the edge of the cliff. His hair flares white as he boosts his jump off of the cliff. Freefall!

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