2010-03-09 Trouble In The Gardens


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Summary: Skyler, now genetically modified and under Sinister's control, kidnaps Zack for his own nefarious purposes.

Date: March 9, 2010

Trouble in the Garden

Rating: R for language

Xavier Mansion - Japanese Gardens

A large area of the grounds is landscaped with a Japanese Garden. A river filled with coi fish runs through the middle with a wooden bridge. There is even a small waterfall splashing on the rocks. Bamboo can be heard clacking on the rocks. A small statue of a Buddha can be found in various places. The trees hang over the area and when the flowers are in bloom, it brings a variety of color to the peaceful landscape.

Zack phews, well he's moving out to the Japanese Gardens, he likes this place, it's quiet, and nice, giving a stretch as he listens to his headphones. The big teen just walking down the paths untill he gets to the buddah. Setting his bookbag down, he settles and tries to fold his legs. Music still on, bobbing his head as he just….breaths.

It doesn't stay quiet for long, unfortunately. From the shadows emerges a well built teen dressed in an odd purple and black jumpsuit. His face is pale white and angular, with naturally black lips and hair. His eyes are a solid red, without any discernible iris, pupil or white, and on his forehead, right below a widow's peak, is a diamond the same shade of his eyes. "Well, hello, Zack," he says smoothly, and loud enough to announce his presence over sound of the music. "You'll do quite nicely."

Zack blinks a moment as he hears someone, "Oh, hello there, what's going on?" he asks as he takes his headphones off and he turns his head expecting to see antoher student. Since, after all, he's on campus, the large teen smiles…and slowly that smiles fade…ok…that teen is lookin a little creepy. But then again he's talked to a guy made outta water, so his smile comes back on, "What's up?" he slowly stands up, large teen not really knowing who or what you are.

A sly grin slowly spreads across Skyler's face as Zack doesn't seem to recognize the Sinister clone. "I'm new here," he says, his voice smooth, "and I've lost my phone. I need to call my parents to make sure they're all right. Can I borrow yours?"

Zack ohs, "Right, wait, you lost your phone? Dude you really need to talk to a teacher. They want everyone to have a phone on, on campus or not." he says as he pulls out his phone and waggles it. "I mean, not on lockdonw, but still…it's a good idea" he says with another smile to yours. Right, smiling, he's smiling, your smiling,it's good.

"Yes, I know," Skyler says with a somewhat overdramatic sigh. "I'll talk to Scott once we're done here. But… I've just got a bad feeling about them. It's my powers. When I get a bad feeling like that something awful always happens." He looks up at the teen doing his best to look worried.

Zack nods his head, "oh really? Well I guess you can use mine, you don't have any magnetic powers right? Another kid can like…wipe any computer within 20 feet, really messes these up. Gonna call your parents?"

Skyler shakes his head earnestly. "No. Only these… stupid skin colorations and a bit of precognition." He puts a hand out expectantly, saying, "Thank you so much."

Zack nods, "Well if it's premonition we should get a teacher! I mean, psychic power and what not! Ya I'll trust thatlets go, go try somthing…" he says with a thumbs up. "We'll grab a teacher and you can tell em, they'll trust you I'm sure"

Skyler's smile seems to be frozen in place, and quite humorless, as he's left there with his hand outstretched. "Very well," he says, "I don't have the time for this." With that, his hand moves up slightly, and an energy blast is sent at the cel phone, powerful enough to neatly disintegrate the phone and to cripple the hand holding it.

Zack nods, well for one thing he wasn't expecting to be attacked, you catch him completely by surprise by the attack, the cellphone turnining into sharpnel, andh is hand severly damanged. For a moment he's in shock from the pain, "Holy…holy shit, what did you do!" he ghasps as the blood flows from the wound, unless it's been cauterized in the blast.

The wound is, indeed, cauterized from the heat of the blast, as Skyler quickly closes the gap between the two teens. With a tremendous amount of strength, he aims a punch at Zack's solar plexus, hoping to incapacitate him quickly as he says, "I removed your ability to call for backup. For this, I need you alone."

Zack grunts hard a moment and he suddenly realizes he's under attack! Months of training at least have made him aware of danger. His unhurt arm comes in to block the attack to his solar plexus. Depending on how powerful the attack is it might crack the bone or osmthin,g still able to be hurt. but the teen takes to steps back, "Holy shit…holy…" he takes more steps back untill he's up against the budda…

Skyler is deceptively strong, easily on par with Zack's strength; maybe even stronger judging by how strong his punch was. He sends a spinning kick to the back of the giant's knee, aiming to bring him prone. "I was hoping that I wouldn't have to hurt you too badly," he says as he fights. "But you're leaving me little choice."

Zack grunts hard, 7 and a half tons of strenth really, and he's really defensive this time. One hand is out of comisson, though…might be noticed that the pain stopped at least. He grunts at the spinning kick and tries to hide behind the buddah…and then he grabs it with both arms and rips it from his base, assuming the statue isn't over 7 and a hal tons, and he hurls it towards you, "Back the fuck away. I'll break you in half!" Thogh of course he's panicing.

"You may try," says Skyler as he casually blasts the statue with an energy beam from a hand, shattering it to harmless rubble. "But you will fail." Skyler uses the other teen's panic to his advantage, sending another blast in his direction. But, in all actuality, it's a feint, designed to make Zack duck a certain way and open himself up for another incapacitating strike.

Zack grunts, well he'll duck, no dbout about it, that blast fucking hurt the last time, and he gets hit, quite hard, ghasping as he almost tumbles over, landing onto one hand, ghasping for breath and trying to recover. The strike stunning him, but for more hen a second.

Now that Zack's head is in an easier to reach position, Skyler closes in for the final blow: an elbow to the back of the head. This should knock him out quite nicely.

Zack thumps…might be noted that his hand is already scabbed and blistered over, the wound healed quite quickly, at least in the sense of prevent infection. Leaving quite the mess in the Japanease gardens, but he can still be damaged, and the blow iwll knock him out…but for how long is unknown.

Skyler doesn't need long. He just needs Zack to be out long enough to pick him up and throw him over the shoulder as he fiddles with a device on his belt. With a *pop* the two dissappear from the gardens and reappear in Sinister's lair. While on the way to deposit the unconcious teen into a secure holding cell, Skyler's form mutates and changes, growing until he's an exact replica, indistinguishable from the original save for the clothes. Zack begins to wake up at about the same time the door to the cell closes.

Sinister's Lab-Holding Cells

The holding cell is made of cement with a steel door with bars over a small widow no larger than six by six inches. There's six cots in this room, two attached to three of the walls that don't have a door on it, a flickering dim light several feet above, and a toilet. The ceiling stretches about twenty feet high and there look to be cameras in two of the corners. The steel door has a small door at the bottom, just big enough for food to be shoved through. There is obviously no privacy and little comfort in this room.

Zack groans a little again as he gets dmped into a cell, "What the fuck, ow…my head who the hell…" the stunning blow to his head makes it a little fuzzy. Giving another deep breath he'll focus and realize….he's in some sort of cell…a cell! fuck! He quickly stands up, still wounded

"Relax," says Zack-clone. "These cells nullify your mutant power. If you behave, you might get lucky and Sinister will want to improve you, too."

Zack grunts hard, "My ass! I'll break you in half!" he charges the cell wall, going to full on bull it, figuring nothingmade by man can take an 8 ton press…

Skyler watches with amusement as Zack just bounces off the door, the steel holding fast. The nullifying field inside the cell making the captured teen no more stronger than a normal man. Well, a normal eight foot tall man. "By all means," Skyler says with Zack's voice, tauntingly, "Throw yourself against the bars and waste your energy."

Zack grunts hard, "Ah, you mother fucker! You…you attacked…attacked the mansion?" he relaizes what happened, ah fuck, the cell phone was able to get off a signal, granted he left a hell of a ess in teh garden that should be noticable, "Oh, you fucking bastard, let me out!!!!" he gripes the bars.

"The mansion?" Skyler asks with amusment. "Hardly. If I led an assault on the mansion, believe me, the results would have been very, very different." He clasps his hands behind his back and starts to pace in front of the door of the cage, falling into a classic villian monologue. "No, I merely needed a student to copy. Somebody who had the misfortune to go out alone. Then nobody will bat an eye when I just walk through the front doors, so to speak."

Zack gripes the barsof the cell, "you bastard! You can't take my face! ou think you can copy me! You damned…" he gahs as he shakes the bars again, "nnnnngh…" well this is going to be a hell of a thing. Figuring the gardens were safe but that obviously wans't right, twitching the bar again.

Skyler laughs maliciously, crouching so that he can peer through the bars of the cell, so Zack can see himself laughing right back at him. "You're quite wrong on that account," he says. "I can take anything I want. And I have."

Zack takes a deep breath and sees the crouchiing figure…and lashes out with an arm, "Fuck you pendejo! I'll rip your dick off and fuck you with it, don't mess with me!" he lashes angrily at his situation, at being captured…at being unsafe on campus, Growling hard and just trying to fight everything about is situation!

Skyler takes a step back, inches away from the arm and laughs cruelly again. "Such language! For shame," he chides mockingly, "if your teachers could hear you use such words. What would they think?"

Zack grunts hard, "They'd give me detention…but I'd rebuild the garden just to have 5 minutes with you you bastard" he flexs against hte bars again and jerks once more, power neutralizing means his healing effect isn't there any more, the scabs ripping and bleeding from his hands.

Skyler tsks, wagging a finger warningly. "Now, now. You're just going to end up hurting yourself if you keep that up." He sighs, straightening up. "Well, I'd love to stay and watch you flail about helplessly against the door, but I have far more pressing business to attend to. Do make yourself comfortable. You could be in there for a while." With that he bursts out into malicious laughter again, as he walks away, leaving Zack alone in the cell.

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