2010-07-16: Trouble Trusting


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Summary: James is back to normal and Robyn has trouble believing it's really James at first.

Date: July 16, 2010

Log Title: Trouble Trusting

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

It's early evening and Robyn's been feeling a bit better, if a bit lonely from lack of company. The eating of brownies till he puked was a good plan. He's lying in bed, the nurse checking up on him every half hour or so to make sure he doesn't escape….again. Twice in two days doesn't make for happy nurse since it's not really conducive towards his recovery. He's got a bowl of cream of chicken soup in front of him that he's been slowly eating while watching some movies on his laptop. Tonight's movie of choice, Mars Attacks.

It's bound to be a familiar sound by now. One that James' 'visitor' exploited as much as she could; the sound of toe claws on bare floor. And it's those click-clacks that Robyn will hear long before the hyena makes any sort of other noise. Ears pinned sideways, the beast looks long and hard and the bed, his form dressed in the usual black-on-black ensemble and sporting both his XComm…and more importantly his Goggles. "Hey…"

Unfortunately for Robyn, the face and the noise of the toe claws aren't a pleasant familiarity. He doesn't associate them with James anymore but Selene so he thinks it's her. Even if the tone is different and he's wearing the goggles again, Robyn doesn't pay attention. His good hand clenches the sheets and he stares at James, hate and anger clear in his eyes. "Just leave me alone okay? I don't need anymore of your shit right now." He says as he knows it probably won't stop her.

Of course, James figures that statement is meant for him and nods in agreement, "Okay." Quietly he pads back the way he came. Stopping at the door, he looks over, shoulders hunched and looking heavy, "For what it's worth, I'm sorry it had to be me. And I'm sorry it had to be you. If I had known…I'd have stopped her months ago."

Robyn looks at James and he's confused. "What are you talking about?" He says still sounding a bit annoyed. "You know what Selene, just get whatever you're going to do over with." He says as sets his jaw and just stares at his laptop. "Are you going to keep torturing us? Till what send Selene. You almost killed me, you almost killed Jinx, are you waiting for Lucas next?"

James winces a little, listening to the retelling of stories he got when he rejoined the conscious world. But, being dazed and hearing them from teachers works differently than being coherent and hearing them from victims; friends. "I know you're mad…wish I could fix that. But she broke 'us.' And that'll take more than my apology." He nods, "Gonna go try Jinx before Lucas. He;ll hit harder."

Robyn looks over at James and gives him a cautious look. "Wait…what do you mean by 'fix that'?" He says as he's not mad at James, he just doesn't know his friend is back. "And what do you mean by 'she'. You are her." He's also testing to see what his response to that is. "You fooled me once, I'm not letting myself get fooled again."

James shakes his head, "No…she's gone. Just…still in the mansion. I don't know why. But stay out of the Emergency Living Quarters." He lets out a chuckle, "Sucks for me, was going to hid there for a few hours tonight." There's a slow blink, "Not sure how to make this up to you, Robyn…but I will. Just hope I can for the others too."

Pushing himself up and swinging his legs over the side of the bed, Robyn looks at James. "Selene's been pretending to be you for the last month. I want to believe you're back, I really do. But…I'm scared. I'm scared you're still her and something's gonna happen. If you really are James, and you're back, just actually, can I ask you something? I'm sorry if I seem untrusting but…can I possess you?" If he can, then he knows it's James. If not, well he knows the brick wall is probably there.

James gives Robyn a dubious look that's all about 'I'm done with people in my head' but might come of as 'just try it, child.' "How about you ask Emma instead? Or maybe ask me something? Like…that something only I'd know.. Like, that I dropped that statue you gave me. So I tried to glue the broken bits back on, but all I did was freeze my hands to the statue and then broke it worse when I removed them. So I had to convince someone else to help me so you wouldn't find out."

Robyn shakes his head. "No, cause I didn't know that. How can it be something only I know if you're telling me now. I'm sorry, I..don't know." Robyn says as the refusal actually causes him to be a bit more on edge. He looks down at his feet and sighs. "I want you to be right, more than anything, I want you to be right, but I don't know." He says quietly as he feels bad. It's just Selene really messed with his mind and if he lets his guard down and he's wrong…Robyn know it's be bad.

James' ears flatten a little, his gaze going to the floor. "I want to be right too. But, how many times have I been told I was okay? 3 times now?" James lets out a sigh, "Tell you what..I'll ask Emma first. She was talking about traps and stuff in my head. If it's safe, and her word isn't enough, then sure."

Robyn doesn't want to wait, it's just how he is right now. "Okay…answer this. What's one thing you and I share in common about our families." He doesn't think Selene would know this and if James can answer it, he'll allow himself to trust him as he very much wants to do.

James gives it a long-hard thought, "That we're adopted?" He doesn't sound so sure; probably wrong. He snorts, ears dropping a little "You know, it's funny…I used to blow off all that sharing stuff because I wasn't really interested. Turns out if I had listened for a couple of minutes, it might have saved us some strife tonight."

Robyn looks at James for a bit and slowly undos the tape on the back of his hand and he's gonna piss off the nurse again by taking it out but, once it is out, he hops out of bed and walks slowly over to James and looks up at him for a second before just giving him a hug. "I'm sorry James…I'm sorry." He says as he feels bad he didn't trust his friend, that he wasn't able to save him, but he's also happy he's back.

James kneels down to give Robyn an easier to reach target; the hyena surrounding his friends with his large, long arms, "Me too…me too.." Taking a moment, James spends the next several minutes breathing in his friends scent, probably squeezing him too hard, and generally refusing to budge from his position, I'm so sorry. So very very sorry."

There is a cry out in pain as he's squeezed to hard. "James…broken ribs." He says but he is still smiling. "You have nothing to be sorry about James, it wasn't you. I'm just happy your back." He says burying his face in his friends fur as he can't help but cry. "Damnit." He mutters as he doesn't want to. "You're back, and that's what's important. She's out of your head. Be happy you didn't meet her."

Claws dig in just a little as Robyn mentions the two meeting, "If she comes anywhere near you, you let me know. I don't care what Emma says…" So says the beast that has no idea about what was really living in his head. There's a little bit of a laugh, and Robyn talks, "I'd say I missed you, but I don't remember anything other than I was at Central Park. Then I woke up here. THink it's kinda unfair I got off unscathed…" Again…so says the hyena that…

Robyn smacks James lightly with his good arm. "There's nothing unfair about it James. Don't feel guilty for it. Jinx already yelled at me for feeling guilty for draining her, but I realized, it's not my fault. Have a brownie session with her, it helps. Though you might throw up afterwards, it's worth it." He says not wanting to let go even if claws are digging in. "And you didn't get off unscathed, just because she didn't hurt you physically doesn't mean she didn't hurt you."

James says nothing about that, instead just taking the moment to hold his friend, "You're right..she took m away at the worst possible moment. Wen you needed me the most." And with that, he's had contact enough for his paws to suddenly remind him that his powers work on flesh too. "Gahh!" He nearly jerks away, his paws peeling back to put some distance between him and his friend, "Sorry…that 'weakness' thing I do just…god…she got you good." Concern stretches across his muzzle.

"Car." Robyn says in response with a wince as he's released and takes a few deep breaths before speaking again. "I lost." Though pulling Robyn away might leave a damp patch from Robyn crying on his fur. "I..I tried to get her out of you mind. I couldn't. I wasn't strong enough." Robyn says as he doesn't outwardly say that's the reason he was pushed, he doesn't want James to blame himself for that. "We're all…we're all fine. We're working on moving up to okay, but we're fine. I'm not in any danger unless you count the nurse yelling at me…again."

There's a simple nod, the creature looking at the floor as he gets the news. "She'll yell more when she sees me. I traded my blood work with one of the girls last time I was in here. Tired to talk the nurse into keeping it a secret that I wasn't 'really a guy.' Doc won't leave me alone with her anymore." James moves his eyes up to Robyn's, "You're the closest thng to family I have in these parts. I don't want to loose that."

"Same here. I mean, my Mom and Dad aren't far but they don't understand this stuff. And even though I have a brother, I don't know him at all." Robyn is a bit surprise to hear that though. "What about Lucas, I thought you guys were like…you know, brothers or something." Like brothers of another mother, he just never thought of himself as a head of Lucas to James, not that it ever bothered him. "I haven't seen Doc around, I think he's away somewhere so it's just been the nurse. We were all really worried about you James."

James shrugs his shoulders, "Lucas is like a brother…means I have room for a sister." Robyn gets a confirming look. Yeah, that's his roll. To the rest, the gnoll sorta waves off, "I'm fine. Always am. Between my thick skull and healing factor, there's not much that can touch me, right? You, however.. First girl you try to talk to, and this happens. You ned to stick to guys!"

Robyn punches James lightly again. "I'm not a girl." Then the thing about sticking to guys Robyn's face falls and he looks down. "Jordan…we're still together but..he's leaving the school. He won't tell me where he's going, just something about doing something than sitting around and waiting for bad stuff to happen." He says talking a deep breath. "Yeah, so, that's that. You missed a bit and Lucas…he's gonna need you right now James."

James doesn't like the sound of that. Jordan has always been there for his friend. Having him gone can't be a good sign. The the news about Lucas, "Yea…what's wrong?" It's a quick forced question, the equivalent emotion being of of urgency. "She didn't get him too, dis she?"

"Rashmi did…I heard they broke up. I don't know the details but Jinx told me." Robyn says feeling a bit bad about being a big mouth but hey, they're all friends. "Selene, she tried to but Lucas blew up the medbay. It was stupid and smart and probably helped save Jinx's life. He just got a couple of cuts but…Lucas really cares about you. And Connor…he's an asshole right now cause he's not him."

It's a lot to digest in the span of seconds. James was given the cliff notes version after being de-possessed..but ti included nothing about his friend's—other than Connor's—state. "They-What?" the asks, sounding surprised, "But..I though…oh man…" he was spared the details about the medbay as well, "He-What?" And Selene going after Jinx as well, "She-What?" He groans heavily, sinking a little, "I head Connor is like…Buzz LIghtyear or something now. Jinx…is she okay?"

"Well who cares when we met eachother James, so what, I didn't know you before that, but I know you now and that's what matters." Robyn says as he goes to climb back into the bed. "And…I'd like that James. I know you hate the mushy crap but I'm really happy you're back. It feels….it's a relief."

James walks over and hops into the bed next door, "It is. Maybe this time I'll stay around for awhile." Je leans back, hands proping up his head, "Think this is the first time I've been in here and not hurt." He shrugs and looks over, "Night Robyn."

"G'night James. Tomorrow'll be better, I promise. Find Jinx and ask her about brownies." Robyn says as he moves a bit to get comfortable. Before he can go to sleep though the nurse comes over to check on him and gives him another yelling for pulling out the IV and how she's going to make it impossible for him to do so again.

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